WAR THUNDER 1.57 NEW MAPS (Volokolamsk & Snowy Valley)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thanks for watching!


  1. i love your vids

  2. ayy lmao

  3. Can you do the t-34 for mother Russia

  4. What if they had a 88mm gun flak?

  5. I’ve never been 3rd

  6. Baron, play the T-35 with HE rounds in an arcade battle getting at least 2
    kills. ( just so you know, I was able to pull it off…but it is going to
    require all your experience) Everyone!!! Like this, and let’s see how he
    does in this challenge!!

  7. What’s the name of the movie playing during the intro. Sorry I like war

  8. Well ladies and gents….New Maps for 1.57. What vehicle does 1.57 need the
    MOST? Sturmtiger, TOG II? Lol.

    And yea, I pronounced Nashorn incorrectly, again. Sorry. No need to be an
    as shole about it.

  9. I want planes maps

  10. do t54 1951 for the Mother land IF YOU DONT DO T54 YOU WILL BE SENT TO THE

  11. If you missed some and want to watch more previews of 1.57, here they are:
    ●Do 335: https://youtu.be/kojNPgE6i2M
    ●T-44-100: https://youtu.be/s6SzCbE_Knk
    ●British Tanks, Falcon SPAA: https://youtu.be/SPtc8jV1IqQ
    ●FW-189 Uhu: https://youtu.be/RJtznovQc2U
    ●KV-1s Russian Tank: https://youtu.be/QlAp5ziJRpc
    ●P-61 Flying Tank: https://youtu.be/Lb7wXXKGk8U
    ●FV.4004 Conway: https://youtu.be/SXtQHF9MEjw
    ●Sea Venom Jet: https://youtu.be/t23Uv_eYYEk
    ●Nashorn Tank Destroyer: https://youtu.be/0GSlhc9_AHM
    ●Tiger II SLA: https://youtu.be/UnW6lNciPm4
    ●H8K Flying Boat: https://youtu.be/RcssCIhs6_o

  12. WOAH Im hella early

  13. Siegfried line map next? ;)

  14. what film was in the start???

  15. pls sturmtiger gajin

  16. why does it sound like “myasko” or is it the ascent?

  17. Michael he (Angel)

    This patch aka people patch

  18. any ideas when 1.57 will get released im dying to try everything :P

  19. Rafael Serra (Legionary)

    thx baron

  20. Максим Волощук


  21. Does any body know when this update is coming out ?

  22. 0:24 i think that’s a panzer 3…panzer 3 L1 if i’m not mistaken

  23. school again? just play dude.

  24. White house gaming

    F9f-6 cougar!!! Shia will help you!! Just do it!!

  25. sturmtiger would technically be a rocket tank once announced and would have
    an insane reload.

  26. 801st VEIW !!!!!!!!

  27. Jeremy “JC” Collingsworth

    I want the Sdkfz 234 Puma I just think it would be really fun

  28. I think that was a pz 3 in the beginning, not a pz 4.

  29. What movie was that opening clip from?

  30. its like one of the old mow campaign missions

  31. Your Big Black Penetrative Daddy


  32. [LuckyPatchGaming]

    waiting for the chieftan devblog!

  33. Baron, speaking about good war movies, i have one for you. Its called
    Beneath Hill 60. Its about an Australian tunneling platoon, that is digging
    below the German frontline and blowing it up, on the western front (Ypres,
    A real gem of war movies. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1418646/

  34. Theodore Chastaine

    So in short with that last plane you want anal plane sex much like the head
    you got from the su100 jk. Or am I? Love ur vids and beard hope ur hand
    feels better

  35. they should add different seasons to all the maps

  36. I’m wondering when they’re gonna interstate Bastogne as a map…

  37. baron baron!

    where do you get all of your golden eagles?

  38. Volokolamsk looks interesting, finally a realistic looking tank map that
    doesnt have weird rocks and other unnatural cover everywhere. Snowy valley
    is an awful looking map which seems like a straight up MOBA map again.
    These maps are fine in arcade by should not be in RB and SB. We dont want
    knifefights and peekaboo gameplay in the realistic modes.

  39. anyone got any ideas of when this update will come out?

  40. Any idea when the patch will be released?

  41. i was playng AB and gues wat i had a night battle thats so rare and more it
    was somthing new but it was so dark and rainng that iven in arcate u berly
    see in front. i hope ganjji make more night battle ther amazing.sry for my
    rip ENG and gg nice vid.

  42. what movie was that

  43. So does anyone know the name of the first song that was playing?

  44. I can read you know Baron, why are you reciting what Gajin wrote

  45. Baron watch White Tiger the movie its a russian tank movie

  46. What about the super pershing

  47. I’ll be happy when the British V-Bombers are added.

  48. *Sponsored by Gaijin

  49. If this map is as open as it looks, the 5-6.7 BR german tanks should be
    able to dominate.

  50. Would be cool to have a Maginot line map in war thunder (I know, I know,
    WW1 era but fuck it :D) (P.S. Gaijin, add French tanks!!)

  51. Keep up the great work I’m hype for the t44-100

  52. they need more night fighting maps. so night fighters can be more relevant.

  53. You will see destroyed German tanks, but of course no broken Russian tanks.

  54. Nathaniel Johnson

    Hey Baron, what’s the song playing in the background, I like it a lot lol.

  55. The second map gives me old wot prsd flashbacks


  57. Karelia’s second edition will always be my favorite

  58. I killed a squirrel monday

  59. Ok ok my prediction we get jap tanks in next 1-2 major updates

  60. Looks like good maps. I like these winter maps, reminds me of home during
    winter. I especially like Snowy Valley, I am a train enthusiast.

  61. I just got back into War thunder a few days ago sadly i forgot i am still
    Tier 1 Tanks nearly Tier 2 but Tier 3 nearly tier 4 aircraft

  62. what movie was that on the start

  63. Don’t get me wrong, I love War Thunder, but please for the love of
    titty-sprinkles release Naval Combat this year!!!!

  64. they can add all the new maps, all the new vehicles, all the new game types
    they want, only thing i want Gaijin to do is fix the damn compression

  65. TheSlayerofevil3

    Chris Nolan and Hans Zimmer are making a WW2 movie set in Dunkirk… We
    have that coming.

  66. I really enjoy playing war Thunder and I think they should introduce some
    weird planes such as the Russian K-7 military variant which has 8-20mm
    8-7.62 and has a bomb load of over 16 tonnes I think it would be a very
    interesting plane due to its size and unique look to it.

  67. What is the music around 5:45?

  68. What movie is that in the beginning?

  69. Any new world of warships?

  70. south Korea makes good war movies

  71. for God’s sake baron, the nashorn is pronounced nas-horn

  72. 7:00 only people that will do well on Russians just say it. they make maps
    like that only for Russians

  73. they do have scouting for people its called shot the tank and it pops up
    for everyone. littler all you got to do in a plane saying his right there
    is stupid just fucking shot him with your guns i cant see where your
    shooting an the red dot pops up on them

  74. What about the T2634 Super Pershing!?!??

  75. abraham gonzalez duran

    whats that song called

  76. Hi great video 😀 !!

  77. There be snow men.

  78. Still waiting for more italian planes.

  79. Don’t make the FENCEs!.

  80. baronvon-non sequester

  81. Baron i recently put up this post id be glad of your ideas and impressions


  82. let’s not add any wot-like spotting mechanic to this game. What makes this
    game good and unique is the realistic spotting mechanic that it has now.

  83. Can they just remove Kursk please? Every time I get in that map I quit and
    take the crew lock. Such a terrible map.

  84. Does anyone know when they are expecting for the 1.57 patch to come out? so
    excited for the FV 4004

  85. Whoop whoop! nearly 300k subs!


  87. +BaronVonGamez I’m still watching for the Westland Whirlwind!!

  88. Let me know when the game is no longer shit.

  89. that map looks like tank destroyer heaven so flat no hull down i can see
    from the pic

  90. Beautifully destroyed panzer 3*

  91. I would like to see arty tanks but not WoT style. Basically, aim on a mini
    map and there is a circle where shells will land. It be also useful for
    rocket launcher tanks too. It also negates sniping and need a good LoS to
    hit the area so o one can hide behind trees or buildings for they will be
    wasting ammo.

  92. expanding the scope of the experience? How about Gaijin fix the match
    making and B.R first Baron. Too many players have left and need to be
    encouraged to come back. Nice vids though Baron.

  93. Armando Rodriguez

    Baron !Please play zer German King diesel when you can!

  94. I personally hate Tunisia a lot… I feel it’s to arena and kinda
    unhistorical feeling. I wish they expanded the map like 3-6 times more (a
    lot of stuff on the left look like more good battle areas) and able to go
    to the fuel depo and other stuff would be good… aka “SB” treatment.

  95. Yea they should add a scout mecanic becuase the catalina and the sutherland
    were both originaly scout planes

  96. War Thunder needs an option to chose what map i want to play. Like a
    filter. Please Gaijin read my comment.

  97. baron will you do a video about the hetzer

  98. they need to make it so you can spawn fighters with no strike potential
    Bombs/ High powered Cannnons at start. Because that 1st wave of bombers is
    always the worse even if you know they are comming.

  99. God how I cringe when I see a tog 11. Nashorn is gonna be my sweetheart

  100. Hey baron can you make an mount and blade warband video please

  101. Lawrence Sullivan

    Are you trolling or can you legitimately not pronounce Moscow?

  102. Does anyone know the movie in the begining of the video???

  103. So.. close quarters combat… Bring the StuH!

  104. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  105. they should also make some ideas of making the gunsounds more deeper and

  106. what film is from begin?

  107. Nas-horn you Need to say iT like the European a n-ah-S hor-n

  108. Nashorn is pronounced Nas-Horn,because the Word is made up by Nas a short
    version for Nase which is the german word for nose, and horn which means
    what you think it does

  109. spot sistem in my opinion would be bad… but thats just me

  110. Song background name?

  111. The Cookie Diary

    For your next tank request video could you play the SU-100Y please. I want
    to see how many kills you can get in a row with it.

  112. Korpen - Tank & Strategy Games

    About good war movies: I can recommend Generation War (
    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1883092/?ref_=nv_sr_1) if you havn’t seen that
    mini series yet. It’s abit like a german Band of Brothers but about four
    young german teenagers during WWII. Also I seem to recall “Beyond The
    Frontline” (http://www.imdb.com/media/rm1709243136/tt0377935?ref_=tt_pv_md_1)
    as being a decent war movie about The Finnish Continuation War during 1944
    if you can find it with english subtitles.

  113. the battle of The Blue Mountains in estonia wold be awsome

  114. +aronVonGamez if you want a good ww2 movie in eastern front look up 1944,
    it shows the war from both perspectives

  115. this game need some co-op modes (kinda like tank raids)

  116. no i hate the maps with snow no no no noooooooo is so laggy FFS

  117. Anyone see that russian film Stalingrad, holy shit it was bad

  118. banba mahiru/shinya yuri is the best genre

    when will you play black wake again i miss that :v. i just love watching
    you guys have fun fighting each other i find it very entertaining :D.

  119. Panzer 4…….really baron?

  120. Tomorrow Maybe (Cohrvale)

    M103 THE NEW ONE SHOT MASTA (if you can find ammo racks)

  121. 0:24 that’s a panzer 3 not a panzer 4 due to that gun isn’t a 75

  122. Who ever wrote the description for the alps map is a great writer A+

  123. They need the Li-2 the soviet C-47

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