WAR THUNDER 1.59 – ATGM TANK GAMEPLAY (War Thunder 1.59 Gameplay)

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WAR THUNDER 1.59 – ATGM TANK GAMEPLAY (War Thunder 1.59 Gameplay)



  2. HD should be soon! Recording the 1.59 DEV Overview ATM! Should be out
    tomorrow morning ­čśŤ Enjoy BOYS´╗┐

  3. Second´╗┐

  4. SUHH DUDES!´╗┐

  5. Third coment´╗┐

  6. 3rd´╗┐

  7. What’s with the quality?

  8. sickkk vid phly!! :)´╗┐

  9. Dr. Bananable Lector

    Can’t wait for the Sturer Emil´╗┐

  10. whats up with wows :(((´╗┐

  11. BennyBoy Yonkers

    Phly, for your next combo, big Soviet request of you.The War Ministry
    requests that you take out the Glorious T-44-100 tank, for the Motherlands
    prototypes!And air-support will be a Tupolev 2 [TU-2].Play well, tovarisch!´╗┐

  12. woo´╗┐

  13. 15th comment!!! Yay-cool vid Phly´╗┐

  14. phly in your next video take out the British SEA VENOM and show them HOW
    ITS DONE´╗┐

  15. Phly, next combo should be 105 Sherman and P63-A10. Take the banana plane!´╗┐

  16. First´╗┐

  17. the new russian jet isn’t going to be 6.7 on release right?´╗┐

  18. Hi great video´╗┐

  19. Bunkerevs Gaming

    Phly, are you going to tank fest this year?´╗┐

  20. Only care for the T29 and the M551 Sheridan! ­čśÇ What do you think Phly?
    Also. I have a favor to ask of you. I am new to Warthunder and to PC and
    think you could show the controls and whatnot for Warthunder? Pls? Make a
    “for beginners” video or something?´╗┐

  21. Hey Phly will you still play WoWs?? And maybe you could play some games
    with the boys´╗┐

  22. Imagine top kills with ATGMs since the British one can do a 90 on a dime´╗┐

  23. Umbrella Corporation

    all I can say is gg maus´╗┐

  24. yeap war thunder is ruined´╗┐

  25. Mikołaj Bieńkowski

    already have a challenge for you. Shoot down plane with ATGM´╗┐

  26. ichhab keinname (FunnyKiller)

    Maus gettin shoot by ATGMs,cant wait for it ^^´╗┐


  28. Keyboard control for ATGM is only in AB in RB it’s Fitch mouse´╗┐

  29. War Thunder 1.69: A non-exhaustive list of features.

    Shtora and Relikt for T-34
    Vehicle mounted cluster munitions
    Laser Rangefinders and Gun Computers for Russian Vehicles (sekrit dokmints
    say glorious USSR used them first)
    The addition of the MIG-29 at 4.3 to help underperforming Russia faction
    T-80UM, at 6.7
    The addition of vehicle radios that can only play the Soviet national
    anthem, for immersion

    Edit: Premium addition of barrel-launched 152mm 9M113 Kornet ATGM (1000mm
    RHA penetration) for…you guessed it, ISU-152 and all models of KV-2´╗┐

  30. Nico Morgenstern

    Fast richtig ausgesprochen ;)´╗┐

  31. Phly for 1.57 patrol the streets of war thunder with some friends like
    baron slickbee devildog in the new atgms (Preferably the Sheridan) show
    them what op really looks like!!!´╗┐

  32. omg the german pronounciation :P´╗┐

  33. Watching in 480p on 4g cause my wifi is down, go pixelated war thunder!´╗┐

  34. First or first to call it´╗┐

  35. It might only be MCLOS and SACLOS missiles right now, but not even 3 months
    ago did anyone believe guided missiles of any sort would make it into this
    game. I wonder what kind of bullcrap they have planned for next year.´╗┐

  36. Pandemic Eclipse

    Pretty sure it’s “missile” not “rocket”´╗┐

  37. this would be great if my Warthunder wouldnt be FUCKED up…. it freezes
    every second for 1 sec…… really annoying and even a re-install wouldnt
    help.. can you guys help me?´╗┐

  38. yay playing German 6.7 is going to be so much harder -_-´╗┐

  39. Phly I have challenge idea. Try and kill yourself with the wasd control

  40. 600 pen thats op my opinion but it is still cool´╗┐

  41. Was that editing in the test drive for the first tank that you tried it
    sounds like you edited it´╗┐

  42. i love u
    senpai notice me´╗┐

  43. I cant wait too get my hands on one of those´╗┐

  44. Why can the British not get the swingfire´╗┐

  45. wait why is the British one the only premium´╗┐

  46. What’s the intro song´╗┐

  47. These are going to unbalance the game so hard…´╗┐

  48. Phly what do you think about the new england channel map? i think its
    awesome. perfect for a worldwar mode´╗┐

  49. Jonas Leth-olsen

    that moment you are here early and have to type something unrelated to the

  50. There is gonna be like rocket trick shot videos of warthunder now?´╗┐

  51. atgm vs Tiger 2 wow gj GAYjin ? Great WW2 game….. ?´╗┐

  52. platinum Squirrel

    Fuckin glorious. I was scared that gaijin would go cross out with the
    misled but they did it right´╗┐

  53. ATGM vs BIplanes????´╗┐

  54. The Tu4 is a prime example of sekrit dokuments, in game 12000kg bomb load,
    irl 6000kg. GG (I will be flying the Tu4 erry day tho)´╗┐

  55. Jon Stepanenkov

    So next patch is for aaa?´╗┐

  56. pls gaijin 8.0 with al this stuff, don’t let my tiger II fight guided anti
    tank rockets…………….´╗┐

  57. Why cant German get ATGM and op Tanks too from the Cold war er had also
    Tanks beides the Leopard (plz give German more Leopard Variations)´╗┐

  58. ahhh…^^ my french rokets´╗┐

  59. Use the KV-1S as a challenge´╗┐

  60. Jonas Leth-olsen

    dude, you should have tested the speed of them, they’re quite fast´╗┐

  61. M551 so far the best, glad it’s in the only country I play.´╗┐

  62. Second_Medic bf p4f

    You spelled the German One wrong xD i am German´╗┐

  63. War thunder going to be a pay to win..´╗┐

  64. Pinecone Pinetree

    This calls for west german armour spam leopords, jagdpanzer 4-5 and now the
    german rocket tank´╗┐

  65. that was alot of recoil for the ATGM.´╗┐

  66. why in the flying fuck are the missiles in a WWII themed game…….´╗┐

  67. Asfaloths Der Tittenwart

    Can u try to shoot down Planes with that pls?´╗┐

  68. What about their promised shilka, m113 Vulcan and gepard?´╗┐

  69. these rockets are the stupidest thing I’ve seen added to this game´╗┐

  70. Great video.´╗┐

  71. I need to see that Sturer Emil, Dickers big brother´╗┐

  72. Szymon Twardowski

    Got a challenge for you,destroy yourself with the roket jadgpanzer!!!´╗┐

  73. Future challenges: Get a plane down with one of the rocket tanks. 2. Kill
    yourself with your own rocket.´╗┐

  74. Please play with the P-40 and the M3 Lee.´╗┐

  75. Nice getting fuc*t By Guided Rockets in a WWII game´╗┐

  76. I’d love to see infinite ammo ATGMs that’d be hilarious to see a torrent of
    missiles flying everywhere.´╗┐

  77. I Love you phly´╗┐

  78. 14th comment!´╗┐

  79. phly how do you record on war thunder?´╗┐

  80. None of these are premium if they were premium that would piss people off.´╗┐

  81. Greetings, I am an occasional watcher of your videos and would like to pose
    a suggestion. I am a fan of Italian aircraft and was wondering if you could
    make a video to talk about some of the aircraft in game. Gaijin has been
    working on an extensive Italian tree for some time now and I expect it will
    soon enter the game.´╗┐

  82. Maus will dont have armor in 1.59´╗┐

  83. Can someone help me? so it has ATGM and shells for the same gun?´╗┐

  84. Definition of ATGM tanks in WT: Moving Ammo Racks For Dayzzzz´╗┐

  85. Rocket fran├žaise´╗┐

  86. Martin Stensvehagen

    strv = stridsvagn = battle car = Tank´╗┐

  87. And Japan? ´╗┐

  88. can you hit yourself with an atgm´╗┐

  89. “Lets start grinding here” Damn… it tooks you 30 sec for what will take
    me months O.o I never get used to it lol.´╗┐

  90. do a battle with these new atgm vehicle against plains´╗┐

  91. WatcherMovie008

    What’s next? BMD-1? BMPT? MiG 21? Hell just for shits and giggles, add the
    T-90 in the game because apparently War Thunder doesn’t even recognize
    itself as a WWII/Korea War simulator anymore…´╗┐

  92. I’m scared to go on any BR higher than 5.0 now…´╗┐

  93. Something tells me that these rockets could be super deadly if someone
    masters them, and can regularly get hits by sending the missiles up then
    down and behind cover.´╗┐

  94. Jad Collado (Battlemach1ne)

    lol I could see this trolling guys hiding around a building or a rock.´╗┐

  95. An so warthunder died… beacuse it was an already well balanced game,
    atgms at 7.0 are no problem for sure´╗┐

  96. PublicTransportationBelgium

    Fucking hell, RB is gonna be hell´╗┐

  97. Why can’t I see the missile tanks I’m in war thunder right now´╗┐

  98. these things are freaking guided missles witch war thunder said they would
    never put in plus if you making the argument that they said that for planes
    these this a freaking sams.´╗┐

  99. I’m curios if the round is modeled well enough that people can shoot it
    down with mg’s and such. I really doubt it though´╗┐

  100. if your skilled with these you can go for top armor.´╗┐

  101. Why do u have to control the raketenjagdpanzers ATGM with the
    keyboard?!That makes it useless fuck u gaijin I hate u till my dead!´╗┐

  102. Thank god it’s finally settled. I knew they wouldn’t be as powerful as
    everyone thought. Personally I would prefer using HEATFS, at least it an go
    strait to your target. Using keys is so awkward, especially when it is
    inverted. What do you guys think?´╗┐

  103. Good luck WT pilots. XX´╗┐

  104. Imagine if you are good enough you would be able to take out of plans.´╗┐

  105. Rainbow Dash SWAT

    dafuq war thunder lair never show PS4…´╗┐

  106. *sraw intensifie*´╗┐

  107. deadmike naffer

    is it just me or did they change the zoomlevel?´╗┐

  108. cant wait to see the trickshot videos with the guided missles´╗┐

  109. Marcell Gathright

    Anyone else notice the M48A1?´╗┐

  110. Sir Stefan Channel!

    How did you get the Last SPG in the German tech tree without unlocking the
    Ferdinand and the Jagdtiger? lol´╗┐

  111. can you shoot the missle with machine guns to stop it? phly plez test this
    when it goes pub´╗┐

  112. challenge: use a ATGM as AA´╗┐

  113. ATGM missiles vs WWII vehicles…
    Nice Gaijin, Nice job´╗┐

  114. This intro music never gets old! best intro music 10/10 ign´╗┐

  115. How the fuck are u meant to defend from that´╗┐

  116. just remember this bullshit will be fighting your ww2 tanks.´╗┐

  117. Pro clickbaiter here fooled me´╗┐

  118. Phly try to hit yourself with a rocket XD´╗┐

  119. Sir Stefan Channel!

    Also the Rjpz being 7.3 is a fucking joke.
    Especially for RB.
    The missiles are guided by the keyboard only (as according to their
    devblog. Though in arcade mode it won’t matter as all ATGM’s will be mouse
    guided) which makes it incredibly hard to use. It’s armour is also thin as
    fuck. It will be an easy kill.´╗┐

  120. Just remember this,the M-551 has less armor then a M-24 Chaffee,it’s a
    death trap but has a great gun.´╗┐

  121. So let me recap:
    -American ATGM: Several ammunition types for multi-purpose, turreted, easy
    to control, ‘meh’ armor, live rounds are stored internally, thus safe.
    -German ATGM: One ammunition type, very limited shooting angle, hard as
    fuck to control, no armor, live rockets are stored externally and will most
    likely be destroyed by MG fire.


  122. Omg , those rocket tanks can be used against airplanes´╗┐

  123. leonardo ferreira

    now i think……can they add an upgrade to help the gravity compesation,by
    showing the way that you must shoot,like aiming computers or something´╗┐

  124. I hope these are all a 8.0, they should not face WW2 tanks´╗┐

  125. trry hitting a plane with the rockets lol´╗┐

  126. med packs aren’t golden eagles right?´╗┐

  127. Does atgm track when using binds?´╗┐

  128. Rafael Poveda Lizan

    This is how a little light tank n┬ícan kill a 200 ton monster. gj Gaijin´╗┐

  129. yay my name is in the tank´╗┐

  130. I went through a 3 min ad that I couldnt skip even with ad block´╗┐

  131. Man, I really want to try hitting myself with one of those rockets…´╗┐

  132. Meanwhile no Japanese tanks :(´╗┐

  133. GreenKillingMachine


  134. what’s next ERA wait when was ERA made´╗┐

  135. Dr. Tankenstien

    ITS A MGM-51B not a 61B (Head/Desk) Come on Gaijin do your damn research
    and check your spelling/numbers!!!!´╗┐

  136. jdams are properly next´╗┐

  137. Racketen=rocket jagd=hunt panzer=tank so racketenjagdpanzer=rockethunttank´╗┐

  138. omg i though they will make op thing but it seems atgms in wt needs skill
    to use them…well done gaijin´╗┐

  139. Can you fire the and steer the wasd guided ones via binos maybe?´╗┐

  140. I cant play with these tanks yet.´╗┐

  141. I want to see him take a plane out with one of them´╗┐

  142. So now the maus is just a bunker for leopards to hide behind´╗┐

  143. PhlyDaily tomorrow when you get in the dev server again preview the IS-3 it
    got remodeled´╗┐

  144. I love the 1.59 is really awesome :D´╗┐

  145. ň╝ÁšůťŠŁ░

    more Russian top tier jet
    mig17 mig15x2´╗┐

  146. Gareth Fairclough

    @4:38 Yes phly, it is a saclos guided missile (Semi-Automatic Command Line
    Of Sight). It just uses the infrared beam as the medium for transmitting
    the guidance data. If all you need to do to guide it is to hold the sight
    over the target, then it’s a saclos guided setup, you just basically tell
    the missile to go “THERE!” and it flies itself. An MCLOS missile, you have
    other controls and you have to fly it manually. Those didn’t last long in
    service anywhere, fortunately.´╗┐

  147. Fantastic Scrub

    New vehicle class! Tracked explosive boxes!´╗┐

  148. Agm is going to be easy for PS4 players´╗┐

  149. Trauma Pack in the Rjpz. 2 mods. Are they allowing us to heal crew too?´╗┐

  150. so this shows cannons>missiles
    because the cannons are more accurate and have higher muzzle velocity
    (currentlyas the missiles are ingame!)´╗┐

  151. Phly I got the best challenge for u. In a agm shoot a rocket and make it
    loop around to kill u´╗┐

  152. COCKPIT FOR THE P-61!!!!!´╗┐

  153. Airies Francisco

    the eagles used…….. i wish they could be mine…….´╗┐

  154. Anyone know how to get golden eagles on the sev server without spending me

  155. Hey Phly Big fan from Puerto Rico. I was wondering if u can destroy an
    airplane with the MGM’s. I want to see that´╗┐

  156. SAM WHEN´╗┐

  157. DarkSideSixOfficial

    Here’s a real challenge. Use the TU-4 to shoot down an incoming ATGM. Boom!´╗┐

  158. Hey Phly, new challenge, hit a plane with an ATGM ( ═í┬░ ═ť╩ľ ═í┬░)´╗┐

  159. I hope these aren’t the actual rocket launch sounds. They sound pretty

  160. Cristian Ram├şrez

    GG Maus´╗┐

  161. im sorry but how is this far in a world war 2 game?´╗┐

  162. I’m so sad…..The NATO tech tree has reached year 1969, but Soviet player
    still playing with T-54(51) and T-10(53)…I don’t expect seeing T-64A, but
    at least have the T-64 or even T-55A. Soviet tanks in SB and RB are the
    targets now……´╗┐


  164. How do you play on the dev server?´╗┐

  165. AaronANDJanice Pritchard

    You guys should do army of swordfish`s vs army of b-29`s XD rip
    swordfishes. but only have like 5 b-29`s and 15 swords.´╗┐

  166. Aaaaaaaaaaaaye, anyone else see the M48 in the US tech tree? 0:44´╗┐

  167. its less inaccurate than I imagine´╗┐

  168. sweet this just confirms my opinion that the Sheridan is going to be the

  169. ChannelWithVideos

    How does one gain access to the dev server?´╗┐

  170. try using “u” to see the guide missile´╗┐

  171. The Racketenjagdpanzer 2 uses a system similar to the russian Malyutka ATGM
    where the gunner would observe the missile and guid it manualy via a
    joystick(aka MCLOS). drawbacks are that its very inaccurate especialy with
    a badly trained gunner and can only be used efectively when stationary,
    that is due to the fact that these Missiles get their impulses by Wire
    guidence and that it would be imposible to accurately guide the missiles
    due to the type of controls they use. (theoreticly you could fire a MCLOS
    system on the move if you would use Radio Guidance but since the system is
    to hard to use for even trained soldiers and imposible to get any afects on
    the move the system got droped in favor for easier to use systems)
    Later systems like the TOW (Used on the Racketenjagdpanzer Jaguar 2 on a
    Modified Kanonenjagdpanzer Hull) and Konkurs aka AT5 Spandrel by Nato (used
    on BMP1 and 2) use “SACLOS” for the guidence meaning that the gunner only
    had to aim at a target and keep his sights on it till the Missile hits.
    this can be used with Laser and Wire guided systems´╗┐

  172. What’s the starting music you use????´╗┐

  173. NeverEndingStory

    how do you get on the dev server?´╗┐

  174. Matthew ÔÇťINsaNEgaMEsÔÇŁ S

    phly u have to take out the XP-50 American premium and the American M4

  175. I have a challenge. Try to kill your self with a missle. Fire it and guide
    it back to yourself.´╗┐

  176. Get a kill Javelin style´╗┐

  177. Hit the top armor´╗┐

  178. Kill yourself with the missile Phly I want to see that´╗┐

  179. Btw wtf the sounds the missiles use are the shitty ones´╗┐

  180. oh no. what if people try to spawn kill with this. with practice you could
    probably controle it good enough to hit the enemy spawn.´╗┐

  181. Neurofied Yamato

    Awesome, finally out! Or sort of out…´╗┐

  182. Reload on the russian one is way too good´╗┐

  183. once these come out u should do a custom battle . bombers vs. atgm.´╗┐

  184. Someone is gonna get really good with these missiles and shoot people
    behind cover.´╗┐

  185. ….´╗┐

  186. Vincent ÔÇťGhidorahlordÔÇŁ Iavello

    The reason the IT-1 missiles seem so strange is that they need 300 meters
    to arm themselves for them to follow your mouse´╗┐

  187. phly i have been watching your videos for a while now and i love the intro
    so much! it just fits with you perfectly. love your videos keep up the
    amazing work.´╗┐

  188. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    I don’t get it. Why are they adding ATGMs?´╗┐

  189. lemonade ferrero

    they should have a Japanese tank lane´╗┐

  190. wait except the murica and british the german and russia and unlimited
    rocket cause i dont see ammo on that two country´╗┐

  191. You fuckin retard atgm means air to ground missile if it was a tank
    launched missile it would be tgm´╗┐

  192. As I recall the SS-11 was the very first ATGM in service. It was
    essentially a copy of the German ATGM, whose name escapes me at the moment,
    that didn’t quite make it into service in WWII.

    The German ATGM was a spin off of a wire guided missile that the Luftwaffe
    was going to use. It didn’t quite make it into service either.

    Both those missiles, and the Soviet version, the Sagger, were wire guided
    and joystick controlled. This meant they required quite a bit of training
    and practice. I’m guessing that Gaijin is using the WASD keys to simulate
    the clunkiness of the SS-11.

    I believe the Shillelagh was also wire guided. If it’s like other US ATGMs
    it uses an infrared flare on the tail of the missile that is read by a
    sensor on the launch system. That sends corrections to the missile while it
    is in flight. So all you have to do is keep the sight on the target.

    I’ll confess I’ve never heard of that Soviet ATGM before. If it is radio
    guided that would explain the slightly wonky flight. The beam would have to
    be fairly large so that the receiver could pick up flight corrections. But
    still it would require only pipper on target.

    So it looks like Sagger Dance is now going to be a tactic in War Thunder.
    Now they have to introduce smoke.´╗┐

  193. That’s so awersome!´╗┐

  194. the reason the german one only tracked the mouse for a little bit is
    because the wire on the missle broke from being used over a certain

  195. So IS-2s Tiger 2s and so on now have to deal with ATGM’s? Come on.´╗┐

  196. Hey Phly should I be scared of losing my account on behalf of gaijin due to
    me pointing out the fact that they’ve always claimed they have documents
    and accurate spreadsheets of aircraft statistics and yet they have always
    refused to show said proof to justify changes or new vehicles being added
    into the game ?´╗┐

  197. Sarodore The Dragon

    **** using keys I’ll just hook up a joystick to guide the missiles using
    keys is impractical and almost an idea of retardation, an experienced tank
    crew should be capable of guiding a rocket with easy ( much less load one)
    we’re not banging rocks together here guys ATGMs should be easy to use , if
    u ask me leave the keys to realistic or sim where things are meant to be
    harder don’t give some country’s mouse aim and not others , it’s degrading
    and unbalanced, I’ll not get a tank that’s going to make my crew ( who Irl
    would have at least 1 year of training on how to use ATGMs ) look like a
    bunch of chimpanzees that have been given AK47s.´╗┐

  198. Bullshit, i guess this is next thing i will have to fight with jagdtiger.
    Whats next abrams?´╗┐

  199. Quinton Dombrowski

    Wonder what Phly will think of the 6.7 br of the Yak30´╗┐

  200. How do you get on the dev server?´╗┐

  201. i used to shoot MILAN2 atgms at army, i remember the weapon tracked the
    rockets heat, and that is how it know where the rocket is on its sight. You
    could not change the sight too fast, or it may “loos“ the rockets
    controll. BUT, if there was a Fire sorce, like a burning house, car or what
    so ever, and the heat of it was greater then the one of the rocket it may
    start to think that the fire sorce is the rocket, so it messed up its
    guiding. so if whe did have to shoot something what was close to a fire,
    whe had to shoot so that it was not seen on the sight and after 4-6 secunds
    of rockets flight time guide it fast to the target. ALSO tanks with
    infrared lights messed up the ATGMs cos the lights to the sight made made
    it look lighe a great heat sorce, so whe had to be carefull and shoot the
    tanks only if the infrared light of the tank was not pointed on you or
    guide the rocket fast on the last secunds on its flight. also, when you
    shoot out a MILAN missle, you had to aim a bit higher for the first 400m of
    flight cos it was not guideble for that time. SO my question is, will the
    fire sorces and infrared lights play a role in messing up the ATGMs in

  202. I don’t understand how the American ATGM has the least penetration if the
    Americans have the best rockets when ATGM vehicles were produced. I
    understand the Germany’s penetration though´╗┐

  203. Ze Naughty Company

    i wish you get a nuke atgms´╗┐

  204. They still need to improve rocket animation and sounds but the new Atgm
    explosion tho´╗┐

  205. Myrgyd Williams

    Anybody excited for the B-18 Bolo ?´╗┐

  206. MURICAN BIAS´╗┐

  207. Strv is gonna be epic´╗┐

  208. Hey guys upvote the Asu85 to be in nekt video on Devserver´╗┐

  209. Hey guys upvote the Asu85 to be in nekt video on Devserver´╗┐

  210. Alex Ward (DWSolaris)

    I will be really fucked off if there is no main tech British atgm.´╗┐

  211. Fero Ko─żvek

    i’m totally fucked after this update :D´╗┐

  212. Wait what the.. how’s the zoom that powerful?´╗┐

  213. 5:02 Really glad I got the Leopard 1 instead of wasting my time on the Maus
    now. There really is no point in having it except to say you have it.´╗┐

  214. I know pretty much no one gives a shit about us PS4 players, but won’t the
    WASD-controlled missiles be unusable for us?´╗┐

  215. RandomAppleGaming

    No way, its not premium…

  216. 600m of pen… Fuck gaijin´╗┐


  218. Sniping planes with atgms :D´╗┐

  219. belgian peacekeeper

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