War Thunder 1.59 BRITISH ROCKETS, Cromwell & Wyvern (War Thunder Tanks)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. First

  2. Anderson Guardado


  3. hannes lindgren

    omg, that vs the bt5 with tank torpedoes. you have to make that plsss

  4. christopher fisher

    why are the British so OP now?

  5. YESSSSS, look at all these new British toys! Who’s hyped for 1.59, and
    who’s going to the Gulag?

  6. felipe velazquez guzman


  7. Dimitris Paraskeuopoulos

    Oh this is going to be fun……..

  8. imagine T-34-85 with rockets… *_*

  9. next patch in chat: “Omg why did that PO-2 squad up with F-16″

  10. RBT-5 “Smashing” Version

  11. where is the Tea in that thing?

  12. christopher fisher

    pls give us gameplay of this specific Cromwell

  13. 6:00 they said something about torpedoes

  14. i think war thunder is just changing their forte from world war 2 to
    something else this is not good …… what do you think Baron??

  15. Sebastian C.Guedes

    What is the background music ?

  16. the f14 is the tomcat, not the f18

  17. The Cromwe, haha sorry I couldn’t even finish its name, I have little time
    for little children’s toys.

  18. Hagar Lagenõmm

    deem, whats the first track playing?

  19. Silver Firebote

    No!!~~~Wyvern is premium???? I WAS EXPECTING NEW British fleet air arms :(

  20. Victor G08030811

    Baron do you fink that the rocket on tank are op?

  21. the sound of this plane is going to be awesome

  22. What no m4a3 tulip

  23. Ohh i get it Baron.. this is a Japanese Cromwell! :p

  24. HOLD UP… F-18 tomcat???

  25. the animatior,the thierioest and the fact teller

    Did you notice that when the plane folded its wings became a triangle!
    It’s the illuminati plane meaning it’s going to be op!

  26. BaronVonTAC GAMING

    That Cromwell is really scary

  27. that’s hell march isn’t it at begining

  28. yes! ICH LIEBE the cromwelll now we get one with rockets :D

  29. The rockets are the Queens Q-Tips

  30. OMFG that looks ridiculous

  31. how you get on the dev what time?

  32. Alexandru Voiculescu (Caboose)

    They should work on physics, wt is like dumb and retarded wot brother.

  33. Oliver Hundstrup Stenner Rasmussen 7BT Toftegårdsskolen

    is that hell march 2?

  34. Dat intro though!

  35. “…as a premium vehicle…”
    Fuck Off War Thunder!

  36. Rip Wt 2016

  37. If anyone wonders what the song at the beggining is its called Hell March
    from Red Alert 2 ;)

  38. just to update everyone the brit atgm will be the Strv 81 its been
    confirmed on their facebook page:

  39. Ha! Phly uploaded before you did!

  40. Battle Rhapsody

    slowly to world of tanks….

  41. There’s something in this new version that will help decompress BR in GF
    from T4 up ?

  42. Rip ww2

  43. i have not played warthunder for months – the way gaijin entertainment is
    going about the community is a no go for me. And also the overcompression
    of the battle ratings.
    i might come back when naval battle become a thing in the game, but like so
    many others i have had it with war thunder for now.

  44. Cool to see the Wyvern. It was the last fixed wing aircraft designed by
    Westland. 79 missions during the Suez crisis and the world’s first
    successful underwater ejection seat escape!

  45. Valentino Santoro

    What is the music in the beginning?

  46. What was that music? I really liked it.

  47. Invisible Kartoffel

    the plane will be fucked if it gets in aa range

  48. what about japanese atgm?

  49. ichhab keinname (FunnyKiller)

    M4 Tulip?

  50. “first SERIES produces turbo prop aircraft” lets make it premium!!! axaaxa

  51. Shashank Sangaru

    this looks like wehraboo nightmare fuel

  52. Wrong music

  53. Still, I’d like to see a Sherman Tulip for UK

  54. 1946, what!? Thats not in WWII era!
    Oh wait, we have jets allready from 80’s…..

  55. Why not tulip? one thing that constantly drives me nuts is all the
    experimental going into tge game when production stuff is being left out

  56. Think you have your Tomcats mixed with your Hornets.

  57. Yes omg i thought i was out of luck using only the British tanks.

  58. Drake Tamer (EnderDragon24)

    A very beautiful British aircraft in the making^^ I was actually unaware
    that it was a turbo-prop engine, which is unfourtunate because that might
    have gotten me a better grade on my report about it^^ Anywayss, it was a
    very sucsessful aircraft from what I can remember, and like the P-47, it
    can take a beating, though it would probably be bad to have the engine
    catch fire.

  59. Tiese the customizer

    It reminds me of those leaf design roman crownish things :p

  60. Western Wyvern? “Roses are red Violets are blue, my GTR goes STUTUTUTU!!!

  61. Outdated by the time it got produced, Why isn’t that hard to believe :D

  62. COMMUNITY : fix these bugs, that is imbalanced, that thing is broken, and
    that is not correct
    GAIJIN : 40/50$ PREM TANKS THAT ARE OP (because fuck you give me money)

  63. indian march music?

  64. 25th may ( tomorow ) will be stream of FOUR ATGM TANKS!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 pm
    Moscow time . IT-1 Rjagdpz . Sherridan and the last but not least ………
    Strv 81 (Swedish version of Centurion Mk10 with ATGM !!!!!!!! Just imagane
    Centurion with L7 gun AND ROCKETS!!!!!!!!

  65. Christoph Rantscher

    I feel like the whirlwind is gonna be a big pile of shit

  66. Gonna have to disagree heartily with the aesthetic opinion on that Wyvern.
    Easily the ugliest British plane imo.

  67. F-18 Tomcat…. Just no, I will accept surrender of your American
    citizenship now.

  68. Your next line up should be the P-38L, F-82E, M36 Jackson, T25 Baby

  69. The tomcat was F-14 not F-18 BARON

  70. God this game is going downhill fast…

  71. So where is the FV438 Swingfire and FV102 Striker??

  72. Hey, let’s take a tank that’s already great at it’s BR and give it rockets,
    at the same BR of course. Good idea, comrade?

  73. Put a pair of tesla coils instead of the rockets et voilà! Tesla tank from

  74. Crayola.

  75. Cheetos baron what you be smoking it’s Doritos

  76. 6:28 F-18 Tomcat?

  77. wyvern conformed means tu95 Russian bomber is also conformed

  78. exclusive footage from gaijin’s devs meeting : “ok guys we need new tanks
    for the next patch any ideas ”
    -what about taking tanks we already have and stick a shit ton of rockets on
    them ?


  79. just use HE

  80. What is this song

  81. Where is Matilda Hedgehog!?!?

  82. genral marius (the black legionary)

    awesome bro watched ur vids sence me herd of u witch is ur start great work

  83. genral marius (the black legionary)

    #land terpidis

  84. answer me y do u ignore ppl who msg u in war thunder

  85. genral marius (the black legionary)

    cormwell with rockets vs maus

  86. Is that the fucking Red Alert theme?
    Muh flashbacks

  87. Haha wi-vern

  88. Upright productions


  89. this is getting out of hand, I stopped playing warthunder about 5 months
    ago. don’t think I’ll ever play it again.

  90. LaterMeansBrick

    dat Red alert 2 intro track doe. I love the deathparade or how it’s called.

  91. Heeeeeyyyy Red Alert 2’s Hell March! 😀
    Fucking badass game, one of my favorite RTS games to date c:

  92. What other crap are they gunna throw at the wall ?

  93. Lemme guess, these are gonna be Premiums

  94. bernardobiritiki

    BARON why did you have to put hells march at the begining of the video
    this song only reminds my that i lost my copy of red alert ;_;

  95. Does this mean we could expect the Sherman Firefly Tulip?

  96. the wyvern’s cockpit is in crossout!!!!!

  97. why does baron pronouce Wyren like “why-vern ?”.

  98. Them red allert songs.

  99. Hey Baron I want to enter the giveaway for TW Warhammer. Would love to see
    some Dwarfs vs Vampire counts because why not matey.

  100. What’s an F-18 Tomcat?

  101. Classy Churchill

    Pay 2 play yet? Who knows! Maybe next update!

  102. Damn! I was hoping to get a history lesson from baron.


  104. The problem with this design is as follows, in dialogue format:
    “Please shoot me here, here, here and here.”

  105. This is exactly why i stopped playing War Thunder.
    wana fix bugs, listen to the community, improve upon the game? Nah, lets
    take a tank, add rockets then sell it for real money……..again.

  106. Baron why don’t you play World of Warships anymore?

  107. Jeremy “JC” Collingsworth

    Great. Now What I don’t understand is why Britain Decided To Put an
    Aircraft engine In the Comet and Give it a Max reverse Speed Of 4 mp/h

  108. why all the rocket tanks

  109. We are gonna need custom battle with only rocetlauncher vechile in it!
    Would be quite newyearly horrorfest :)

  110. That C&C red alert music

  111. Red Alert, Hell’s March (2)… best choice.

  112. IGI studio (IGIstudio)

    what is song at begining ?

  113. that red alert 2 hellmarch tho lol

  114. What is this song in the background I keep hearing it and I forgot

  115. ThemustermannClan

    F-14 Tomcat
    F-15 Eagle
    F-16 Fighting Falcon
    F-17 Cobra
    F-18 Hornet

    Get your shit together mate 😀 I am not even American! btw, love your vids!

  116. Tulip rockets *-*

  117. 6:27 F18 Tomcat???????????? You serious Baron, or is it joke?

  118. Keep up the awesome work man, love your vids! Seeing you had the Red Alert
    2 soundtrack, I take it your a Command and Conquer fan? 😀

    YOU MAY WANNA TAKE A GANDER AT OUR MOD. (CnC Generals: Rise of the Reds)
    #shamelessadvert But no really, your vids have helped me a ton to get into
    this game. Always a pleasure to watch a new vid from you!

  119. Scottx125Productions - Spiffingly Serious British Gaming!

    No…no…no…no..NOOOOO! *facepalm*

  120. F-18 Tomcat 6:23

    No words, speechless

  121. 4 x 20mm blaze it …. baron why you no get the pun !!!

  122. This was almost never used due to versatility… War thunder has lost
    realism and is turning into a prototype tank game

  123. “Was out dated by its completion” gets same br as a normal cromwell FÛCK

  124. Everyone is talking about the Cromwell or the RA track, but I’m gonna throw
    my dosh at the screen for that sweet Wyvern. Chieftain and Wyvern will be
    best lineup!

  125. I’ve been using those 76mm rockets on Hurricane… Quite often, and it
    does, when hitting things like PanzerIV or T-34, one shot kill. It even
    does critic on Tiger, no doubt on how destructive they are :/

  126. f-18 tomcat? u fokin wot m8?

  127. F 18 tomcat? ??

  128. I’ve got a question, how do you use last man standing? Cause whenever my
    crew is knocked out I still usually have one crew member left so I was
    wondering if you have to activate it in the game features or is it an
    update coming out later. If anyone can help me it would be much

  129. still love his vids though

  130. but first if he truly does care about his viewers mention the words
    baconbaconbaconbacon in his next vid

  131. Nice Command and Conquer Red Alert music :P

  132. I love this song it’s the hell March

  133. Looks awsome and intersting the Wyvern would be great with so many rockets.
    on a side note I relised the Wyvern is actualy the plane Cabin in Crossout
    I dunno if anyone else noticed this.

  134. Swellcentaur585

    So did no one notice the “F-18 Tomcat” no, just me? okay…

  135. those are the same rockets on the Sherman Firefly

  136. soooooooooooo if a tank gets lucky and hits one of those rockets your
    basically screwed?

  137. Jorge Ian Gaytan

    That plane look so awesome

  138. Хлебушек DV


  139. A30 Cruiser Mark VIII Challenger still needs to be added

  140. richard williams

    hi baron
    As the wyvern is a 1950s aircraft i have put in suggestions for 2 maps one
    is the battle of inchon and the other battle of pusan both would be great
    backdrop for this craft can you please take a look and let me know what you
    think ? thank you

  141. The guided missile tanks are going to kill this game for me, im ok with it
    if they make another dedicated to post WW2 era’s but i was hoping this type
    of stuff would not get into the game. Guess another disappointment worse
    then the EA Starwars battlefront is soon to happen.

  142. nicholas prayudi

    yay stream

  143. [Cough] Fucking premium

  144. “F-18 Tomcat”

  145. “f-18 Tomcat” Oh Baron! Lmao

  146. Hey what happen to doing videos with PhlyDaliy??

  147. fuck that cromwell. Look at the Wyvern! The first TURBO PROP. 16 AT
    rockets. 4 20mms. This finally might be the reason I grind the British

  148. KillBill Roberts woods

    hey barron why don’t u play air battels for a change

  149. Joey Nitram (NITRAM)

    as a fighter jet mechanic, i face palmed when you said f 18 tom cat

  150. wrong song to wrong country

  151. Update 1.59 rocket era

  152. day hell March in the back ground tho

  153. Premiums again and again

  154. What is the song

  155. Was that the Command and Conquer: Red Alert music in the opening?

  156. wait the wyverne is a french plane? XD

  157. I’ve noticed that the cockpit of the wyvren is the same cockpit that’s in
    Crossout. Anyone else?

  158. What about the Sherman firefly with tulips

  159. Geoffrey Climpson

    *F14 tomcat

  160. It’s damn ugly. Already ugly tank made even more ugly by adding some tumors
    on the turret.

  161. The RP3 rockets are awful, do not buy this

  162. If it would have been a Russian tank then sure you can use the main menu
    theme to Red Alert 3, but with a brit… NOOOOOO!!

  163. Games getting more and more trash pay to play shit.

  164. AlfredNoyes Sumner

    Why no Tulip Firefly?

  165. war of rocket

  166. it was announced that it will be a premium, and that the Update name is
    “Flaming Arrows”

  167. Hurricane 11b didn’t carry rockets….the Mk 4 did, just. Did you mean

  168. SgtArsekicker PPSH41 (PPsh41)

    Too much rocket tonks

  169. F-14 tomcat

  170. God damn holy fuck Soviet Rocket Tanks, German Rocket Tanks, and now
    British Rocket Tanks?!?! WTF are they gonna add now?!?! A SHERMAN WITH
    ROCKETS?!?! lol

  171. ludmila halajova

    super video but as the name of that song at the beginning

  172. OpTic BoMb FacTorY

    when does 1.59 come out

  173. Red Alert 2 soundtrack

  174. This game is getting more retarded with every patch I see

  175. Mitchell Reeves

    Baron play the double prop fire brand in anticipation for the Wyvern

  176. Atalareza Yuwono

    so when gaijin will add firefly with 2 RP 3 rockets

  177. branimir CLASSIFIED


  178. stop making ******* slide shows, drive this and not talk…..

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