War Thunder 1.59 Dev Server ALL NEW VEHICLES (War Thunder 1.59 Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. it-1 op i cant wait

  2. Alexander Schulte

    when are the us or japananese going to get another fucking jet its been
    like a year

  3. The Britts need APHECBC!!

  4. The Meaty Clangles

    I don’t think med kits should be able to bring back blacked out crew
    members, but one in critical red or orange would work

  5. not found interesting at all for this coming match :/

  6. Dem guided missles.. i can see the teamkilling happening.. but then maybe
    not seeing that its a top tier vehicle and not many will be willing risking
    a ban after grinding their way up there.

  7. Oh your driver took a 122 APHE to the face? no problem just use this
    fucking stupid Medkit

  8. Tor “MUPz ThOR” Nilsson

    380mm heat-fs at 6.7 can’t be right. That must be a placeholder or

  9. BestofShooterGames

    380mm HEATFS at 6.7…. the game is destroyed now.

  10. If someone thinks that manually (MCLOS) guided missiles are stupid just
    think that Brits designed and actually deployed manpad guided this way.

  11. Wonder if there is a way to shoot down the ATGM’s with machine guns,,,,

  12. BestofShooterGames

    also i am sad, i payed 40€ for the black prince and now they got a 1000
    times better tank at pretty much the same br…..

  13. Baron when you talk about the he filler you should read the TNT equivalent,
    it’s a lot more accurate and you can compare properly

  14. thats like the t49 American tier 8 light tank

  15. does it make the welly jelly or does it make the the willy feel silly that
    is the question

  16. ATGM’s seem like nothing more than High-Pen medium HE shells. They do
    nowhere near the damage they would do in reallife. They would tear *anything
    to shreds*, regardless of angle of hit location. Also, the M551 *is*
    amphibious. Well, in reallife at least.

  17. fuck me that tu-4 can make your pc explode let alone the bloody ground

  18. Hugo Roy-Bouchard (Battledude3)

    The Rjgpz’s missiles are manually controlled by arrow keys or WASD.

  19. i think instead of having a medkit, you have to drive back to spawn to “get
    new crew”. would be more balanced and fair, not as abuseable.

  20. When will we be seeing more American aircraft such as the: P-51H, P-47N,
    F4U-4, F3D-2, F6F-5 and the B-26!?

  21. Hey Baron can you do a new tour of your setup?

  22. you have to use WASD on the German ATGM

  23. I kind of think the update is getting a lot of unfair hate, it looks pretty
    cool tbh.

  24. Notascarymonster The king of gnome,s

    The Halifax….all hail gaijin

  25. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    They still need to add the martlet

  26. What’s the most exciting thing in this patch for you?
    The damn patch baron. The damn patch

  27. Phendranaguardian

    Pff, the KV-2 and T-34 are just a waste of space and dev resources. Would
    have rather just had a 3rd tank actually made in Germany.

    Preferably, as others say, the Sturmtiger.

  28. Y no time stamps

  29. Alexander Schulte

    russians get 380mm pen at tier 4 and most heaivly armored and armed atgm
    tank. typical gajin

  30. the yak-30 isn’t staying at 6.7 is it? cuz ya know… over 1000 kph

  31. wasd keys to guide missle on german tank

  32. German Tier 4s and 5s has never been useless that much. RIP my efforts.

  33. The rocket for this tank can be fired only if your at a stand still.
    Guidance won’t lock on if moving…..Sorry Dude………

  34. Oh my god they finally added the LVT into the game! I think I’m actually
    going to cry.

    My grandfather was a radio operator in an LVT(A)-4 in the Pacific during
    the war. Served in D Company, 708th Amphibian Tank Battalion. His tank was
    the updated/upgraded version of the (A)-1. Fought in Saipan and Tinian, and
    possibly Okinawa. On Saipan, he landed at Yellow Beach 1 with the first
    assault wave on D-Day, supporting the 1st Battalion, 25th Marines. He was
    almost killed later that day by a Japanese suicide bomber. The amtankers
    and amtrac crews don’t get the credit they deserve. They often forgotten.
    I’m proud this tank is in the game, and every single time I roll it out
    (which will be VERY often) I will think of my grandfather. For once, I can
    finally say: Thank you, Gaijin!!!!

  35. Y’all dumbass motherfuckers need to fuck off, these BR’s are place holders.
    They will change.

  36. Great only 1 british researchable thats some shitty bomber awesome

  37. The Raktenjagdpanzer uses W.A.S.D to guide a second after the missile is
    fired +BaronVonGamez 

  38. yak 30 6.7 BR what the fuck???? it has a lower BR than the me262 how is
    that possible???

  39. Thepowerfulkiller

    Why u did not do the preview of the IT-1,then after that u said there’s no
    reason not to show off the Asi-57.

  40. Hey Baron, can you test this out. Use the german missile tank, try to guide
    the missiles whilst in commander view. If this is possible it means it’s
    possible to fire from behind cover where the tank can’t be seen but you can
    guide the missile in commander view.
    This is something I’ve been wondering about regarding the missiles.

    I also believe all missiles are turret guided in Arcade and the real way in

  41. Fin Stabilised HEAT at 6.7…..B29 with superior defensive firepower but
    the same BR…. Well they are Russian I guess…

  42. damn, no shilka, no t62

  43. Servando Santana

    WHAT THE SHIT???? Yak 30 at 6.7??!!!!!!

  44. NEW CHALLANGE!!!.. kill yourself with a german guided rocket.

    edit: in sim after the update drops

  45. First generation of atgm (ss 11 ) in RB controling by W A S D buttons

  46. I want T29!!! I need that shit in my life. One of my favorite tanks in WoT,
    I NEED IT.

    Side note, the TU-4 needs to be rank 5 BR 7.3. Gaijin keep trying to get
    away from the stigma of Russian bias, then they make a B-29 copy with
    better armament and better payloads, and put it at the same BR. Seriously
    Gaijin, it cannot be the same BR as the B29. That is some bomber breaking
    shit right there.

  47. These Devs move fast and hard… nearly impossible to know when they will
    drop their next patch…

  48. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    I still want the Skua.

  49. What the hell has happened to war thunder….

  50. nothing to japan.. and when they do add is pure shit

  51. Tristen Toulouse

    My favorite vehicle of 1.59 is the Halifax I was waiting a long time for it

  52. SgtPineapple1st

    apparently Japan got a few new planes including the Ki-61-2.

  53. OMG idk if anybody saw, but the missile from Sheridan starts to follow the
    crosshair center as soon as it’s fired, and the recoil from the firing
    means that your crosshair will be rocking up and down and for the first few
    hundred meters you literally will not be able to control the missile
    vertically. Hope they somehow fix this (if they didn’t implement this for
    balance reasons XD)

  54. Joey Lax (joeylax54)

    Missles may have a range before they stop tracking maybe…?

  55. apertureemployee215

    Aw man. I could never get the hand of missiles in armored warfare either

  56. You MIGHT have missed one. For a brief instant during the 1.59 trailer
    that’s just been released, I could’ve sworn I caught a glimpse of a new
    Ki-61. Not quite what I was hoping Japan would get (I’d really like to see
    the D4Y added myself), but better than nothing.

  57. Lampart Lampart

    why you dont show stuerer emil? you show only shits…

  58. GreenKillingMachine


  59. Andrew Wagenknecht

    Sign me up for a T29, bruh. Lol

  60. Baron you forgot to preview the IS-3 it was remodeled

  61. wait if you grind for the M5a1 in the Dev server and acquire it, will it
    transfer to the normal server and have it when the update officially

  62. Youve gotta be fuckin kidding me Gaijin. Wtf is a Horten or any other
    German 7.0 jet gonna do against a Yak 30 at 6.7? How unfair is that gonna
    be for Prop pilots? Its bad enough fighting P-80s and F-84s with tier IV
    German Props.

  63. I dont get why a RUSSIAN b29 has the same BR as an american one when it has
    10 23mm cannons. Typical russian bias. This is bullshit Gaijin.

  64. why does the sturer emil have a machine gunner if it has no machine guns?

  65. I think the ki-61-II is new

  66. Baron the Super Pershing isn’t a new tank… Come on.

  67. Think the name of the ATGM is pronounced shə-ˈlā-lē as in the Irish
    cudgel of the same name.

    Love the Sheridan (T49) in WOT best use it as a drive by killer but those
    missiles should be interesting.

  68. now the Russian team is gonna be shiz, gonna be aids, thought the American
    bomber us aids, well, wait for 1. 59?

  69. Baron is 1.59 only on the dev server right now or has it been released on
    the regular game

  70. the T29 doesnt have two coax .30’s. They are coax .50’s. so that is THREE

  71. Hyacinth “Spixy” 12

    And he forgot to show half of the German vehicles great

  72. u missed that many vehicles

  73. The True Gamerz Dynamite

    nothing but premiums the he-219 should not be premium or I at least hope
    they add a non-premium version

  74. Playin' COD w/ Assad

    The Raketen Jagdpanzer has to guide its missiles using the movement keys in
    RB and SB

  75. gaijin downtier the meteor mk3?

  76. I like the XM551 Sheridan more, I mean like because of the namr

  77. The T-40 had a DSHK for its main armament. Too low for reserve. Although,
    there was a BM-8 version of it, amphibious rocket hype!

  78. Why did he go over the super pershing? Did they remodel it or something?

  79. IS3 also got remodeled. Taller turret, which means its much easier to OHK
    from the side.


  81. Japan says: notice me, Gaijin senpai!!!
    Gaijin says nothing.

  82. But Some Are More Equal Than Others

    These battle ratings better be placeholders…

  83. Not excited at all, the sheridan couldn’t fire missiles. they tried it and
    it didnt work.
    The lvt is going to be practically useless.
    i feel its a bit of a redundant update. they aren’t really fixing or adding
    much to the game. just a bit bummed :/

  84. Also Baron, ive got a corsair mouse that was pretty damn cheap and it has a
    sensitiviy adjuster on the mouse so you can do it instantly. sensitivity is
    represented as different colours change it on the phly heh

  85. That Tu 4 made me shit a brick when I heard it get announced.

  86. All these new ATGM’s are making my Maus worried.

  87. they should make the smoke grenade system operational, it would make sense
    instead of uselessly modeling them

  88. Baron do you have a secondary account? Some guy on War Thunder was saying
    it was you on a secondary account

  89. How do I get access to the DEV server

  90. Ugh Tu-4 seems like the best vehicle of this patch. Unlike the yak-30, this
    thing will mostly fight props on alternate history maps.

  91. does the dev give you gold to spend like wot

  92. If the Russians get the Tu-4, the Americans need the B-36 and B-47. I think
    the game should reflect the differences in each air force. Furthermore, the
    addition of the F11F Tiger, A-4 Skyhawk and perhaps F-100 and F-102 would
    be welcome. No guided missiles would be allowed though.

  93. You really got to look at tech trees better…..

  94. you are the biggest dickhead on youtube, hype the he219 and you dont fly
    it. un-subscribe right there.
    AND you didnt test drive the asu tanks. fuckign kill yourself.

  95. Kinda wanted to see the m48a1 in action

  96. “Repair crew members”
    I think you mean revive, Baron…

  97. Wi

  98. It’s so cringy to watch these videos. Most youtubers who play war thunder
    are quite bad at it.

  99. World of warships gameplay

  100. Conqueror mk 2 baron :)

  101. im on the fucking dev server and i cant get any golden eagles wtf how do i
    get them???

  102. William Kellahan

    the ATGMs have limited “guiding” range Baron

  103. really you dont get unlimited gold on the dev server??? what the fuck is
    the point of it thats retarded

  104. Nothing for Japan makes me a little sad, but cool patch nonetheless :)

  105. So the brits don’t get an ATGM tank unless you pay for it. And the germans
    have to use the keyboard to guide their missiles while the other nations
    just point and click…. We get it Gaijin, a german soldier fucked your
    mommy and forgot to pay her for her services afterwards and you’re bitter
    about it…

  106. call it tank handling

  107. hi lol (Flexis3)

    I’d like to know the schedule for the 1.59 dev server. Anyone?

  108. Myrgyd Williams

    Baron , why didn’t you try the b-18 Bolo ?


  110. T26E1 came out in 1.57 are you kidding me baron????

  111. How much money will the british atgm bundle be?

  112. Where or how can I get on the Dev server? I’m itching to try the jagpanzer
    with rockets!

  113. baron how the heck do you have all of these golden eagles?

  114. jhayvher serrano

    baron u suck playing warthunder!!! phly is better

  115. askjdhagyouqgw askjdhagyouqgw

    are you showcasing the super pershing?? YOU really ARE baronVONRetard …

  116. Jakub Małek (kubuza)

    how he get GE on dev server

  117. Jouko Pentikäinen

    The first atgms were not perfect blame history for bad missiles.

  118. Nestoras Zogopoulos

    so in the end they did make a good job cz we were all like oh sh*t rip war
    thunder but they made everything very balanced

  119. Bias Promotions

    Its sooo painfull to watch baron sometimes…. at the beginning of the vid
    he sounded like the m26 super pershing was a new tank in 1.59 =_=. But he
    is the only one that posts this type of videos

  120. @Baron, are you dumb?

    Ki-61-II and N1K1-J are new planes for Japan

    N1K2’s 3D model changed

  121. No New tier 5 SPAAs….. Well rip. Seems like i’m still gone get raped by
    planes in Tank RB.

  122. Why baron and play doesn’t play together anymore?and also i like your vids

  123. The Fighter Royal

    WHAT!!!!! TU-4 max speed is 641km/h

  124. Really wish the M48 Patton did not have the Cupola. (I guess Russians need
    it to one shot with a round going straight threw it and then taking an
    immediate 90 degree turn straight down into my turret, cause you know.

  125. OMG you rly are the most clueless Youtuber of the BIG War Thunder Ones.
    Sometimes it seems you rly dont know that game at all.
    A Russian Jet with almost 1100kph Top Speed at BR 6.7 would be no reason to
    be worried. RLY?
    Japan doesnt get anything? How about you read a bit News and Dev Blog.
    Maybe they arent all included yet but you didnt even rly looked.

    But overall this Patch sucks Bonkas. From what i did count most content is
    Premium only and also most interesting ones of them are only sold as a
    Bundle so you cant buy them with earned Golden Eagles at all. This Totally
    So we get Premium Fire as the next Patch again. I bet one of the new
    Japanese most likely the New N1K Version will be Premium as well as it has
    some interesting Weapon Setup.
    And while the german and american ATGMs Vehicles are Paper ones sure as
    hell the Russians gets one that will be even harder to kill than a T54.^^

    Also Gaijin Heavily Nerfed the Gunners. Did they do that because they will
    add the TU-4 or what?

  126. Why the hell ther german get this bullsh** WASD contoll and Murica and the
    russian get mouse controlled? wtf is this shit? -.-

  127. hey do you get free eagles in DEV server?

  128. Tyler McLachlan

    Where’s the SPAAGs?

  129. So Japan gets basically nothing but model updates and Britain get four
    things, three of which are premium/bundle. It’s like they don’t care about
    the game anymore. I was against the atgm idea from the start and now I
    think it’s stupid that all nations with tanks get to research them except
    the British who have to buy theirs, and it’s not like the British tree is
    packed full of tanks and there wasn’t a place to put it. Now the br is
    messed up even more. British and Japan players are just going to start
    leaving along with others stuck in bad br

  130. the rockets on the german atgm are guidable but with your arrow keys. there
    are two generations of atgm’s this was explained in one of the devblogs i

  131. Japan has new stuff too actually

  132. ATGMs vs planes

  133. The Rockets pierce the angled turret Armor of the Maus without problems,
    yes Gaijin its balanced :D

  134. to guide the missle in the rektenpanzer use ARROW keys i literally screamed
    to my screen LOL

  135. Baron, You are on top, I learned 99% of my tank skills from You.

    The Explosive shell is a rare thing I use, but its extremely over the top
    perfect for blowing out tracks or going against AA vehicles which fully
    nullifies the OP they now currently have.

    Remembering to change ammo is a whole different story.

  136. U forgot to test the Sturer Emil BaronVonGamez…..

  137. FireWarrior2013

    ‘Russian Bias!’ definitely exists, but recently I came across a balancing
    factor… repair cost, late tier IV’s cost nearly 11-15ksl to repair.
    Meaning that the people who use them have to be decent at the game to avoid
    HUGE losses. Still, it’s not an excuse for it in the first place. :)

  138. FireWarrior2013


  139. Sir Stefan Channel!

    The Raketenjagdpanzer 2 is KEYBOARD guided missiles only.
    In RB and SB, in arcade it’s mouse guided.
    Which makes it utterly fucking useless. Keyboard controls for a missile
    means FULL LEFT, FULL RIGHT, FULL UP, FULL UP only. There is no smoothness
    to it at all.
    Think about it like playing a driving game, which is objectively better. A
    controller, or keyboard?
    It’s at 7.3 with barely any armour + slow reload + hard aim controls.
    Already over tiered. It’s beyond a joke now how Gaijin treats other nations
    compared to Russia.

  140. imagine pt76s and the LVT’s against pby’s and h6k and h8ks on the new map

  141. DarkSideSixOfficial

    if it only uses tracks to swim, yes, it will be that slow.

  142. GreatMindsofEarth

    How do I get on the dev server?

  143. Piggiesthatbegaming

    Baron the German ATGM are guided with the Arrow keys unless you settings
    are different and the ATGM tracks your mouse for the first few seconds of

  144. Man stop blaming ”Over-sensitive mouse” it’s like 1 button to reduce

  145. if you weren’t aware, it’s pronounced shi-lay-lee or shu-lay-lee

  146. Do you think the ASU-85 HEATFS shells are OP for its tier, because if its
    gonna be tier 4, holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiit it would be DANK

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