War Thunder 1.59 LVT A-1, Centurion w/ ATGMS, NEW MAP (War Thunder)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. first again

  2. Logan Laviolette

    this looks wicked

  3. Honestly I think I’m the most hyped for the LVT a-1 reserve tier amphibious
    tank. What vehicle is everyone most interested in, what’s your favorite for
    War Thunder 1.59?

  4. Doğancan Doğan

    Baron pls play dicker max :))) ??

  5. Niccolo de Luna

    360p atgm best atgm XD

  6. Man your hyped for WW2 ATGM tanks

  7. finally the lvt

  8. the lackluster content is edging my finger over that unsub button for
    nearly a week now.

  9. damn baron i really cant be first lol

  10. Bastiaan Leenheer

    LVTs at Normandy!

  11. Strv 81 *nerdgasm*

  12. will the lvt be amphibious right away or will that be in a later update.

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