WAR THUNDER 1.59 – MISSILE TANK M551 SHERIDAN (War Thunder 1.59 Gameplay)

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WAR THUNDER 1.59 – MISSILE TANK M551 SHERIDAN (War Thunder 1.59 Gameplay)

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  2. First!

  3. Wow I’m ealy

  4. epic video m8! keep up the epic work!

  5. suuh dude

  6. Hey phly can you take out the asu-85, i wanna see it in action

  7. Somebody needs to metion what he Said in the intro…….

  8. awww… almost made it to first…

  9. Pandemic Eclipse

    Play da b18 please phly

  10. Next stream Phly?

  11. guys? its ok…. shed happens.

  12. Keemsama Bin Star

    Notification army?

  13. Love your vids Phly ! <3

  14. Jiří Václavek

    Shot plane down with missile


  16. Never Locked Out

    For no damn reason at all this will be the top comment!!!

  17. Jaroslav Ksandr

    Plz Plhy do a video where you try to destroy your ownt tank with your
    missiles. :D

  18. Phly out the tu4 and the IT1 show them the power of stalinium

  19. I like the Idea of ATGM’s, they require a lot of skill to hit from range
    and have a good a mount of damage. Imagine these against aircraft.

  20. i can’t I download 1.59?

  21. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    Oh shit guys, Armoured Warfare has missiles! We need to add as many fucking
    missiles to our game as fast as possible! Don’t worry about actually
    implementing them in a fair or balanced way, just stick them in every

  22. IT-1 next, please.

  23. How do i get dev server access?

  24. the chat at 2:22 omfg

  25. pierce maschino

    poodster is another youtuber

  26. Shoot your rocket at an airfield and kill a plane landing or taking off

  27. How much will the Westland Wyvern Package be?

  28. The 50 on top is not for anti air. I think it’s supposed to have the same
    velocity as the heat rounds. So a quick burst with the 50 should show you
    where to aim.

  29. plaese do one of atgm vrs planes

  30. This game died a long time ago

  31. phly use atgms and lob some shots with the s 1e

  32. When did the m551 come out in real life?

  33. Aaron Benavides

    you should do another virutal gaming video with a any new tank

  34. I want to see the M48 Patton <3

  35. When will the Dev Server be up again?

  36. can you do the A.43 Black Prince

  37. Kills T10 in one hit, cant kill LVT in three Kappa

  38. Sheridan vs planes!!!

  39. So med kit turns your black crew memeber to an asian one? XD

    if you find it offensive then idk what to say …ps. im asian so since im a
    minority (at least on the internet thanks to the great firewall of china) i
    guess im allowed to be like this :PP

  40. love me phly :(

  41. Love your videos. Thumbs up!

  42. HAHA,c esfddff

  43. Did you take out the Wyvern in to a battle? if so that next please!

  44. More vids today? great video btw. just wish the games were full of real

  45. this looks like armoured warfare


  47. ASU-85

  48. GUYS I HAVE A AMAZING IDEA!! when update 1.59 comes out do a custom battle
    on the d day map on domination have the new American amphibious tank land
    on d day map and have tiger defending it. LIKE SO PHLY WILL SEE!!

  49. I vote t29

  50. 17:25 both ManyMilesAway and MikeGoesBoom in the killfeed

  51. How connect to the dev server????????? :)

  52. Do the ASU85. 3rd try

  53. Tu 4 out next

  54. How about the T29? The American heavy tank behemoth.

  55. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    play with halifax

  56. doesn’t look very reliable. Missiles look like a waste of SL.

  57. Peace Army (리안)

    m48 next :)

  58. Did anyone else notice Baron being in the same match?

  59. He 219 A-7 next pleaaaasseee :D

  60. R3load3Z Gameplays y random moments

    8:08 mother of russian bias. Xaxaxa))) !

  61. IL-4 plz, with 4x3000kg

  62. baronvongamez in cromwell rp-3 at 2:27 lol

  63. plz do video on patton 3 :)

  64. How do you play on the dev server?

  65. When does the patch come out?

  66. Ryuji x taiga for life

    ToraDora knows what’s up

  67. TRY OUT YAK 30 PLS

  68. Hey phly I’ve just started playing war thunder and always get killed head
    on in tanks, I’m just wondering when to angle my armor and how to bounce

  69. So i have the dev server downloaded but I have no idea when it is up?
    anywhere i can find out? Also it says my account has not been activated for
    the game but i assume its because the server is down(i have been told that
    is why)! Thanks in advance!


  71. LaGG-3-23 (with missles) & Zis-30!!!

  72. It1 dragon

  73. julian iglesias

    I hope they add the m60a2 starship, Best of the Patton and Sheridan

  74. Phly you can’t launch atgm so close to target in the 551, huge recoil rocks
    the turret back and forth, sight dips down and your missile eats the dirt

  75. Yo mikegoesboom was there :D

  76. Takumi Fujiwara


  77. Penetration for Dummies: Written & Co-authored by Phly “Normis” Daily

  78. Did that is2 have mesh extra armor?

  79. Do you always have access to the dev server or just when its up for the


  81. m48

  82. hey there was mikegoesboom on tis video nice :D

  83. did anyone else forget this is a war thunder video?

  84. Wait now are there three amphibious tanksツ

  85. How does it have 572 hp? Its only supposed to have 300.

  86. Ur crew wasnt knocked out…. 2 of them were red…

  87. Christian Shemak

    Playing glass-cannon simulator again, eh?

  88. Westland Wyvern and swedish Centurion with ATGMs c’mon guys!!!

  89. From what I have read, the ATGMs on the Sheridan are not very reliable
    majority of the time. So I’d assume the Sheridan in War Thunder currently
    has similar problems like that of the earlier Sheridan model.

  90. Time to activate hax

  91. great idea for a custom battle: ATGM’s Vs. Bombers ?

  92. please phly: press ‘get reward’ it makes me so mad when I see it unclicked

  93. Harmach Zakaria

    i didnt get update wtf i use pc

  94. So pissed they added the shitty name tags to RB… Might as well just play
    Arcade now – what’s even the point having an RB mode anymore when there’s

    They could at least add sim battles in again to account for it.

  95. Sharpclawasaurus

    This tank is always gonna remind me of Mrs. Bucket in Keeping Up

    *”OOOOOOOH! It’s Sheridan! RICHARD! Sheridan is on the phone, dear!”*

  96. look at the RP and lion gain on the dev server, damn.

  97. does anyone else hope the M1 Abrams (with 105mm) get added to the game in
    the future with the green paint job?

  98. Hey phly I have a challenge for you, with the maus try get killed by enemy
    ai good luck!

  99. Someone knows if they releazed any info on when it will be out?

  100. this shit is just as bad as I was worried about

  101. What happen to crossout

  102. That mutual kill at the end was gorgeous

  103. M48A1 PLZ

  104. M-48A1 plz

  105. So what’s the story w/ the intro song?

    When did it become a thing, and when is he gonna change it haha?

  106. racistkiller :3

    lol baron is in the same game

  107. cant wait for the strv 81 to be used like aa missiles

  108. Take out the M48 Patton

  109. Brother Ptolemaios

    Ground to Air missiles, ATGM tanks vs Bombers custom battle, gib plz phly

  110. Do you think gaijin will keep making the tanks get more modern until call
    of duty time? #ripcod

  111. phly waht do you think if the swedish strv 103 was added like a premium and
    it could actually teraform the map to make its own trenches.

  112. God this game is turning into infinite warfare Fml guided missile tank in a
    mostly ww2 game -_-

  113. phly sellllout

  114. Halifax bomber next! That thing has a better defensive armament than the
    Lancaster! Quad 50 cal turret ftw.

  115. How do you play on the dev servers?

  116. Pls play the tu-4 n ext.

  117. Reason why you ATGM have bad launch :

    -Its a gun launched ATGM

    -You don’t stabilise the gun

    -When your firing one your gun is still pointing the ground

    -If not hitting the ground the guidance tell it to pull a 90° turn up, then
    down, then up until it out of control

  118. Wait, isn’t Novorossiyk (yeah Ikr, don’t hate on me) in DCS as well?

  119. Any one else notice Baron in the video?

  120. Tags are in RB!?

  121. Greg roy (Nimrod)

    My sapper team used to ride on top of those in the 82nd Airborne.

  122. Lol m551 Sheridan fuel tanks protecting ammo 10/10


  124. I wonder if you could shoot ATGMs out of the air with other shells or

  125. Take out the mig 30

  126. am i the only one who saw ManyMilesAway pop up in the kill feed/battle

  127. m48a1 pls

  128. “Now these things only have about 434mm of penetration.. not the worst
    penetration but not the best” Are you shitting me? That is an insane value!

  129. I think how the atgm is bad at close range is because it fires from the gun
    at low velocity like a HEATFS and then the rocket activates – shoot high
    then aim low at close range

  130. did anyone else notice the is2 with mesh on the side of its turret

  131. The ATGM fires like a normal gun then the rocket activates at the back so
    aim high then move your mouse down at close ranges

  132. Will the Russian IT-1 be premium or can I finally use my leftover xp on

  133. Yellow health, the best kind of health after green.

  134. Dylan Grizzly Fischer

    Did they put a turret on the lvt?

  135. it’s not RackEten it’s Racketen

  136. DevilDog was in this game.

  137. 1.5.9 released?

  138. I’m kinda disappointed with how weak the ATGMs damage seems to be. I mean,
    I’m glad they aren’t OP, but it almost seems like they went to the other

  139. PublicTransportationBelgium

    Fuck this, fuck this game, fuck it all.
    I am out

  140. It’s so stupid how they removed last stand

  141. Gabriel Cabasquini

    Do you think the bomb/missile view would work for the ATGs?

  142. NikolaiSlapabitch

    Am I the only one that noticed the extra armor on the sides of the IS2
    heavy tank?

  143. okay, ATGMS aren’t as bad for game play than I thought they would be.

  144. Good thing it is not a heat seeking missile tank or anyone with a jet is
    screwed on this match.

  145. Mikhail Sumimoto

    порт Новороссийск. No-vo-ross-iysk. I live in this city m8

  146. how do you get those tanks?

  147. I think this Missile tank is a lot better than the german

  148. Wait… Is it me or the Sheridan is only BR 7.0 ?… R.I.P 6.0 Tiger E and
    Panther A…

  149. Phly what’s up with you and Baron?? He was right there and you didn’t
    acknowledge him whatsoever. And you never play with him or stream with him
    anymore. You guys not cool after the move?

  150. When is your Tu-4 video coming out? I want to see your POV of getting shot
    at by DevilDog.

  151. Float tank

  152. ATGMS don’t look op at all. that is really good.

  153. now all we need is the star ship:)

  154. atgm seems to follow where you barrel is aimed not where your sight is.
    When the barrel is lining up.

  155. Could you play the M-29 monster? Or is it the M-39? XD

  156. phly u little bastard i have a challenge for u just a suggestion take the
    m551 out with one missile and one heat round and go back to cap to get ammo
    and if u want to add to it u can take out a plane and drop all bombs but
    one if u accept it gl

  157. Weymouth Vlogs and gaming

    SAMs in war thunder confirmed

  158. M48A1 Please

  159. Hardcore-Time: Shoot at least 4 airplanes down with only the missiles from
    the M551 Sherdian

  160. Was the guy at 8:27 named clubpenguin 2002

  161. Gotta love how on the DEV servers, the AI are using high tier or no let me
    use these “pro” terms, high BR tanks (IS-2s, M26 Pershing) etc, THAT’S what
    I want to see in custom battles, when I can’t get a battle going and I want
    to start my own with a friend, I want to be shot at by AI equal to my BR
    not f’ing 1.0 light tanks, but nope they don’t care and sadly I’m pretty
    much the only one who wants this so its never going to happen, typical
    WT… I mean look at World of Warships, there’s an actual co-op in which
    the AI team mirrors your team, apparently that’s impossibly hard to ask

  162. Do ATGMs v. Bombers.


  164. What was on that IS2s turret?

  165. “Got a little bit of lag there…” You should try some Aussie Internet XD

  166. Anyone else notice Baron at 3:30 taking out the rocket Cromwell?

  167. A True American

    Play the m48a1. (I saw it in your lineup and i wanted you to play it so

  168. Joeseph Hunnicutt

    Phly pleas do a video in world of warships again!! 5.6 is out and a lot has
    changed !!!!!!!!!pleas

  169. It looks like the ATGM hit box is massive that is why it keeps hitting the
    ground. Just my take on it.

  170. I like the raktenjagdpanzer it’s so much better

  171. Phly at about 2:50 minutes you can see that baron is in that same battle

  172. PHLY! What would be your opinion be on having pve battles in warthunder,
    like that battle for the Reichstag event a few weeks ago?

  173. phly when i try to get on dev it says cant find win32.aces.exe.

  174. Wait is the dev server open to everyone?

  175. I think the reason you had trouble firing the atgm accurately a couple
    times is because the tank was still rocking after braking

  176. DID HE SAY 122MM SHELLS AT 7:44!!!

  177. Do the raketenjagdpanzer it is ze ruler of Ze Fatherland!

  178. If you kill a floating amphibious tank does it sink or just float until it

  179. T29 and m48a1

  180. 999is666upsidedown

    One thing that would be cool, that I thought about when you were shooting
    against that LVT in the water, is if the atgm had difficulty tracking
    objects in the water. One problem that fighter jets had during vietnam with
    tracking missiles in a similar fashion, was that when tracking an enemy
    when the ground or water was their back drop at an angle, due to the same
    reasons that for example, when it looks like you can see the sky reflecting
    on a road on a hot day. It was a similar effect. It almost looked like that
    on your second shot. But I’m gonna say that was just buggy in game. Still a
    cool thought though. There’s a lot of aspects of realism that would be

  181. Heyy new map.

  182. im glad i got to see the heatfs shell could do

  183. before you know it there will be M1 Abrams and F-22s

  184. not 122mm 152mm

  185. Please fly the tu4, gunship if you can please. Thank you.

  186. meanwhile, Panther G given 10 extra mm of front armor but -50% ammo rack
    resistance, and moved up to 7.3 to balance the game. BMD-4 and Ramka-99
    added to PT-76 line at 5.0 and 6.0 respectively. Radar guided Shilka and Su
    25 added at BR 7.0, and Su-37 series folder added to tier 5 BR 8.0. Su-47
    added as BR 7.0 premium. Tu 95 and B-52 added, with nuclear capable (tsar
    Bomba for Tu 95 special edition premium for dog tag owners). To balance it
    out, Wright Flyer captured version added to German tree at BR 9.0, but it’s
    fair because it gets a +10% top speed buff to its flight model, and it has
    an MP40 gun pod (two strapped to the bottom center of the wing, in one pod)
    as an armament option, plus a single M24 stick frag grenade as a bomb
    option. has a rear gunner with a Karabiner 98. Also, Pz II Luchs finally
    added at BR 8.0 as premium. A-10 warthog added to counter Su 25, and F-22
    (F-35 shitty premium too) to counter the Su 37 series.

  187. I’d wish they would up the dam rp rate with tank battles, the rp rate is so
    low it’s cancerous :<


  189. Scared to go on any BR higher than 5.3 now…

  190. Can you do the m4a3e2 jumbo Sherman?

  191. Yak 30, New russian Top Tier Jet….
    Never seen gameplay, on it

  192. Lt.gavin squadron 21

    could you use a rocket tank please I don’t care which one

  193. Mohd Mirza Iqmal

    Hey Phly did you notice DevilDoggamer? i saw Devils vid where he try to
    shoot you down with ATGM

  194. Hoped for your view of Devildogs attack :P

  195. Ducky McQuackins

    Novvorosysk kinda reminds me of Fallout.

  196. Rampid Panjandrum

    when is the update coming out?

  197. TheOPDiamond RO

    8:55 –> AD-2 Master of Russian Bias
    Komreds, Git redy to faight. Dis is gunna bi one hard job.

  198. i dont know how to get access to the DEV server.PLZ help me

  199. Do Sherman and b29 bomber plz u the best

  200. así 85

  201. Challenge for you Phly: Shoot an atgm into the air at max gun elevation and
    then guide it into the roof of a vehicle on the ground like a javelin

  202. i goona make this like a bush

  203. ColdSteel Gaming

    its funny because every time you say leo my dog looks at me because that us
    his name lel

  204. phly, please learn how to pronounce tanks, its getting worse and worse >.<

  205. Dr.Atmosphere Hide

    You have no lag. How? What do you use

  206. I wana See the Halifax

  207. u know mikegoesboom is a youtuber

  208. wow

  209. omg this fucker zygnar kiled you…..

  210. I didn’t know the TB3 had countermeasures

  211. How make high tier AI in a Custom Battle?

  212. Take out the Hs-123 dive bomber!

  213. Next Wyvern

  214. t49 hahhahhaa

  215. Fajar Daffa Aulia

    Phly you were actually in the same game with baron (at 2:50)

  216. This almost makes me want to play war thunder again, but alas, i know i
    will just end up hating it because i suck and this game is also unbalanced
    as shit.

  217. do a combo of the tiger II p and the ho22

  218. do the tiger II or tiger II p

  219. Take out the Jaguar 2 (the german Missile tank, even if they didnt
    implemented the rockets the right way

  220. make a video atgm vs planes

  221. How do you get on the dev server?

  222. Swedish Armed Forces:

    Centurion Mk 10 (Stridsvagn 102/104)
    The de Havilland DH 100 Vampire.

    Both of these vehicles were introduced to the Swedish Army in the
    Make sure to use that 105mm to full affect against the Communist Soviet
    Union’s tanks! And those x4 20mm Hispano-Suiza cannons to eliminate the
    Soviet jet aircraft!
    Please use the Swedish Air Force Roundel on both the Centurion (European
    camo and roundel on the Centurion) and the Vampire! hope you enjoy this
    combo!! love from Sweden! ;)

  223. Hy phly. ma by next up The Wyvern s4 different load outs.

  224. Can u do a video with poodster??

  225. This Tank is from 1966 this is shit

  226. now is the doom for stalinium and those heavy armored

  227. try fire and hit it like a javelin

  228. I know this might be a sensitive subject but how did you get a press
    account. Did the developers approach you or did you apply 4 1 If you don’t
    want to tell that’s fine

  229. Go Frag Yourself™

    atgm is broken because of the ping on dev server, thats why you have to
    stop and wait 1 sec before shooting. Upvote this so phly can see it

  230. how to use the binoculars?

  231. Caffined Uncle12

    phlydaily plz try the t29 heavy!!!!!!with whatever American plane you like
    the most at the t29s tier

  232. There seems to be new Add on Armor in the next update. Like for IS-2 1944

  233. Good videos, lame gay ass pounding music. You should be ashamed as a man
    playing that crap.

  234. please do the IT-1!

  235. The IS-2 gets added armour on the side of the turret? Did anyone else see

  236. why can’t I report your channel for making good content

  237. cupof “cupofacid” acid

    1.6 better contain battleships

    I swear if it doesn’t gaijin I’m going to fucking rip your tongue out of
    your Russian bias screaming mouth and shove it right up your ass.

  238. show us the m48 next

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