WAR THUNDER 1.59 – STURER EMIL- M551 SHERIDAN- TU-4 & MORE (War Thunder 1.59 HYPE)

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tank info -https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T-

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  1. hey phly r u gonna do the batman tumbler

  2. come on

  3. WarThunder: Days of Future Past

  4. So what are you most excited about?! For me it’s the Vulcan 20mm :)

  5. sooooooooooooooon™

  6. World Of Tanks Pro gameplay

    I hope the future is to split ps4 into there OWN SERVERS fuck sake had
    enough of pc planes doing swirls then sharp turning clicking once and
    swirling away and i die from it ffs

  7. Nigger faggot

  8. tim to draft the the m,41

  9. in the future “more German weaboos”

  10. DrVinyl Scratch

    I will be fully hyped when they announce out of beta ships and the full
    ship tech tree for every country and Japanese tanks.
    I want to duel Yamato and Bismarck without paying cash in wows

  11. TheMarineGamer IGGHQ

    “A nice enough developer” From Gaijin? Holyshit this, its a fucking miracle

  12. TheJackalPhantom

    war thunder can keep there shit no longer hyped after the disaster we got
    for a joke as 1.57 they can stick 1.59 right up there commie ass

  13. DaSpineLessFish

    The Japanese ATGM is just a Chi-ha with an MXY-7 Ōka strapped on top

  14. Hype

  15. clash royale dutch commentary

    nice video look me Chanel guys

  16. ZSU-23-4! <3

  17. m551? lets blow those germans to pieces! ;D

  18. Top Tier tanks i’ve never play, grind is ridic can’t be bothered :P

  19. Dmitri Patronov

    SHILKA !?!??!?!? OMG !!!!!!!

  20. Im 69 comment lol????

  21. Christopher Wolff

    Where is the British love?

  22. Kristian čolak-barać

    a Gepard!?????????yeeees

  23. all missile tanks premium probably… just like the rocket launchers…

  24. TheMarineGamer IGGHQ

    Fucking M19s are already annoying as they are to heavy tanks, now a

  25. Why has gajin put all those new tanks in i mean they are cool but its
    getting harder to play

  26. Of course they would include cannons on the Russian b29 but not the
    American one

  27. M1 Abrams HYPEEEE

  28. björn sjöblom

    Sweden is to op for the game:(

  29. is6 yay!!!!!

  30. now just left is 7

  31. what size gun did that german td gave


  33. IM GAY

  34. theyre adding m1 abrams

  35. ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhh

  36. I read somewhere that Russian clone of the B-29 was such an exact copy that
    it even had the word Boeing embossed on the pedals.

    (but don’t believe everything you read on the internet… or YouTube

  37. Karolis Lukosevicius

    Flakpanzer Gepard HYPE!!!!!!!

  38. Blackwater Lucas

    I want the Leo 2 A5/6/7 for the germans and the ratte :D

  39. Richard Wroblewski (Roboticwonderwaffle)

    “T-29 has been mentioned”
    WHAT!?!?! Ok. im playing warthunder again

  40. Jon Stepanenkov

    Can we have a patch fir just or mostly germany?

  41. Recoiless rifles would be amazing

  42. Karolis Lukosevicius

    Patch 2.12 2K22 Tunguska , T90 ….
    I man can hope XD .

  43. #giveBritainSomeLove

  44. 700mm ??!?!?! :0

  45. AND THE FRENCH !!!! : !!! French tree: they are planning on releasing full
    ground forces tree
    and air forces tree devblogs. It is Work In Progress!!! Of course when
    it will be ready (this year?);

  46. they better not be premium

  47. rip side armour

  48. how many tier 1 light tanks do you think a vulcan 20mm could kill in 60

  49. John Jeremiah Puño

    And then I think it’s time for the match making to make matches Nato forces
    (US, Brits, Germany) VS USSR.

  50. The Swedish 10638?? Never heard of and Google won’t help me.

  51. Opposite Catfish

    what about B-18 bolo?

  52. Getting close to a B29 is suicide, now with 23mm guns instead of 50 cals?
    I’m crying


  54. Really? You have to be joking right? How much more compression in the tiers
    do we need? Bring back the 10 tiers and more players will come because ww2
    vehicles won’t be fighting vehicles from the 60s and 70s!!! I might even
    stop playing war thunder if this happens and I love this game, I was super
    hyped about British tanks and getting my favourite tank and plane combo of
    ww2 but with even more compression how the hell can I play the firefly when
    it has to be fairly close range to kill tigers and panthers! Soon it will
    be fighting low br tier 5’s of now by the sounds of it!!!

  55. ШИЛКА!!!!! Shilka!!!!

  56. I cant believe that you have never seen the M50.

  57. gerald sullivan

    wean are they gunna bring out the battle ships

  58. The vulcan cannon is used on US warplanes

  59. this stuff sounds pretty modern. could sworn that they said they were gonna
    keep the stuff that they put in strictly pre-1960

  60. in wot its a T49 op as shiet

  61. It’s happening… Whether you like it or you don’t…Most people hate
    putting advanced vehicles in the game, but IMO I love it, can’t wait to hop
    in the M551 Sheridan w/ (hopefully coming soon) F9F 6, going to be soo

  62. This video was literally for me. My name is Emil.

  63. So hyped about the Tu 4 that it makes me want to start the Soviet tree even
    though I am close to getting the Hawker Hunter on my British tree D:

  64. omg the ontos!!!

  65. Why was there my screenshot (from screenshot contest) at 0:40? ^^


  67. Sebastian C.Guedes

    i can’t even get to top tier tanks cause of the grind, and now these things
    are coming soon… great

  68. They are really moving on from the secound world war arent they

  69. Japs? anyone?

  70. ATGM will be premium?

  71. Naaaaaaaarwwwww give us the is7! not the is6 dammit


  73. I wish they’d make bomber cockpits

  74. Next up A10 warthog with 30mm

  75. MiG 21….. F4 Phantom O.o

  76. fuck ISU-122, I have to research ZSU-57-2

  77. War Thunder: Infinite Warfare

  78. Someone on the forum said that the tier 5 open top TD might be the VTS-1,
    with the 105mm L7. Way beyond the timeline but possible

  79. Ardachoke Onenwalker

    I’m hyped af for all of this, just keep it nice and separate from ww2
    stuff. Super powerful stuff away from weaker stuff that can’t handle it.

  80. if u would read ur stream chat more on twitch u would have seen me sgstoops
    talkin bout the ontos. its my fav designed tank but its recoiless rifles
    and not proper tank cannon. small light and thin armored but fast

  81. Overrekt Asterisk *

    So basically..

    War thunder! Now with more modern! (cyka blyat russian accent yes yes)

  82. Guilherme Velhote

    I would want to see a custom battle of 16vs16 Vulcans or Shiikas

  83. xXFreeride DavidXx

    *”Stuart Emile”* 4:02

    -Phly 2016

  84. Андрей Ромашов

    Stop adding stuff. Please start fixing stuff you already have instead!

  85. And again:more new Russian vehicle than other nations(together?)

  86. Damien Spérone

    The gun on the Emil doesn’t have a nickname. Joules wise just means that
    this gun packs a punch in pure kinetic energy. And by the way, HYPE for the

  87. I hope that swedish tanks or aircraft´s will come i hope!


  89. no planes? :(

  90. I just want the V-Bombers…

  91. Alot of Russian stuff I see….
    Germans get the Leopard I
    Russians get the T-62.

  92. In the French community Q&A, the confirmed that it will have an independant
    French and Italian tech tree ! But they have no date for now !

  93. meh I be back when I don’t have to play 200 games to unlock a new tank or a

  94. The new SPAA’a sound great but are the in game versions gonna have radar
    guidance like the real things

  95. yay… more fucking aaa

  96. I would have much rather have seen the M60a2 Patton instead of the M551
    Sheridan. The M60a2 used the same 152 missile launcher as the Sheridan, but
    it was, of course on an M60 hull.

  97. Ohh, big Emil

  98. Christi_infinitul 01

    Tu-4 = R.I.P america

  99. Bobthefrog (Bobthefrog)

    the Sturer Emil is also called the big dick

  100. Sturer Emil HYPE!!!

    But most powerful gun in the game? Why? In real life the 128mm on Jagdtiger
    had more penetration but shot the same projectile.

  101. sturer emil most powerful gun in the game? the 12,8cm?… last time i
    checked the 12,8cm was not the most powerful in the game

  102. You don’t talk about french tt bouffeur de muffins.

  103. The N0o_b game r :3

    bruh make the m163 in cross out with the reaper gatling guns to fuel the
    hype train

  104. gaijin please add the M51

  105. I rekt your pleb ass when you were playing that M47 on Jungle.

  106. WTF? is Phly loosing subs? I could have sworn he had a lot lot more subs a
    while ago…. hmm weird….. :I

  107. T-62!!!!!!

  108. BOOO tu-4 BOOOOOO BOOO hisss booooo, that shit barley flew booo

  109. you should have asked for it to come out on andriod and ios

  110. no planes, no ships, only tanks.

    Thats cool but still

  111. the Sheridan only ever fired its missile once in anger and that was after
    1960. So….

  112. Sheridan! Play it noaw!!!!!!!! Pls Phly? I got a oreo for you if you do. :D

  113. mmm i just want the 262 hg series…. and see what happen when i fly vs
    60/70s jets

  114. fatmanbellyflopsyou

    i just want them to fix and maybe add some jets :(

  115. If the Emil is at T5, then there’s no point in playing it. That’s the realm
    of HEAT-FS, and a conventional AT piece will having nothing to do there.

  116. Well these new spaag will make custom battles almost unplayable, hell if
    the Falcon is in a custom battle it sucks, but what about the Vulcan!! or
    the Shilka!!

  117. War Thunder Needs to be like Battlefield !
    I mean War Thunder Needs to be a Shooter Game too

  118. That German flak is OP i Seen this in real xD

  119. The Vulcan only fires 6000rpm at its top end, it also can go down to
    2000rpm… so prepare for balance phly

  120. lol RIP FPS

  121. for a New challenge try to destroy a plane whit calling an arttilery fire

  122. RIP Warthunder

  123. RIP war thunder you will be missed

  124. TheRoyalgameing

    saw you playing the me-410 can you post it

  125. i want a fair matchmaker

  126. midget manmidge

    wait I thought the germans already had a gepard

  127. Kostya Naddubov


  128. motherfucker gaijin. making WT into armored warfare

  129. The game NEEDS the M48. The gap between the M47 and M60 is massive (not the
    gap like the M4A3E8 to the M26 Pershing had, I mean a gap in lineage.) and
    it has annoyed me to no end. I have always wanted the M48, and when they
    added the M60, it made me even more annoyed.

  130. TANK REQUEST!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Selbstfahrlafette V L/61 “Sturer Emil” 128mm With the 75mm duck ^.^
    Pleaseeeeeeeeee :p

  131. WatcherMovie008

    Remember when WT was about WWII and Korea era vehicles?

  132. Sturer emil should be a tier 4 not a tier 5 I don’t want to fight bloody
    t-10ms in that tank btw did anyone notice how phly didn’t talk about the
    gepard as much as the other spaa vehicles I mean he didn’t even say what
    the fire rate was #sturer emil tier 4

  133. CrimsoN Samurai

    ATGMs, 60s & 70s tanks, Vulcans, Recoilless 20mms, bombers, still no word
    about japanese ground forces :/

  134. joejoe thats my dogs name

    hey plhy can you play call of duty bo3 ZOMBIES by yourself to see how long
    you can survive on your own

  135. Quintin Baumeister

    Custom game eventually: Shilka/Gepard/Vulcan battle. Destroy computers

  136. OOOhhh, I’m sensing vulcan gun going to add on an aircraft ^_^

  137. Finally someone mentions the stuer Emil

  138. No M48 yet ?!

  139. Sturer Emil
    Main armament
    Rheinmetall 128 mm PaK 40 L/61

    Purer Horror!

  140. +PhlyDaily, Phly, are you playing heroes and generals still?

  141. I made a vow that if they add a Tu-4, I will adopt Russian favoring.
    MiG-17, ATGM thing, and Tu-4

  142. Sir Stefan Channel!

    If the Sturer Emil isn’t 6.7 or below I’m gonna go fucking mad.
    Paper thin armour, only 15 (FIFTEEN) shells for the gun. And I assume quite
    a long reload time.
    6.7 or RIOT!

  143. music PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!

  144. need the conway stage 2

  145. Minigun. really? this will shot against WWII planes. like wtf is epic but
    do a new tech tree please. I just can’t be hyped for that……and a shit
    ton of premium content too.

  146. War thunder : future warfare

  147. where is the japanese tank tree? plenty of tanks and paper prototypes or
    b35 b52

  148. WHAT! THE TU-4!!! dammit… so. im guessing it ill be at a lower br than
    the B-29. also irl, the engines arnt the same and it was worse. BUT! i bet
    it WILL be at a lower br, knowing gaijin and their oh-so-loved russians.

  149. I saw the new bombs on a P-47 wing, would it be on a P_47? also, why no

  150. I want my fucking Account frozen

  151. This game needs a tier 6, and maybe even 7

  152. I would love to see the tu 2 hedgehog system. wouldn’t be very effective in
    warthunder but would be spectacular

  153. i forgive you phly

  154. yeh google translate

  155. Elliott Grossman

    THIS BABE FOREVER!! (sees its not amphibious… cries in hole)

  156. just one word with the new usa a a a (tiger troll)

  157. OK,personal experience from an old fart… The M-551 is a POS but the 152mm
    Heat round is brutal,you get hit and your ass is out if they model it
    correctly. Armor is basically non existent,a 12.7mm with shoot it full of
    holes and any penetration will brew it up because of the caseless ammo
    design….deathtrap. Fast and noisy as hell. Same with the missile,a 152mm
    HEAT warhead that will penetrate from any angle.


  159. too all the people that say “Gaijin stop add more Vehicle and Fix the damn
    balance”… they are fixing it right now.. yes by add more vehicle in top
    tier so that they can reduce the br compression and separate the MM between
    WW2 tank/Early Postwar(1945-1950)/and cold war(1960-1970) tank

  160. Next thing you know gaijin is adding the b-36 peacemaker and f-4 phantoms

  161. Still waiting for the He177 a-5……

  162. oh nvm didnt watch longer into the video sorry lol.

  163. Alejandro Dueñas

    Mini gun in a tank? we could be seeing an AC130 some day? P:

  164. Greathorn - Music, Gaming & more!


  165. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    M551 sheridans, guided missiles, more modern stuff? Then add an at-at

  166. I’m sure there was mention in there about new Tech trees to be expected..
    is that so?

  167. Vestergaard 1906

    That’s a M113

  168. Darcey Lawrence

    Mikasa in 5.5 WOWS plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  169. Japanese tanks? D:

  170. after hearing about the tu4 I cried out of fear.

  171. the offensive walrus


  172. I remember when I used to be exited about major patched… now I’m just
    freaked out…

  173. Sturer Emil~ Stubborn Mule

  174. Comrade Khosikov

    so… they never gonna add ship to the game?

  175. TheWuerstchenwasser

    Fuck off the germans should get the leo 2, a6 and a7 so theyve got
    something much better to play with, dont boost the udssr tanks, give some
    good tanks to the germans and the usa… srsly, the leopard and almost
    every t5 us tank are paper thin without any protection, the russians have
    gotten their T 10m and 3 different t 54´s, now give something brutal to the
    other nations…fighting those russian tanks in a fucking maus, paper thin
    armored us tanks or the tiger 2 105 is just not fair.

  176. And here I am with my tiger 2 not close to T 5 and they add all this sick
    T5 tanks but now that I have T5 jets for Germany no new jets would be added

  177. Mattblaster14 E

    Phly, can you do a World of Warships vid. Plz? ?

  178. aries paddayuman

    FV215B (183),FV4005 And Sturmtiger Pls Warthunder Add These Three Death

  179. I hope they separate the new from the old. I get blown up enough but now
    missiles and gatlin guns? give me a break

  180. Hunter Gallaher

    they might as well add an f16 and m1a1 abrahams

  181. The gaming Crewe

    For tank request do a BM-8-24 and BB-1.

  182. we need more German medium and heavy high tier tanks

  183. dont be too happy for the sturer. historically, its is a good ass gun but
    its armor is really bad .

  184. We are getting later and later with the tanks, the dream of having the
    Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II, or Warthog ingame are getting
    closer and closer,

  185. Hey phly, can we get some British Jet Gameplay? Meaning the Hunter… Speed

  186. i have been very hyped for the sturer ever since ground forces came out

  187. Jonathan Hendrix

    i think that new bomb type would be fun

  188. Giampiero Serra

    Ridiculous. Instead of fixing the existing game-breaking issues with the
    game, they keep introducing new ways to brake it. Cuz Gaijin.


  190. Minigun SPAA compared to the Russian 7.7mm’s…. What happend War
    Thunder… I am excited though :D

  191. Add Japanese tanks.
    And for lols, add a bayonet underneath the barrel.

  192. a-10 still better

  193. inb4 all atgms are premiums

  194. bring the ships we want something else to keep us busy while we wait for
    tanks and planes

  195. imagine the u.s. anti aircraft 1v1 the Soviet anti aircraft it would be a
    sight to see

  196. Not sure how to feel about this video. Sure it’s great news that there will
    be more top tier tanks, so maybe the t54’s and IS’3s can go back to 8.0
    br….but to what extent will it be balanced. German Leo’s are awesome, but
    always get one shotted

  197. all these tanks…..i now have a reason to live

  198. The swingfire

  199. Anyone else think that German AA tank looks like the Russian AA tank in
    battlefield 4

  200. Tanks don’t sail, they ford.

  201. Yea I agree with separating ww2 veighcles and aircraft from cold war or
    Korean War. They should just create a new separate game for that

  202. Well time for Vietnam

  203. Shaun Grossnickle

    phly I want to talk to you on twitter but I m a noob

  204. Goddamn. Never thought I’d see the day. A minimum in war thunder….

  205. +PhlyDaily how long do think it’ll be until we start seeing modern tanks
    and Jets in this game (ie Vietnam +)?

  206. I hope they add some. Other way to use silver lions

  207. PsychoSubSandwich

    Does the Vulcan making its way into the game mean we’ll get some Vulcan
    armed jets soon?

  208. but is it enough to bring me back?

  209. War thunder should add the French tanks

  210. some examples of top tier tanks they could be adding and i would love to
    see are the centurion mk 10 variant the Shot Kal and the m60 variant the
    Sabra mbt. check them out the Sabra is basically an m60 turret with sloped
    armor in the form of ERA added to the hull and turret and was adopted by
    both turkey and israel and the Shot Kal is a centurion mk 10 with added
    armor on the hull i think specifically the lower glaseies

  211. got bored of the game..watch PlyDaily talk about war thunder..got ReHyped
    and now going to play again XD

  212. no one is addressing this so I guess I will. B-29 WITH 23mm’s? THAT BETTER
    BE A TIER 5, I’m not tryin to fight that shit in a BF-109 gimme my captured
    mig or some shit.

  213. what is this game anymore?

  214. I don’t mean to nag, but could you please get back to WoWS? Its been quite
    a while since you’ve uploaded any ship vids.

  215. Backyard Redneck V2

    that moment when you realise that a 1 second burst from a Shilka is all it
    took to take down a jet at full speed

  216. BlueRosse Gaming

    i think.. WT pushing for postwar..modernwar cuz omost all ww2 tanks are in
    game.and it wel be amazing in my opinion. sry for my rip eng.

  217. WHERE ARE JAPANESE TANKS! damn it Gaijin

  218. Phly please never try to say German vehicle names. You make it sound so

  219. Oh lawd the Gepard and Vulcan are coming in ?

  220. The 20mm 6000 rpm Vulcan was the American plane mounted weapon used before
    the 30mm avenger 3900 rpm that’s in use today

  221. Gusti Firza Afrizal

    For america AA just add M-247 sergeant york (45 mm of pure fredom)

  222. lars gortemaker

    Phly. can u play some more battlestations?

  223. Could u ask about au servers

  224. victor olofsson

    Phly i notice you’r a fan of swedish tanks/aircraft Are the Russian b29

  225. Hey man been watching you for some time now and just got a comment in to
    show the support keep up the great work

  226. this mean that aircraft vulcans can be added now?

  227. Radar guided anti air (ZSU-23 Shilka) will ruin the game.

  228. 6:27 we have this guns in ur military they have no recoil . if you stand
    30m behind of the gun you are dead

  229. Azka '02 McGamerson

    Who tf needs a minigun when German SPAA is more effective than a Tank

  230. can you use a Jet air plane Level 5 Please any and mamby the FASTEST

  231. I cannot wait for the Vulcan. Go American engineering!

  232. yes

  233. Did they mess with bomber gunners? Mine wont fire and when i try manual
    mode the plane automatic levels and i can’t control the plane in gunner

  234. jhayvher serrano

    warthunder is running out of tanks of WW2 and Korean war era tank thats why
    they are going put ships at the end

  235. jhayvher serrano

    next minute russian BS they add RT-2PM topol XDDD rekt everything

  236. Whats next? Abrams?? Mig-21?

  237. The B-29s that landed in Russia were returned…. after being completely
    taken apart, studied and copied by the Russians to make the Tu-4.

    They did that because the US Government wouldn’t sell/give them one as part
    of the Lend Lease program.

  238. hi you have a new both on world of warship can you make a vidéo with him
    it’s the molotov please

  239. t 29 hype

  240. 007-goldeneye-N64 James Bond

    8:40 LMFAO!!!!!! Russia you Stole our B29 and strapped your op ass 25mm on
    it…. gg Stalin gg.. ;)

  241. Sean Ortigosa Minecraft And More!

    and with the addition of the sturer emil
    im feeling of a 380mm tier5 rocket launch XD

  242. they should add the oka if they have the me 163

  243. haris becirovic

    So when will they be adding in yugoslavia mig 21’s ?

  244. do u still do requests on planes and tanks

  245. Hey Phly what are your system specs??

  246. Why on earth is Hans gettign the jagd2, that thing is in the Leo 2 era. The
    Raketenjagdpanzer 1 would make more sense, developed in the early 60s

  247. I’d always had a feeling that one day the IS-6 will added to war thunder.
    But I think the tank it self will
    Have much more poor gun depression then the Soviet heavies we have in game
    because when I saw the blueprints for this tank I saw that the gun won’t
    enough room to be lowered by the turrets design being not so tall.

  248. Yup, they are going to add the F-4… can’t wait for it…

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