WAR THUNDER 1.59 – STURER EMIL TANK GAMEPLAY (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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WAR THUNDER 1.59 – STURER EMIL TANK GAMEPLAY (War Thunder 1.59 Tank Gameplay)

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  1. brendan does games


  2. yellow

  3. Panzerführer Chavez


  4. so early

  5. Arduino Guy Projects and More!

    fourth!!! I <3 you Phly!! (no homo)

  6. no intro!!!! xd

  7. Its so sad that he’s always depressed :(

  8. hiiiii

  9. The new cute pluto


  10. Vincent Scheskat


  11. m 551 pls

  12. well hello there! phly, i have a question, what is your favorite/coolest
    ATGM tank from the Dev server (in your opinion)

  13. Phly,take out the Coelian and the Me262-A1

  14. Notice me senpai

  15. MEOW

  16. I know the queen of desert, Matilda II, is more depressed than both dicker
    and this thing at -20°

  17. planetet abblicuench

  18. This video was literally made for me. My name is Emil.

  19. Yeah finally! show them how powerful is that cannon!

  20. Joshestebal1 RBLX

    Second,No One called it,lol

  21. Z3Ki11erB4nana When_midgets_attack

    I heard if you post a comment early Phly will reply…

    anyways good video


  23. marco

  24. Or take out the Tu-4,show why Russian engineering is superior.

  25. phly! I’m still waiting for my combo video, where is it? nice vid btw

  26. wyvern plzturbo prop so sexy

  27. paybackpaycheck

    I can’t stand how depressing that tank is :..(

  28. faton159 haxihjaj

    Welcome to the Devserver 1.51

  29. Russian tanks crying in the corner

  30. can you tell how to get acses to the dev server phly

  31. Pandemic Eclipse

    Phly, could you take out the b18 next? Seems like an interesting plane

  32. RamenCantHaveDis

    no intro?

  33. Versuchskonstruktion 45 01 P

    6.7 br is stupid 6.0 or 6.3 fits it for 0.3+ br you get the much better
    armored jagdtiger

  34. Anyone else noticed the new icons? btw 69th like xdd

    Can Mr.Steve Reply to me?

  35. yeah put that cannon in those tanks

  36. Tristen Toulouse

    Halifax plz

  37. Please take out the strv

  38. the animatior,the thierioest and the fact teller

    Next time the KV-2 zis 6 or the asu-85

  39. My eyes want to see more Wyvern please Phly. And my ears want some more of
    that turboprop.

  40. airsoftlord 122

    yak 30

  41. how can i get a dev acc? or do i have to wait till public dev server?

  42. why is there a guy commenting “penis” on every single comment here. . gotta
    hate those retards. what a fucking idiot

  43. The guy chilling in the back is the best thing about the Emil.

  44. Dude in the back of tank just chilling

    *gets shot by kv2*

  45. new russian td

  46. Individual Situation

    Remember Phly, don’t use the word aimbot in a video dealing with war
    thunder because Stalin will censor you

  47. 0:05 “Dev server 1.51” :P

  48. Hey Phly in your next video take out the British sea venom and show them

  49. hey why the fuck are u using the bullets with less penetration

  50. Mister Noneofyabidness

    sturer means ignorant

  51. phlydailyfan yeah

    Omg Phly are u still online?

  52. Take the M48 pls

  53. 10:04 wtf?

  54. PHLY Mate comeone Your vidéos are SOO AWESOME MY EYES ARE HAPPY I LIOKE U
    VIDEO TOO MUCH thx agani for sturer emile 🙂 can u tell me if BR of T332 is
    set to 7.0 or it remains at 7.3?

  55. Theodore Walker

    he 219

  56. m448 patton

  57. Moped “the Troll” Tobias

    26k lions for one kill? how?????????

  58. Hey Phly, are you making a Wyvern gameplay ?

  59. Stalenuggets374 NL4L

    Did anyone else notice he says Stuart Emil?

  60. is it weird that im 9 and im interested in this game

  61. Doesn’t look too promising.
    M48 is going to be the only decent tank this patch I think…

  62. Dario SantaCruz

    Where are the 60fps vids phly?

  63. Honestly when it comes to the penetration of the gun, it’s not that bad.
    Look at what the 105 king tiger has to deal with at the stock shells when
    its a 7.0. I think the penetration is fine at 6.7, but it wouldn’t hurt to
    give us more penetration so we can pull it into higher tier matches.

  64. favreu fadel putra ramaditya

    Finally and can you gell me the history of sturer emil

  65. Justin sénéchal

    I already had the KTH when the nashorn came out, so I didnt bother
    switching to the nashorn tree. but now I kinda do

  66. the last shadow

    play new n1k

  67. I’m play War Thunder, and I really love using the tanks, but I use them in
    arcade mode. I would love to try Realistic Battles, but anytime I do so, I
    always get rekt by tankers that are far more experienced in RB than I am.
    Can anyone give me some tips on how to play in RB?

  68. hmmm
    it has 15 rounds of ammo
    what other game has 15 ?

  69. hey phly i got a dev sever but i dont understand when the sever it up, just
    wanted to know if you have a way of knowing when the sever is up or do you
    just trying joining until the sever is up?

  70. bigbagbommerman


  71. Is the Sturer Emil in your opinion worth researching?

  72. that gun is op

  73. Ruquick - WarThunder Content

    Yak-30 pls

  74. 2 real players??WTF is teh community dying?

  75. i atually like the medpack idea

  76. Raphael Shoshani

    M551 plz

  77. Good vid as always Phly. I’ve been thinking that with ATGM’s now, there
    should be a tier 6 to house the more advanced tanks since tier 5 is
    extremely hard to survive in until you have multiple tanks. Do you or
    anyone else have thoughts on this?

  78. Does anyone else notice the atm round go past Phly at 8:30 ? Its on the
    bottom of the screen.

  79. Aaron Benavides

    try the new tanks thats shoots atgm missles

  80. how can you play the dev server?

  81. this is the most badass, coolest tank ever imo

  82. I stand with Mr.Trumpenheimer

    Rocketpanzer thingy next!

  83. what are the x5 i see in then green icon…. Tell me the x2 are coming
    back… plsssssss!!

  84. look’s like the ammo inside the tank disappears when you use it no ? :D

  85. LVT A-1!!

  86. Use the new M48 phly

  87. Sergeant Steve Jason

    Hey Phly,can you a play with M48 next time?

  88. If the BR of this tank is 6.7, it’s toasted…..

  89. You weren’t lying Phly, I thought you would make this video like 2 weeks
    from yesterday’s video

  90. only 2 player wtf? I always have full game

  91. Devildemon101th

    a medikit ???

  92. Take out the new KV2 1940

  93. Chould Gaijin add BT-42?

  94. Do the ASU85 Next please or you go to gulag.

  95. TheMysteriousSwede

    Really looking forward to the new vehicles, both prem. and non prem. ! This
    is going to be one interesting patch! 😀 #SwedishCenturionHYPE

    Thanks for another awesome video, Phly! Stay awesome! 😀 <3

  96. When its the update?

  97. Voravich Deeanunlarp

    yak 30d please

  98. German KV2 and the new German premium plane!

  99. How can i get acces to the De-server?
    I already got it downloadet, but my Account isn’t able to enter it.
    Do you guys have some ideas?

  100. I wann See ze Halifax a dezent (hoprfully) british bomber

  101. +Phlydaily take out the Halifax 3 (quad .50 cals!)

  102. The Sturer Emil has 15 rounds and a negative 15 degree depression.
    15+15=30. If we take 30 apart, then it’s 3 and 0. The Illuminati triangle
    has 3 sides and one eye. Sturer Emil is Illuminati confirmed.

  103. The Sturer Emil it´s about to commit suicide because of that gun

  104. The Sturer Emil it´s about to commit suicide because of that gun

  105. wait 1.59 is out already?

  106. “He just shot me through trees and everything” …….. ahem….. we didn’t
    see anything Gaijin.

  107. imagine being the crew member in the back. Just the fear of that huge
    cannon breach smashing your face from the recoil of a shot. Or the super
    heated shell casing landing in your lap when it is ejected from the breach

  108. SgtJack BR (xXSgtJackXx)

    Make america great again combo: M4A3 (76) W HVSS SHERMAN and B-17
    Show those facist how america is great

  109. Are the daily rp multiplizierer back?

  110. The calibration for the gun would be a nightmare, even if the gun was
    locked down during travel

  111. Test drive the T29 if you can pls.

  112. NotEvenDeathCanSaveYouFromMe

    SHell goes right thru his head.. NEVERMIND ! We have a medkit !!!

  113. 9:30, the short game length could use a patch, make games last just a few
    minutes more perhaps

  114. x5 on the icons at the bottom? Are those back???

  115. Anyone else having issues in finding matches lately? I always have to wait
    at least 5min

  116. Bust out the Wyvern as a fighter.


  118. EpicSmileyMan64

    Apparently there’s a new HE 162 being added? thank god i just got mine
    because i woulda been nuclear if i had to grind yet another plane just to
    get my crap 162. But why the A-1? Why not a D class or one of the better
    ones, like FFS Gaijin…

  119. Boring gameplay, boring tank.

  120. The 128mm. I called it bonk of death. I want to see one of atgm in real
    action or asu85

  121. Andrew Wagenknecht

    T29 plez?

  122. Wait so basically medic kit resurects crew ? WTF gaijin .

    Peoples went crazy about only 1 crew fighting # LMS because it was
    unrealistic and gaijin responde to them fuck you we will kill even more
    realisme .

  123. Take out the M48A1 pleaseeeee

  124. im so confused, wheres patch 1.58?

  125. use the m48a1 and the t29

  126. Иосиф Steelin

    heheh, check the last video (about 1.59) of “ACES Omero”, there is the
    fight between you and him in the TU 4s

  127. Brandon Hernandez

    como puedo entrar al dev server?

  128. this thing was my favourite in WOT, i love it and i’m so glad its in the
    game now 🙂
    btw gotta love the wooden floor in it :p

  129. is this game still have active player and if so does anyone want to play
    with me. I have never played, but this game looks great!

  130. This tank is so depressing :p

  131. Phly, do the Westland wyvern next, take out torps forships and rockets for
    maps with no ships! Also random ass people sub to my YouTube channel, I’m
    gonna be uploading war thunder vids soon

  132. 15 shots? 15 kills xD

  133. OMG GUYS I HAVE A AMAZING IDEA! Phly you should do a custom battle the d
    day map on domination with the new American amphibious tank invading
    Normandy from the beaches and have tiger defending the beach. PLEASE LIKE

  134. negative depression is gun elevation Phly :)

  135. Take out Tu-4

  136. It was seal clubbing with dicker max, this is even better :o

  137. You should take out the m48

  138. 2 reasons not to buy the t28. this thing and asu-85

  139. ItzPikachu BRUH

    I love War Thunder

  140. Hey Phly how did you get like everything in this game?

  141. Guilherme Velhote

    Still no word on the top tier AAA?

  142. I like how the last guy is just chilling up there in the sturer emil

  143. Make a Video on the WestLand Wyvern s4!

  144. Do the raketenjagdpanzer next

  145. banba mahiru/shinya yuri is the best genre

    new name for the Sturer emil ”bathtub” of doom

  146. The South Will Rise Again

    IS-2 welcomes you

  147. Lukas Robitschko

    pls drive out the it 1

  148. Jack Haldopoulos

    hs 123 best plane of patch

  149. TheJackalPhantom

    Why is the pen lowerthen the jagdtiger? This is retarded

  150. DaSpineLessFish

    How does he have higher tier tank AI? When I start a custom i only get tier
    1 AI’s

  151. Second_Medic bf p4f

    How Do you get in that binocular view?

  152. Валера Крылач

    Someone, make map for WT with Gargantia fleet. PLS!

  153. Edger Van der Linden

    15:31 the name of the ai

  154. Hmmm.. Sturer Emil This name is for fun

  155. zombiepunisher100

    When is Crossout coming back?

  156. 300k!

  157. medpacks have to be the worst feature ever put into war thunder. How the
    hell do you revive a DEAD crewmember? who got hit by a fuckin tank shell?
    Thought this patch was going to be great, but im leaving the game as of
    this patch due to this. Just makes tanks harder and harder to kill. So now
    when you kill someones gunner, they cann magically be taped back together
    and be ready to fight again? Im donw with gaijin and their stupidity.

  158. Please do the m48 and the t29

  159. Anyone else see that PT-76 closing the lake at 13:04 ?

  160. A medkit that can heal your crew even if they have been blow up to parts

  161. Ludvig Juel Martens

    what if i dont wanna have great day huh?

  162. wtf in 16:18 how did u get so much rp

  163. I didn’t know where i saw it but i saw a guy testing out the atgm verhicles
    and i saw a lvt1 in his lineup, did i missed something? nobody exept baron
    mentioned it.

  164. trauma pack???

  165. Hello Phly, do you know why there is no P-51D-10 anymore? the prem one,
    please let us know.

  166. TK KönigsTiger

    pls call it emil and not sturer, because this would be correct grammarwise
    (same with dicker max) ^^’

  167. WhisperingDomination

    Play the Wyvern S.4!

  168. how do you get on the “dev server”?

  169. medpack???????????

  170. Robert “Creeperbrine” Brine

    How do you get the Dev version of Warthunder

  171. Geometry Dash Electroman

    This will be hardest challenge ever: kill plane with WASD Rockets!!! Phly
    will die if he try!!!

  172. creeperjelle 151

    220k RP is takes great it’s gone take forever :/ while the tank it’s self
    is amazing

  173. “Most depressing tank in war thunder”- phlydolly 2016 xD

  174. How can you get Dev Server, Phly?

  175. mohammad Sabbagh

    I have a challenge to drive hetzer tank and kill 5 tanks

  176. onewhosays goose

    Why do you call driving around with bots gameplay?!? Stop this bogus click
    bait icons and titles. I vow to dislike every one video of yours that click
    bait me until you stop being so greasy in viewership.

  177. M551 sherdian!

  178. B18 and 123 pls

  179. German kv2 and t34!

  180. Seamangifted Jr.

    i-t1 shot at u before u killed him

  181. Nicholas Pollizzi

    shit I didn’t get the new update

  182. not going to lie about 5 min ago I was joking about them adding this to war
    thunder 0-0 huh

  183. Take out yak-30 please!

  184. It’s the best feeling when you are playing a tank arcade as a SPAA and you
    are in a plane, but get killed by enemy fighter, but kill him with the spaa

  185. 08:30 Rofl that IT-1 shot

  186. why my game still on 1.57? o.O

  187. TheTunnelSnakes

    If ply gits 300000 subs u git 6900000 $

  188. Play the m3 lee!

  189. Wait a minute.

    Isn’t it that shooting the rocket on the RktJpz2 or IT-1 with your MG will
    make it explode? Like, why not? Or at least with the main cannon.

  190. is everybody able to get on the dev servers with the right launcher?

  191. Take out the StuG 3 and the BF-109 TOF!! PLEASE!!

  192. Filip “Der Pole” Böhme

    i know for a fact that the STURER EMIL used glycerin for recoil
    compensation not gas and still some times the tracks would brake from the
    force of the Canon.

  193. I took a pill in Tunisia to see if polydolly was cool,and when i finally
    got sober felt 10 years older but f%ck it was something to do!

  194. Charlie Bienert

    Does it have the same gun as the maus and jagdpanzer?

  195. How do you put AI tanks not on tier 1 but higher?? plz help :D


    When is the update coming?

  197. Connor Hoffrogge

    can you play the LVTA1?

  198. I have a Request for the next challenge video: play the Tu-4 in RB tank
    battles and try to win a almost lost game by bombing the enemie bases and

  199. Phly!!

  200. Sir Stefan Channel!

    The BR of this on the dev server is wrong. They confirmed on the dev stream
    where they first showed it off that it’s going to be 6.0

  201. Play the lvt 11 i think its called its the new amphibious tank

  202. I can’t wait for the day WarThunder finally puts a animation for the crew
    that shows them actually reloading the gun; for open topped tanks

  203. Kommandant Franz

    Russian players are such faggots, the only people who will bomb you in a
    Dev Server..

  204. New Soviet Deathstar next plz!

  205. 18K lions per kill confirmed

  206. Lampart Lampart

    Sounds if guns in that gamę totally suxks and this td are freefrag

  207. Medpack should heal dmged crew not the DEAD.

  208. Just looks like the marders father

  209. play the british ATGM tank pls

  210. Explosive combo It-1 Tu-4

  211. Those matches are over way, way too quickly.

  212. How does he get that much xp for 5 tank kills!? that is not premium

  213. Sturer Emil with 128mm vs Kv1 with 76mm gun, seems legit.

  214. Make bush tenk comrade, make tat tenk stronk with bush!

  215. So now you can resurrect a dead crew member? Really Gaijin? Necromancy?
    This gone too far.

  216. I always felt depressed while playing this tank….

  217. really would like to see what the kv2 zis 6 (the 107mm)

  218. the dicker max’s bigger brother :)

  219. GET REWARD!!!!!

  220. Daniel Gonzalez

    which is the key to the view of the commander?

  221. How much rp does it take to get

  222. Theodor Davidsen

    the russian death star

  223. Can you get the dev server?

  224. pff, these medkits man, not fun

  225. Wojszach Wojciech

    How much pen have He shell on it?

  226. how come no more world of warships vids

  227. m48a1 patton

  228. T29

  229. When Phly was shooting the Shermans at the A point in the last game is was
    a classic situation that was common in ww2.Shermans travel in a group of
    fiiive. one gets knocked out by a unknown guuun. it’s identified as a long
    range high velocity gun and the shermans charge at it and try to flank
    while the german gun pulls back at picks them off 1 by 1

  230. 6.7? Isn’t that way too high? 5.7 is better

  231. i wince when ever you say Sturer Emil

  232. med packs are the worst thing for War Thunder

    “oh you have 2lbs of shrapnel embedded in your chest here don’t worry use
    this medpack”
    If crew are dead they should stay dead

  233. Phly do u even have to grind for any new vehicles any more cos to me it
    seems that u keep getting stuff with GE.

  234. Med kits allow crew members to dis-dismember obliterated crew mates and
    recapitate that tank commander whose head was shot off during battle. Seems

  235. Nazi kv2 plz aka brainwashed kv2

  236. Panzer Optional

    Sturer + Phly = Stuart

  237. Andrew the signalman

    I just laughed to see how small it was..

  238. Vincent Ericsson

    Thanks again for Fantastic content phly! :D

  239. I like how the commander is just chilling there

  240. Su100Y vs Sturner Emil

  241. How about the T29 see if its good or bad

  242. phly i got a little challenge for a little bastard like u take any atgm, i
    recommend the m551 for this, take it out with just one missile, maybe two
    for an easier challenge, once u shoot u have to go back to cap and get a
    round. if u won’t to add to this challenge take out a bomber with the atom
    and drop all bombs but one gl

  243. Negative Depression = Elevation!

  244. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    Why didn’t Jagdtiger use this gun?


  246. Wenonah Solomon

    Damn. It’s so funny when englisch speaking People say German words. 😉 (sry
    for bad english, i am a german)

  247. Kyle L (Kylellrc)

    2:37 imagine that gun firing and taking off that guys head

  248. The mother of all muzzle breaks.

  249. I don't now I am not creative

    *Totally creative comment


  251. Nice keep it up

  252. “128mm is no match for an M3 Lee” isn’t it the other way around XD

  253. Phly is just slaughtering people, then the guy in the back is just chillin,
    probably sippin a beer too

  254. should gaijin working on the original 12.8 cm Sound ^^

  255. Phlydaily BIG CHALLENGE in a mod wen A has to be defended and B capture,
    TRY to land a ju 87 on the b point and capture it good luck phly! If this
    isnt possible the nvm :p

  256. ooh, Phly accused the bots of having aimbot!! Gaijin are gonna strike the
    vid now!!! #RipPhly

  257. 5:47 it was a moment that phly knew…..He fucked up ;3

  258. Yak 30
    Never seen gameplay on it.

  259. Is it just me that thinks they should add in animations for tanks like
    these were you can see the gun recoil and the shell eject and then your
    loader putting a new she’ll in I think that’d be pretty good

  260. how do you use the med pack phly????

  261. I really dislike the health pack. I wish it healed an already wounded crew
    member (green, yellow or red-ish) rather than an already “dead” one. Seems
    kind of gimmicky. Obviously WT isn’t a simulator but I thought it was cool
    that when your crew died you couldn’t just patch up the gaping holes in
    their bodies.

  262. How can you play on a server if the update haven’t come out yet?

  263. Do the t29 and f82 COMBINED ARMS

  264. Daffa Arsya Putra

    Is that archer?

  265. Fly the Wyvern im really considering buying it its really unique!

  266. Isn’t negative depression in fact ascension?

  267. ive been callin the sturer emil stuart emil lol

  268. InevitableD34th

    Phly, you said patch 1.51 in the beginning. Go home, you’re drunk.

  269. Does anyone think War Thunder should have crew animations (hit, reload,
    repair) for open tanks?

  270. You like the sound of it’s 120mm? Here’s another tank with the same gun
    sound! The Tiger H1! (Or any other tiger 1, but this is my tank request)

  271. Dritte Reich Kommandant

    Hey Phly can u plz do more crossout?

  272. “128mm is no match for M3 Lee” said it backwards smart one.

  273. Why the heck do they have the loader sticking his head (and arms, and
    torso) so far out of the tank? He’s so damn casual about being in the
    middle of a war zone. >_< They do that with the Marder, too

  274. “Most depressing big gun.” Why is it depressing? Is it terrible? Is it just

  275. Ki-61-2

  276. rp of the emil?

  277. You con call every Tank a “she” but please not a Sturer Emil, that just
    sounds so transgender :S

  278. 1.51…. cmon phly

  279. Trauma kit revives a single crew person, given that the game technically
    never says that any member had been “killed” , just incapacitated to the
    point that they can no longer do their job. in this instance I quite like
    the idea of reviving an incapacitated crew member. gives players another
    field mechanic to make use of in the heat of combat

  280. xXx_ElChurcaMusic_xXx COD PRO PLAYER

    tu 4

  281. Muhamad Harith Akmal Abu Bakar

    Best armor worst gun: IS-3
    Worst armor Best gun: Dicker Ma- I MEAN STURER EMIL 1.59

  282. the rear of the tank is like an archer. haha

  283. Demain Donovan Smith

    Fase cam in gameplays with helmet please ;D


    my game is not updating pls help phly very pls

  285. is it normal that you get 28k research poiints on dev server?

  286. Ηe said again 1.51 not 1.59

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