War Thunder 1.59 T-29 MONSTER (War Thunder Tanks)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. Holy shit! The T29!

  2. baron saw the war thunder forums ?

  3. the snooping man


  4. Finally a decent and cool higher tier US premium

  5. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  6. Baron.. wtf is warthunder doing.. the forums.. they gonna kill themselves
    🙁 it is NOT a happy day Baron :(

  7. Maus vs 30 crusaders

  8. I cant watch it?

  9. T- 32 worst BR ever!!!! It should face late war tanks like IS-3 IS- 4, and
    kingtigers , not t-10 and t-54s. T 32 has one major flaw, gun manlet
    ricochets down into a hull, so its completely fair to face late ww2 tanks.
    1945-1946. T10 Produced 1953–66

  10. 1.59 is on the horizon…and we’ve got a high tiered, premium American
    glass cannon. It seems there’s far more interest into expanding the scope
    of the game, with more modern vehicles and weaponry than focusing on ww2.
    Is that good or a bad thing?

  11. That running KT on fire was amazing

  12. Hello 240p my old friend

  13. no, the T29 is NOT a glass cannon, just hull-down and no one would be able
    yo pen you’re turret, and YES it will be worth it

  14. Why the hell is this premium? The American heavies need something along the
    lines of the Tiger II H 10.5.

  15. Why the hell is this premium? The American heavies need something along the
    lines of the Tiger II H 10.5.

  16. why is the 1080p quality so choppy

  17. A fucking premium! For fucks sake Gaijin!

  18. stupid gaijin adding fucking premiums stop doing that shit scum bitches

  19. Glass cannon?
    I dont think so

  20. it puts the lotion on its skin!!!!

  21. ofc it will be premium, because gaijin needs the rubles…

  22. Baron after the poll of modding and the repucsions of shown on please
    boycott war thunder (Google this if you hadn’t heard about it )

  23. I WANT THE JU390 and Siegfried Line map for tanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and bomber cockpits

  24. That’s some old gameplay

  25. The Mighty Bear


  26. why does the quality look like shit, even in 1080p?

  27. It has bad hull armor but godlike turret armor……

  28. Greathorn - Music, Gaming & more!

    Sounds like a cool idea.

  29. WOW….Imagine tanks,planes and ships in 1 SERVER GAME!!!!!!!That would be
    absolutely AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Not sure though what the ping rate of players
    with no good NET connection will be like…

  30. Jonathan Silveira

    up 1.59 new Germany tanks Tier 1, new American tanks Tier 5

  31. Tobias Björkman

    So.. What´s a tittie-ball? :)

  32. Joaquin Hernandez

    T25,T29, and T32 wheres mah T30 and T34 eh both are real just mods of the
    T29 with bigger guns 120 and 155

  33. I can’t wait for the m551 sheridan

  34. Ivan Ignjatovic

    I think its imoprtant to make it realistic for example tigar would always
    be abel to destroy an easy-8 but there were a lot more easy-8

  35. Russian Bias, Russia OP PLS nerf, !!!!

  36. When you was reading the Dev blog it made me think of the T34 with the
    120mm but T29 is fun as well :)

  37. if you get more money for making a kill in a bad vehicle they need to give
    you more money end xp than a kill with a OP vehicle that will help in
    events en tank SB to let people play it for every nation

  38. T29 isn’t a glass cannon. It’s a blockhead. It’s turret is extremely solid
    (~280 mm), but its hull is well below average (Sherman jumbo levels of hull

  39. I feel you about them lower tiers. The PzIV F2 is the most fun I have in
    this game

  40. This game is dead! their removing rb

  41. I would love a world war mode. a real war isn’t always balanced no matter
    what each side/power does

  42. baron if you have any way of only exposing your turret do it the frontal
    armor is littered with weak spots so any chance you get to only show turret
    do it


  44. BokicaGaming CG

    baron,baron they need to add kv 2-2-2 xD

  45. Have you seen magz’s new video?

  46. “Aren’t we gonna get the M60 Patton?” We already have it in game

  47. Αναστάσης Κακαράκης

    Hey baron thanks for uploading another great video…could you try and make
    a video about RB gameplay?some tips and advices from you would be so great
    to have!

  48. old video that you have already uploaded to your channel? why

  49. Ianislav Georgiev

    hah KV-2 reporting for duty :DDDDD u so ded

  50. Gaijin can stick it up their asses. Fucking money whores

  51. T29 is anything But a glass cannon, barron the t29 turret has like 9000 mm
    of relative thickness.

  52. nicholas prayudi

    we need more german bias kamarade

  53. weird how T32 is using the 90 mm while the T29 is using a 105 mm. they
    should make a prem T32 with the 105 mm, you know what I want them to add
    the T30 with the 155mm

  54. 7.3 BR

  55. ofc it’s premium

  56. The t29 is nothing close to a glass cannon. It’s meant to be hull down.
    They’re saying the hull is weak and turret sides. Not the front and back.
    Get your shit right baron. And it has awesome gun depression. The only
    thing weak about the t29 is the hull. It is not a glass cannon.

  57. U.S. Tanks are one shot killed by Russian tanks. Their ammo is more deadly
    than us ammo and their armour is very hard to pen even with a APC using a
    90mm American tank believe me it’s hard to find the small weak spot while
    Russian can own the strongest part of the tank which is about over 100mm
    thickness and one shot your team this isn’t fun

  58. aries paddayuman

    All I Need Is The T30 155MM Of Pure Freedom

  59. Why does the game play look weird??

  60. My warthunder enjoyment peaked at BR 1, so bored of the grind…

  61. Baron you fucking moron we already have the M60 Patton. It’s the M48 and

  62. What next? T62 premium? All atgm premium? After the failure of the super P
    i was hoping for some REAL good addiction to the game for the U.S but it
    seems you always have to pay for good tanks at tier 4. What a waste.

  63. Can’t wait for an ASU-57 :D


    t29 is hull down only

  65. WoT Blitzkrieger

    make 1 hit kills less common and make getting kills more worth it. i only
    play arcade because you can’t tk people and income with a non premium
    account is a massive joke. really wish they’d remove limited respawns with
    tanks. i can go up in 5 aircraft but can only roll out 3 tanks a match is
    kinda bs. this game would be worth it to play if they addressed these
    issues. the t29/32 which ever it is looks good

  66. phly exposes cheaters in war thunder so the next day gaijin decides to
    threaten all YouTubers who expose cheaters with strikes to their account.
    That is all. Luv ya content Baron

  67. I wonder how much GE!

  68. NonsenseonPaper

    Fucking premium WHAT.THE.FUCK.GAIJIN

  69. baron can u explain the term of “titty-balls”

  70. Anthony Donovan

    we need he British m3 grand

  71. I got a ace todat in sim battle :D

  72. Bro don’t tease us man. Play the tanks don’t just talk about it and show us
    gameplay. Make your comments as your playing the tank like you usually do.

  73. Please baron I challenge you to go a whole game in the tank of your choice
    using nothing but HESH

  74. T-29 glass cannon? I smell BR rape

  75. jeffrey schreuder

    yeaj the T29 awesome and…………………..its premium

  76. Making the T29 a premium? That doesn’t bode well for the T30 and T34 in the
    future…also I hope adding the radio “bunny ears” to the turret is an
    option, to me it just looks hilariously stupid without those radio bustles
    jutting out from the sides, I almost laugh every time I see a T34 or T30
    turret in WoT because it just looks so awful to me, and then I realize
    there’s a gun mounted in that turret that can remove a quarter or half of
    my health…

  77. Has anyone hear heard about Gaijin’s ultimatum poll? They’re forcing their
    gamers to make a choice between striking down youtube vids that show third
    party mods and hacks or putting markers back in realistic battles. This is
    some disgusting and underhanded bullshit and people should know about it.

  78. Magz has a great video out, shit just got real

  79. everyone should play with the t95 record it and post on wt forums

  80. Zing Freelancer

    Stopped watching when I realized it was arcade.

  81. How old is that gameplay?

  82. I wish we had a gamemode with unlimited respawns instead of dying 3 times
    then back to hanger

  83. Andrew LaPlante

    How cute they are getting the t29

  84. t30 t34 will be premium too because they will add tanks like the super
    pershing to fill the tree line

  85. fuck yeah the T29

  86. is it just me or I smell an E75 and Shit coming soon?

  87. baron we already have M60 Patton -_-

  88. Sanyago miranda

    I will give you all the things you asked for <3

  89. zachary stefanski


  90. still waiting for the t-28P turret TD still

  91. +BaronVonGamez Baron, will you make a video on Gaijin’s decisions about
    your friend Phly, and what do you think about it? Please respond

  92. BaronVonGames Please Read This Comment,
    Im Play RB In the M10 TD, Tier 3 match in a weak ah, Armor and the enemy
    team had a fcking KV-2, I think you know the rest…..

  93. If you want an actually good look at the T29, go to mike goes boom

  94. Damian van kleef

    Why is this a old video?? XD It’s the old HUD

  95. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    WoT balanced? *cough* soviet tanks *cough*

  96. i just had the best match ever with tanks i went 8 and 3 plus 1 aircraft
    kill right after he missed with his bombs i went first place and the first
    place guy for the other team had 4 tank kills and i dont see how my team
    lost bad team thats how but i barely got anything for all those kills its
    such bull

  97. who thinks that the m10 and m13 are over tiers cause of their armor which
    any t1 tank can pin

  98. is the t32 a glass cannon in WT i dont know im not that far. but the T29 is
    more or less the same thing just a bit bigger and ever so slightly thinner
    hull armor

  99. Just face it guys Gajin is just milking War Thunder until it loses its
    player base and then its on to the next game they can be jews about.

  100. isn’t that a T32

  101. OMG so what I wanted for my birthday is the t-29 and today is my birthday
    and guess what THE T-29 IS HERE

  102. Bullseye is cancer


  103. please i want this

  104. Hellfires “hellfire” Rage

    so if they’re adding the t-29, then could we be seeing the t-30?

  105. bout time they brought the t29 in the game

  106. wish it had the hammer head turret

  107. Thumbs up if they should add the T-30

  108. In world of tanks got all marks of excellence on it its my fav

  109. gaijin…. no…. >_<

  110. Amnesiagrunt2356

    Yeah i hate people who are all like “UGH won’t be balanced” I want all
    1970’s tanks it will be awesome

  111. Now We just need the T30 and T34 US Heavy Tank.

  112. Here is what the cannon do based of Wiki…. Mind you this is the AT Gun,
    but is the same cannon used on the T29.

    The T8 105 mm anti-tank gun weighed about eight tons. It had a split trail
    carriage and magnesium wheels with synthetic rubber
    tires. In transportation, the mount could be rotated 180 degrees in
    order to reduce the length of the piece. The gun fired a 17.7 kg
    (39 lbs) armor-piercing projectile at 945 m/s (3,100 ft/s), resulting in
    the penetration of 210 mm (8.26 in) at 1,000 m (1,093 yds), 0 degrees.[2]

  113. I’m hoping the world war mode will be historically accurate instead of
    anything else.

  114. Lets see some zis-30 gameplay baron, the paper cannon

  115. Lampart Lampart

    this is not monster…and of course premium..pathetic

  116. Soviet Katyusha

    Baron did you hear about Phly getting one of his videos taken down that
    exposed a cheater on Wt? Giajin took it down to make their game look like
    thier is no cheaters, you should go check it out…

  117. Warmongers Inc.

    T29 or Guantanamo

  118. get off your tittie balls

  119. was excited until you said premium I refuse to give gaidumb any more money
    until they fix their fucking game.

  120. Good job using a replay that’s like 3 months old…

  121. The T-29 is not a glass cannon… Sure it’s hull-armour is not great but it
    has 10 degrees of gun depression and it’s gun mantle is impenetrable. So
    all you have to do is work ridge lines *which there is a lot of in WT* and
    get this heavy beast hull down. =D


  123. t-30 152 mm i want!

  124. So the T29 is gonna be a “glass cannon”. Can only see that ringing true if
    you don’t go hull down in it. Play it like a T32 except with a decent gun,
    show nothing but your turret, and it’ll be anything but a glass cannon

  125. Anyone noticed how many Eagles Baron got in this Video ?
    How the fuck is this possible ?

  126. Its turret is like the t-32. And hull is 102 on front but only about 51 on
    sides. But hull down it’s almost unkillable.

  127. Go in a maus ….face a T10 ….good luck having a good time.

  128. Damn, I want to see the T30 instead! With that 155mm gun!

  129. Gamer Saurus Rex


  130. This is a shame, i really liked the T-29 in WoT, but as part of a bundle
    it’s probably out of my price range. A lot of the premiums in WT lately
    have been

  131. World War mode would be great. Just like Planetside 2 did it, not with
    those random 30 min games.

  132. Scary looks? I think its adorable

  133. Baron can you play war thunder with Phly again in the future?

  134. Zach The gaming nerd


  135. wow this gameplay is old, but still good

  136. WWII Online had tank,planes,ships and infrantry shame it didn’t take off

  137. Baron, I hope you understand that war thunder is fighting for players. If
    they were able to release ships, they would do it as soon as possible. And,
    when was the last dev blog that stated the progress of ships…

  138. t-29’s turret is op in world of tanks.. its like all
    120mm thick

  139. Zyglocrash Whirlwind

    i’m actually enjoying almost every Tank i play, and sometimes i even go
    back to low tier tanks just because they’re fun to play

  140. i like the fact that war thunder isnt balanced. the fact that the game was
    realistic and challenging is what made me play. when i play a M4 sherman
    and i see a tiger i have to use my head instead of rushing in like i see
    the t34s do. it makes me feel alive until i blow up

  141. oh boy yet another premium. I totally did not expect that from such open
    minded and attentive developers like Gaijin.

  142. i wish they would add the t30 instead of t29 :(… t30 gets the 155 mm
    cannon ;-;

  143. i think dat it wod bi asweme if war thunder add a open world battle, some
    kind of fing like dat

  144. Not to be rude Baron. I like your videos, but you should really find a
    better render setting when you edit and render your videos. They are kind
    of blury..

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    Hello guys! I’m a YouTube verified channel, and I would love it if you
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  146. I want an IS-7. Nuff said

  147. Tier 2-3 is the best for tanks. Lots of fun in any nation.

  148. Fuck the T29.

  149. Thaine Ingram-sykes

    Looks like a T34 from WoT to be honest and not a T29 due to its turret

  150. lo..l those Tiger 2 players were playing like idiots..

  151. I will only enjoy it when I stop getting blown to pieces and never beign
    able to realy do much damge back, getting tanks or planes shot out from
    under me with none or two shots and yet I try and hit almost nothing. but
    maybe they will fix it I dunno because to me it just turns into boring and
    not wanting to play it.
    I realy loved the old 1942 it was great but the modern battlefields realy
    not have that anymore.

  152. chance the fapper

    i play world of tank, the t29 is a great tank once hull down, uits only
    good for its insanly thick turret, id, what gaji will do with it, but thats
    how wots has it

  153. Dat tank is huge

  154. Christian Gonzales

    so basically asking want a large scale battle (battlefield) or small
    skirmishes (call of duty)?

  155. German Tiger 1s are the best spanking Tiger 2s but only from the back 😉

  156. TheJessecarpenter

    click bait

  157. Yes t29 my dream come true haha

  158. Oddly enough I just recommended this get added. And here it is! ….. Sadly
    as others have mentioned with the forums BS about them striking
    youtubers…… im considering a money freeze. Dont like them threatening
    mah youtubers.

  159. The Great Coneage

    Oh great, it’s in war thunder now…

  160. Patriotic American

    I only play world of tanks and I am a player that likes getting the next
    tank but I see the good tanks in the line and I keep them, at some point I
    had fun in them

  161. The T29s turret mantle is 280mm thick……. not a glass cannon in the

  162. Atalareza Yuwono

    AH FUCK T29!!!!!!!
    how can i fight it face to face with my kingtiger

  163. it says 1080p but looks like 240p

  164. video looks like crap

  165. Oh gaijin finally its in the main tree because ot was not even mas prod

  166. What was wrong with all those Tiger II?

  167. Oh my God! I’m So much agree with you Baron, i was thinking about the same
    game mode for war thunder for 2 years now. Game mode that allows you to
    play epic long hours battles. This is what war thunder is made for. Please
    Gajin, listen to voice of your players!

  168. your obsessed with “glass cannon” you said the same thing about the tigers
    when they were added. all its saying is its strenth is its frontal armour
    but the hull isnt as thick as a KT. that doesnt mean glass cannon.

  169. typical, more fucking premium

  170. Imagine if war thunder went into modern day tanks like a m1 Abrams was tier
    10 or something

  171. in world of tanks t29 is a non premium and t32 premium

  172. “HANG YANG!”

  173. doesn’t the t29 have a amazing turret?

  174. Not enjoying WT anymore. You got chatbans, of you complain about the game
    or special “hillclimbers” or forum ban, cuz they think, you*re doin
    multi-accounting… WHAT?

    They are mad.
    Stopped playing because of these reasons. Same Sh** every day. Random
    battles, random battles…. It makes me mad and sick.

  175. my sweaty thighs

    lol all the poor people always crying about premiums

  176. T-29 !!! 😉 Goood video BaronVG ^^ I like this gameplay, and keeps up ^^
    bye (^_^)_

  177. I don’t know about War Thunder, but in WoT the T-29 is actually one of the
    best heavy tanks of its tier, so maybe there’s some hope :)

  178. tatarus der weise

    More than 4Million GD? Wtf?!

  179. Jersey Mallorca

    weird the T29 looks like the T30

  180. hey dude can you tell me when you shoot your screen or whatever shakes is
    it an option or you are on playstation?

  181. Is this old gameplay? the damage indicator in the bottom looks like the old

  182. wow ancient replay

  183. we need t30 whith dat 155mm erazer like in wot

  184. They have to make the T29 a premium tank…..great. That made me sad:( Why
    can’t they just put the T29 in the tech tree as a non-premium.

  185. RepeatingPuma81

    ahh replay from patch 1.45

  186. theoverworked farmer

    Hey baron,can u do more low teir American tanks because I am bored of high
    tier tanks,also plz do more war thunder game plays plz

  187. The cool ps4 mincraft Cooler hooper

    Hellow i love all your vids you are cool

  188. Jake Ryan Poley

    Baron bundles is pain in the flank

  189. NeverEndingStory

    this is of topic but… HOW DID YOU GET SO MUCH RP IN THAT BATTLE my other
    game i had 9 kills in arcade battles and i only got 2000 rp plz tell me

  190. Are we getting the Leopard 2a7?

  191. Still looking for WT players who hate WoT eating up their own word for
    “Uber Fantasy Never Made Tank” argument they made. I know that everything
    in American heavy line does exist but I saw some Uber Fantasy Never Made
    Stuffs already, lets see what to come in the future. And another argument
    is ‘historical accurate’, yeah right, T29 (an American test object tank
    that equivalent to Soviet Objekt tank) vs Panther is very historical

    Just play the game, haters.

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