War Thunder 1.59 – YAK-30 DEVBLOG (War Thunder La-15 Jet Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

War 1.59 – YAK-30 DEVBLOG ( La-15 Gameplay)

War 1.59 Devblog – http://warthunder.com/en//current/910/


  1. First´╗┐

  2. Your Name (The gaming fruit)

    nein views (9) ­čśŤ I aint going to say first that’s stupid to say´╗┐

  3. V├şctor Grandini


  4. LordScrubMaker TheSecond

    Gotta go fast!´╗┐

  5. Preeminence Gaming

    Hey! I’m happy War Thunder finally conceived another Yak. CHECK OUT MY

  6. When will we be seeing more American aircraft such as the: P-51H, P-47N,
    F4U-4, F3D-2, F6F-5 and the B-26!?´╗┐

  7. #givepewdshisdiamondplaybotton´╗┐

  8. first?´╗┐

  9. Play the Yak-7Dilido and the M20Vibrator´╗┐

  10. Garbage jet´╗┐


  12. TheGreatCornholio

    gg gaigoob focusing on a nation that has the most aircraft in game COUGH
    *japan* COUGH´╗┐

  13. first´╗┐

  14. germans need more top tier jets´╗┐


  16. Like Wtf why are they only adding fucking russian planes….´╗┐

  17. That fat dildo fuselage reminds me of the supermarine attacker.´╗┐

  18. More russian bias´╗┐

  19. Oh yes even more russian bias´╗┐

  20. 666Views Yak-30 confirmed satan´╗┐

  21. i found phly in a battle with la 15 but he dont use on the video :(´╗┐

  22. TBH this game need to be fixed first, not getting new vehicles without even
    looking into problems old ones have´╗┐

  23. FlowRadio/GetMemed/foofoo

    Can you do more war thunder please´╗┐


  25. I think they should have premium jets in war thunder´╗┐

  26. Hannibal Grandjean

    yeah fuck this game i wount play untill england and usa gets better planes´╗┐

  27. Soviets tree is still not good enough! ­čÖü gib me moooore! maybe MiG-21 in
    1.69 ? PLZ !!!one!one!!!´╗┐

  28. Ragnar Lothbrok

    Phly you fucker! I only saw that Mig-17 which is why i chased him the
    spotting system is so fucked :(´╗┐

  29. Why another tier 5 Russian the Mig-17 is already THE BEST jet in the game
    yet Gajin haven’t given the allies a suitable counter the Mig 15bis and
    Cl13 are still incredibly good(if not 2nd and 3rd best jets in game) and
    they are available on 2 tech trees that fight on the same side but Gajin
    won’t add allied counter like the Vixen or f9f-6 to help so at the moment a
    good Mig-17 pilot can carry a game because no aircraft can catch it an any
    alt, it has a great agility and good guns the only thing that stands a
    chance at top tier now is the is the F-2 due to its roll rate and the
    Meteor F Mk8 due to its spitfire like agility´╗┐

  30. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    MY BRRAAND!´╗┐

  31. Phly do you use Joystick (or wath you call it)?´╗┐

  32. brainfucked devs always adding unnecessary shit jets like the sea venom
    which nobody uses or some fuckin experimental blueprint vehicles like E-100
    and other bullshit like that, wasting their fucking time in which they
    could actually add something good. maybe expand into the supersonic fighter

  33. Cool, a worse MiG. gethypeiguess´╗┐

  34. Russian bias´╗┐

  35. Jet gameplay really sucks, you can’t do those dog fights like the ones you
    do in biplanes and prop planes. Even these days, air to air casualties are
    very rare. Stealth bombers and drones are all the rage now a days´╗┐

  36. Thinking Patrick

    How about adding new american jet F-100 Super Sabre´╗┐

  37. My reaction to seeing this, “Yay, another post war Russian dev blog,
    anything from 1939-1945?” They’ve shown 4 post war Russian vehicles now and
    there hasn’t even been one Japanese plane shown. This patch seems like
    it’ll be a massive disappointment for me.´╗┐

  38. no…… another fucking russian OP ufo shit……´╗┐

  39. A Random Citizen

    Damn I’m early!´╗┐

  40. Damn u gajin!!! Another sikrit dokuments planez!´╗┐

  41. IT┬┤S TIME TO STOP!´╗┐

  42. Niccolo de Luna


  43. This makes me want to play again after two years. But the bias is still
    there, right? I dont want to play as long as there are these OP russian and
    allied planes.´╗┐

  44. they should just use a 10 tier system´╗┐

  45. fuck GAYJIN…Stop playin their game´╗┐

  46. So what’s the next American jet?´╗┐

  47. The Raging Stallion

    russian bias ruins everything. new russian fighter? oh lets keep ruining
    the game with more russian vehicles. who cares of there were design flaws
    lets make it fuck up every other fighter my just looking at it.fuck you

  48. Welp. The rule of thumb in this game is now, if you are playing anything
    but Russians. you are doing it wrong. I remember the good ole days. There
    was no *cough* bias *cough* it was actually FUN. Now its a massive
    grindfest that will take you thousands of hours of playtime to unlock
    stuff, and you have to suffer with low RP rewards and through teamkillers,
    idiots, bad players, overpowered planes, unbalanced planes, UFO planes,
    overtiered planes, undertiered planes….. The list goes on and on.´╗┐

  49. F4 phantom needs to be added´╗┐

  50. We need MORE Jets to even the playing field… Until then it’s going to be
    unbalanced. They NEED to go into the Korean war Era to get these jets.´╗┐

  51. ichhab keinname (FunnyKiller)

    gib PTAB´╗┐

  52. I wish the MM could be changed to more properly balance teams, just
    yesterday I tried to fly out the Horton and ended up on a team of 8 Fw 190
    D-13s and the enemy team had FOUR P-80s!´╗┐

  53. Road To 1500 subscriptions with one video

    6:59 Gameplay started´╗┐

  54. The Yak 30 just didn’t have time to shine. :(´╗┐

  55. ScipionLaurentiend

    agreed…if you dont have a mig 17 ,a hawker hunter or the top
    saber….anything else and you can forget about jet plane…´╗┐

  56. H├╝seyin G├╝ltekin

    After 1.59, in the next big update they will introduce Mig-29 I suppose´╗┐

  57. YAK 38 pleeeaseee´╗┐

  58. phly a combo: the SMK (yeah the derpy 2 turreted russian tank) and the
    IL-2M. Enjoy!!´╗┐

  59. For all the haters of this jet. Do you realize that, EVERY jet which will
    come will help the situation at top tier? Gaijin said that they dont have
    enough jets for bigger BR and every new jet is a small step for BR 10.0 and
    more balanced games. Who cares if its British, Russian, Nippon, whatever,
    still a new jet which could help the situation.´╗┐

  60. Phly, I’m not sure that adding more planes at top tier would fix the
    problem. Unfortunately I think that the problem has more to do with the
    structure of progression in the game.

    Because War Thunder is so dependent on the long grind that it takes to get
    to top tiers to keep people playing, the number of players that actually
    can play with the jets compared to the number that start the grind and get
    bored or frustrated is tiny. The system as it is right now, might actually
    work, if there were more players for the MM to put into the game, but there
    aren’t, and I don’t think that there will be. Gaijin doesn’t seem
    interested in making things less of a grind. And why would they? That’s the
    way that they make their money off of this game.´╗┐

  61. We need F4U5 Corsair and P47N. And maybe F5U and XP67. Anyone agree?´╗┐

  62. The scent of russian bias gets ever stronger ( ═í┬░ ═ť╩ľ ═í┬░)´╗┐

  63. We don’t need another OP Russian jet. Gaijin needs to add the F-100 Super
    Sabre or something that can actually compete with the current MiG 17s.
    Anyone who says the Russian bias is fake, your wrong. This is evidence of

  64. So – why are they loosing time on Yak-30, experimental short series plane –
    WHEN THEY COULD HAVE DONE THE WIDELY PRODUCED – and exported – Yak-23?!´╗┐

  65. Creepy Productions

    Add all the toys you want, Gaijin, if you keep ramping up the grind and not
    fixing the matchmaker, you’re still going to lose players. I haven’t played
    in months, but want to, WT was my favorite multiplayer of all time.´╗┐

  66. The Duke of Norton

    Love this style of jets. Classic. Shame I’m such a terrible pilot to ever
    get to them!´╗┐


  68. more BS to grind, cool´╗┐

  69. Second_Medic bf p4f

    More of these fuck shit Russian Planes, which will be OP´╗┐

  70. Crossout????´╗┐

  71. music to loud / voice to low @ 3:00´╗┐

  72. ok i think i speak for a majorety of the people who watched this, wtf is
    with all these fucking russian jets being added without any new ones for
    the rest of the nations to combat them? so far the only one aircraft that
    has pretty deceant change up against the Mig-17 is the Hunter, wheres the
    fucking F-100 Super Saber or F-106 Delta Dart or the US, the German used
    F-104 Star Fighter? (and if they add the Mig-19 to the russians, the
    Germans deserve to get it too), and the Japanese used F-4 (yes im adding
    that since the Yak-30 was made in 1960) why the hell is the russian getting
    these fucking high tier jets without any equal challengers to be added with

  73. any thoughts on the p59, I think it should be added just as a derpy jet at

  74. Oboi a new Soviet jet? How am I so

    not surprised?´╗┐

  75. why the hell does russia get another jet´╗┐

  76. I think war thunder should to get a faster US jet like the last gun fighter´╗┐

  77. warthunder the game for whingey, moaning people.
    No one is ever happy with gaijin, why can’t people be constructive rather
    than destructive.
    There’s something new for everyone you can’t expect gaijin to cater for all
    players when they are still building warthunder.
    so what if they ain’t got your favorite aircraft maybe they will add it, as
    for source content it would be easier for gaijin as a russian company to
    add russian vehicles as they would have access to spec and scale
    information for the relevant coding.´╗┐

  78. The US need better first jets like my F2H my first battle I versed 3 mig 17
    and I really don’t play jets due to that.´╗┐

  79. Still waiting for our F9F 6, F9F 8, and F86H… It’s been a while since
    America got a proper jet… (Not counting B57B, that thing is shit with
    it’s revolver bombbay, in-responsive controls and retarded .50 cals even
    though IRL it had the same cannons as the F-2 Sabre…)´╗┐

  80. KV-6 in CrossOut or Gulag))))´╗┐

  81. Cause you know the russians need more top teir jets´╗┐

  82. Mathijs ÔÇťThe MDÔÇŁ Decaesstecker

    plz use tortoise with the lancaster B !!´╗┐

  83. It’s easier for Gaijin to get info for Russian jets since they are a
    Russian company. Harder to get the info that they want about foreign jets´╗┐

  84. I really would like the BAC lightning in war thunder´╗┐

  85. Could we get more Japanese jets please? There are enough Russian jets´╗┐


  87. fingers crossed for the f84f thunderstreak with the nuke pile on.´╗┐

  88. Le Chevalier Errant

    Holy shit, nice choice of song in the beginning´╗┐

  89. What the fuck russians just got mig17 , god dammit we want new Jersey for
    America and japan´╗┐

  90. namelesspistachio

    Laughing Compilation?´╗┐

  91. You should do a weekly simulator battle. I’d like to see that.´╗┐

  92. Gayjin pls. Stop adding russians failures and fix your game. Oh wait. Not

  93. Panzer Optional

    Phly do another Future Of (country) video´╗┐

  94. The 1.59 teaser trailer is out!!!!!!!!´╗┐

  95. use the pby´╗┐

  96. ÔÇó5stareveryday ÔÇó

    Gaijin will add the Su-50 in Tier 1.Gaijin Logic´╗┐

  97. Jezreel Job Esguerra

    dammit phly I thought you will do vr game play´╗┐

  98. Oh yes, i’m going to love flying up against another USSR top tier jet in my
    meteor mk3. Thank you Gaijin.´╗┐

  99. what happened to the la 174´╗┐

  100. Mig-21 Maybe?´╗┐

  101. They say it’s worse than a MiG-15, but it’ll still seal club Sabres´╗┐

  102. I am officially uninstalling the game. FUCK YOU GAIJIN!´╗┐

  103. Austin Carrion (Cocomoe1002)


  104. Peace Army (ŰŽČýĽł)

    need more murica!!!´╗┐

  105. Why were the AA guns not shooting at the hunters when he was trying to

  106. U already didi it with theamericans,now do it with the germans: Pz.II C and

  107. i’d like to see a G91 in WT, a sexy big beast.´╗┐

  108. Would be nice to see f9f-6 cougar, just because it looks so sick ^^´╗┐

  109. Need the hunter F.6´╗┐

  110. oh boy what a surprise, another yak.´╗┐

  111. Respect for those who want to research it.´╗┐

  112. more useless crap..´╗┐

  113. Mig 15 La 15 and Jak 30 are all the same flipping thing ish´╗┐

  114. Stabby McStabberson

    OMG. The comments section here is absolute cancer.´╗┐

  115. kazajhstan plane? xd´╗┐

  116. @PhlyDaily I beg you show new British turboprop, plz, I beg, I wanna know
    what I’m pre odering ;_;´╗┐

  117. They need to add th F-84 thunderstreak like or comment if you agree´╗┐

  118. Vash the Stampede

    Oh boy! Another jet I have to grind for an entire year to get…´╗┐

  119. I just want the La-200, so FUCKING BADLYYYYYYY´╗┐

  120. O come on…. Where is the f9f cougar´╗┐

  121. Every aircraft/vehicle that I want in War Thunder……. is being added!
    I’m so hyped! Maybe I should wish for the peacekeeper? :)´╗┐

  122. i honestly hope Gaijin liquidate´╗┐

  123. Tactical .Coockie

    we need the avro arrow man!!´╗┐

  124. Fantastic Gaming

    Hey phly when 1.59 comes out I got a Combo for you

    The Swedish Army combo

    Strv 81 with a swedish skin
    And the spitfire griffon MK 24

    Honestly I I’m so happy they adding a swedish tank finally I hope they add
    the Strv 102 good luck and hype!´╗┐

  125. Deathwatch Pack

    Ooooo yay a new RUSSIAN JET !!! Still sitting with original Japanese jets´╗┐

  126. Tobias Alv├Žr

    Love how everyone calls this thing op when they havent even seen gameplay
    yet xD´╗┐

  127. Someday mig 21, someday soon..´╗┐

  128. Simeon Velichkov

    The game is made from RUSSIAN developers!What do you expect them to do?Put
    more shit american content or other, rather than their own ?
    Stop bitching!Evey other god damn game is USA biased and you know it…just
    play some modern warfare shooters and all that and yoll see…
    They have started puting russian/slavic names on the villains in
    movies/games 1 or 2 times which it was my dads and the feeling of that is
    really shit…´╗┐

  129. I hate u´╗┐

  130. If only I had money


  131. If you’re going to be playing jets, like the new yak, you should really
    work on your trigger discipline. If you still had ammo who knows, you could
    have gotten another kill or two.´╗┐

  132. “were getting the D variant” ( ═í┬░ ═ť╩ľ ═í┬░)´╗┐

  133. what happend to phly and baron relationships?
    do they still do video togheter´╗┐

  134. Yay finally some air RB xD

  135. What if the b52 was added lol´╗┐

  136. OMG ITz Chris HD

    Can anyone suggest a cheap computer and able to play war thunder on high
    quality or movie ??´╗┐

  137. now lets hope we get the English Electric Lightning.´╗┐

  138. Wow. Why is almost everything in update 1.59 premium!? The Westland Wyvern
    I can understand, but why does it have to be only in a pack! WHY GAIJIN

  139. Sawtoothchris24

    No intro music=automatically like´╗┐

  140. OHH YEAHH! Finally put my Yaks to use´╗┐

  141. Ey b0ss can the Germans get some love pleez´╗┐

  142. They need the f3h or f9f6 as f9f5/2 aren’t 9.0 capable´╗┐

  143. Phly if all of these cold war vehicles like the asu 57 being added will
    they make a new like tiering system or Br for the new vehicles?´╗┐

  144. Santiago Gimenez

    you havent play world of warships
    try the latest premium ship the INDEAPOLIS´╗┐

  145. gayjin will launch it a 7.0 br with biased MM so it will only see 6.0 to

  146. Enrichment Drive

    It begs the question; when are they going to ad in the super sabre, being
    the first of the super sonic jet fighters , the super sabre could was made
    in the same period as the mig 17 in fact the super sabre fought the mig 17
    more often irl than the f86´╗┐

  147. Alexander Schulte

    love how we keep getting russian top tier jets but we havent had an
    american jet since the b57b´╗┐

  148. Oh look, another cool jet that I’ll never get to play. At least not or a
    long time.´╗┐

  149. LA-15… similar to the Argentinian Pulqui´╗┐

  150. |GdKT| Adela Finkle

    More nippon-crafts,gajob.´╗┐

  151. Will they add another navel jet´╗┐

  152. the “HUNTER” have 20 of fire Power.´╗┐

  153. We need the yak 23´╗┐

  154. Charismatic Chris

    can you make a video taking about adding more Japanese planes and jets?
    nobody cares about Japan and they shit on them´╗┐

  155. it’s always nice to see a good bait´╗┐

  156. Jon Stepanenkov

    It’s pretty much a la15´╗┐

  157. why dont they give us a yak-23 as well and collapse the yak-17 into the
    yak-15 line´╗┐

  158. PublicTransportationBelgium

    Allright, fuck this.

    I am out´╗┐

  159. Roger Rodriguez

    This may sound like a crazy idea, but, how about a tier 6? and why not? of
    course not only for planes. tier 5 would be for planes like ME262┬┤s, p80s,
    meteors you know SUBSONIC JET AIRCRAFT. While tier 6 could be Mig 17,
    Hunter + any new post war aircraft comming on future updates.´╗┐

  160. i love jet fights so much more than tanks´╗┐

  161. They should just add the A-10 for the lols´╗┐

  162. Grumman F-9 Cougar and the F-11 Tiger. Seriously enough with the russians
    jets. When are the US gonna get planes like this?´╗┐

  163. I honestly don’t care….. I’m just waiting until the good stuff comes
    outF4 Phantom, mig 19, mig 21.. that stuff.´╗┐

  164. Where is the Yak-23´╗┐

  165. +PhlyDaily Tips for P-80´╗┐

  166. I’m just waiting for Gaijin to put in an SU-27´╗┐

  167. Like the YAK9 wasn’t good enough!´╗┐

  168. Plssss that my cl 13a will be fighting in the allies side´╗┐

  169. “The F2H can go and fuck itself”
    Phly you legend LOL :’D´╗┐

  170. susses´╗┐

  171. they need more middle ground in all aspects of this game… This BR system
    doesnt work that well. If they went to a true teir system it would be fine.
    Because atleast then if they were to do a -2 +2 or a -1/+1 system it would
    be more fair than what it is right now.´╗┐

  172. Gg Phly!´╗┐

  173. Oh fuck off war thunder can you add any jet besides russian? Or do you not
    have the sekrit docs for any other country´╗┐

  174. Stop blaming the fact that the mig 9s fight against Sabres and so on !
    This is a great thing to remove the noob arcade players from the RB games !
    Because only the real average/good pilots can progress now in jets and THAT
    is superb !
    For example, the mig 9s are one of my favorite jets (I have all the jets in
    the game) same goes for the la 15.´╗┐

  175. DarkSideSixOfficial

    Great, now the final plane they need to add is the Yak-25 and Russian line
    is complete.´╗┐

  176. is this plane really worth to get´╗┐

  177. TheLapisChicken !

    And the last thing we need is another soviet jet >:(´╗┐

  178. Metal 0-4 Frost

    We need A-4 Skyhawk´╗┐

  179. Kommandant Franz

    props to that hunter who got 6 kills´╗┐


  181. 4 Tonnes of Fury

    Next patch the yak 43.´╗┐

  182. f2h vs la-15 would be a good match maker´╗┐

  183. Where is mig-22?´╗┐

  184. Karl Bryant Victorino

    man u talk to much 7 min of talking sheesh´╗┐

  185. BR 8.0 is basically unplayable.´╗┐

  186. Elliott Grossman


  187. Side note. Thank you for what you do for the game. Not many youtube players
    can start a shit storm and get devi to actually discuss topics like you
    did. I appreciate what you did, and hope you are not in too much trouble.´╗┐

  188. I just researched my first jet, and it’s taken me a while, was it a waste´╗┐


    just hoping the yak 30 is a very maneuverable jet bearing the yak name of

  190. Pffft, just another jet that the lowest British jets. will have to face. I
    mean what’s the point of a BR system when you the first one you unlock
    faces Mig-15s right? Anything else is inconsequential. If you’re lucky you
    get some team mates with hunters.´╗┐

  191. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    meh, not interested in boring Soviet machines.´╗┐

  192. adding more jets takes to long all they need to do is add a 10.0 BR im mean
    they could do it now if they wonted to they just wanna milk the money out
    of everyone that gets there first jet then gets put into a 9.0 BR with mig
    15/17”s or hawker hunters and f86f-2’s first add 10.0 BR then add more
    middle class jets. i mean its as easy as that to fix top tier BR.´╗┐

  193. If they add the Mig 21…. I’ll cry to see a F4 Phantom…´╗┐

  194. Please add the Fw 200 c6 which could carry the Henschel Hs 293 Anti- ship
    guided missile´╗┐

  195. 1000th like´╗┐

  196. Hi guys,i know here are a lot of Russians and Russian fanaticer, iam from
    Germany and I think it’s a good idea to make the me 262 and the other
    German low tier jets tier 4.And pls stop hating this idea Germany was the
    first nation wich were able to produce jets.And no iam not a nazi´╗┐

  197. or they could just make it so that ww2 and post war jets don’t fight Korean
    era and above jets.´╗┐

  198. Am I the only one that wants the F-4?´╗┐

  199. schwerer saurus

    I just spat my coffee out, the dev server is up and u use the la 15 instead
    of the yak 30 even though its avaliable!!! Damn phly´╗┐

  200. The Alpha Beta Show

    Bloody hell, enough Russian jets! Before any more, give us the F-9Couger or
    F11 before we keep adding more. Give the Germans something too, their
    highest jets fight 6.3 planes, and the Japanese even had some too! Enough
    adding extinct jets to a country with already more than enough jets that it

  201. As long as this will not fight me 262s and maybe hortens I’m ok with this

  202. 12:10 what was that laugh?´╗┐

  203. can we know the max speed of yak30 ? i’m french and i don’t understand
    english good.´╗┐

  204. 1stKniFEcollectorGabeN

    hey phly. i subbed again´╗┐

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