War Thunder 1.63 GEPARD SPAAG, NEW Map, & Tu-4’s Still Suck

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. jacques bernoux (jacber2)

    the vulcan had 6mm of ap penetration srry

  2. jaaa Deutsche panzer !!!

  3. arcade is not for noobs !!

  4. arcade is shit don’t do it baron

  5. Early agen 58 like lelPlzz give me hate

  6. Dear Warthunder .. my body ist ready !

  7. This its still used by the Romanian army today!

  8. FortyOne7 (FortyOne7)

    how old is this footage?

  9. A map in Greece? Finally I will be fighting in my country’s air space!!! :D

  10. when you say it it sounds like a shitty 6 gear reverse 1 forward french

  11. I feel that they are close to the Italian tech tree

  12. i’ve seen this in real life!! :-)

  13. ooh i sat in one of those

  14. You have to pronounce the G not like a j but like a hard g for Gepard.

  15. Baron !! please make a video with Phly, Slick, and you. Its been a while
    since you three played and fought together in WT Ground Forces, I really do
    miss the gang. Please make it happen man !!

  16. Was the Gepard any different when it started development in the 60s?

  17. Baron, dude, please, it’s Gepard with a hard G like goal, granite, or get
    the fuck outta here, not Jepard!

  18. I’d love to see an air arcade video every now and again.

  19. what do you think of this plane being in war thunder

  20. SPAAG getti :D

  21. Mozdok is one of the best maps in the game. It’s one of the few maps which
    is actual realistic tank terrain. Unlike the cancerous MOBAfests like
    kuban, finland, the desert maps and loads of others. It’s a goddamn shame
    gaijin forces that garbage on RB and SB. Yeah, two tanks racing around a
    giant rock and playing peek-a-boo is not my idea of fun and realistic
    gameplay. It’s part of why the SB GF community is practically dead. GG

  22. Whoag its not premium and its good??????? this cant be true

  23. So are the radars on both this and the ZSU-23/4 modeled?

    They should sweep the skies of propeller aircraft and early jets without
    the player doing anything apart from driving to a suitable location and
    turning the radar on.

  24. Cannot wait for war thunder to drop the Shilka in the game, and seeing
    people cry “russian bias”.

  25. Dat olde worlde footage doh

  26. Looks like a bit modern.

  27. the source that you quoted with “550 shots per barrel” is quite sloppy,
    because actually this is the RoF for the canons, it’s not the ammo loadout.
    so the weapon system “Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer Gepard” delivers 1100 rpm
    with 35 mm auto canons.

  28. I hope it isn’t too OP.

  29. Lol I saw this thing in an arena last month (we call it the “Pruttel” in
    the Netherlands) and it was like the most futuristic thing I ever saw. And
    it’s actually in a WW2 game now. Wtf!

  30. I think WT will go full modern/postmodern within a year.

  31. Baron, 2 barrels

    550 r/m each.


    =1100 r/m

    I know, I’m a genius.

  32. I think this is the beginning of a new SPAA master race.

  33. Dude check your old tanks tge old super stretched out stickers are gone

  34. You should see the orange doom’s video on the f9f it’s really cool.

  35. Why you haven’t talk about the nerfs that all the 23mm got thanks to the
    TU-4 btw only way to kill TU-4 Shot the wings and thats it :3 I can kill
    them easily I wonder why people can’t

  36. only gets 40 apds rounds though in stock belt

  37. Germany takes back the place as best ground forces once again.

  38. I want a b32 peacemaker

  39. straight from the wiki

  40. Nice game play keep it up!

  41. Looks like a knock off Tunguska

  42. Wataru Kumazaki (Murders_Inc)

    Want the Bv155

  43. gaijin didnt want us to see the gepard spark the tu-4

  44. Now that we have the Gepard we are 6 years away from the Abrams

  45. You Speak out Gepard like french xD its a GEHpard xD


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