War Thunder 1.65 Preview – All Nations New Planes & Japanese Tanks

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  1. when will it be released?

    coelian/gepard/jpz1-5/ and 8.8 flak and the Last is pr iv J. I have not
    used a single golden Eagles. I am Proud on that. I also have t10m with
    heat/I am on the 49 on t54.

  3. hey baron do you know if ships are going to be in 1.65 I bought the PT 109
    and can’t wait to try it out in CBT

  4. The Hampten looks like a Blenhiem and an Ar-2 had an ugly as hell baby.

  5. Please go first with the new JU 88 Attacker

  6. I am amazed by all these new night fighters! This is my favourite update in

  7. the guy from the 10:03 shoots with his butt. Who said that farts doesn’t

  8. Japanese tech tree is rubbish, its just the other country’s tanks
    repainted, they don’t even have the OH-1 super heavy tank, or the other
    ones that had like 4 turrets, im sure they had a tank with a howitzer as
    the main armament, a clip fed cannon on another turret at the front,
    another turret next to that with a Hmg and another at the back and 360mm
    armour all around basically everywhere, if they add that the Japanese will
    be worth playing by a lot

  9. i think they added the tu 14 mostly because to decrease the tu 4 spam

  10. They could have added the type 61 spaag for japan that would have been the
    high tier one then.

  11. Am I the only one who uses presets?

  12. Thats what i’m waitng for, looking forward to the jap update:3

  13. Play BT7 artillery in world of tanks

  14. Those Japanese tank names are gonna be a pain to learn.
    “Chi-Nu, So-Ki, Ho-I, which one of those was the dangerous one again?”

  15. BaronVonGamez would you support the idea to add the Tank AA, 20 mm Quad,
    Skink To warthunder american (or british tech tree since it was a canadian
    tank) as a premium SPAA vehicle?

  16. don’t u think u are late

  17. Sure would love it if they actually added my god damn P-51H

  18. Baron, what do you think about the M50 Ontos now that the Japanese get a
    tank with multiple recoiless rifles?

  19. Baron do you know anything about the japanese tanks??

    for example the type 74’s suspension and other stuff??

  20. Suicide combo: Type 97 Chi-Ha and A6M2 Zero

  21. Britain only got two planes and there bombers god save the queen

  22. Hey Baron, take out the new Fw 190 A-5/U12 and the Me 262 A2a

  23. ho ro, the best derp in the game!!!

  24. these similar having ass tanks japan has is gonna fuck sim up. but who

  25. Pedro Henrique Lopes

    Gaijin needs to stop creating cool planes and selling them as premiums,
    damn it

  26. They are sorta stuffing up this game a bit…. some nations have heaps of
    planes some have stuff all. some have compressed BR’s others are very
    stretched out.
    they just keep putting some countries ahead of others for certain updates.

  27. barón pls play TVE crussader 3 #britsortits

  28. when is the update coming out?

  29. Hey Baron, Get your friends and have one of them be a Panzer 2, and the
    rest of you protect it with tiger 1 (H, not that Porsche crap).

  30. The hampden was a 1940/41 british bomber lend lease to russia

  31. lol, the Russian tree is getting aircraft from other nations that those
    other trees don’t even have yet now.

  32. hey baronvongames the first american aircraft is a Lockheed loadstar the
    bomber version was called the pv-2 seen one fly at planes of fame airshow
    in chino California

  33. what was the update for the is1, is2 and other Russian tanks?

  34. The f6f5 has lesser ammo :(

  35. Baron baron when will you upgrade recording quality? Even at 1080p the text
    and the details look like potato 480p!

  36. More russian baron please. love the vids m8 keep it up.

  37. when is the update coming out?

  38. Likely the biggest update in the 2 years I’ve been playing. I’m stoked man.
    Baron, I hope you are satisfied as I suspect I will be

  39. if it will be realistic, japanese tanks would be battle rank 0,7 at max

  40. Did anyone notice that the Ki-100-II needs 420 (meters) to take off?

    do another series!

  42. I want the leo 2

  43. The hype abt jap tanks being added to this game is complete unneeded.
    Typical AB queue is 95% GE and RU tanks. Both US and UK tanks are almost
    not there due to having no armor and bad ammo. Adding another useless
    country to the mix doesn’t help anybody. It also doesn’t help that Gaijin
    dislikes (to say is mildly) anything US and UK so the BR of those tanks
    compared to what they are capable to do is far too high. And ofc, to makes
    it even more unplayable, being uptiered constantly (M6A1 up against IS1s,
    T26E1 up against IS4’s) doesn’t help either. But than again, you have to do
    something to get your game in the picture again. Just wondering, if there
    are 60k+ ppl online, do you really need to have such spread in BR? Guess so
    as it, even with those numbers online, seems to be almost impossible to
    offer ballanced matches.

  44. how can I buy TB 3 from russia

  45. play the Ho-ro

  46. I believed that tb meant tactical bomber

  47. i can never get on the dev server for some reason when the dev server is

  48. Is TheLegend27 on the Dev server?

  49. How about War Thunder having a special night fighter event game, where it
    would be always night and the radar would work. But icons over aircraft
    would be disabled (exept for friendlies when you get close)? So you would
    have to use your radar to find enemies. The F6F-5N gave me the idea with
    the radar screen on the cockpit, but oh well Gaijin said NO RADARS.

  50. WoT theshadow9929 (WoT theshadow9929)


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