War Thunder 1.67 Sturmpanzer II & Japanese ATGM Gameplay (War Thunder Tanks)

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1.67 Tanks Gameplay – II and Type 60 MAT Gameplay from the Dev Server, Thanks Slickbee!

Thanks for watching,


  1. Love how th HMG on the ATGM looks like the chaingun from halo… not the japs again

  2. sturmpanzer 2 will be fun!


  4. I can see that BR compresion

  5. The Tiger E and IS2 got moved to 5.7. Should the Jumbo 76 get moved too?

  6. The Sturmoanzer is ??, but when are you going to start uploading MOWAS2 again, or at least put up your mod?

  7. there’s some guy named :baron von lets play” copying you baron, you should check into this

  8. tgp the people gaming

    the sturmpanzer seems kinda weak because of the crew being so vulnerable

  9. a jeep with an apc… that makes sense

  10. I lov this game and my friend Jack is amazing at the game

  11. 1:50 you mean mitsubishi right? it read as mi tsu bi shi because is japaneseみつびし

  12. If there were shit like M1A1 Abrams, and Helicopters wouldn’t War Thunder be nearly identical to most war games?

  13. Looks like the patch is tomorrow.

  14. They were supposed to release it today but the launcher has stability issues so they postponed it without saying when it would release.

  15. Vietnam era. M-48. M-60. Leopard & Gepard…

  16. Baron, they are alredy in the 1970s with leopard 1a1 and m60 a1?, wich woud vs t64s who are not from the 1970s and swingfier is from thet era

  17. Nikolai the tanker Husky

    a lot of these new tanks have been on world of tanks for years

  18. Baron you should do a custom battle of Sturmpanzer II’s vs Ho-Ro’s when 1.67 comes out

  19. Where’s the abrams


    The strumpanzer 2

  21. I Love ru251

  22. maybe they will bring in TGM ( television guided missile ) next, that would be good but at the same time could ruin the game for close quarters fighting, maybe we would be better going down the strap tnt to a rat option,

  23. “japan why you so late to the party”

    i mean i heard an atomic bomb can set you back quite a bit Baron, dunno if you’ve heard that but you know re-building expenses and focus an all that shit.

  24. what do you mean by when vietnam war stuff comes… we already got it you know, the M60, T54 and the T62 unless you mean taking it a bit too far and adding the good old British Dorchester armour and russias reactive armour along with ERA xD tbh would make extreme high tier tanks in war thunder more interesting. you prob meant cold war then when reactive armour was in its testing same with Chobham/Dorchester.

  25. I live in Massachusetts and I’ll tell you strait up baron, that was no blizzard that was a disgrace of a snow storm

  26. war thunder got cancer

  27. I think they should expand the tiers to a tier 0, and bring in ww1, and a tier 6, and go as far as ’70s, but no farther, as after that you get into Abrams tanks and such in the 80’s.

  28. Deutschland Gaming

    You were in Boston?! Thank God you missed the blizzard, though!

  29. Go slick!

  30. I say we call the Japanese ATGM the Nintendo Switchfire!

  31. I want the M50 Ontos in WT

  32. De Havilland Vampire

    Am I the only one who noticed the Guntank at 4:33-5:48?

  33. Why was Japan so late to the party? Really Baron lol. I mean there was the whole de-militarization after WWII and the ban on producing a military but hey dont let that stop them right……TOTALLY wouldnt slow down tank apc and spg development or anything

  34. Armored personnel carrier personnel carrier?

  35. “Shameful display”…pretty funny.

  36. Is it already available to the public??? I mean the test/dev server.

  37. I’d love to see a Vietnam era but not until they fix all the shit in game in now.

  38. You’re never going to give up on War Thunder Helicopters, are you Baron?


  39. baronvonbaronbutt (No one will get this joke)

  40. TheLastMinecrafter

    There are already quite a few Vietnam era vehicles…. M48-60 were all used in Vietnam. And the F4 phantom entered service in 1960 I believe.. The Vietnam war ended in the mid 70’s and technically lasted a total of 19 years… US involvement was in the tail end pretty much of the war. I like the content, but sometimes I feel like I lose brain cells from the sheer stupidity/ lack of basic research.

  41. It's EliteDragon2456 Yo!

    Artillery in War Thunder?!? Is is true Anarchy!

  42. definitely the IS 6

  43. Sturmpanzer 2 is the wrong name

  44. Baron, the Type 87 SPAAG entered service in 1987.

  45. baron do you think it would be posible for ghaijin to add air to air missiles? like the 1st gen. AIM-9 sidewinders. which only had a 30˚ cone of ir detection making them easy to dodge. they were introduced in 1958 on the sabers.

  46. SturmPanzer is artillery. Looking for any new TD’s.

  47. the st pz 2 is in game.

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