War Thunder 1.69 PUMA Gameplay “Drift King” (War Thunder 1.69 Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thunder Puma Gameplay. added the German Puma & Italian Planes. The Puma is silly & drifty (WT 1.69)

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  1. What vehicle do you want to see next in a video? What’s your favorite?
    Any custom battle ideas for a stream…oh yes, it’s coming 😉 it’ll be here: http://bit.ly/BVGLive

  2. Is there a guy in the back humping the engine?

  3. Walking in the 40’s

  4. William Messinger

    microphone works fine now it seems but the music was a little loud in the beggining

  5. addicted to games

    YO O @BaronVonGamez try out the new soviet tank T-55A pls.

  6. InternetFag #7794867

    This tank (it’s really just an Armored fighting vehicle) is pretty good for a tier 1.

    Would like to see the Churchill Mk.1 next.

  7. gr8 vid baron, thanks!!!

  8. 12:26 What’s up with the white trails ???

  9. The puma is the utter shits.

  10. Its not drifting it has rearwheel stearing

  11. YouTube ADpocalypses is real…

  12. Hey can you play the Churchill Mk I please?


  14. what were you eating in the second clip tell me now baron

  15. probably fishtails because all wheels on it steer. The reerse speed reminds me of a rolls royce armored car (I think) that had a backwards facing extra steering wheel for quick getaways

  16. Dracodacolina Draco

    whats up with the editing? its like the leftovers of a match

  17. What was the first song?

  18. i rember the puma from playing R.U.S.E

  19. Lol that background music is the intro music for The Mighty Jingles world of warships series.

  20. Excuse me where the hell is the smoke launchers for that because if my eyes aren’t Lying to me they are right on top

  21. Is that how American’s pronounce “puma”, as “poo-mah”? I’ve heard it pronounced “pew-mah” in Aust and UK.

  22. julius gordula23

    i like how they call small tanks little stew LOL

  23. it apears to be all wheel steer. it may oversteer because your steering input has more responsiveness, making small imputs have larger effects

  24. “Drift King?” Baron, this isn’t Tokyo drift, it’s a German Recon vehicle… Not a Mitsubishi.
    “Drift King” would imply that the driver of this German vehicle has beaten all of his fellow drivers in drift races. Just because it’s capable of drifting well, doesn’t mean that it’s a top of the line drifter. Any car with the right Modifications and tires can pull off some pretty nice drifts, but it’s the driver behind the wheel that is the real deal.

    I’m sorry, I’m a fan of the Fast and Furious franchise, I just got triggered.

  25. I Just found this channel and I regret that i hadn’t found it sooner. Nice gameplay 😀

  26. i don’t know, i think the 234/3 might be interesting with its short barrel 75mm “derp” same gun as on the early panzer iv’s.

  27. What happened in the replay happened to me but by running into the wall. Who has that happened to before?

  28. It will over 40 KPH in reverse.

  29. 0:12 #OnlyInWarThunder

  30. OP tank No side ammunition

  31. This tank reminds me on a anime called assassination classroom

  32. That ending.

  33. Who need a car when you have a Puma

  34. This vehicle annoyed the hell out of me in Company of Heroes

  35. PB4Y-2 next!!

  36. the smoke is only on 5.0 BR and over if they have it so the launchers are there but bc it is not 5.0 it wont work

  37. it doesn’t have a shit control, is you that you dont know how to drive it, look at phly

    im just being informative :v

  38. Worryingbacchus _

    I love the puma, such a sexy beast.

  39. try moving backward it like halftrack with turret 😛

  40. “a bit of a novelty tank” – dude, at 2.7 it is essentially a leopard

  41. baron, what’s the song playing in the introduction? that sounds nicely like a game music, gotta see what’s that game!


    We need a top tier Bush Puma

  43. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    It looses alot of speed on that wobbling left and right…

  44. lol i thought ur under the bridge and didnt saw u up there ?

  45. Do you liyke My ThAnnnKKK

    Guess you’re ready’
    Cause I’m hunting for you
    It’s gonna be so exciting!
    Got this 50 mm
    Really deep in my soul
    Let’s get out I wanna shoot along… burn it all!

    Gonna take my puma gonna sit in
    Gonna shoot alone till I burn you
    ‘Cause I’m crazy… hot and ready but you’ll like it!
    I wanna drift for you shall I go now?


  47. this video is good
    like if you agree

  48. you understimate the russian bias

  49. Erwans Katrl 1944

    This tank is fast und Fuhrerious

  50. That moment when Phly and Baron had audio problems at the same time when reviewing the Puma…

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