War Thunder 1.69 Totally Useless! Like Slapping the Queen the Queen(War Thunder 1.69 Churchill mk1)

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Mk.1 Land Battleship. 1.69 brought Italian Planes & 9 New incl. this POS ( Tanks 1.69)

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  1. Is it just me…or does 3.3 battle rating make this tank (that could otherwise be pretty cool) almost completely useless.

  2. Sean Bartholome

    The 76 needs a smoke shell so you can us it as a support tank.

  3. I’ve noticed German/Jap teams are winning almost every game after this patch. I’ve had a PZIV F2 bounce a shot to the face from my Aquilles at almost point blank range, that’s 165mm of pen hitting 50mm of armor, something is seriously wrong with WT right now

  4. I have bounced so many shots whit that thing, i like it!

  5. Sir Stefan Channel!

    Gaijins BR placement is usually pretty shit. Like the Chief Mk.5 is fucking 8.3??? It makes no sense, bit extra horse power and it gets a .3 BR increase??? They’re mad

  6. Kapitonas Spurga ir Kamikadzė Džiusną

    ther is no bad tanks only bad drivers. and if you have playd the churchill 1 in wot. then yu now how tu use it

  7. Did you say yorkshire pudding IN her tea?! Baron my friend you do not have yorkshire pudding with Tea, you may have it with tea (Tea as in the meal tea) but not the drink tea. Now crumpets and tea (drink) that goes together but not the other 😛 I hope that clears it up 😛

  8. Churchill Mk1 aka cannon fodder machine

  9. Alexander McLucas

    Is that tank baron your playing a premium?

  10. gajin hates me for everything I have done. Also, baron I challenge you to take the m4 Sherman and show us footage of your first battle in the tank.

  11. This tank might be useful at its current BR if it had armor piercing ammo for the 75.

  12. This Tank is okay if you have enogh confidenc to stay on move

  13. You dont play this like a medium tank or a heavy you play it like a churchil

  14. Magister R'yleth

    The only way to fix it is to put it in either 2.3 or 2.7 br, or pull a Wargaming and start giving it some fantasy APCBC 2-pdr rounds. Oh, and stick the Little John adapter on that som’bitch.


  16. Is it wrong that I find the Churchill Mk.1 adorable?

  17. British tanks are good..actually they are great..for battleship anchors..

  18. Fix the title bro 🙂

  19. Jeff the Choomah

    I love that tank!

  20. Baron u sooo fucking dumb

  21. InternetFag #7794867

    The reason they added this tank is so they
    could balance out the British Heavy Tank line.

  22. Gaming Canadian

    Sorry Baron….But BoTimeGaming is better, All you do is arcade

  23. BaronVonSuperPhly :p

    I’m assuming the 6pounder in the hull isn’t actively modelled?

  24. I’m getting WoT flash backs.

  25. the armor is decent with about 100ish mm on the frount

  26. I don’t get why British low tier heavy tanks aren’t allowed to be in a BR where their armour is effective.

  27. Valentine is so slow

  28. You had me laughing. Thanks. been a bad week.

  29. Please keep playing tanks

  30. And I miss you playing destroyers. torps every where.

  31. I think the problem is that if you do drop this tank the 75mm in the hull suddenly becomes a viable threat, especially at close range.

  32. the MK1 is way too high for the BR. :/

  33. solid shot needs to be fixed they need better fragmentation in tanks. when a 40mm shell pens it shrapnels :/ such bs

    thats the real problem here, fix the broken system don’t make the veichles bend to its bullshit just fix…….GAIJIN= add more veichles at updates NEVER fix the real problem ?

  35. They gave the Russians some early Churchills. They hated the gun, hated the speed, and liked the armor. Meanwhile, as of about 1941, that damn popgun was already obsolete. The British had the 6-pounder in 1941, but continued to fit the 2 pdr for “economic reasons”, which got a lot of British tankers killed.

  36. its currently not a bad tank but i would agree to 3.0br. also the howitzer should have smoke rounds which would make a big difference.

  37. So I was working on getring the churchill mk 7, and suddenly today I see that it’s a rank 3 tank now. I’m thingking what the heck and then I see the mark I. So I go wtf.

  38. why are they forcing you to use HE for the 75?

  39. Worldwar Tanker

    Baron, can you make a video on the Churchill Mk. VII in realistic.

  40. the Brits just suck in this game…..

  41. HE, on Flak Trucks.? Or am I mistaken.?

  42. Louis Glendining

    I have a problem. basically my rockets explode after maybe 400m of flying however I can’t find the option to change the activation distance. help anyone?

  43. Just as useless as the Matilda

  44. I absolutely love the look of this tank and it should be 3.0BR.

  45. You gotta love Gaygin he lol

  46. first off…why didn’t you use THE HUGE ASS HOWITZER WITH THE HE SHELL ON THE DAMN FLAKBUS?!…second off (and most obvious) “Slapping the queen the queen”…so slapping the queen of queens?

  47. When you could finally use that useless junk in the hull when you saw that flak truck and you didn’t use it

  48. Baron…… 40mm is awesome! You just need to know how to play it

  49. Yohan L.naraidoo

    How the fuck can you complain about that? Have you played even German 5.7 that much?

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