WAR THUNDER 1.77 DEV | Abrams, Challenger, T-64B & MORE (War Thunder Update 1.77)

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WAR THUNDER DEV | Abrams, Challenger, T-64B & MORE (War Thunder 1.77)

Thumbnail CREDIT – https://cdn-live.warthunder.com/uploads/6a/f0/ec/3367bd9ae7092349d8b0af03627f4fb474/M1_02.jpg


  1. Sebastian Vettel

    Phlydaily you said a hundred and forty kilometers/hour instead of a thousand and forty kilometers/hour

  2. the destroyer of cuck

    140 kph huh slowest jet ever

  3. What about the new french tank?

  4. The Magach is just a modified M48. Its supposed to have a bunch of armor upgrades over its stock counter part.

  5. “Enjoy”

  6. French already have more planes and tanks than the Italian trees.

  7. Take me about a year in of itself to grind to the M1. That’s why I really don’t care about high-tier tanks…

  8. Were did they get the armour value and composition of the armor for the challenger 1? considering its STILL classified…

  9. Knightwolf_8 - WoT Gamer

    Is it just me, or does the HE-177A-5 look like a giant dildo?

  10. Gotta love gaijin, coming out with mbt’s that have classified armor and armor thickness’ and then facing a t64b a tank that came out in the 60’s against tanks that came out decades later… Also really?!?! 96mm for the challenger’s lower plate, an armor that is currently used on the challenger 2 (one of the most well protected vehicles in the world) and on the abrams as well and they give it 96mm effective, wow gaijin really dropped the ball

  11. t64b biass stonk shell with 440 mm pen 🙂

  12. Sounds like a prius

  13. Johnathan McPherson

    WhatsApp XD

  14. Holy f*cking baloney bagel bites sandwiches- PhlyDaily 2018

  15. Custom battles are gonna be so much fun.

  16. Random fact about the Abrams, before electronic limiters were placed in the tank, it was capable of 60mph both in drive and in reverse

  17. Once again the Russian tank is going to be the best and I can already tell all the whinny Russian drivers are going to complain cause it’s not fast enough….

  18. If i remember right even later Abrams only have 50mm on the upper plate

  19. As a 6.7 i’ve managed to get into a 8.0 battle, so… hoorah to me since now i’ll probably start facing Abrams… just… fucking…. great

  20. Magach 3 looks to have m60 chassis with m48 turret

  21. Phly, check out the new RATO on the Kikka!

  22. Fuck Man, Im stuck in rank 3 I dont think i will get my hands on any of these vehicles.

  23. Since the Abrams had a ballistics computer they should have it auto range find and give you the arcade leade circle for moving targets in RB battles for tanks, also give it the canister shot for planes.

  24. CoolCat474 Gaming

    The Magach 3 was an M48 with a 105 mm main gun and a redesigned cupola

  25. unfortunately the dev server is just there to hype up new tanks an planes.

  26. You say it like in the song old Mexico מ מג״י

  27. “Hey look guys, Japan got some love” he says as all the Japanese tankers mourn the loss of their dignity and silver lions as they try their hardest to get their Type 74s to actually work against the Challenger, T-64B and M1 Abrams

  28. The UFP is clearly too thin if it’s actually 38mm in game, every single source says that plate is 50mm. It’s not a huge deal since auto bounce is the main defensive means of the plate, but still an inaccuracy.

  29. CoolCat474 Gaming

    It won’t let me connect to the dev server. Any advice?

  30. AgentMooseMan 007

    Did anyone else catch the speed he said on the jet cause i did and i didnt know it can only go 140km an hour dude talk about over powered :p

  31. One of the main goals of the very modern fire control of the M1, was to stabilize the gun so well that recoil will not take it off target. In comparison, the 105mm does not have the recoil impulse of the M1A1’s 120mm…which will still stay about 80% on target, and regain a stable platform in less than a second. (26 years US Army, Master Gunner)

  32. Why are you surprised Magach has a 105 L/7? American late model M48s did too.
    Ps the smaller cupola on magach is due to it being a M48a5

  33. KV-2 still best top tier MBT? 😉 of course comrade, never doubt stronk 1941 tenk design. 152mm high explosive is best gun in geme. Honestly, imagine a T-64B with a 152mm derp gun. It would be most efficient tank 😉

  34. ThisNameCannotBeInsulted


  35. Walking Pineapple

    I could even control myself after hear the m1 Abrams rounds being fired….

  36. Leclerc T4 when ;-;

  37. Mathias J. McDonald

    Hope they fix the glitch were the KPz-70 and MBT-70 can pen the upper frontal plate of the T-64A. According to the stats of the armor and the APFSDS of the KPz/MBT-70it should not be possible.

  38. the armor in chally is unrealistic. there is truly russian bias!

  39. Did Phly get dumber this video or did i just never notice it

  40. If memory serves Phly the magach is an Israeli MBT

  41. So we’re getting the M1 Abrams, a 1980s tank (well, 1970s in terms of design), but yet aircraft remain firmly in the 1950s.

    I bet WT players can’t wait to shoot down Sabres and Me-262s with Tunguskas.

  42. Did they forget to add the new french 9.0 with ERA or did you just forget to cover it?

  43. Phly, i have a good challenge for you!!
    Play the M48 in stock configuration (you can uncheck the modifications making it stock)
    Or…play the M48 using only the APCR shell. Good luck, you will need it Attempt #18

  44. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    Leopard 2K is ugly af lol

  45. Kv 2 needs a shell.upgrade to kill a latest tank and yes a good stability turrent system but draw back its too huhe easily spottable lile a huge duck head

  46. I want a leclerc tank!

  47. M1 Abrams, one of the strongest, if not the strongest tank in the game and in the world, and yet, 1 Russian tank can rape that American armor

  48. Leo has high hardness rolled armor not the normal one

  49. Cobalt [][]FOXBOY[][]

    Actually, the challenger is best to be used in a hull-down position

  50. OMG it’s here GOD BLESS
    Uncle Sam for this dam gift

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