War Thunder 150MM+ CLUB

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Source: DOLLARplays

This time I'll be playing with American T30, M60A2, M551 tanks.
All of them have 150mm size cannons with massive HE shells.
This is going to be my first ever gameplay with M60A2 and M551(Sheridan). M60A2 hast the unlockable laser rangefinder which is very useful tool for long range HE sniping. It's a lot of fun!

War Thunder T30, M60A2, M551 Dollarplays gameplay. Enjoy!



Intro: Happy Children – Marc Torch
Mercury 82 – Icarus 1

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Background: What's – The New Fools
He Said It All (Instrumental Version) – OTE
I Gotta Hunch – El Flaco Collective
Musique – Rasure

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

War thunder gameplay, it's video game similar to World of Tanks.
The next major War Thunder Update teaser the new vehicles like f 14 tomcat
m1a1 aim. War thunder beginner's guide is very helpful for new players.
War thunder nuke I tried to get funny moment, WT memes. Dollar plays with T30,
M60A2, M551.War Thunder is a free-to-
vehicular combat multiplayer video game developed and published by Gaijin Entertainment.
It has a cross-platform format for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, ,
Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Shield Android TV.


  1. Some of you guys had been suggesting me to try the m60a2, and I never thought this thing is that good. HE round is not the best but it does the job. Laser rangefinder and the stabilizer what makes m60a2 so good. I love it!
    What should I play next? And what do you think guys we’re getting in the next update?

  2. Ah m60A2 the love that got me bankrupt

  3. King Of Fall Guys

    Do you have a discord server?

  4. Betty for za win brother

  5. americano sovietico

    10:02 based low tier at 8.0 enjoyer

  6. americano sovietico

    When M8 HMC at 8.0?

  7. Love rocking the sheridan and starship, wish I had the T30 to go with it

  8. Do you ever host any community events?

  9. My favorite war thunder YouTuber

  10. The m60a2 “starfighter” (because the shape of the turret mentioned on operation flashpoint) becomes a completely different beast as you unlock the shillleigh missile, Its very effective even at tier 10.5/11 , Like the veterans say when the shillieigh works it works when it doesn’t it doesn’t its a very good atgm tank against the enemy can destroy tanks in one shot when it works

  11. Иван Нелов

    make a hard bass moments compilation ,please(::::::::::

  12. Not even the dark magic cloaking power of the Snail can save a T-55 from HE

  13. You driving over the bridge reminds me of playing SnowRunner.
    My dumb ass looks around and you know, LOL fun times.

  14. I love this 80s vibe style
    so much
    that i actually try to implement it in my streams now
    thanks for making me love the 80s even more than i allready did

  15. I need an escape from Tarkov. Why don’t you make a video on escape from Tarkov.Are you afraid of escaping from Tarkov? Can’t you escape from Tarkov?

  16. Someone knows how to configurate the rangefinder to change sight distance automaticly?

  17. Type 75 SPH *Crying in corner*

  18. Ken central jersey aka CHILLER_53

    gaijin mAgiK … noicely done as always …

  19. WT’s vehicles and damage system: Amazing
    WT’s map design: Made by monkeys

  20. Ohhh, yeah, this legendary music

  21. Dollar- i mean Betty can I add you as a fren in game [name’s Adeee_] ? btw still going stronk to 400k 😀

  22. Compared to the 152 I find it curious how the M103 has a better HE with smaller diameter, more velocity and 1mm more penetration for almost the same weight of projectile. Was the 152 really that “weak” in reality after the compromises made for missile launching?

  23. this happened to me recently in a kugelblitz. I frontally killed a t34. was entirely panic spraying him and imagine my surprise when I realized what I thought was an assist was actually my kill

  24. How Do YouTube Do That IT automaticly goes to the range Wien YouTube rangefind?

  25. Dollar trying to make a starship into a submarine on eastern Europe.

  26. Thx for all the great videos mr Betty you make me truly happy. I love that nostalgic feeling I get which otherwise I only get when watching videos from 2016, the good old times. Yet you make me feel just the same 😀

  27. Thanks for making WT movies, that makes me smile, and even laugh – all molded into a serious and well made package 😉

  28. really loved the audio from the de funes moovie at 15:30

  29. Got your decal ! I now punch tigers in the teeth with style in my 76mm shermans. And tigers more often than not do seem to think they are god, only to be reminded they are in fact just a big lunch box.

  30. You should try the german t1 tank Destroyer called 15cm sIG 33 B Sfl.
    It’s br is 1.0 but it’s 150mm Cannon can oneshot a tier VII abrams tank.
    The bullet travels slowly and it drops a lot but when it hits any low tier tank ANYWHERE it Will die .
    The explosion from the HE is so big that i got a double or triple kill a few times.
    But it has a big problem
    The turret can only turn a few degrees.

  31. Riccardo Pernigotto

    I uninstalled the game due to an easyanticheat shit problem, i reainstalled the game on steam an since that i have 25 fps in rb, i usually run 150 fps…
    Somebody can help?

  32. 15:25 , love the Louis De Funes reffrence 😀

  33. 150mm club uk side ? FV4005, AVRE, G6, what else do you need in a line up ?

  34. Brigadeführer Fritz Witt

    Maybe Leopard 2PL next time?

  35. my flowers are beautifull got me laughing and sidam kilink t34 was impresive too

  36. The title can be interpreted two ways.

  37. Παναγιώτης Π.

    Love u man! i dont know why…just…! u are….idk….just…(hahahahhaha…..keep it on dude!)

  38. new Italian dreadnought coming to game (Andrea Doria) you gonna make vid on it? when relies ofc

  39. What software do you use to add all the animations, text and little video clips to your videos? It looks great.

  40. Seriously dude, the M60A2 is one of my most favorite tanks. Mostly because it’s such an odd-ball/ugly-duckling. Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s I’d built several models of the tank and always loved it’s unique look.

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