War Thunder 183mm HUGE GUN! War Thunder 1.67 Fv 4005 NEW Tank (War Thunder & Men of War Gameplay)

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183mm Main Gun! New Coming in

Thanks for watching,


  1. Guys I need your help, a War Thunder youtuber named Tigerfrost is really struggling physically and mentally to the point of breaking down in videos and is afraid that he might be dying. I just hope people out here will try their best to support him in any way. Thank you.

  2. World of Thunder, its that you?

  3. More men of war

  4. Another pointless video

  5. id would had wether had the deathstar intseadof the stagecouch

  6. bring back men of war Monday

  7. peek a boom

  8. Whatever the hell happened to crossout

  9. The drunken Protagonist

    7:05 Could that be a reference to that one Simpsons episode where they shot the captain of a submarine out of the torpedo tube ? Or just plain an simple reference to the size of that gun being so big you can fit a crew member in it ?

  10. Prepare to get pen in every angle on the turret. That TD is a turd in WoT and the charioteer is the only thing worth grinding for(the Conway is alright but still squishy)

  11. Bring Men of War Monday’s back or gulag!

  12. I’d like to see this hog encircled by a dozen little Rank 1 tanks filling it full of holes with their 37mm guns. Make it look like a hunk o’ Swiss cheese.

  13. it would be great for men of war Mondays, but even better would be to tell us where to get your mods.

  14. There’s a war thunder you tuber named tiger frost going through tough times and almost breaking down in videos so just try to help


  16. whens this going to be i the game

  17. When that update will be aviable? and that tank will be premium?

  18. fucking hull break everywhere for this bby

  19. Going to be a glass cannon. Sorry hype train.



  22. I think War Thunder should make a section of gameplay where you can square off in a single team against HUGE enemies, such as the KV-6, the Karl Morser cannon, and of course the TV-8.

  23. more aids added to war thunder

  24. That gun could be great if we only have long map

  25. It looks like a KV-2 and it’s going to suck like a KV-2.

  26. All I can think of is Jingles World of Warships intro music lol

  27. I think they should start adding jets capable of going 1500kmh… Mig 19 etc…

  28. Gun power creep. I love it.

  29. Whats next? The Type 4 heavy for the Japs? The T110E5 for the Americans? The Jagpanzer E-100 for the Germans? The IS-7 for the Russians?

  30. @BaronVonGamez But you do have a british person to tell you sexy things. His name is Squire Flier!

  31. the more i look at worldward 2 tanks the more i realize that everyone wants to have the bigger dick

  32. DERP That's my name

    This tank resembles like the dragon tank and a scorpion tank combined in command and conqer generals if you heard or played that game

  33. The monster in The soldier


  34. someone else who wants the Object 268 to be in the game?

  35. ♡Baron Baron!! plz do more men of war mondays i loved that seris!!!!!!!!♡

  36. CherryPepsi Is Fantablous

    The Death Star it be

  37. British kv 2 ????

  38. Thanks for calling my accent sexy <3 lmfao

  39. Yes I want M.O.W. Monday back

  40. Have you tred to hire squire?
    i heard he very good at the british accent!

  41. Bring back MoWM ,Baron! We wants it. I swear I’ll reinstall the game it if you get back to it:D

  42. Сергей Пенкин

    уебище английское

  43. I feel bad forbthe leop who died in the intro ㅠ.ㅠ


  45. persoontje voor redenen

    peek a boo? peek a boom!

  46. They won’t add the Churchill avre but would add this, slow claps*

  47. As a British person, I feel like I can say that your British accent wasn’t half bad.

  48. Holy Jesus, what is that? What the fuck is that?

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