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0:00​ INTRO
1:05​ Bit
3:03 First Game (First Impressions)
13:36 Second Game (Figured Somethings out)


  1. *YOOO the 2077 event is crazy! At first you have no idea what is happening however after you learn some tactics and understand some of the meta it’s highly enjoyable. First game I have no idea what I’m doing, but second game I start to get the hang of things. ENJOY! Next 2077 video will feature the UCAV and a crazy weapon system.*

    • Heavy weapons Guy for Smash Bros ultimate sandvich!

      @samu1040 samu1040 I’m 5.3 and it is broken but (in my opinion) it’s fun to play

    • Phly pls do more tailspin mode warthunder

    • DatBoi TheGudBIAS

      Phly, the best way to kill a minotaur is side shots or angled shot Tru traks, cuz no reactive armour, that reactive is a NO GO, don’t front shot minotaur oke, neither harpies, just hit a angled shot on traks or side shot, in harpy u can go Tru neck to ammo

    • DatBoi TheGudBIAS

      @samu1040 samu1040 we know, console players life is bad, u should invest on Pc fast

  2. Bro those rockets are just starships without the top elonerons

  3. at lest there finally come to terms with where there brand and quality of game play is with war toonder

  4. funny, a world of tanks ad before a war thunder video

  5. Day 40: Play the Bf109-K4, its been years

  6. That Minotaur looks like upscaled PL-01

  7. That random swede

    The camouflage is based on the Swedish ADAPTIV system but it’s not so much visual as it is to hide or change your thermal signature

  8. every aprils fools event theyve done has been to test future game mechanics, so we might possible be getting stealth aircraft/ships in the future because of the stealth thing

  9. hoang son nguyen

    This is like the t14

  10. You know, I’ve never felt such an uncanny feeling as right now; Watching one video dude shill for the premium vehicle stuff when I watched a different video chastise Giajin for said premium vehicle stuff

    NEW EDIT: Also the uncanny feeling stems from the fact that both creators have a deep love and respect for this game and their developers

    EDIT: That little shell damaging animated tooltip this looks like a complete rip off of Armored Warfare’s same tooltip

  11. Michael Mccartney

    Question did you play a Churchill and then a Achilles on Saturday April 3 at 4:23 am eastern standard time? Cause if so I played with you I was in a pz.IV F2 you died next to me

  12. Barbarie Alexandru

    Tbh in pretty bummed out that they added in the pe2-205 again. I got it when the game was in open beta and I felt quite proud owning such a rare vehicle. Now I feel like meh

  13. When I will Complete the minotaur can I play this agaist normal tanks?

  14. Παναγιωτης Κατσαπαρας

    play more of itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  15. When Phly did the first game I was so disappointed in him. The lock. It’s FOR THE MISSLE

  16. Looks like EndWar

  17. literally arma 3 but without the logistic and realistic skirmish this time its CSAT vs CSAT

  18. The 2077 event would be cool if it was COMPATIBLE WITH CONSOLES
    we literally can only run this darn 2077 event on 30 frames or less, it runs like ASS!
    (it’s basically top tier and too many steroids)

  19. Mister onsépatro

    This event is so much fun I will play the hell out of it until it finishes

  20. Those aa shells on the Harpy have homing Phly! Use your radar lock!

  21. You played like a tard

  22. I wasn’t sure if you said 3 or 30 % off assumed it would only be 3 since it’s war thunder and all they want is money xD

  23. imagine covering the tank with bushes and leafs on non invisible parts are you go up next to a tree and you are invisible

  24. Daniel Kottnauer

    Use the stealth bomber

  25. Rest at peace LOLLOLLOL

    Confirmed this is one of the major cutted content of Cyberpunk 2077


  27. It would be awesome if you could play this game mode at any time (i like it a lot)

  28. oh man i would like to play this tank at 10.7 once


  30. War Toonder 😀

  31. This man Is a potato

    I like the fact that he can drift with a frickin tank

  32. Phly if you are controlling a missile you can press ctrl x and it will lock onto the target and guide itself

  33. I tried it on my ps4 and im gettin 10 frames

  34. just so everyone knows UCAV stands for Unmanned Combat Arieal Vehicle

  35. Ey, PlyDaily
    I wanted to ask you, if you could mayby upload your key bindings file form Warthunder?
    I was testing some layouts on my account but didn’t feel comfortabel with the most of them, so I hope you could give me some inspiration witch your keyebindings.
    Also, thank you for the greate kontent.

  36. Attack the *E* point!

  37. I forget this tank have thermal vision

  38. @PhlyDaily
    Man I see ur aways using these top teir op vehicles try going back to teir 1 eh?

  39. Probably A European

    Finally! The D Point!!

  40. Phlydaily use hurrican with 2 40mm cannons

  41. Can you play the Me264 from the German ?

  42. This game mode is proof that one shot one kill kids are not where the fun is at.

  43. 23:11 Yay. I’m in the Video. 🙂

  44. when you already own all the vehicles so you cant get the title 🙁

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