War Thunder – 2S3M “Russian Artillery & Human Resources!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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The 2S3M was added in the past and this thing hits so hard! I hope you enjoy the videos and the dumb conversations that come with it!

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/​…)


  1. What is your favorite Russian Vehicle to play?

  2. Commissar Bo is a terrifying thing

  3. A R T I L J E R I J A, Bosanac sam Bekrija
    A R T I L J E R I J A, Bosanac sam Bekrija
    MOja BOSna Ponosnaaaaaaa!
    A R T I L J E R I J A, Bosanac sam Bekrija
    A R T I L J E R I J A, Bosanac sam Bekrija
    MOja BOSna Ponosnaaaaaaa!

    i tried to bold the artilerija but retarded youtube here won’t let me

  4. 14:34 I laughed so hard my tummy ached.

  5. Im oO_Dima_Oo from 46AK in the Sweden match 5:40 , just wanted to say GG but i am perma chatbanned so i couldnt xD
    Favourite Russian Tank is obviously the KV1E and the IS6

  6. russian bias has returned and is in full effect.

  7. Direct indirect fire or indirect direct fire?

  8. I ran into y’all on the enemy team while you were playing this, it was fun to finally see you in game!

  9. So, could we get an f5c or e video at some point™ please

  10. Viktoria – russian family name
    Viktor – mans name

  11. I was in the Kugelblitz at 5:16 and was killed by Bo but when I was in the Leopard 1 at 7:04 I killed Stickboy and injured Bo. Didn’t even know it was them till I saw the video today.

  12. Bo just a small request; Play enlisted! It’s just like war thunder but with infantry! You can play together in a tank and everyone can control something! You don t need to play enlisted, but it would be fun!

  13. another cheater: DACALWAR level 9 player aimbot user 100% cheating scm

  14. Thanks Bo and you Guys for snotter great year.all the best for the next one

  15. Bo happy new year, hope you have a great 2022, a bit early as I probably won’t watch this vid, but anyway, 😄 thanks for the videos as they were fun!

  16. You have direct fired an artillery shell into all those tanks. The M56 in particular no longer exist and is now just a pile of hot, mangled, and twisted metal

  17. Eta pistolet v tvoyem karmane ili tebe nravitsya menya videt?

  18. Q: What happen? A: The circle of life 😂


  20. Loved the video @Bo Time Gaming! Can’t wait for the next video man! Anyone feeling bad for Stickboi yet LMAO! Where’s Luna and Romishi as well? I’m a Simple guy, I see T-34/85, I drive the Red Tide!

  21. Russia has some good guns, but the lack of gun depression is always a turn off😭

  22. 8:28 “Get Raped” 😂😂😂

  23. Devill Mershmello 24

    Can someone donate to me some 600 dollars just to buys second hand pc i haven’t played pc since kid because we’re poor

  24. I am really looking forward to “Best of 2021” when it comes out!

  25. 8:45 “ack ack ack” the aliens are attacking

  26. Russia now has three big boom sticks

  27. That is the most DYSFUNCTIONAL group of weirdo’s I have ever seen!

  28. Ami I the only one who thinks vehicles like this need a top down look on the map to be able to give indirect fore support like an actual spa would do instead of being forced to deploy like tank destroyers to get a line of sight firing solution or worse drive into confined areas and engage enemy tanks at virtually point blank ranges for what this vehicle was intended.

  29. Do you guys recommend me buying the TU1 as my ground BR support?

  30. I till this day dont know why Gaijin had choosen to add a SPG as a playable vehicle, when there is no kind of gameplay to support it. It isnt really suitable for tank destroyer role and completely cutting off the high elevation that it has for the purpose for doing indirect fire

  31. I could watch these all day

  32. I’ve enjoyed Sturmling being back so very much!

  33. How do you get that yellow ping in game? What is the name of the keybind?

  34. I was once a part of TBLF I swear, they made me listen to a song “A lovely Bunch of coconuts” 😂😂😂

  35. Where do you guys get such cool looking camo skins for your vehicles. Great videos once again

  36. Noobie question, how they mark enemy with those arrows (double downward yellow ones)?

  37. The panther got shot through the turret, so they had to retreat instead of finish you

  38. 6:22 I love when Mr stickboy is singing

  39. This new monster destroied my Germen 5.7 frontline.

  40. Aye comrade ready to penetrate enemy.

  41. another cheater here: =MOTD= Dark_ZEPHYR radar cheater and =DHD44=BlaBlaBla06 level 25 player also radar cheating sht bstrd

  42. SOVIET = STRONG. Привет из России

  43. 6:38 looks like it’s time to blast the music

  44. Love to see Sturm and his craziness back. Missed him and it.

  45. In this episode, Bo displays his raging ere- elevation. I meant ‘raging elevation’!

    …don’t cancel me…

  46. should have used the proxy shot the 2S3M gets, great for planes

  47. At time marker 1:30. Put dat think down und vash yourd hands!

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