War Thunder – 3-inch Gun Carrier “Your Left!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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It has been a few years since have visited the 3-inch Gun Carrier and for good reason… I don’t find myself having much luck with it. Good though, it dropped to a battle rating of 2.7!

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  1. What tanks have you been finding fun lately in War Thunder? I seem to be on a bad streak lately and could use some suggestions!

  2. Also my i see the f.222.2 plane in a video one day its 1.0 france planes

  3. In Australia it’s duck duck goose

  4. Thares actualy a Goose Goose Duck game😁

  5. lots of very slow adventures

  6. The childhood games come from Sweden. One called “Anka Anka Gås,” which translates into “Duck, Duck Goose.” Another is “Anka Anka Grå Anka,” which translates into “Duck, Duck, Gray Duck.” He believes the Swedes with that version likely made their way to Minnesota.

    So it is legit a Minnesota thing.

  7. Stick, as a well-known expert on all things duck related, I’m here to let you know the truth. While you are correct that “…Gray Duck” is its name, it’s a regional name. Most of the rest of the country knows it as “… Goose.” Having lived in Minnesota for a couple of years, I am sympathetic to your argument. Alas, it is flawed for the simple reason that I, a well-known expert in all things duck, disagree with you. I trust this clears the matter up?

  8. Hey Bo! Ca you fly out the Mb. 5?

  9. It’s ok Stick, some of us know that it’s called “duck, duck, gray duck”

  10. still warm and gooey… no wait, that’s my crew
    Great vid!

  11. The Churchill Gun Carrier is impressively strong. It’s a shame it was a failure in real life, but that’s what you get for strapping a big obsolete gun to a Churchill

  12. We call it duck duck goose in Ohio.

  13. Low tier is so much fun

  14. Would anybody be kind enough to teach/tell me where in th options menu I can set up the spot/mark command so I don’t have to use a scout to do that anymore?

  15. I absolutley hate the smoke from the dead tanks

  16. Didn’t got a notification, shame on you YouTube 🙁

  17. RoundHouse TrainSpotting

    My favourite tea box

  18. “It (Cookie) was still warm and gooey… No wait, that’s my crew.”
    Whoa, that’s the blackest humor I have ever heard from Bo!
    I appreciate. XD XD XD

  19. ADepressedGiraffe

    Funny hearing people outside of MN say it’s weird we say “gray duck” instead of “goose” hehe. We even have gray duck vodka!

  20. Think you guys can play Insurgency again with Jim & Mike. I want to hear their hilarious reactions and commentary while playing

  21. It’s duck duck grey duck. (I am Minnesotan)

  22. Bacon sandwich

  23. You could make a squad of m50 tanks for memes and memes are always great

  24. Trash vehicle. I’d rather play a Valentine or Matilda.

  25. I love finding out about random useless news via YouTube

  26. Fish seamen

  27. Hey Bo and friends, when will we see some V/STOL action?

  28. 15:48 you can see the panzer driving along the road around that time, Bo. However, the funny thing is that when I first watched it happen, I noticed it, yet when it happens to me when I play, I dont usually notice. Funny how that works lol.

  29. It is duck duck goose. What even is a gray duck?

  30. 3 inch bouncing box. angles are everything.

  31. Yes, duck duck grey duck is correct.

  32. Pakorn Wattanavrangkul

    I cant seem to do well with the gun carrier lately, seems like everyone just shoots the lower plate or just out right pens the front.

  33. 5:15 duck duck goose does exist, thank you very much

  34. I love playing 4.0 Russia when I am having a losing streak. Love the vids keep up the good work.

  35. Absolutely loved the video man had me cackling like crazy

  36. WTF is Duck, duck, grey duck…. did he attend a special ED school as a child? Stick, just because your school called it duck, duck, grey duck, doesnt mean the rest of the WORLD is wrong, just you.


    Hey Minnesotan here, we do call it goose, not loon (:

  38. “There’s a Stuka”

    Stickboy’s epitaph

  39. That’s why you don’t do counseling while flying? You flew through smoke at LOW ALTITUDE. Asked for it


  41. Twist the friendly hunter

    The churchill was a underrated tank during the war, speed wasnt exactly the issue when it could bounce shells that would have killed them and had a decent gun.
    I’m personally doing research on a lot of British tanks, trying to find great war stories about them…

  42. It’s not called the gun carrier.
    It’s called the game carrier.

  43. its duck duck goose smh

  44. Stick I dont know what rock you have lived under during your life but son….Its called Duck Duck GOOSE. Great video guys. Bo thank you so much for everything that you do to bring joy and laughter to this world. 07 and <3

  45. Its duck duck goose

  46. for the algorithm

  47. Good ol alabama I’m in Ardmore al close to Huntsville al and pulsksi tenn. Alabama school taught me good.

  48. Duck Duck Goose is a real game i’ve played it

  49. Duck, duck, grey duck is the dumbest thing I’ve heard this year. (Reminder, it’s 2021.)

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