War Thunder – 88mm Flak 37 Sfl. “No Armor Best Armor!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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The Flak Bus is just ridiculous. It is amazing how many shots will pass through. I hope you enjoy the 88mm destruction while I continue to sleep off this weekend’s 24 hour stream!

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  1. “I can’t get over your hot body, stickboy” -Bo, 2019

  2. Bo and his little tank-lings

  3. great vid as always

  4. I knew this one would be good before I even watched it. Great video Bo and gang.

  5. hi i love your video bro

  6. Amazing video, and an amazing 24hr stream, keep fighting the good fight Bo!

  7. “I took out his windshield” 😀

  8. Optimus Prime fights the Russians (cirka 1944, colorized).

  9. once again , my hero Strumling saves the day

  10. “Tip of the beer?” Bo “Wait there’s beer?”

  11. Watched this Live with Bo and Sturmling but I came back and it is weird not hearing a few extra voices

  12. That Me 264 flight was absolutely magical

  13. “Tip of the spear, where is the beer, were going nowhere.”
    Tipping the velvet probably wouldn’t be considered an option around all those baby tanks (though Bo did mention prostitution…)

  14. I actually like that city map with the 50’s-60’s era cars.
    wish they had a “operation unthinkable” event for warthunder.

  15. So that’s what happens when you shoot a tank with a flak gun

  16. Really need to try the Flak Bus again. Never had much success with it in its intended long range support role. Maybe I need to be more aggressive with it if that actually seems to work if this video is any indication.

    Good stuff as always Bo, the stream was great and the commentary excellent. Enjoyed it immensely.

  17. Joseph Satri Cleofe Villanueva

    Didn’t Phlydaily coin the term “No armor is best armor”?

  18. Favorite tank in the game

  19. That immersion…damn satisfying

  20. It sucks that ny internet is so bad, otherwise I would partake in a Bo Stream

  21. 1st Sergeant MagicalGeek


  22. And did land that giant flying barge!

  23. Those T-34s were already working the corner when Loli came around, they didn’t want competition so they called the muscle to get rid of it!

  24. u find the truth!indeed in ths blody game no armour means best amour…..

  25. Every time i hear a bomb falling on ps4, run bitch ruuunnnn

  26. Ive really fallen off War thunder lately but I never miss a Bo video

  27. Phly daily’s quote in title xD

  28. Fighter pilots needing glasses ??

  29. That Dude Over There

    I’m starting to love Lizard’s screams more and more with each video

  30. 6:56 It’s my brother!?

  31. Cristian Gallardo Gebhard

    Holly molly u can inmediatly tell you have a new pc

  32. Bo and TBLF well done. Thank you for a wonderful video

  33. War Thunder Dude

    Bo time title is copied from phlydaily

  34. War Thunder Dude

    but it is a good motto I use it all the time when I play the M4A2 76W

  35. @betime gaming it’s I’M A HEART BREAKER DREAM MAKER

  36. Tech question guys. My tank seems to be firing on its own and its random and does it on every tank it seems. My mouse seems to work fine. Did I mess up a setting by accident? Soo damn frustrating. It wouldnt be soo bad if I actually hit something but I dont. One more thing is that after I fire, the barrel kind of moves up or down. Never seen this. Should I just restart comp? Please help

  37. Hey Bo, Make a video using the american M3 GMC 75 mm tank destroyer. its a fun but annoying vehicle to use bc there is no machine gun, but it works as a flak cannon… kinda…

    like so he might see this comment

  38. Hey Bo, Can you play the Sturer Emil next?

  39. I twicht i am ban because i sleep when i see your vidéo?

  40. Once people see flak 88 they self destruct

  41. ”No armor is best armor”


  42. “No armour best armour”
    Also flak 88: gets hull broken by 1 shrapnel by artillery 100m away

  43. Good Video, thanks to you and also  your Crew, always a pleasure to watch !

  44. Stickboy Lol
    Bo: Stickboy! TANK

    Stickboy: TANK WHERE TANK!?!?

  45. No armor is best armor? Now, where have I heard that before?????

  46. Around 6:15, I am Minnesotan 😀

  47. I like using this on aircraft

  48. “I will take care of you”
    *turns into a burning ball of fire*
    “oh well…”

    Thats what I come here for

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