War Thunder – A Locust Story “The Trials of a Tiny Tank Destroyer”

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I thought would do something a bit different this week on the channel. Purposely up tiering our M22s and seeing how much trouble we could get in. We found a lot of trouble.

Music: Funeral March By Chopin

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Artist: http://audionautix.com/


  1. S T A Y T I G H T

  2. Finally got to battle the guys and got to kill Bo. Keep rocking the vids. Great games

  3. Stay tight, the Locust will be gentle.

  4. Isn’t that a ps4 exclusive A26?

  5. 00:01-00:43 should be used Ave Maria Bo

  6. How is this possible

  7. Dose loli still play with u guys haven’t seen him in a while

  8. i cry T-T R.I.P Shadow …

  9. 2:53 “High speed, low drag”
    Was that a mother quacking command and conquer reference?

  10. *Harrasment law suit intensifies*

  11. This one was the funniest I’ve seen in a while.

  12. 10/10 gunnery skills Bo, Loved the vid though lmao.

  13. Best tank destroyer at any br

  14. Hey I played a game with ocelot he was a m4a1 76 I avenged him lol

  15. Let go thunder show

  16. “Stay tight” Bo Time Gaming December 2018

  17. Beautiful

  18. Poor Panther D

    Been Raped by M22 Locust

    RIP 1944-2018

  19. Between Sturmling wails and the ridiculousness of a gaggle of Locusts attacking and destroying Germany’s best I don’t know what to laugh at first. Thanks for another hilarious outing.
    Stay tight you fancy lads!!!

  20. us_railway_passenger_wagon_shop best kill ever

  21. The lack of aiming makes my head hurt. So many shots did nothing because of lack of fundamental skills.

  22. The Jedi Train Spotter

    Can you make a video on how to get better at warthunder

  23. Ya, it is fun as hell to take those tiny tanks into a higher tier game. They can still be effective to both take the enemy tanks out and or to at least damage and harass them. You must know ware the weak areas are on the tanks. I had a match with me in a M22 and ended up confronting rather a T28 or a T95 and I couldn’t pen square. But me and other were penned down around this corner up against this this on a snow map. First tank to go round this corner was garunteed dead. I figured I was unknown to him so I surprised him in a corner rush. He hesitated and decided not to use a 105 nuke round on me and opened up with the 50 cal. I was uickly to close to him and the 50 couldn’t hit me. The only thing I could really do to this thing is load high velocity tiny rounds and move to his ass end and barely pen him and slowly started to take out his engine hopping for a fire. It was hilarious, I could see his tank twitching around and moving because he was starting to get in a panic due to this “Tiny Tim” of a tank pokeing this “Monster” of a tank in the rear and actually having an effect.

  24. Omg…lol just shoot them in the engine…lol great video

  25. GamersUnitedForever 89

    hey guys i would love to play with yall

  26. Guys I really enjoy the videos y’all put out. It’s so rare to find squad mates in this game that enjoy the game. No rage, no complaining, just having a blast and wrecking the other team. I’ve long searched for the comradeship like y’all have in your vids and it just doesn’t exist. Keep it up guys.

  27. You sound like British explorers in India

  28. ” I don’t trust you” hehe

  29. #staytight 😀

  30. Go Train Car. OMG how did Shadow get killed by a train car. Bo and TBLF Thank you for the laughs and the smiles. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a very happy New Years. o7 to you all. Bo I cant wait to see what your 2018 review video looks like. I know it will be epic.

  31. its like being bottom tier in WOT…

  32. Megacorporation AI

    10/10 for heads-up thinking by the Chi-To.

  33. alright, who wants a “Stay Tight” shirt?

    No one?

    Thought so.

  34. Stay tight

  35. Hide the evidence and bury the body .

  36. The pirates code was more like guidelines, anyway…

  37. PTSD Pamphlet Company

    Bo, I feel you should have played something like Panzerlied or Erika over that first clip, maybe then supplement the tanks hitting the water with Skyfall, add in a little earrape for comedic effect.

    (Edit: Realized that wasn’t a Tiger II like I thought, so have it play a song from whatever country it is from.)

    • YouTubers that respect copyright don’t get to pick from a lot of music lol

    • PTSD Pamphlet Company

      +Bo Time Gaming Who cares about copyright? (*sarcasm*) if you distort the music enough I’m sure you can get away with it. Maybe sing the song yourself in a Doo doo doo style?

  38. This is actually funny it’s basically the equivalent of horses charging tanks and bunkers and some how it wins

  39. Lol stay tight Bear. Bear, can you show us on the anatomically correct tank where bo touched you?

  40. The Reagan Administration

    dying from someone else’s ammo rack is actually not that irritating it’s more funny.

  41. Every day thousands of M22 Locusts are killed, abandon, or miss treated. You can help these M22’s by donating 1 like to this comment. 1 like = 1 saved M22 locusts

  42. Thank you SO much Bo. The first minute of this video made me laugh harder that I have in a year. By the time it finished I was literally crying and gasping for breath.

    Love your channel, dude.

  43. Another hilarious video by TBLF

  44. I always hit these things with my maus, it’s to tempting not to

  45. 12:01 that made me laugh SOO HARD XD

  46. 10:28 hanz our tranzmizzion almost broke!

  47. 0:27 like if u saluted too

  48. bo you can get the gun to aim lower if you use the gunner view.

  49. Can someone please explain the obsession with the M22?

    • It’s a little tank that can hide anywhere, it’s incredibly fast, and its gun is in theory capable of killing things far larger than it. It’s something you drive for fun.

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