War Thunder // “A long, hard election”

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This was recorded yesterday, before even the exit polls came out – and if you’ve no interest in politics whatsoever, then feel free to skip it.

Of course the news this morning was that there was no overall Tory majority… but that it was close enough that now the DUP are on board, so chalk up another one in the “Theresa May a massive hypocrite” column I guess.

It’s been a very strange election all round.


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  1. >^> I read the title wrong if you catch my drift….

  2. You should join the Warthunder community staff team PointyHairedJedi. I think you would be a great fit.

  3. Haha! First you guys voted to cut the rope to the EU, and then you vote in a mob of fucking idiots to lead you nation. I call it justice. I’m looking for a nice property with views of the Mediterranean to purchase. If things turn bad, I’m heading down there. I’m glad I’m not living on an island full of backward SJW’s and Muslim apologists.

  4. Thankfully Labour didn’t win

  5. chris pilkington

    thankfully the vile woman’s career is over

  6. WarGamingRefugee

    @PointyHairedJedi, Your being so wound up by something which is beyond your control sounds not like involvement with the various issues in the U.K., but like anxiety. From personal experience, there is, now-a-days, not reason to live a life in that mental state. Perhaps you can give escitalopram or some other drug(s) a try.

  7. sounds like you fell for the socialist propaganda, mate

    peace (from the UK)

  8. I wonder if there’ll come a time again when elections won’t be about chosing the lesser of two evils. Which rock did all these unsavory politicians crawl out under from, and how do we get them back under it?!

  9. great Vid + i feel your pain with the thatcher wanna be

  10. That election just seemed like Theresa May desperately trying to legitimize herself and Britain’s decisions now that people are figuring out that running away from an organization that has been successful for 70+ years has made them an even bigger ISIS target because it made those wackos believe that the Brits were a bunch of scared xenophobes that would react in a way that ISIS could use to its end.

  11. I am so sorry about the projected coalition between the Tori’s and DUP…. hold steadfast man, and let’s hope that future elections see a larger voter turnout against them in the future.

  12. Miodrag Mijatović

    “Apolitical” people blow anyway

    Uphold Marxism-Corbyinism!

  13. RIP free internet, NHS, human rights etc.

  14. Well, the election May or May not have gone they way you wanted it to 😛

  15. Ironically, watching you repeatedly trade height or speed for no apparent reason reminds me very much of the Conservative election strategy :p

  16. As an outside looking in, both your Conservatives and Labour would scare the crap out if me. Tories are talking about “1984” levels of control, meanwhile Labour are talking “free everything, open borders but lots of police, free migration, stay in EU as much as possible, more free stuff, huge debt, did we mention more free stuff?” Both the UK’s largest parties are trying to wreck your country…

  17. Congratz Pointy on your 1,000th video… (did you know you?)

  18. Wonder how many subs this cost you. 1 for sure

  19. Well, given Jim Comey’s testimony yesterday, they’ll have treason and obstruction charges drawn up against Trump in several weeks. Can’t wait to see that whiny orange faced orangutan marched out in handcuffs.

  20. Ronald de Rooij

    The UK society lost its way a year ago, and has not found it back yet. I am a bit of an Anglophile (although I will never drive a car again in that country), and it is sad to see how this country is led. Not that in my country NL we do it better. We lost our way too. Mostly NL and UK do the same things in history. So we lose ourselves together. I expect the UK back in the EU within 15 years. Reality is globalisation. Why? Because airplanes and internet. Denying it is being left behind.

  21. I think “Roger Roger” on your wings is the problem- makes you channel your inner battle droid.

  22. Hey Jedi, I’ll join you in a game of Verdun anytime.

  23. I haven’t really followed the UK election too much, as I can’t vote in it, but these are my feelings on Corbyn and Labour;

    Socialism is great until you run out of other peoples money to spend….. and the UK is out of money. Some hard choices need to be made, and, in my opinion, they aren’t going far enough.

    Secondly, I think the UK people have shot themselves in the foot somewhat, as the DUP seem truly nasty people, I don’t know much about them, so maybe I’m wrong, but from the little research I did on them…… well….. good luck.

  24. Jedi your Wellington was close to stall and the enemy was still way above you, you had nowhere enough energy or power to get up to him.

  25. No one? Ok. Ahem. A LONG HARD ERECTION.

  26. some of these comments are hilarious. Labour goes back to its roots and gets flak, Empress May has a vanity crisis and gets spanked. Now the DUP are in the mix…. I give it less than a year before it is all back to the polls.

  27. Madcap Magician

    This was a party political broadcast for the imbecile, anti monarchist, terrorist hugging, money-blind, communist Jeremy Corbyn. Jedi just fly the sodding planes!

  28. Bad idea discussing politics in your videos. I would strongly advise against it otherwise it won’t end well. There are a lot of people with strong views on each side of the fence which will never align no matter how much you try to argue your case so please, just stick to talking about boats and tanks and leave the politics for other channels.

  29. I am glad I wasn’t the only person worried sick about this election. It’s been stressing me, and when I get stressed I get headaches. Well between that and banging my head last week I’ve been having a lot of headaches.

  30. Admiral Anderson

    We certainly live in interesting times Jedi. Very interesting times indeed.

  31. Me from Germany, the continental europe dont want the UK to leave the EU.
    Why you do this? Please stay 🙁

  32. AnimeSunglasses

    I twitch every time I hear anyone call a Sunderland a fighter… It’s a patrol bomber, for frak’s sake!

  33. 1. The internet is not life. Most of the things on the internet are not serious or useful.

    2. Nothing is free. NOTHING. Free benefits are the most expensive in the end since they erode people’s work ethic and create a sense of entitlement. University student’s demanding 4 free years of babysitting is pathetic, because that is what the majority of uni courses are.

    3. The future of a nation is the character of its people character of future generations but you can’t guarantee everyone will be safe or people won’t hate you. The only thing you can do is make sure that the people you have influence over will have the strength and motivation to meet future undefined challenges. That isn’t the same as schooling and can’t be bought by taxing someone else.

    4. Putting demands on other people to supply someone else education or the necessities of life makes them more responsible and more of an adult than someone who doesn’t. This might not be due to any fault of the recipient, but they are still accepting charity and they are relying on a stranger who has their own life to live more responsible for their life than themselves. It pisses me off when people get mad at conservatives for not being for public benefits that they would not provide themselves. Charity is private, taxing someone else may be practical and it may be a good idea in terms of benefits. Just don’t pretend you are a good person because you want others to pay for your guilty conscience.

  34. YouGotBeatByAGirl_

    This is why we left

    With love,
    An American

  35. Well, I come away from this, now…feeling not quite so bad at my piloting skills lmbo….

  36. Being a mature gamer 51 this year 😉 and more importantly I’m very good imo 😉 (hopefully I can game till the day I drop! But games aside talking about polotics there’s NOT one party including the stupidly new “labour” of some 10+years ago that will ever think of the “normal” citizens I always loved labour years ago as they stood for the working class….how times change….labour are just the tories in a different suit. Bob crow who sadly died would have been a great Labour leader….. “all current parties” say this and that but truthfully the biggest fk up was the privatisation of all our assets! And will take 3 to 4 generations to get it all back if ever!

  37. Hey if you need help playing WT I can squad with you if you want?

  38. See what you have done PHJ?
    You talked about politics and now the majority of the posts is about politics……..
    Please don’t.

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