War Thunder – A39 Tortoise “Issues”

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Source: Bo Time

I decided after two years it was time to revisit the ! When you to shut down roads and destroy ’s dreams. We discuss building exercises, Bo gets a rocket to his back, and bear pretends to be a barn.


  1. ‘Negative .. Maybe .. I think .. I don’t know’ Yip! It happens; sheesh. Yeah! Never mind .. our Loli Dragon’s still there to help. Booom! Oh! well. Life .. kinda gets you; you know …. right – there. ;o) Thank you guys, as always .. especially Loli ‘Mr Valiant’ Dragon who just seems to ‘know’, special-angel mission impossible style.

  2. 9:09 MLG Teamwork. Another great video Bo.

  3. How can i Change my Level in war thunder? I am at Level 3 now but i want to play level 2 again

  4. 4:12 any else one hate when that happens object 120 takes no skill

  5. Hey man, you use postfx effects ??

  6. FREAKAZOID!!!!!

  7. Ratatosk T. Silent

    poor Bear, https://youtu.be/KJJ9pOVko0M?t=634 and Bo’s reaction a few seconds later https://youtu.be/KJJ9pOVko0M?t=647 , roflmao

  8. what’s weird is you watch these vids and start moving your mouse like you’re playing

  9. Next can ya’ll do the sherman firefly

  10. Emmanuel Zellweger

    Are the cockpits clickable in il-2?

  11. I do not like tanks that cannot be penetrated from the front. As such, I think the Tortoise is an OP piece of crap to fight against. There are too many maps in which it is just too good.

    • Haitaka123 Having every tank able to be penetrated from the front lacks skill… Then all you get is a mobility meta where armor isn’t relevant… Tortoise is good, even at up-tiers. Just gotta do your research…

  12. Its like each of you keep assuming the other is an idiot

  13. Here’s the funny thing Bo, my family nickname that I’ve had since I was a baby is Bear. It causes confusion when I watch your videos with Gloriousbear in them.

    • 1mymm Dont know how it could cause confusion when you don’t even know them.

    • when i have my volume up and my family hears bear, they try to figure why i’m being called bear online, because they don’t really grasp the difference of when i am playing with friends online on teamspeak and watching a video

    • 1mymm Oh, I thought you confuse yourself, but then I’m not trying to prove you wrong or anything but like they hear a response when someone calls “bear” and stuff but I understand

    • A it’s my family being my family. They can’t really tell when I’m gaming with people or watching videos, and they know my online moniker is Nova, so when they hear beat they are like “wait, who did you tell that nickname to” cause really it’s a family thing, you know?

    • Yeah I hate how they are that like wanting-to-know.

  14. So bo, after looking at all your war thunder ground forces videos that you never played the M4A3 76 W (aka the Sherman easy 8) or any of the other 76 Shermans. So if you can play one of those that would be swell. Cheers

  15. 3:00 Mines bigger! *shoots dicker max gets non pen* WAT

  16. Well there’s a map I’ve never seen before

  17. love that tank

  18. Lol, that ending was so funny and sad at the same time

  19. Slobodan Petrović

    “shake it of Loli” – Loli drives back in bushes hahahahaha

  20. ꧁Bonske 0000꧂

    What is the issues ꧁꧂

  21. Botimegaming? Feels more like botimeTANKING come on man do some planes

    • AGloriousPolarBear

      Problem with planes is that any person in the game can see names, which leads to opposing teams or friendly teams trolling or harassing us.

  22. Such a great vehicle and so much fun watching this monster on the battlefield :)))

  23. your best games are one you loose.???

  24. Take the t92 with heat fs and sabo attempt #2

  25. 15,548th!

  26. huh. Today I learned that’s there’s a map in war thunder that I’ll never see ingame because it’s a high tier map. narf

  27. gasdorfic muncher

    it was fun at 6.3 before the br increase ..i know i had 80 kills to 1 death …something like 8 deaths mostly rocket planes ..then br increase stop playing to preserve my stats

  28. Do m5 stuart use only ap at tier one

  29. Bring back Coffee!

  30. Skywalker the 3rd

    Love these vids

  31. where the fu%k is moe? i want more moevil

  32. He sounds like sheldon from the big bang thoeroy

  33. I love your vedoe

  34. Why the Fuck are Tiger 1s fighting Caernarvons and a Tortoise?

  35. Bo needs to do an FV 4005 video

  36. TowHOOOOOK!!!!!!

  37. Interesting Playlists

    That thing looks like an extra thicc M3 Lee from the rear

  38. I needed this, I’m leveling a character in warcraft and I just spend an hour and half on two seperate groups + wait times not even to get past the first gate in Stratholme. With so little desire to attempt a third try, this was a very pleasant distraction.

  39. Bo i love your new name “Rescue 1”

  40. Just a suggestion, if you zoom in to the commander view (just over the top of your vehicle), it’s much easier to see through smoke, since there’s less of it between you and whatever you’re looking at. Reduces the accidental rammings by a lot.

  41. 3:00 Wat?!

  42. Do the other guys upload?

  43. I loved when Lolidragon started to sing total eclipse of the heart by bonnie tyler and is completely ignored!

  44. nice video
    yore the best

  45. What does bo think about the kv-2 zis 6

  46. bear was in phly’s vid with the bomber plane with 108mm in nose! (i forget the name) go to 9:55 and look at the kills at bottom right

  47. 9:25 Saving Private Bear


  49. You should start putting the game modes u play in the description

  50. very nice video, also that is a beautiful castle at 6:47 does someone wanna make a tour of it? 😉

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