War Thunder – A43 Black Prince – Realistic Battle

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Source: Robbaz

Will the British 17 pounder pound you as well? It pounds everything.


  1. Love Robbaz

  2. Robbaz, you’re smart
    you’re loyal
    you’re sexy
    I appreciate that

  3. WOOOOO, Do more of everything, please!

  4. 145th :)

  5. unlisted crew checking in. good vid man

  6. Sir Stefan Channel!

    The British are coming! The British are coming! You kinky fuck.

  7. You know nothing about British engineering Robert, the tank doesn’t run on
    Corgis! It runs on tea and crumpets.

  8. Sir Stefan Channel!

    Yeah it should do that damage, it’s a heavy shell hitting weak armour (on
    the Pabzer IV’s) it would creating a lot of spalling, which is for once
    accurately represented. (note how it doesn’t do that much damage to the
    Tiger because of the thick armour

  9. Javaris Jamar Javarison-Lamar



  11. First dislike ….
    Wanna be different.

  12. The black Prince (in my opinion is amazing in WOT) but I’ve been told it’s
    way better in warthunder, his should be hood

  13. God damn I am early.

  14. we need a volvo made tank in this game just for Robbaz

  15. war thunder w/ British tanks omg!!!

  16. Robbaz?

  17. ayy im early lord robert do you need a anal douching?

  18. Thanks you knugen Robert

  19. Would you rather ride a corgi or the 17 pounder into battle?

  20. Hey Robert, any news on the Honey Mead?

  21. you make this game look so easy

  22. 2:10 Rest in Pieces in RIP in pepperoni

  23. 23WalkDcool RBLX The Emperor of Horseland

    Robbaz ily you swedish bitch

    im danish u ashol

  24. Robert for the next fallout video go to the big shopping mall place run by

  25. At last Robbaz you got rid of that IKEA logo and got a decent flag ;)

  26. Good to see you make some warthunder Robert!

  27. Robbaz, you should never quit youtube. One of a kind, man.

  28. I KNEW IT! I had a feeling in my guts you uploaded something!

  29. Harnessing Corgi technology!

  30. In all fairness Robert, us British are the fat shits of Europe. Thank
    Christ for the US to take the brunt of all the fat jokes.

  31. Made my day.

  32. i would love to play this game, but my computer was not made in sweden,

  33. Tally-ho motherfucker

  34. that bomber kill though Robert lol

  35. Robazz there is an American tank as slow and bigger than the black Prince
    it’s the T95 aka the doom turtle I would love to see you do a video of it.

  36. Robbaz more knugen pleez

  37. Robert, you shot a plane out of the sky with a tank, that is badass, that
    made my night.

  38. I thought the 17 pounder was really inaccurate. Only reason why it was
    renown was because it was the only thing that could penetrate a tiger early
    on since the 75mm shemans couldn’t make a hole in it. This thing is far
    from inaccurate.

    Also fuck russian bias in this game.

  39. Beans on toast is very British, and no we say cunt all the time.

  40. A43 Nigerian Prince: He asked you for your money through in app purchases,
    then didn’t even have a payoff! Luckily Robert is a professional Viking!

  41. Blooigfdfwgbxsd you know what I mean

  42. I don’t know if it belongs at 5.7, really..

  43. I wonder if the crew of the black prince dress up as the queen so they get
    little ginger corgis working for them and they feed them crumpets for extra

  44. 2.13 – the reaction is amazing!!!

  45. did he talyo

  46. “buckle up bukaroo” Robbaz has been watching South Park

  47. I literally smiled ear to ear when I hit my subscriptions and saw new

  48. Robbaz Corp. presents the all new Black Prince AA! Guaranteed to deal with
    all your aircraft problems in one shot!

  49. Ingen snö alls här i stockholm.. än.

  50. Robbaz, you don’t need a tank…you’re robbaz you can shoot subscribers out
    of your forehead

  51. JonnyDoesgames Koch

    robbaz do more of this game and make some more videos


  53. Notice me daddy

  54. Robbaz yelling tally ho reminds me of Bruce Willis saying “yippie ki yay
    mother fucker” xD

  55. British tanks have always followed the ethos of Heavy slow and fucking
    powerful. Doesn’t matter if you arrive to the battle first if you get gang
    banged when the 17 pounder shows up. That said, reverse gears were never
    meant to be part of the British Empire. Stopped people from retreating when
    foolish notions of defeat were brought up.

  56. TurnsOutItsPrettyGood Kripperino

    När brukar du lägga dig bro? haha

  57. Why is it that when Robbaz gets in a tank, he fucking wrecks everyone, but
    when i get in a tank, i get killed by a fucking machinegun?

  58. im hard

  59. Who’s the random guy you talk to?

  60. the phrase isn’t like a butter knife, its like a hot knife through butter.

  61. what takes so long for you to upload a vid robbaz? ☺

  62. As a British citizen and vassal to the queen you i hereby knight thee Sir
    Knight slayer and Corgi lover Robert!

  63. British military engineering. We made a gun that is an anti-armour cannon
    *and* a flak cannon *at the same time*.

  64. TheGangsta RedHead-HD


  65. 12:21 Looks like he “Austin Powered It”?
    I am going to go slit my wrists now for this joke.

  66. “Hi there how’s it going?”

    “Are you dead?”

    Apparently every question robbaz asks can be solved with a tank shell

  67. Sovantarians Journal

    for the intro of this vid, should of played the British grenadiers

  68. Somalian Butt-Pirate


  69. FYI – “Cunt” is a brilliant word to use here in the UK mate. But it’s
    unbelievably insulting to people in my parents generation sonit can be used
    with good effect!

  70. “Oh shit, plane incoming! Roll out, roll out!”
    No fear, fucking love you Robbaz.

  71. Robbaz you pay 2 win bastard. I love it.

  72. Robbaz my friend, you can seriously lighten up any day. Very funny one
    today. :)

  73. WE want more cooking with the Kok

  74. le balanced crumpet tank

  75. seeing how OP th A43 is makes me wonder what the Challenger 2 would be

  76. For too long have the frontlines of War Thunder been dominated by Ikea
    flat-pack tanks that have to be assembled by the crew before every bout of
    armoured fisticuffs. The time has come for the Royal Family to join the
    battle; the ever-elegant Queen Elizabeth coating her forehead with axle
    grease as he hops daintily into the drivers seat, all the while the Duke of
    Edinburgh takes charge of the gun, firing off his own eclectic brand of
    insults as his grace peppers those filthy continental types with lead.
    By how many years will this Royal adventure set back European relations?
    Will the Queen prove herself to be a better driver than Diana?

  77. TheBlackdragonnight

    720p and 1080p at 50 FPS because fuck the normal 60 FPS. Im a hipster. You
    are one strange man Robbaz

  78. Robert, stealing the Queen’s Corgis again?

  79. Tally ho bitch………

  80. @Robbaz You think the black prince is slow? You should try the T-95.

  81. The crew are corgis as well as the power source.

  82. vikings don’t have horns….. just saying….

  83. Robbaz, maybe a Skyrim special for christmas? I miss your old videos and

  84. 2:12 I’ve tried that over 100 times, but Robbaz is the one who gets it…
    peanut butter and jealous.

  85. robbaz do you love me im British groovy baby ?

  86. you should do garys mod again

  87. Sir Robert, commander of the Queen’s tanks. Have all the beans on toast you
    can Robert.

  88. Use the m551 Sheridan if there is one

  89. Hi Robbaz :D

  90. I have an erection

  91. I hit a B-17 while in an IS-1 one time, that was badass as fuck

  92. is this game worth spending 2-4 hours to download?

  93. That moment when Robbaz becomes MLG tank. 2:05 and 10:11

  94. #MORE CORGE !!!!!

  95. We have a slow reverse gear because we always ATTACK HEAD ON!!!!!!

  96. Robbaz you sexy bitch. It’d would be an honor to play warthunder with you!!

  97. I don’t know if you take suggestions, but I would really like to see you
    play Evolve

  98. wew im early hello robert from australiaa

  99. lmao the south park reference, “Buckle up buckaroo”

  100. On behalf of all British People I dub thee Sir Robert. You may rise.

  101. MAKE 20 MINUTE VIDS !!!!

  102. Are you a tank scorer Robert?

  103. The pilot you shot down probably had to drink a few litres of water to
    counteract the salt.

  104. “tally ho bitch” hahahahaha

  105. reversing is for the cowardly

  106. I came twice all over my keyboard to those plane kills.

  107. I don’t know why but english people do see cunt as the swear word of all
    swear words, here in Scotland it’s probably the most used, we actually use
    the word cunt as person or people, example, look at that cunt or somecunt
    has robbed me! or nae cunt will get past me

  108. déaþ óðer æsctír

    Robbaz is definitely an honorary Briton. Glorious.

  109. 10:13 360 no scope tank on aircraft action!

  110. The British don’t retreat so no need for fast reverse 🙂 p.s fucking insane
    shooting on those planes robbaz

  111. dude your video is so FUNNY!!!!

  112. +Robbaz what would win in a fight, a corgi or a walrus?

  113. at 9:00 was i tho only one who noticed the KV-2? and then at 9:05 say what
    an idiot, he missed!

  114. fairly certain all of the early British tanks were designed for trench
    warfare, to be able to go over a trench, requiring them to be quite long.

  115. So Robbaz was the one who shot Iron Man down

  116. American tanks go what, like 30 mph idk

  117. 9:00 as a Brit, I can confidently say that calling someone a cunt is a
    national pastime

  118. ROBBAZ! I was Torgue Flexington in the other Black Prince on Advance to the
    Rhine. I remember you replied to a message of mine 3 years ago, never
    thought I’d appear in one of your videos.

    Could not believe my eyes when I saw your name in the statistics.

  119. God save the Queen!

  120. SteamPoweredRudeBoy

    Jesus, 2 aircraft?

  121. vote trump or die.

  122. not supposed to be reversing Robert, FOREVER FORWARDS!!!

  123. Robbaz is OP.

  124. Those two plane kills were unreal

  125. hello from british gibraltar robbaz old bean

  126. More war thunder videos!

  127. I had that tank and its slow as balls but it hits like a brick and I can
    take so much damage

  128. British OP 100% confirmed

  129. Someone likes South Park (;

  130. You know when you see “robbazking” on the other team it’s game over.


  132. That cannon pounds everything but can it £ it all too?

  133. I wish I could read the chat X3

  134. Hey Robbaz! You should add your Sherman jumbo video to your war thunder

  135. Matthew Dominguez (M.D)

    50fps? I didn’t know youtube downgraded.

  136. Grass Brassington (thegrassmaster2)

    Robbaz should respond to this post if he understands that B9 Aerospace pack
    has been updated

  137. That tank has more Union flags than Shankhill road!

  138. if that’s a British tank then is it bigger on the inside

  139. so
    the second plane kill WAS a no scope with a tank lol

  140. good thing I quit this game before Robbaz started playing again.

  141. Those plane kills…. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  142. When are you going to do more from the depths? Love your vids!

  143. tally ho bitch!

  144. Your too OP you don’t give the other team a chance.

  145. I think robbaz’s british subs just unsubed him

  146. Gaijin: Robert, you can’t use the A.43 as an anti-aircraft vehicle…

    Robert: Fucking watch me, bitch. Tally-ho!
    *Aircraft Destroyed: +280 +4250*

  147. 7:23 We’re not bloody french! ;)

  148. cunt is fine in the uk its just pussy americans

  149. Ryan .The Sofa King

    The “Black” Prince, I see what you did there Britain.

  150. Robbaz makes games look too easy….. I feel so jealous 🙁

    12:00 Reminds me when Austin Powers get’s the cart stuck in a hallway in
    the first movie.

  151. Crawlerz - Russian Tactical

    Hey Robbaz!

  152. As an Australian i support your use of the word cunt Robbaz.

  153. Hehe I love the Blackprince, can’t wait for the full British tree and the
    Chieftain when they release it.

  154. #RobbazOP

  155. The reason the black prince is slow is because it was designed to keep in
    pace with soldiers on the ground. Lighter tanks like the Cromwell were used
    to scout.

  156. Robbaz please stop hacking…

  157. Tally ho bitch! Dude that shot on the fighter was money.

  158. Lmao, I died at 2:15

  159. Aw man. I was in a match with Robbaz where he wasn’t wrecking ass

  160. Why are you so good at game??


  162. James “Theseus” Clayden

    In England the term Cunt is often used as a term of endearment. Example.
    “You used the last of the milk ya cheeky cunt. Now I can’t have a nice cup
    of tea.”

  163. As a British person I approve of your use of the word “wanker” when
    referring to everyone who isn’t you.

  164. LOL robbaz is one funny cool youtuber

  165. coming from a british wanker robert
    ur one of us in my books :)

  166. no snow in kalmar :/

  167. Silly Robert, never apologize for wearing only long underpants, they are
    comfy and sexy, like leggins for men.

  168. Yes its beans on toast. Yes we say cunt alot but it’s still pretty
    offensive. Wish i had some fucking marmalade too…

  169. You are by far the best commentator and my favorite, I love every single
    video you make

  170. How is it that Robbaz penetrates everyone so easily but everyone else just
    dings off his armor?

  171. Do more from the depths

  172. ARMICKA FUCK YAY!!!!!!!

    no what this it britein : (

    TALLEY HO!!!

  173. Britain is ok with the word cunt, it’s The US that doesn’t like it

  174. hey robbaz who was the other person you were playing with?

  175. It’s okay, we British tend to appreciate liberal use of the word cunt.

  176. Robbaz, In Australia we call our friends cunts.

  177. Buckle up buckaroo

  178. Can you run for next Prime-minister?

  179. Hey, Robbaz. Thank you for turning me onto War Thunder. I play it all the
    time now. I’m nowhere as good as you, but once in a while I manage to
    surprise myself. What’s your call-sign, if you don’t might me asking? I’ll
    add you to my friend’s list – my only one so far. haha I’m GunterVonLauger.

  180. “I say wat ol chaps and chapettes!”
    “Bob is indeed your uncle and fannys your aunt!”

  181. that last mission was like fury but you lived

  182. 50 fps Robbaz you pleb

  183. Honestly I really dont like this game, but I watch it anyway since robert
    is so god-like, and hilarious. Love you BB keep it up, no homo :P

  184. I thought their tanks would be giant tea cups that shoot ice cubes.

  185. If only phlydaily or jingles saw how epic this is

  186. Something Random Inc.

    Robbaz buying advice. It’s not worth it unless you really want it.

  187. August Grosbøl-Rais

    robbaz do you understand danish?

  188. Kind of unrealistic, the churchill tank was actually a great hill climber,
    in one famous battle the german defenders assumed a slope was impassable to
    tanks and they were outflanked by churchill tanks

  189. Two videos in two days?! I must be dreaming :)

  190. Christopher Christian

    Lol, I love your video!!! Idk how you aim so well either!

  191. Better reverse gears pff why would we wanna go back you fucking pussy, go
    forward straight into their ass like a man

  192. Oh My liege, the great king of sweden, you should start streaming and then
    posting higlights on youtube

  193. Robbaz i hope i never see you on the battlefield.

  194. After this I want to buy that tank :D

  195. Robbaz if you want a tank that’s good at reversing than I suggest a French

    Thryre much better at retreating ;)

  196. Taleeho bitch!!! Lol

  197. Robbaz are you uploading anymore from the depths soon? btw keep up the good

  198. Holy shit, how are you so good at this game?

  199. Dude that reaction when he shot down the plane!!!!

  200. a 43 year old Nigerian prince

  201. Eirik Holsæter (lille5nik)

    Isn’t it muricans that take way too much offense to “cunt”?


  203. Yutyrannus Dinosaur

    Love the war thunder videos!

  204. 8:55 SNOIPA TANK

  205. i liked the moment u shot the airplane down xD

  206. does robbaz edit it out? or does he just never die?

  207. What, do you have snow?! here in Dalarna there is nothing, NOTHING! Skit
    vinter.. blir aldrig kallt..

  208. I’ve seen the Black Prince a few times while I was playing SB. I don’t hang
    around and look at it long before I go off to drive in circles around
    Tiger’s. I love the 76mm M1A2 cannon.

  209. yes jesus thanks u

  210. Good morning from England xx

  211. in south sweden we dont have snow it hasent even snowd where i live it is

  212. det är ett helvete robert, det har inte kommit någon snö än, i alla fall
    inte i Stockholm, julen är förstörd ;_;

  213. fucking wanker in robbazs accent is so hilarious hahaha

  214. 12:45 “This tank is a pile of shit”
    In-game voice: “I agree”

  215. U should do 360° MLG turret spin and kill compilation !

  216. buckle up buckaroo :)

  217. I think that I have to start using “Tally ho Bitch!” now, that was way to

  218. “What the fuck is that thing”

    Pretty much how everyone reacted to most stuff the Soviets built in WW2.
    Including other Soviets.

  219. More war thunder

  220. The american enderman 28


  221. o no ro-bus is here

  222. Robbaz if u minimize the ammo when u spawn it’s a lower chance of the enemy
    tanks ammo racking u

  223. that small ass gun is so op… and than armor is way too good for what it
    actually is

  224. “Holy moly” -Robbaz 2015

  225. Since we British never retreat we only need a reverse gear to unload tanks
    of their transports. We probably should have outsourced the reverse gear to
    the French.

  226. MORE Fallout 4 base building please!

  227. Here in central sweden there is no snow.

  228. REVERSE GEAR?!?! who needs reverse gear the enemy is in front of you no

  229. ThatRandomGuy (StemiX)

    I will take a note to make them faster.

  230. Grovy baby

  231. var är den svenska flaggan

  232. does robbaz win because the pay2win structure is fucked or does he
    jjust…shit on bad kids

  233. No cunt isn’t that bad Robert

  234. Toss my salad

  235. i’m english and i say cunt many times a day, it’s not really that bad of a
    word over here

  236. 123crispychicken123

    Fuck you Robbaz, Britain invented tanks!

  237. robbaz we have slow reverse because we never run away

  238. British tanks don’t have to reverse as the always win :)

  239. 8:59 robbaz impersonates an aussie

  240. Wow that writing is small, What is your resolution set to Robbaz?

  241. Robbaz, fooking aimbot machine.

  242. I Göteborg finns ingen jävla snö… inte ens slask )=

  243. but two planes in a raow

  244. We ain’t got any snow here in Stockholm, not even slask…

  245. triangles are 2spooky4me

    Tally fucking ho

  246. triangles are 2spooky4me

    As soon as we beseech the machine spirit

  247. här i göteborg är det ingen snö och 5 grader

  248. Buckle up buckeru!

  249. I saw this tank today in AB! I was in KV 2 and I saw this thing eating thru
    tigers. Wait, I though this tank is tier 4….. Kv2 and tiger is tier

  250. Reminds me of the a-10 kill he got with the tank in battlefield like five
    years ago. His reaction is pretty much the same.

  251. Good chap all ways had been British inside, get some fucking tea and
    crumpets we dance. and BTW we cannot make you go faster in reverse how do
    you think corgi’s can do that?

  252. långkalsonger

  253. I’m offensive and I find this English

  254. Reverse gears are for french tanks :P

  255. Moar From the Depths :D

  256. The best war thunder video i have seen in while anywhere
    2 awesome plane kills

  257. “TALLY HO BITCH” – Robbaz 2015

  258. Without even having seen this video, i can say that this tank is OP af. If
    I’m correct, it has the same battle rating as a tiger and has more armor
    and better penetration. This is probably like the only vehicle in the tier
    that you will really struggle penetrating and that isn’t a fucking soviet

  259. jacksepticeye you ar my god

    var bor du i Sverige för jag bor i göteborg

  260. The Black Prince was named after Edward the Black Prince who was the Prince
    of Wales. Corgis come from Wales. That tank is the Corgi king.

  261. Robbaz if you want a tank that is good at reversing try an Italian one
    *shots fired*

  262. Beans on toast is amazing! And yes ‘c#*t’ is a very harsh swear in
    England,it’s just the culture that’s all. I know in Sweden when I’ve been
    there it isn’t at all.

  263. British Tanks = No retreat! To War ppl!!! Never back down! ;D

  264. Had a guy yesterday that got 16 kills and had 7000 in score. Idk know how
    many backups he had but when we finally won we had killed him 7 times in
    his black prince….

  265. that’s innacurate. The churchill tanks were excellent climbers which they
    demonstrated in north-Africa (especially in Tunisia) It’s the principal
    reason that the churchill tank was used until the end of the war and went
    through various upgrade cycles. Otherwise they would have probably dropped
    the tank.

  266. Yep our 17 pounder kicks ass!


  268. Robbaz the anti air XD

  269. Reversing is for the French…

  270. this game is pure cheating

  271. filip dasilvalarsson

    Can you please give me some snow. Just show it down south to me. Thanks!

  272. 2:08 get rekt son

  273. Holy fuck watching this makes me cry, it seems so fucking op jesus christ!


  275. Robbaz, the british did make a better tank and reverse gear and stuff. This
    tank is just a failed prototype.

    You should see the excelsior. It’s like this tank but much much more faster
    (another prototype).

  276. Robbaz uses p2w to kill those peasents ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  277. if you think cunts offensive, then you’re a cunt.

  278. If you want better reverse gears maybe try a french tank, they have 3 but
    only one forward gear for parades :)

  279. I walked down the street looking in the ground for money, but I had found
    something more than that. A advertisement card thing…

    It said: Robbaz, hairy, big dick, one guy that will turn you on.

    It then showed me a hairy Robbaz with his white masculine hands,

    I then went home and masturbated to it.

    I discovered him on YouTube like this.

    I masturbated even more to his videos,

    How I discovered Robbaz and Skyrim and his Lone Russian Soldier video on
    ArmA 2.

  280. Nothing says “fuck off” like shooting down a plan with a single cannon

    I always find it hilarious that there’s dedicated anti-air units, and a
    single tank ends up stopping a whole wave of airplanes.

  281. Beans on toast. hm.

  282. The Beastmen Warlord

    2:12 Snoop Dogg, get over here you filthy peasant! Look at this MLG pro!

  283. Do the Sherman firefly

  284. I personally don’t think the word cunt is that bad but I know a lot of
    people who do

  285. I love you Robbaz <3

  286. those airplane shots tho…!
    btw in south sweden we dont even have slask, all we have is rain and windy
    weather… :'(

  287. Du bor i Piteå, eller hur? Är det så mycket snö där? Här i Kiruna ä de för
    fan snö så man drunknar

  288. Greed Thunder, where if you pay, a lot, you can lolstomp the enemy.

  289. Yay robbaz is British ??

  290. I checked Robbaz’s account… He barely plays, yet he spends an absurd
    ammount of money =|

  291. Its the Americans that don’t like the “C” word, Brits invented it :P

  292. haha I saw you in game yesterday I think. my player name was AtomicDorito.
    I thought it was you but I wasn’t too sure

  293. 5:40 Robbaz: our capture points are like assholes i gotta park my tank in

  294. id let u fuk mee al night robbaz

  295. German Tanks were and are the Best!

  296. i went ape shit after that plane kill

  297. 0:00 Tally ho old shaps? There’s something fishy about this blighter!

  298. Always playing the OP tanks Robert…

  299. the British didn’t need a reverse gear, they never retreated :D

  300. I’m British and we say cunt all the time

  301. Cunt is the best British swear word Robert.

  302. its no snow at all down here robbaz not even slask i göteborg >:(


  304. wait. .. is that Robbaz talking to someone oh my cube this is impossible..

  305. Tiger 1, one of the best most armored tanks in the war, no one could kill
    it at its time..
    Worst fukin tank in warthunder gg

  306. Gråvy bejbi

  307. He called me a wanker :-), how does he know these things ?

  308. I think only the US think cunt is a big thing

  309. Det är absolut ingen snö i Värmland där jag bor XD

  310. det är inte änns slask här nere. de har int kommit en ända snö flinga

  311. 9:00 cunt is offensive to Fatty Americans but British people consider it

  312. För Sverige i juletiden. Go jul!

  313. That’s some battlefield 4 shit when you shot down the plane with a tank

  314. AnotherIdiot PlayingGames

    tanks like the matilda, churchills and black prince are infantry tanks.
    they were designed to drive next to foot soldiers. The british also had
    cruiser tanks which were very fast for tanks of that time.

  315. You are the best at War Thunder !

  316. is that Jef?

  317. Cunt is everyday language in kangaroo land

  318. The tank in 4:40 ( the tiny one ) looks like a Typewriter in the front.

  319. Robbaz have your ending song be “Oh No You Didn’t” on Fallout 4 showing
    everyone you killed. Please.

  320. Only the Americans get easily offended at “Cunt”

  321. What’s the difference between War Thunder and World Of Tanks?

  322. cunt is 100% OK in Scotland :p

  323. Jingle Bells
    Batman Smells
    Robin Flew Away!

    Uncle Billy Lost His Willy
    On The M5 Motorway
    HEY! x2

  324. Eloi Duarte Villanueva

    Hills, the worst enemy of british tanks.

  325. The way he says “mother fucker” sounds like “muddy fucker”

  326. It’s funny, because the Churchill was known for being very good in rough
    terrain, and was also known as being extremely good at climbing hills.

    Maybe it’s just the extra armour that bogs it down.

  327. i luv you <3

  328. “Realistic battle” >kills planes with a tank main gun

  329. we british don’t make reverse gears because we never retreat!

  330. The British give no shits for your petty cunts

  331. Richard “Firebug” Merrick

    Robbaz, we don’t need reverse gears, THOSE ARE FOR THE FRENCH!
    we just stick our feet out the bottom and walk backwards.

  332. WW2 Austin Powers haha

  333. Nothing that comes out of your mouth is harsh <3

  334. MarcusTheMlgPro-_:D

    There is no snow here in Stockholm ;_; Robbaz tell oden that we need snow!

  335. and we use 9 pond canons

  336. Can do robbaz

  337. We’re British not French Robbaz reverse is for pussies!

  338. Bloody ‘ell!

  339. Det är inte äns snö här

  340. the moment he shot down that plane i was like “great and its AA too!” dam

  341. dont make me change my name

    Churchill would be proud

  342. well its not rly slask down here its no snö at all, well it snowed like 5
    weeks ago and then it fukd off

  343. The English Introvert

    Hello from Britain!
    I love calling people cunts.. It’s fine buddyboo.

  344. I didn’t get the ice climber joke.

  345. I love it when Robert swears XD

  346. Marcus NoneOfYourBussnies

    this comment is offensive

  347. What ever happen to the nipple inspector?

  348. Jolly good old boy – right up the jacksie!

  349. Robbaz as an Aussie I can assure you that cunt is only the finest crafted
    insult in the English language.

  350. 12:49
    Robbaz: This tank is a big fucking pile of shit
    Tank Commander: I agree!

  351. When ever i play this game everyone is sooooooo O.P.

  352. Robbaz ill accept you as a british guy 10:30

    The British are comin bitches!

  353. I was wondering how Robbaz was able to pen everything…then I looked at
    his ammo loadout. Oh god its sabot rounds *gets walker buldog flashback*

  354. that ice climber joke for fucks sake robert haha

  355. 12:40 “I agree”

  356. The Queen would definitely knight you for shooting down two planes with a

  357. I cracked up at “buckle up, buckaroo.”

  358. nigga I’m amercian U bitch

  359. Not pay 2 win at all.

  360. Britain prefers to forward with are so we can fuck stuff up

  361. Robbaz, most of us british people don’t find cunt to be too offensive, I
    use it quite regularly, although some people dislike it because of the
    harshness of it. And of course you can be knighted as a Brit, we’d be

  362. snälla mer fallout 4! !SNÄLLA!

  363. Not even slask on Gotland. Only rain.

  364. I would expect Americans tanks to be this slow and fat.

  365. Nah, in UK cunt is often used as a greeting:
    “Alright ya cunt”

  366. I crave more mead updates!!

  367. I’m proud to be British

  368. JoseRicoTacoNachoQuesadillaMandillaJones

    “Do British people think that “Cunt” is too harsh of a word”

    I use it as often as I say Hello, if anything it’s not harsh enough!

  369. Thare is no snö in södra Sverige… För sverige i tiden Heil Norrland

  370. Miyamoto Musashi (TrulyBonkersGaming)

    Cheers love! The cavalrys here!

  371. We Brits proudly accept u Robert

  372. for fuck sake not even planes are safe

  373. “Buckle-up, buckaroo!”

  374. aaah best tank

  375. But wut if plane is no kill?

  376. Robbaz pls use the M60 Patton

  377. Robert! Play undertale!

  378. vi har inge snö als hr nere

  379. Youre complaing about the speed? Obviously not fueled by super unleaded tea
    and bread crumbs, PEASANTS!!

  380. i swear i love robbaz

  381. also reversing is for the french

  382. its not the tank taht is op, its you robbert…you need to nerf yourself.

  383. No wonder the British won the war.

  384. British bias motherfuckers!

  385. Cunt is pretty soft for Brits
    only Australians are more casual with it, really

  386. The reason the black price can’t go over hill is because they go THROUGH

  387. Tally ho!

  388. Hey!,Robert,Do you play off-camera?

  389. Det är inte ens slask i syd-sverige. Bor i småland, här är det 3+ ikväll
    med lite regn. Ingen vit jul för oss inte.

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  391. Hardcore Gaming - Heroes of Newerth

    Now this is the Rewind 2015 I was hoping for


  393. Your seriously pro man!

  394. That voice at the beginning tho, “Tally ho ol’ chaps”

  395. How do you lock the cannon movement like that!?!?

  396. The churchill, or black princes climbing ability is very strange in war
    thunder, as in world war 2 the tank was renowned for its ability to climb
    steeper hills than any other vehicle.

  397. “It’s a KV2 no wonder it looked like a fucking building?” – Quote of the

  398. Video #2
    I love you Robbaz

  399. ingen snö i Lysekil det är min stad 🙁 :(

  400. AaronGaming Minecraft Mods & More!

    It is so weird that Robbaz said Tea Party while playing a British tank!
    Does it remind anyone of a certain war war?

  401. Dat accuracy xD

  402. AustrianEmpire Ball

    Death to Poland!

  403. +Robbaz Im sorry about the tanks reversing. Still great vid, Love what you
    do and yes its called Beans on toast. For C*** most people will take more
    offense to it more that another words say Fucker.

  404. Robbaz, you should go to CS:GO And look at the R8 Revolvo

  405. Yeah we Brits really don’t give two shits about the word cunt tbh :P

  406. Robert ive been at your channel since the videos of minecraft I just wanna
    say u changed so much u evolved in to a better youtuber u EVOVLED INTO A

  407. @robbaz the English love to use the word cunt 🙂 it’s Americans that act
    like pussies when that word is said

  408. Where in Sweden do you live Robbaz? :)

  409. Robbaz you are officaly a british viking 😀 use your 360 noscope tank
    skills to make us proud.

  410. Here in America people will lose their mind if you say cunt. So annoying

  411. Robbaz play ksp or i will send an army of corgis to find you! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    (or From The Depths)

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  413. My god robbaz this is my best dream come true. A video from the most
    powerful NORSE GOD ROBBAZ on my birthday :D

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    Robbaz, that plane snipe was actually the sickest shit to ever happen


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    4. stay kinky!

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    any. Never mind.

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    0/10 Not enough Codsworth

  420. Hello am 48 year man from Bangladesh. Sorry for my bed england. I selled my
    wife and goat for internet connection for play “offensive global counter
    strike” and i want to become the goodest player like you I play with 400
    ping on russian server and i am gold nova 2. i want to go to dreamhack and
    become profesionall like nip friburger.

  421. The black price has 6 gears, five of them go forwards because retreat is
    for pussies! Rule Britannia bitch.

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  423. Everyone likes Långkalsonger

  424. great video!

  425. Robbaz I live in the middle of Sweden and we have no snow at all right now

  426. British tanks also have a kettle, so you can make a cup of tea. Just

  427. Does robbaz actually have any tanks that aren’t premium?

  428. Cunt’s fine some people are just don’t like it because their pussy’s.

  429. Vi har ingen snö här i Stockholm… :(

  430. Du, det e inte ens slask i Stockholm, vi hade fan 13 plus en dag i veckan,
    så blött är det inte haha, lite blött kanske eftersom det regna också, men
    a, torrt.

  431. Tally ho motherfucker

  432. Viking_Warrior haha

    If we British people put a real engine in a tank we wouldn,t have room for
    all the tea…

  433. uk uk uk uk uk uk uk uk im bttish


  435. Yeah? I don’t get why my parents think cunt is any worse than any other
    swear word, it’s kinda stupid

  436. “Buckle up Buckaroo”

    *proceeds to run over grandmother and her little dog*

  437. easy penetrating with apcr from front

  438. Carl Wilhelm Hesser

    +Robbaz Vi har inget jävla snö i stockholm. Bara haft frost 2 gånger. Regn
    är dock något vi blev lyckligt lottade till…

  439. Toodle pip and cheerio old chap

  440. You know your tank’s gun is impressive when the name could be used for a
    really big dildo
    Fear my: A43 BLACK PRINCE!

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  442. nohomo ibetyoukissgirlsfgt

    who is the American Roberts playing with?

  443. Robbaz here, King of Britain

  444. 9Xxradiation lordxX9

    Robbaz can you make a skyrim vid so we can see oslo warlus and seven so he
    can get a dental appointment

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  447. Yay War Thunder!

  448. Mr_Butt_Touch Toucher of your nan

    Ill fucking knight you wi ma cock mate, slap at down on yer shoulders.

    Only if ye really wanna be British tho

  449. I’m English and cunt is a lovely word.

  450. That was an awesome plane kill, but have you ever managed to hit a fighter
    with a KV-2?

  451. Mt.Dew_SwEg_master_720 Crap Pants

    hey rob im from the uk and I an qualified to tell you that you’re
    interpretation if of the British citizen has reached an average of %3.04
    thats a new personal record!

  452. Robbaz make another into the depths video plz

  453. läget Robert

  454. I hit an assault plane with my m4 sherman once and it was pretty dope

  455. I (British) use the word Cunt all the time. Only touchy people and
    Americans find it too severe.

  456. Atleast the Black Prince isn’t as crap as the Churchill VII…….

  457. “ROBERT plays with his food before eating it”

  458. stop playing that game

  459. I don’t think brits think cunt is too harsh. But I might be mixing them
    with australians, who use cunt at every possible opportunity

  460. Robbaz this is one of your best videos recently. Really awsome keep up the
    good work!

  461. The double A stands for ‘anti anything’


  463. You are fucking us out of the other 10 fps

  464. 2:11 GET REKT!!!!!!!!

  465. No one can hide from Robbaz

  466. totally a pay to win game lol

  467. Robbaz! Go check out Space Engineers again because I know you have a love
    for ksp, and the devs have made loads of improvements to the game.

  468. Robert will consume you

  469. #tankerwanker

  470. Ronald Washington (xXShadowCraftyXx)

    PLAY UNTURNED WITH 2rgames collab?

  471. The american enderman 28

    Rob I was born in Sweden but then I went to the uk kock means chef

  472. Giovanni Battista Vivaldi

    Robbaz is the most enthusiastic serial killer I know, and I love it.

  473. He shot a plane down

  474. Vi har inte ens slask här nere i Stockholm, vi har hittills bara fått

  475. You should drive a Chaffe.

  476. Upload faster you bastard.

  477. Robbaz! I have a good news for you. You can have a pet deathclaw in fallout
    4! Please try it.

  478. I bet you can’t get an Irish tank it that

  479. Disliked because of Black Prince

  480. i shooted a plane with a stug afther this video robbaz is puting pro genes
    in to our brains XD

  481. In the UK you haven’t successfully made friends with someone unless you
    call each other cunts several times a day :)

  482. Tally Ho Mother Fuckers



    Deathclaw gauntlet is better than the power fist

  484. Buckle up buckaroo ;)

  485. “I shouldn’t play with my food.” – Robbaz 2015

  486. Yes, being British I can confirm that we consider that to be a terrible
    insult :D

  487. c*nt is probably the worst swear word for us brits

  488. I lost my shit when he shot down that plane with the tank omfg THE POWER

  489. In Britain, cunt is a term of endearment.

  490. pls nerf robbozz

  491. i don’t know why, but there is something satisfying about watching robbaz
    play war thunder. maybe it is the viking battle cries.

  492. no I think most British people are cool with cunt lol

  493. Realistic battle huh. Shooting down planes in a tank is totally realistic.
    totally awesome too. HE Robbaz

  494. I want to pet Robert like a small dog because he sounds so adorable. “Tally
    ho, old chaps.”

  495. Excellent work Robbaz. Keep it up.

  496. Actually, we have no snow at all in the south.

  497. fish and chips is destroying the big-beautiful bomber! lol

  498. The Tank didn’t op ,Robbaz are op

  499. Seananners VS Robbaz = Rip Universe

  500. Robbaz you will be knighted

  501. Hejjj tjo tja hejsan robbaz

  502. T-34 zooms past robbaz laughing at his A43

  503. to good for dis game!

  504. Robbas, my life will not be complete without your videos. Thank you for
    your consistent and great entertaining vids!

  505. 2:12 :O…….

  506. Of all the things you hit, you snipe a pilot out of his seat with a fucking
    tank gun…. 10/10 IGN

  507. Benjamin Coulson (TheDemonBarber)

    I’m not saying this for all British people but some people I know do think
    c*** is a harsh wordp.s. I’m british

  508. Make a Instagram Robbaz ..

  509. Its not eaven snowy down here in sweden

  510. Robbaz OP

  511. “Is that a building or a tank? oh shit it’s a tank!” -Robbert

  512. hey robbaz use the T-35 next time its a beast with 3 guns

  513. Ap “The” Player

    robbaz try the isu-152 and the 17-pounder will be a butter knife compared
    to it

  514. BattleEarth Youtube

    British Engineering is almost as good as Volvo. Almost.

  515. 5:12 that’s what she said

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