War Thunder – Abrams Spam Is Bad… But There Is Something Worse

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Source: Orangefan

This will break highest tiers if it doesn’t get changed.
Recorded 2 October 2018

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  1. I *wasn’t* going to make any more Chemotherapy videos, but…

    …well, I still don’t plan to. We’ll see what happens, though.

    • Hola, Soy PimPamPumM lamento las molestia causada en esa partida jajaa xD pero es esa Partida me divertí mucho jajaja Sorry fromVenezuela, dejo un Me gusta y me Guardo ese ideo para mi.(sorry)

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    • no, I do not use hack, if you want I send you my repetition, I’m PimPamPumM

    • Orangefan well idk if you play tank sim but as if recently started trying it out I think most of these problems with the helicopter are fine there because it isnt easy to ID enemies from friendlies, but i wonder what you would think if they let you spawn fighters for free once without payload in RB. I don’t think that there would be much a difference in how much impact they would make on the ground battle but determine who will hold air superiority and the ability to contest it. But I think that may cause different problems instead.

    • Happened to me on exactly the same map……….

  2. I’m glad i wasted time getting the abrams, maybe when they make it useless ill have enough incentive to leave the game. Definitely wont be back for 7.7 american hell.

  3. its so easy to frag helicopters its hilarious

  4. Gaijin’s response: Just buy our premiums!

  5. Now think about how it feels for me to play a Leo A1A1 against Abrams And T-80s + Helis combined joint teams in every other game!
    EDIT: Forgot to mentions the ever lovely FJ-4Bs too!
    I love getting JDAMed by those too.

  6. These choppers are so unfair. They should not be able to kill from out of even anti aircraft range. In response to the chopper cancer I’ve resorted to making a straight line right to the enemy spawn and spawn camping. I ignore the cap points and just kill enemy as they spawn in.

  7. seems to me like you were kinda unlucky your team didnt spawn in jets, I mean like 3 – FJ4s could easily shot down all the helicopters, shet happens

  8. They need to make the sp cost of vehicles relative to there power level, the more effective a vehicle is the higher its sp cost.

    Another problem is plane sp costs are to high… they need to be reduced… they also need to move helicopter spawn points far back… they should not spawn basically on top of the battlefield shooting atgms right from the get go..

  9. helicopters are a more hideous and imbalanced implementation than ATGMs before and are only rivaled by the imbalanced CAS-potential
    it feels like gaijin tries to find ways to make the game unattractive to at least half their playerbase

  10. It makes you think, doesn’t it? They’re quick to do shit like
    this because it makes them money. But when the ENTIRE COMMUNITY
    calls for something, they just ignore it and even censor people! Because it doesn’t fit their money making scheme!

  11. Hey, any one of your guys know if there is an ammo rack bug in the game atm?
    I use the type 90 with apfsds, and I’ve shot Abrams and Leo2a4 in the ammo rack and nothing happens. The shell goes right through, hits the ammo, blacks it out, and dissapears. No blowout or fire or nothing.

    I’ve shot through the ammo rack into the crew compartment and still nothing happens. I’ve shot through the cheeks, into the crew compartment and into the ammo and still nothing happens. Is this happening to anyone else?

  12. So yes, 10.0 helicopters need to be adressed. In my opinion, uptier them to 11.0 or even 12.0 where they can do their thing. But put SAMs systems like Tunguska or similar to it for other nations where they can fire very quick long range anti air missles that can easly kill hovering helicoters at realative high altitude, so that way helicopters need to flank around the map andbe very low to not get killed. Thus they can only engage a limited area and not be killed, if they get close u have close range defenses and also tanks themself have machineguns. Also fighters still exist so to balance that give AA missles to helicopters but that needs to be worked on a bit. All in all i do not see any way of balancing helicopters withou SAM and self guided missles. I payed my Mi-24D and what do i get? 1 premium helicopter that is bot balanced, has no place in the game, also I get 1 terrible stock Mi-24 and then 380 000 RP to get the next helicopter that then needs grinding to even be good and BR is not even favourable to these machines that are really underperforming as starter chopper or overperforming as the 10.0 choppers. Don’t want to talk this way about people but it is true, there are some russian players that just trow thousands of dollars to BUY these researchable machines with gold and get these machines that are clearly not balanced, only to rape and do things like this. They don’t think or care about balance so they wouldn’t even bother to report to Gajin or forums about these things. Not only russian but Gajin just litteraly takes their money and gives them a biased position/machine/status/advantage in the game. I cannot stand that and support such a company anymore.

  13. Can’t you guys just understand ?? Its made on purpose to sell premium helicopters and beta access. What where you expecting ?? Its GAIJIN….

  14. gayjin can play between themselfs with br’s involving helis with atgm’s,,,i for sure will not feed that stupidity..nah, wait, i’m being to kind, for the retardness…another thing i wont feed is their bank account, not spending another cent on them, don’t like feel being disrespected ( me, and all the player base, either they realise it or not )….it’s like a snowball down a hill, gets bigger n bigger, this game has been getting worse n worse, just cause they want to make a quick $…zuka?!

  15. CaptainConcerned Sr.

    The entire video I was internally screaming at the fact you had your eyes and gun in the air with a tank that has no ATGMS and is surrounded by enemy tanks in front of you.
    If you can’t do nothing about it then don’t worry about it. you got other more immediate problems you CAN deal with using that gun of yours.

    • We weren’t even making it out of our spawn. You think we had more pressing issues than the 16 ATGM pintyclickydeathspamachine? The only thing I had available to me that could do anything about him was my main gun on my T95e1. I had to watch what he was doing to be able to have any chance at all of moving out onto the battlefield.

  16. Red Dragon Emperor

    Americans deserve it, Now I stay below 8.0. My Leo 2A4 looks better in the hangar that getting fuck by helis and fucking bullshit jets.

  17. Once I see that happen, I withdraw from the battle and shut down the game for the day.

  18. 3:25 You’re using heat, that’s your problem.

  19. i just look at vids from wt cant stand the grind anymore.

  20. Honestly time to just uninstall. This shit is broken beyond repair and I don’t think it is worth anyones time. Those dumb fucking monkeys at gaijin HQ don’t deserve anymore of our support. IMO

  21. Its how it goes and its broken as it was before but now its worse. do what i did man unisntall.exe and now i have time to play some other games, i have more fun and less frustration.

    • Fucking finally, someone with common sense here. People calling for more OP shit and ruining the game further, literally sold my WT account 2 days before the game went live, easily the best thing i did. Made 300$ off it, don’t regret it even now.

    • you did the best thing i think am going to sell mine aswell, its full of goodies i earned during play time. Cus i wont give any money to a dirty company like BUGJIN. And i better sell it quick since the game is already startng to die.

  22. I hope this game dies. Honest to christmas.

    I wanna watch Gaijin burn.

  23. The when yelled about CAS for so long. And we need it now.

  24. All the above, AND make the ATGMs “shootable”… There’s no reason to let them bullet-proof as they currently are.

  25. The steam reviews have gone from positive and have over time decreased, for the first time ever they are now “Mixed” this is the turning point, and WOT is in a similar position for a different reason, we may see an unexpected death of WT very soon.

    Edit: It’s Gayjen please.

  26. Holy fuck that was frustrating to watch, good thing i gave up on WT around introduction of T-64A. I have to ask – why the fuck do you still play this frustrating piece of shit game, seriously. PS – fuck Geyjew.

  27. 24:49 And here people was defending helis saying oh it will take skill to camp spawn and there are proper counters to prevent helis from spawn camping……. Well them people who defended can choke on a chode now. When helis can kill you outside the range of your AAA.

  28. “Dita viewers watched this”

  29. Lithenton Danarian

    There are many issues with High Tier Ground Battles right now.

    Sure the Abrams Spam is one of them – but to be completely honest Its kind of died down a little now and was only a real problem when 1.81 dropped and the Americans could literally take out whatever they wanted and continue to throw out vehicles because of the vast lineups that they can have.

    But the BIGGEST issue I have since 1.81 is the fact that people can spawn in Helicopters straight away in a Ground Game… last time I saw a helicopter IRL I’m pretty sure it didn’t have tracks and was driving down casually down the roads.
    They should require the same amount of SP as planes this then gives people the option when they get 720 SP to choose either Helo or Plane.

  30. damn gaijin giving out free abrams’

  31. i play only arcade, if you think this 10.0 battle is insane, try the arcade battles, if you are not cheater or pro player in this game, you die very quick and there is no fun at all, its like kill and be killed.

    this game is like WOT, they dont fix the game only brake it more and more, and the players, i feel like i play with WOT players, every one a coward and blind tunnel vision.

    started playing armored warfare, when i want pure game play and a fun one, i just enter this game, warthunder become a shit game, a broken game, some one should talk with the developers in person.

  32. Mother of god.

    Do Not take shit away.

    Add things to counter. Shift BRs.

    Don’t buff/nerf/give/remove vehicle features just for balance. That’s stupid and creates a salt mine.

  33. 》》 Ahnkoo 《《

    Let’s all start playin begining of the game in the choppers… gaijin will have to change ground forces name into…everythin mixed up… I dropped wt after this patch… they took not only my money but all fun I had there… will they fix it? Doubt it…for all this years they can’t fix spawn camping

  34. I dont know why they brought Helis in the Game, whats next…Nuke Bomber…..Game is broken, know why i dont play it anymore

  35. They were going to do something but the whole community wanted parts and fpe so the helicopter problems are pushed back

  36. حسنا يا دبابة ابرامز اربع نجوم

  37. Good to see a youtuber not scream USA bias , Would love to see you post up on the forums against the fanboism against teh Abrams calling for nerfs on it

  38. Vicious Unpolite Games

    You should see when they do that as a 4 man squad, i was in 15 vs 15 and 4 guy in heli did 40+ kills between the 4 of them 5km away from map

    • *vomits*

      *vomits again*

    • Vicious Unpolite Games

      and if you manage to kill helli they have soo much kills that they spawn in the airplane so again atgm… i am kinda dedicating myself to ruin the life of this shittler humiliating them with biplanes camping their helipad, land in forest airborne again kill them hide again etc

  39. To be fair, while he WAS basically ass-raping you and your team, least he was somewhat civil about it…….
    Yes, i know, I sound like I’m out of my mind and to some extent I am…..
    What?, YOU try being fully cognizant on only 3 hours of sleep a night!

  40. Germany is getting stomped.

  41. grandmaster of nothing

    *heli spam is the sans of war thunder*

  42. Just revert the aircraft spawnpoint system…. make additional hardpoints cost more…. I’m perfectly fine with helicopters spawning in with nothing but their guns, but especially Mi-4Vs spawning in with max rockets, you’re almost guatanteed to kill 1 or 2 tanks…. The Hydras are iffy too, but regardless…. lower aircraft spawn points to what they used to be, and bring back hardpoint SP costs.

  43. And people cry that Wot is unbalanced.

  44. it wont get fixed, because now gaijin is greedy af and helis are behind a paywall….only thing they want is to increase the grind and get more profit. You can clearly see its intentional that helis are easy to spawn, just take some low br fighter. look at the sp cost in low tier matches… now look at its SP cost in 9-10

  45. There was no fucking way, adding helicopters into tank RB, would make it fun for the most players.. A very badly thought out thing. Stupid ass Asswipe-jin ruins it again.

  46. Looooool I was in a custom battle and I one shorted an Abrams with a maus

  47. I used to love top tier, I don’t mind the Abrams spam either as you have a chance to fight! But Helos are broken!!!! AA’s can’t touch them? And only two nations have them? That’s not balanced and makes the game unplayable

  48. Why no APFSDS On AMX


  50. lol that x4 ace mostly done just by heli and you dont even need to be good at flying a heli to do okay and can do better than you could ever hope to be on the ground

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