War Thunder – ABSOLUTE MASSACRE – PANTHER POWER (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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War Thunder – ABSOLUTE MASSACRE – POWER (War Tanks Gameplay)

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Thumbnail Credit! – http://live.warthunder.com/post/31467/en/


  1. Bring out the USS Texas plz

  2. SpartanBlade249


  3. Comrades, PhlyDaily has defected from the revolution
    Send him to the Gulag


  5. why the keemstar hate

  6. Fhly u rock

  7. Leandro Ribeiro

    The America Jumbo tank (75mm)

  8. Tom Even Larsen

    Please use the Zut-37! Its so much fun!

  9. German bais.
    Really :D

  10. first

  11. Pls Phly more war thunder

  12. Master shadow Gamer

    Love the beginning

  13. Try the most armored turret in the game t32

  14. M4A1 (75mm) with the first version of the p-47 thunderbolt (fully loaded)

  15. I saw that guy who made the comment in the opener from the last video

  16. That roast on drama alert! I was literally rolling on the floor

  17. typhoon mk 1 tracers, may the spray be with you!!!!!!

  18. How are you in such a low tier battle with the Panther A????

  19. StuH 42 and the JU 87 G-1. The german derpgun Combo !

  20. God damnit. Damn gooks are attacking our base. Here, take the M60 and kill
    those NVA bastards. F*ck some shit up. If you need air support, there’s a
    aircraft carrier 10 miles south of here, that has F9F-5’s loaded. If you
    get captured by the Viet Kong, tell them nothing or take a cyanide pill.
    Good luck Phly. Show what ‘Murica is made of.

  21. _Ofenkartoffel_

    IS-3 and a I-153-62 with rockets.
    You need to kill a tank with your rockets!

  22. alejo ruiz camauër

    CHALLENGE:kill a bomber with the skrage musil FROM ABOVE(you must fly
    upside down)


  24. The America Jumbo tank (75mm)

  25. Take out the King Tiger killer the Super Pershing! It may suck in game rn,
    but show Mr Noobtubez how America gets the job done, and in a much sexier

  26. hey phly take out the british sea venom FOR KING AND COUNTRY

  27. Crusader Mk.III and the Beufort!Both are very good tank and a light bomber!

  28. sylvia de langh -molenaar

    Make a panther in crossout

  29. hey phly do the very stronk kv85 reck some german nubs

  30. Ok Phly, we all know that the game has nothing but Russian bias.

  31. Георгий Иванов

    tommorow (9 may) USSR celebrates Victory Day over Nazi Germany, take IS-2
    and Pe-8 and show nazi Germany how to win! Ura commrads!!!

  32. You know the British were the “allies” aswell

  33. Your phly is open

  34. 4M GAZ AA and MiG-17

  35. This isn’t how War Thunder with German Tanks works, I usually get fucked
    over after 5 minutes if I’m lucky after 10 minutes and 1 kill

  36. Can you please do XP-50? I was wondering if i should buy it, it looks so
    cool. Give germans some freedom!

  37. yukikazeminecraft123

    Tank combo

    Also a challenge

    M2a4 and then f86f sabruh

  38. random explozions117

    take out any teir 1 tank, and any jet fighter. This one in more of a
    challenge for you, but im sure you can do it 😉 Good Luck!


  40. What recording program do you use to record the gameplays:3?

  41. Why doesn’t the Panther D have hydraulic turret control but this one does?
    I thought it was the later models that didn’t have them because of lack of
    resources later in the war?

  42. 25:30 You had ONE good engine, why crash land ?!?!?

  43. can you do the T34 tank

  44. Kire Ristomanov

    Phly you really did not see that guy in front of you at 5.:49

  45. Piccolobue's World

    Hey hello everyone! I’d Like to Know How Phly can look around in the map
    without using the sniper vision??… How can he uses the telescope?

  46. T-10M and PE-8 with 5000k bomb
    Let stalin be with you

  47. m60 post patch its great

  48. TenAngryKittens

    M4 Sherman jumbo and P-51dMustang
    MURICA f*ck yeah

  49. The truth it’s German bias the German players made up Russian bias

  50. Music used in intro??

  51. Phly you think your so lucky eh? Play tier 3, 4, or 5 planes (nationality
    of your choice) in cockpit view in an arcade mode battle. Try to get 7-10
    kills in a match .

  52. Maus and HO

  53. mark-John Lockyer

    Matilda and the boomerang Mk 2, show ’em the spirit of ANZAC

  54. camrade phly, the glorious Stalin wants to show to these German idiots the
    true power of the MotherLand ! fly the Il-4 and the kv-85 and stalin will
    give you a gift (vodka)!

  55. LoadScreenComms

    Comrade Phly, the German bastards are rolling over the fields of Kursk, the
    motherland needs your help. Take out the T34 (1942) and the IL-2 (1942) and
    drive back the Krauts. Good luck comrade and may the hand of Stalin guide
    your shots

  56. Lieutenant Phly. Our undercover spies in Berlin have warned us that the
    germans are fielding an experimental heavy tank known as “Panzerkampfwagen
    Auf. VI B” or King Tiger. Our armed forces will deliver to your position
    our experimental A39 Tortoise armed with the new 32pdr gun and improved
    armor. The RAF command will provide you our new “wooden wonder” mosquito
    with the 6pdr gun and the dreaded Lancaster B Mk3 with tasty cookies.
    Choose your desired plane and remember: Keep calm and drink tea.

  57. Wadiefor Gaming

    next play the is-1 and the yak-9T. prepare to suffer

  58. Take Gepard on last mission of Chronicles of World War II and face mighty
    Russian Bias IS-2 tovarisch xaxaxaxaxa. Your target is IS-2. You must
    destroy this tank with gepard tovarisch and you will be great master of
    unbalanced gaming xaxaxa. Good luck tovarisch Phly

  59. Ğємнєαят

    PHLY quit playing with them paper bag tanks of alies and start showing WHY
    the allies RAN IN FEAR when they saw a Tiger…

    TIGER H1 or E and DO 21 7N

  60. U can fly the do335 with one engine

  61. That Ju-88 guy’s name – Walrus Batter :D

  62. Centurion and Lancaster For King and country chaps

  63. i seriously want a link to your intro song Phly! Its such a great song and
    i want it so badly!

  64. aries paddayuman

    Luck? Theres No Luck On Germans Tenks! Take Out Da E-100 And Have Baron In
    Your Side He’ll Be Using The MAUS Do It Just Do it!!

  65. Do the StuG 40 Ausf G

  66. +PhlyDaily hey Comrade Phly, what do yuo think of the Yak-23 ? A 1949
    upgraded Yak-15 with a Gloster Meteor engine that goes up to 960 kmh ?

  67. Ya Hanz has gotten his hands on a Dicker Max. He isht nie sitting in ze
    back of ze map and sniping his enemies. He hast killed 9 people in vun
    battle. Can you beat his score in a Dicker Max?


    The next is tea time combo! Centurion Mk 10 with Tempest Mk II+ 2×1000lbs.
    pls show u r best tank! dis time play gently. I hope u enjoy dis combo!

  69. Jimmy Hoverberg

    Show those vidka loving russians a lesson in the royal comet with tea
    powerd spitfire mkVC

  70. Cancer in a can


  71. I killed two of my teammate that where surrounded by Germans with 2500lbs
    of bombs… Atleast the Germans died aswell…

  72. M18 and b-25 beat them nazis

  73. Great commentary Phly

  74. Edward Ohlen Eggens

    t 34 plz

  75. Slight Overdoze

    excellent game!

  76. How many points did you get for that 5,5K O_o

  77. Jerry cans do laggy on turret

  78. great video phly take out the panzer two and the stuka dive bomber and

  79. Disliked for keemstar reference, the last thing we need to do is give him
    even more attention

  80. Get some revenge on these Axis scums. M26 and a B29 will be more than

  81. I love to face panthers
    i send to the gulag with my IS2 mod 44
    easy prey

  82. Take out the Freedom COMBO M103 AND B-29

  83. what’s the intro song?

  84. 10,5 cm kingtiger + the mighty duck! (The B3)
    Just do it! :D

  85. Do the panzer iv/70(A) tank destory and do the He 129B-2 duck

  86. Markus Heinesen

    Phly, der führer has asked you to take the legendary Tiger H1 out for a
    fight, but don’t worry you will have the Ju 87G1 as air cover

  87. Nukeboyboss145 Roberts

    Ho-229 and T-62

  88. Patrick Inkognito

    Hey phly, do us a favor and go full retard with the sherman 76mm and
    corsair. its sure a lot of fun imho

  89. Thompson gaming

    do the pe-8 and the amazing bounce power of the t-34!!!!!

  90. Killer memestar!!!

  91. GitchyGitchy 123

    Ah the desert panzer corp commanded by commander Hummel himself! for
    honourable man according to the Americans, British and Canadians

  92. P 51?………….

  93. ImaDankMemer4Life 420

    See how long the Germans can chase you without breaking down. Use the
    Walker bulldog and plane of your choice.

  94. how much RP was that combined? (12 + 4 kill game)

  95. pls play m26 and a – 26 invader double 26 beasts. love your vids phly :)

  96. Phlydaily how about the clubby loadout: il10 and is-2 for the motherland!

  97. In war thunder

  98. quintin gregory

    play the is 2 and the yak 9

  99. Jezreel Job Esguerra

    Show those allied scums true elites! Takeout the Tiger II H Simmering (aka
    King Diesel) and the FW190 A5 with the german tiny tims! Good luck and make
    ze Fehuerer proud!

  100. The Murican peoples of the american states would like you to take out the
    T25 and the B-29A-BN
    p.s. – carpet bomb the map with 40x500lb bombs (pretend they got them

  101. Panther outclassed in world of tanks 😛 12 rpm compared to the comets sheer
    sweaty crew with 15 rpm.

  102. SIlentXHunter gaming

    her royal majesty’s matilda and a Blenheim for queen and country

  103. Pinecone Pinetree

    T34e premium tank and the il-2 1941 attemp 3

  104. ,,Let’z git raaaight intu da news” – Killer MemeStar

  105. Why don’t you use the motherland’s tanks? Are you a traitor! Make Stalin
    happy again!
    Play the new STRONK IS 4 and take out the invincible IL 28!!! If you don’t
    want Stalin to be proud of you… THEN GO TO GULAG!!

  106. PHLY play the Avenger and Avenger mk1 Combo! This is your chance to unite
    the Avengers for the greater good!!

  107. Justin sénéchal

    So many noobs.

  108. Insignia Insignia

    tiger 2 with fockwulf190

  109. Engagement path??? How about “angle of attack”? And that rudder is still
    crap on all the Do’s and the Ta-C

  110. Matthew Micheletti

    Panzer IV H and JU-88. Both very underrated, Pz IV has good pen with PzG
    40s. Ju-88 has very good payload for its tier.

  111. German High Command Approves your your Mission Success Herr Phly Your have
    been Comissioned a Ju-87 D-5 and Tiger E to Clean up Remaining Allied

  112. Rheinmetall1944

    I never thought i would EVER hear the words “german bias” in my life 0_0

  113. There is no way a tank lover can hate the Panther look/design/efficiency
    and history :)

  114. Иосиф Steelin

    Could you just not curse blasphemously plz?

  115. MG combo

  116. What a game, well played Sir!

  117. The Tiger Ausf E and the Ho-229

  118. Reagan Boudreaux

    kv/2,and po 2

  119. jagpanther + me-410-B6R3

  120. take jagpanzer iv and Me 162 ,lead hitler to victory and see what goes

  121. Jakob Roaldseth

    nothing is wrong with american shit. but germany is in some ways better. so
    attemt 6. f4u-1c and the american premium bf-109 f4. #curves&flat

  122. Take out the T-44-100 and the Yak 9D and show them true Red Army Power.

  123. do the m4 Sherman and the b25j1 the murican medium combo!!

  124. Panzerführer Chavez

    Play the best aircraft in the game. The Meteor F Mk.3 or the F80 Shooting
    star. Just try to have fun.

  125. Francois Cronje

    You should try the german Ostwind

  126. The Girls und Panzer combo: Panzer F2 and StuG III F but both with GuP
    skins pls ;)

  127. Comrade Phly! The Germans betrayed us and attacked us using the element of
    surprise. But now it’s winter, and their forces are slowing down. It’s our
    time to shine! Bring the T-34 model 1941 and the new Mikoyan-Gurevich
    MiG-3-34 and blast the enemy back to Germany!

  128. Let’s let the “allied bastards” get thier turn now so they can get REVENGE
    bring some *HIGH CALIBER* action with the *Sherman 105* and *PBJ with the
    75mm* :D

  129. T 92 please )))

  130. Bfw. Jagdpanther and Fw 190 D-13. Play it if you have enough skill. 😛 Good

  131. Let’s get roooiiiit into the noooose – KillerMemestar

  132. doublenikesocks

    Dual fireflies. Sherman Vc and Firefly FR V. Punish yourself

  133. Do some low tier! Bf 110 and Panzer IV!

  134. M-4(105) and p-61 for my uncles who fought in ww2 give em some freedom

  135. do butgun (archer) and hellcat with 2 tiny tim rockets

  136. guillem grau freixas

    Hey plhy! Take out the i-16 type 27 and the mighty kv-2 and show’em how
    works stalinium!

  137. The kv 1 and the yak 9t. I think it is a good combo ! ;)

  138. phly should use tiger tanks

  139. Maximilian Flug

    just something german

  140. Manuel Arocho Jr

    6:51 you know you can pen the front of a sherman right?

  141. Ο Ελληνας John cenna

    Der Comrade Phly Daily The Mother Russia needs you!!! Take out the IS4M
    accompanied with close air support from the IL-28 and MIG-15 and show these
    rats that they shouldnt mess with Mother Russia!!! For Stalin!!!

  142. Ο Ελληνας John cenna

    For your air support we can also provide you with the PE-8
    Its your choice!!!

  143. Pls I-153P and and T-34E

  144. Komrade, this last time i say, KV2 and PE8 with 5000kg bomb or else gulag

  145. the b29 and firefly please

  146. ItsJollyRogerBro

    Phly, now i know you like to play some heavily armored tanks and take a
    beating and everything. so why not be a mouse in a field of lions and play
    as the T-92. such a small tank, thin as a piece of paper. but a 76mm gun.

  147. 18:35 it was like the ending of the movie fury, it just needs to be night

  148. Wow that last game…

  149. Premium tiger II and the four engine arado, save ze fahja land

  150. take out the Panther II and the Ho229 next video ! FOR THE FATHERLAND!!!!

  151. Giustiniano Esposito

    Everyone loves Keem c:

    especially phly

  152. Pls use the tank from the film FURY

  153. racistkiller :3

    PLS keep zhe germans going

  154. edmithit phly german engeniring and sience is beterr than all other
    countries in wwll ofcourse
    o also i am macedonian so i dont knobe to spell vright!

  155. Not just Americans that we’re Allies, Britain and Russia are also
    considered “Allied Bastards”. :P

  156. Marcelo Carvalho Nascimento

    Does that jerrycans really add any armor?

  157. ater wwll germany had still the sientist that made all those takns that the
    alies didnt pen the e-100 vas never pened from the ftont and the sientist
    of germany wer stil alive so america wantet them at all cost

  158. Kommandant Offizer Phly! I am disappointed! Ze allied scum can flank and
    spank with their Locust! But we can do better! For we need no turret! Take
    one of ze small tank destroyers (StuG III G or lower if possible) and flank
    and spank 3 tier 5 tanks!

  159. PLS USE THE MAUS!!!!!!!

  160. Bunkerevs Gaming

    Fury and Red Tails combo: M4A3 (76) and P51 D-5 (with bombs and rockets)
    Make Brad Pitt proud!

  161. We are transferring you to one of the heavy anti tank battalions, take
    control of a command or normal Jagdpanther and use the Fw 190 F8 for air
    support. Bring stability back to the front.

  162. Comrade use de best tonk in game T10M!

  163. Wait, is the B-24D Liberator in War Thunder?

  164. SLOTHSareMYthing

    Tiger II (sla.)16 & Me 262 C-1a


  166. Triple a battery gaming

    The Panter 7 en de pe 2

  167. panther d is a true beast at its tier

  168. how about T-60 and I-15 mini stalinium combo

  169. do the centurion for victory day

  170. LoganWorriors Videos

    Phly please play the kv1b German premium

  171. ‫עידן הרוש‬‎

    hello commerad stalin ordered us to go for the front lines with his newest
    wepon the IS- and the Tu2 4

  172. The difference between Phly and I.

    Phly *pulls crazy cool maneuvers and is pro*
    Seajolt *pulls the same crazy cool maneuvers, dies horribly*

  173. Will the gunner near the driver ever work

  174. Michael Chastain

    Try using the panther or Maus to shoot down one or two planes and destroy 3

  175. DrVinyl Scratch

    Conway and hunter

  176. hard hitting russian. su 100y and pe 8 with the nuke. you can overkill
    anything with these things

  177. Grass Brassington (thegrassmaster2)

    I got a request. Baby and the Jet, British edition (Tetrarch and Hunter)

  178. u just destroid memestar

  179. noobinator Simelane

    the 3rd time trying SU-100 and TU2S for the love of STRONK VEHICLES

  180. Phly daily could you do the german A-10 aka the duck with the 30mm and get
    kills with it in a 5.0br

  181. MultiverseGaming

    Show them the power of the Matt of Damon!

  182. Lucky Seventh (AceofSpad3s55)

    How about Ray Wetmore`s P-51D-10 and the Sherman 105.

  183. Phly have u seen the Battlefield 1 trailer?

  184. do a tiger you noob he is correct allies suck Germany rules America get out
    o here Germany is welcome

  185. Christopher Bradley

    Is–4 and PE-8 with das nuke or gulag

  186. ATTEMPT 2 play the acdc thunderbolt australian tank and the cac boomerang

  187. Go battle of france. Panzer IVD and Ju 87B

    Do it old school.

  188. I never realized the name haha DICKer max

  189. Hey phly! I have noticed that thay you don’t realy give the low Teir some
    love, so play the PANZER 2 H WITH JU87 OR SURPRISE ANCHULSS

  190. tiger2 and ho229

  191. okay here’s something that everyone dies in
    m18 hellcat
    P-47 maxed 2 1k bombs with rockets
    everyone I seen who uses the m18 dies faster the. I who has the m18 and I
    can kill half the team like nothing if lucky, and the p47….American
    firepower all to say, besides 50 cal of freedom

  192. Phly Phly Phly…. Everyone knows the best German double whammy is the
    Tiger and Ju87 with the 40 mm antitank guns

  193. I challenge you to only use 1 button on the keyboard and can use mouse with
    a typhoon in arcade

  194. Hey now you’re a KEEMSTAR!

  195. Can someone tell me (statistically) which is the best Panther?

  196. Play The t44- 122 and get those one shots for days and also The p47-d27
    russian premium and blow your axis enemies to smithereens with The two 500
    kg and one 250kg bombs. Good luck comrade, may mother Russia be with you

  197. Dude you crack me up! Lmao by minute 2

  198. So wait, now you can pay real money for additional armor?

  199. Hammer and Sickle Phly, take out the IS-3 and the Pe-8 with the 5000kg bomb

  200. schwerer saurus

    Come on phly, i know you wanna be the biggest derp, put a 105 mm in a
    sherman and with that 75, why not put it in a b-25? Drive the m4a1 sherman
    105 and PBJ-1h, herp derp shoot phly!

  201. Oil Reservoirs, “genius”

  202. KV-2 and IL-28. Show the pesky Germans what 152mm of HE can do to them!

  203. *clunk * *vroom *
    Ok, stop worrying guys, I got the Russian bias generator running again.

  204. CaptainAwesomeSauce

    B29 and Doom Turtle, Slow and steady, but beasts of both the sky and the

  205. greekmarine troller

    u know that soviets are also allies.right?

  206. PHLY take out the Sherman firefly and the firebrand #FOR KING AND

  207. 69 year old virgin vape lord

    The year 1943, the Bolsheviks have almost pushed the allied German forces
    out of Stalingrad, we need to counter attack fast! We have been recently
    issued a captured KV1b 756(r) to try and hold our last position and have
    been issued close air support from an me410 a1 with dual 500kg bombs to
    drive those communist rats out of hiding! Best of luck mine commandant!

  208. The unfair challenge/combo
    History wanted to see phly mad, so… The Ju87b-2 and the Jpz4-5
    Plz don’t get mad at me

  209. Enrichment Drive

    Play die PANZERKAMPFWAGEN tiger aus H1 with the FOCKKE WULF with the 210mm

  210. il-10 and is2 or is3 if you want. make some блин comrade.

  211. chaling have all aa. and try to Get ace.(can not use wirvelwind)

  212. carlondus Ardoin

    nice gameplay

  213. carlondus Ardoin

    omg you can’t die

  214. Damn, that was one intense game!!

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