War Thunder – African Queen

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Source: The Mighty

In which Skyraider98 takes the E into battle in North Africa to join his allies against the might of the famous North African Offensive of 1943.

Just roll with it, guys.


System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. No view, 43 likes… getting better… xD

  2. Pretty early seems legit

  3. Good morning from America. It’s 2:49 am and I’m going to go hunting in a couple hours, but thanks for the video.

  4. Jingles, when will you ever go back to Borderlands 2, Plague Inc, Master of Orion, The Division, or other games you have done in the past?

  5. When your reduced to an iPad because your motherboard died cry long time…

  6. im interesstet about youre opinion Jingles
    as far as i know had/has this game some files witch make the russian vehilces bether than the rest (or at least giving them some Bonuses) and after discovering those files and publishing it by some peoples… Gajin lockets those files…

    i hope you understand what i want to ask ^^ sorry about my english

  7. Actually jingles, you can earn the bushes without paying as there is battle tasks that you cam perform and earn warbonds to get some of these camoflauges. All you need to do is get enough warbonds to get the pack and open it for some bushes.

  8. I want a Churchill GC video because of its beauty and battle effectiveness

  9. Uploaded 5 min ago, 1 dislike… you just wait to hate, don’t you single person who lives to dislike.

  10. Thomas Jackewicz

    Holy hell I’m early!

  11. criticising geigen eh? balzt move jingles

  12. Jingles you salty sailor you! An upload timing that is just perfect!

  13. براہمداغ

    I couldn’t even tell that bush was a tank even after knowing it was, and rewinding it.

  14. ACTUALLY jingles you can earn golden eagles without spending real money…you can be awarded them in random award spins after a game

  15. Yes there is a way to earn bushes there is a quest system with tickets and u can buy a chest with it and get bushes : )

  16. Actually, Jingles, you can only have 6 bushes on a tank at a time so buying different types of bushes won’t actually give you more slots

  17. The Green Cactus

    Someone needs to make a complete list of all the small errors in Jingles’ videos… It would probably be infinitely long

  18. Love me some jingles at 4 in the morning

  19. You could say the Tiger Tanks are some damn fine actors

  20. Should the title be African prince

  21. The real queen is the Matilda

  22. Nice timing as always Jingles.


  24. Jingles, what you can do for bushes is to complete daily tasks and receive warbonds as a reward for them, with a fairly round amount of warbonds you can purchase bushes.

  25. יונתן גורקין

    Remove kabab

  26. Oh its that Bloody Realistic Tank Game again!

  27. 3:08 – “So, we’re looking for rations”. Seems a bit of a waste of a Tiger sending it out foraging but that’s ‘realism’ for you I suppose! 😀

  28. 8:15 Kill number 5? Oh Jingles, you so silly. Still, this is proof that this is a genuine video done by you. Don’t ever change. 🙂

  29. 4 Tonnes of Fury

    And he only got 2000 RP R.I.P

  30. Dear Maithey Jangles can you do from now and then those type of vids when you where speaking about the tanks history, development and combat.

  31. Meanwhile, when he gets out of the match, the game will dump him with a lousy two K research points and some credits.

  32. You can also earn the bushes by playing! Ever looked at the right side of the screen in your hangar? the little missions? that give you these tokens? They are used to by ( in a seperate shop) boosters, premium tanks and camo bushes!

  33. Really hope you will stream soon again Jingles!

  34. Jingles Mikasa is more accurate now…. do you believe me?

  35. “I’ve been itching to get it up” — Phrasing!

  36. Who needs notifications when your life is on youtube?

  37. Jingles, you crap old man, the matchmaking being opened to all tanks for all maps happened before that map was added

    also jingles, people tend to use bushes to obscure weakspots, for example, two tortoises were moving up on me in the Berlin map, I was in my Tiger II H. Luckily, one didn’t have bushes on it, so the bush hairdo of the other didn’t stop me doming his commander. (yes I realize he stated this later, but it works in arcade as well, now doesn’t it?)

  38. Peter Kazandjiev

    Keep the markers off,I don’t like feeling like im with the arcade scrubs!

  39. Problems with the matchmaker should include lowering the BR difference to .7 BR to 1.0 BR which would make all the difference.

  40. Jingles. You should invite Phly (or other WT youtubers) to do a commentary with you at least once so you and people who a not too familiar with WT can enjoy and follow it more. I will improve both yours and viewers understanding of the game.

  41. The glorious Retardmagnet

    These bushes that you can put on your tank are not really that good. they might help against some new players but not more.

    Got a replay in the Valentine with 16 ground and 1 air kill (yes all with the tank). Should I send that or is that not exciting enough because low tier. realistic battle as well

  42. I want to play ground forces, but I only recently got friends into WoT and they’ve spent money so I’m stuck in premium ammo land.

  43. What? Tigers are actually effective in this Russian Bias simulator? Who would’ve thought?

  44. Maximilian Hawkins

    Itching to get it up jingles? Story of your life matey 😉 xD

  45. _T I G E R_ _A E S T H E T I C_

  46. Brance Halterman

    Gotta agree on the whole bush topic. Say a player in an ASU-57 gets a hold of just one large bush by buying it. The thing won’t be seen. At all. Even something like a Brumbar with enough bushes can hide in plain sight. But on counter point to that. If EVERYONE had access to bushes everyone in the whole match would just sit there. Not moving, hidden by their bushes. So I can kinda understand that they thought it was a good idea to keep them expensive to limit the use of them. But that just solidifies peoples’ beliefs that WarThunder is a Pay To Win game.

  47. Hi Jingles!

  48. Sadly I had to install this game, the NA server is always empty and playing the EU server gets you shot in the back by an angry Russian, guess that explains the empty NA servers.


    sorry cant resist

  50. Jingles notice me senpai

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