War Thunder AI at Work

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Source: Squire

And we’d also like to thank our friend Dylan Barnes playing the role of a Nigel perfectly.

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  1. We sincerely hope you enjoyed this video! It was something of a jumble of scenes that we’ve been wanting to do for a while! Thanks go to our sponsor ‘War Planet Online’ – Take over the planet and download now for FREE here: https://wpo.page.link/SquireFlyer

    We’d also like to thank our Patreons for their support, and Armourgeddon for letting us film at with their collection – https://www.armourgeddon.co.uk/

    • The cows were my favourite guest stars

    • Maximilian Reuter

      I mean you gotta make money somehow, but have you even looked at the steam reviews for this “game” ? I wouldnt want to attach my name to it…

    • guys, i tried war planet before. Its fun at the start, but later on it becomes a wait 18 hours for something to finish or speed it up using money, and its not fun anymore. Also, you dont stand a chance against pay2win people, and your days worth of waiting is gone. Please dont download this game

    • Your videos are awesome

    • Sag ich nicht Sowieso nicht

      i love the cut at 6:20 because your broke out laughing.

  2. this is so true

  3. U wont heart my comment ❤

  4. Bug thunder

  5. About 30 seconds in and we’re already at “Lawrence of Arabica”, Lord help us…

  6. Like how the cows are just staring at them

  7. lol why did the germans have irish accents?

  8. Ahh I remember when you used to make the “best planes in war thunder vids” haha love the channel

  9. fs minecraft and more

    Why are the Germans Irish

  10. Lawrence of Arabica lmaoo nice one

  11. No joke the one with the glasses looks like me wow

  12. You should start making videos on enlisted, I know it’s still technically an open beta, but I think you could have lots of fun with that, like the old verdun videos

  13. Marrowkai Productions

    Epic 631 comment!

  14. This was a very funny video u guys did name Stockholm I found it funny because im Swedish my self good job 👍👍👍🙂😄

  15. why are the germans irish

  16. FlyingVaultDweller

    Those cows, just watching you guys wrestle, that’s the best part of this. They are just fucking interested in what’s going on right there.

  17. Guilherme Santos

    Now we have a new series of ‘Biden and Putin-Head’ saying “that’s sucks” ~ “yeah… Yeah…”

  18. 😂 good videos as usual

  19. Brick Fox Productions

    I was thinking about this place during 2020, glad they’re going strong!

  20. I love the cows paying attention in the background.

  21. 1:26 on the top thats the real AI

  22. Thats a nice Enfield no2 you got

  23. Beautiful .303

  24. Nick van Achthoven

    3:25 i like the cows watching in the background

  25. Did you guys do a video at a tank museum?

  26. 6:46 That cow must be part of the maintenance team ?

  27. Those cows! Hilarious

  28. Ramirez Youtube YT


  29. Germans sound a bit more Irish than I remember.

  30. Empire of Italy (In A Cold War)

    WT AI (Artificial Intelligence) More Like WT AI (Artificial Incompetence).

  31. Hyper space shark

    That ad was funny even though it was a ad

  32. HOLD ON

    A real lee-enfield and not the standard issue Cardboard cut-out?!

    Am I in the right channel?

  33. He-111 go brrrr

  34. TheTog Landbattleship

    Squire finally upgraded to a better pc cause that Lee Enfield looks amazing

  35. Just came across your channel to day guys. Freaking amazingly awesome and entertaining. I can’t believe you only have 438K subscribers. I will help share your channel across my social media’s. My friends and I play war thunder, DCS World, IL 2 Sturmovik. They will love you content. Amazing work guys. New Sub here…

  36. Why the Irish accent?

  37. T-29 The Heavy Tonk!

    Typical War Thunder.

  38. Why do the germans have irish accents

  39. Fluffy cow

  40. Oh dear god, squire has gotten his hands on a herd of cows and non cardboard Lee enfields. Something is wrong

  41. Big Boy Bomb Plays

    the Germans sound Irish

  42. love the replica lee Enfield, isn’t it made by Denix.

  43. pretty high brow swipe at Irish neutrality there

  44. where do you buy your uniforms?

  45. Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf. E

    So i was a lucky tank.

  46. does anyone else think that their German accents sound Irish

  47. If the Doolittle Raid was led by the British

  48. Decent War thunder players:*EXISTS*
    War Thunder AI:And I took that Personally

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