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  1. O this is a sexy 33second response time

  2. No views, one like. Excuse me wtf

  3. I love your war thunder videos

  4. Wargame Red Dragon 😀

  5. I saw some one using this last night

  6. 450 views , 49 likes and 0 dislikes. Yt tf is going on?

  7. The ADATS has missiles with 900mm of pen, autocanon 25mm with 110mm of pen and can fire 8 missiles at a time while the FlaRaPz and the Roland only has 2 missiles with 50 mm of pen . All of these SAM’s are 10.0 even though they’re unbalanced.

  8. I just had a game where I killed 11 tanks and 2 helicopters on Italy. The adats is a monster.

  9. Please can you play the stormer HVM to show how bad it is, it rly need a lot of buffs

  10. Them poor Pilots are gonna get creamed this update around.

  11. Ur a noob, atgms don’t follow the cross hair…they follow the circle of he mouse. If u can see them in your optics than u can hit them?? get guud

  12. same song that battlefield desert combat :O

  13. Lol that epic early start. People probably had salt issues.

  14. To be honest
    Adats on m113.chassis will be good awesome
    But on Bradley chassis you need t90 and Tunguska team to make a long-range attack
    Phly daily will be part of a most hard to defeat technique by using adats like on escape from tarkov

  15. “spawn ATGM helicopters from the get go” excuse me what the fuck?

  16. Dude the rotation of the radar isnt even sync’d with the radar display… CLASSIC GIJIN

  17. 3:55 ух тыж АХ%ЕТЬ!

  18. gayjin is ruining the game with all the modern stuff ;(

    • Waahh i’m a guy who doesn’t know how to change my BR level so i’m obviously forced to play “only” 10.0 WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH

  19. harvester of sorrow

    Me when i bust a nut 4:02

  20. It sounds like theres a vaceum going on lmao

  21. It’s crazy listening to your marine Corp Monday’s from back in the day and your videos now. Love the content man keep it up!!


    The Bradley adats is used by the swiss

  23. Pls do vid on stormer!!

  24. That first clip was amazing bro

  25. You beat phlydaily in sub number

  26. DruidicRifleman

    The ADATS is interesting but More expensive then it needs to be for either roll

  27. *amazing Stormer*


  28. The ChadATS

  29. The body of armored vehicle is called chassis.

  30. U guys say bradley adats but me, I say chadley adats

  31. dayz please sir

  32. WOW how the F did i MIss your channel damn ur good and I was watching phlidaly all this time.

  33. Top tier could be more rewarding i think, in lower tiers up to maybe 6.7 its easier to kill a tank, cause everyone driving in a slow heavy machine, without stabilizers and speed, so they have to kinda expose, and you have chance to meet a fresh players which are gonna just randomly drive in open giving you perfect shot, in higher tiers this starts to go away, you start to play against experienced players who know what theyre doing, tanks are way more mobile, have greater armor and overall possibilites, so killing that kind of enemy is gonna be just harder.

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