War Thunder: American ground forces Rank I – Review and Analysis

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Source: Oxy

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Existing in-between since 1990-Something

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00:00 Intro
01:22 M2A4
07:49 M3
10:27 M3A1
14:33 M2
18:29 (A)(1)
24:29 M22
28:54 M13
35:42 M2A2
42:03 M3 GMC
46:55 (A)(4)
47:46 M8
48:36 M8A1
49:50 M2A4 (1st Arm.Div.)
51:17 M3A1 (USMC)
52:20 CAS Aircraft
58:24 Outro

I have purchased a license to use the outro song ‘Sweez’ directly from the composer Stan Forebee, check him out, very nice guy and very talented- https://soundcloud.com/stan-forebee

Thanks to RenminbiYen, yum_yum_killer, TomCatInDrok, Chilliwiggles, warrma, Ryszard_I, bobpie1, Martannon, CorsairCrusader, Admiral_Wenli, Spaps and ItssLuBu for being extras xoxo


  1. Can we talk about the like to dislike ratio here , god knows oxy deserves it

  2. this is definitely exbur1a

  3. AWM fishing and gaming

    Yes do the different Sherman recognitions, I always think a jumbo is a normal Sherman.

  4. ah my crown, thanks

  5. Only Oxy can spend over 5 minutes talking about a reserve tank. Never change 😀

  6. Matthew Rikihana

    looking at the M2A2 I’m thinking a Kiwi/NZ customised Universal Carrier with .50 cal, .30 cal and 7.7mm mgs might work in the British rank 1 line up.
    Your vids help me evaluate my lineup for fun and effectiveness. Cheers.

  7. are you real

  8. i really wanna see a swedish series

  9. Could you pause for a shorter time between the pros and cons?

  10. I know the M2 Medium is bad, but that only make much more fun when you excel.

  11. are you going do a video on how to use the new vehicles added to each nation sins you did the vids on them

  12. War Thunder moments

    They buffed the M3 GMC recently it used to have a 12 second reload on an expert crew

  13. A video on tank recognition would be absolutely great!

  14. I love you Oxy

  15. Christopher Vanoster

    37:40 that’s be great. I don’t need, but some could use it

  16. After rank II half of the video is just CAS

  17. Great video as ever. The tank identification guides sound great, definitely a thumbs up for that idea from me

  18. Great vid oxy and congrats on the 50k.

  19. Tank recognition guide would be a great asset to newer players

  20. very helpful




    It’s annoying because when I’m playing in a m2a tank with only AP rounds my ammo still explodes even tho they aren’t explosive

  23. yess. YESSS. YESSSSSS. My fav country is now finally be featured !!!!


  25. Tank recognition guide– absolutely.

  26. Mediocre Aim Horizon Main

    tbh you explain techniques so well to new players in your new vids

  27. Awesome! I feels good Watching your videos 😄😍

  28. M22 had little to no armor:
    Me a Centurion bouncing an Apds at point blank: :’)

  29. 15:51 Two RBT-5s? Damn.

  30. btw Oxy. the M13, M16, and M15… With Manual gear box, can hit 50-65km/h off-road the AI driver slows down the half-track quite alot and doesn’t use the gears correctly. As a matter of fact. the Last forward gear shouldn’t be used as it reduces the max speed quite a lot as it trades speed for a more steady ride. the second last gear forwards allows you to move more faster at the cost of being very unstable at speed.

    In other words, Manual gear control for the Early US AA’s can pay off in the correct usage for rapid redeployment and getting the F out of there if needs be.

    ***P.S.*** It somewhat works similar in reverse…

    • Forgot to mention, this seems to apply to *All* US Half-tracks… Do not ask me why, but its quite helpful

  31. God, the M2’s turret is so slow.

  32. This will be fun since I’ve spaded everything up to the end of the lines *except the m15a1* that thing should switch places with the m13, be disconnected from the line, and be 1.0

  33. Let me get this correct… Premium tanks don’t give a silver lion bonus anymore? I haven’t played in a few weeks now. If that’s the case that’s a real scumbag move by Gaijin.

  34. I feel the need to correct your claim that Japanese tanks are easy to penetrate. They are, in fact, very hard to not penetrate. You have to actually try to bounce a shot off of a Japanese tank.

  35. Finally the best nation

  36. Good too see you again

  37. M2A2 is great for experienced players and terrible for new players

  38. The m22 wouldve been the absolute best tier 1 tank if it had the m2 browning or the browning m1919 on the roof for ,,anti aircraft,, purposes

  39. Christopher Vanoster

    Oxy would you be up for playing a few matches? I think I could use the help learning how to play this game better

  40. Watching Oxy play makes me mad/jealous/ happy all at the same time. Not really so much mad just jealous I can’t do 1/10 of what he does and happy because he’s so much fun to watch. Great work as usual Oxy.

  41. when the french tree was added and solid was really buffed th m3a1 and m3 were brokenly good

  42. Great stuff. Many thanks.

  43. Rice Field Enthusiast

    5:58 SHEEESH 18 kills damn

  44. Your videos are God Tier.

  45. Haven’t had fun in War Thunder since the closed beta. Fuck Gaijin.

  46. I definitely want to see an identification guide. I remember having lots of trouble with all of the T-34 variants.

  47. low tier, fun tier

  48. not sure why, but i prefered the m2 over the stuart when i was starting out

  49. 6.0-8.0 just seems bland (this is my experience so far)

  50. cant wait oxy do high tier removal unit review and analysis

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