War Thunder: American ground forces Rank IV

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Source: Oxy

This is my Discord, I am there sometimes – https://discord.gg/gnbKTBHtRd

Intro 00:00
M41A1 01:15
M56 09:44
M4A3 (76) W 23:57
T25 28:43
M26 34:59
M4A3E2 (76) W 41:08
T26E5 52:20
T26E1-1 01:02:52
T34 01:08:32
M42 01:15:12
M36 01:18:23
T30 01:23:09
T28 01:23:52
M6A2E1 01:26:22
M46 ”Tiger” 01:28:15
M26E1 01:29:40
M26 T99 01:31:10
Super Hellcat 01:33:30
T29 01:36:32
Aircraft 01:39:05
Outro 01:44:36

== Skins ==

– AD-4, Lt.(Jg) William T. Patton, VA-176 Thunderbolts'
– AD-4 VA-65 ‘Tigers'
– AM-1 ‘665'/'Lieutenant America', USAF SEA camouflage
– F-51H “Spokane Spook II”
– F8F-1B ‘Jolly Roger'
– M41A1 ‘Dreadnought
– M41A1, Danish Defence
– M42 Duster, ‘How Heavy is Dead'
– M4A3 (76) W ‘Was Ist Das'
– M4A3E8 76W (HVSS) TK45 “Tiger Camo
– M6A2E1 in camouflage 16th Engineers Corps
– P-51H-5-, USAF SEA camouflage
– T26E1-1, ‘Picked up Armor'
– T29 “Tiger Face”
– T92 Light Tank 11th Infantry Division


  1. isn’t the T28 the T95 but without the outer tracks which is why they call it the T28/95 but

  2. M6A2E1 cursed tank
    first time i saw Oxy played a cursed tank

  3. Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    Oxy: please dont do anything weird with my Decal.
    Rule 34 Artists: *Don’t mind if i DO!*

  4. Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    something i like doing with the M56 Scorpion is to cover it with bushes, hide inbetween some and then wait.
    another thing i love doing is killing myself with my own HESH rounds lmao! get close to an enemy tank, load a HESH on accident during the panic and BOOM! i kill myself lol.

  5. Kyle Katarn, Nerfherder

    15:14 Damn, look at that drift

  6. 1 hour 46 minutes? I’m not complaining.

  7. Rose the trans wolf girl

    oxy how would i get your decal if i have a steam account and i have tried it before by taking the part of the url that says its from you or other content creators and its never given the decal

  8. Great vid as usual chap, always watch to the end as i’m sure loads do…. link wasnt working though….

  9. T34 is Track and Barrel Torture (or TBT)

  10. Mr. Macedon 🇲🇰

    play 1 game with these tanks than wait 5 days for free repair lol!

  11. I love this channel so much. That tangent about your awful joke about the scorpion made my day.

  12. alright, waiting for rank 6

  13. is there a “RANGER” decal in WT

  14. Would you recommend the t29?

  15. Great video as always.
    I would like to know where can I get this red-black-white camo for the american tanks? It is beautiful.

  16. 1:44:00 bro he just shot a bomb out the air to kill a bomber how is he so good

  17. I got the M26E1 and it helped me research american tech tree, great vehicle but 6.7 br is kinda sketchy, the tiger 2 p has better armor, mobility and similar gun at 6.3, but the normal M26 is at 6.3 so idk, I’d feel comfortable at 6.3 but 6.7 is fine if I get any game at this br because those T-54 make this tank almost obsolete

  18. うつ病fake自殺

    I dont even play war thunder but your videos are so detailed and entertaining that i cant help myself but to watch it

  19. really hated my time with the super-pershing (mainly how slow it was despite not having great armour) but this video does make me want to give it another try, well it would have if it wasn’t for the repair cost. Personally i was pleasantly surprised by the reload speed, as in the X-ray view it seems impressive that the shells can be loaded at all

  20. awesome video!

  21. Don’t make the videos shorter, that would mean cutting out all the personality, and with timestamps it’s easy to find what you want anyway!
    Thanks a bunch for these videos oxy! Even though I’m mostly done with the grind I really like watching them!

  22. I still enjoy these even though I haven’t touched the game in like a 1.5 years.

  23. talk about jubmo
    >just get gud

  24. Russia rank 6.3 is use less

  25. ussr tanks eat american heavy for breakfast, that’s until the emergence of T26E5

  26. M26E1 = best Pershing

  27. “Maps don’t force you to enter a sniping match with a Tiger II a mile away” *looks at the empty field with trees as cover maps* Yeah about that

  28. Thank you for this series it’s helped me learn this game. Looking forward to the Israeli tech tree break downs

  29. i think the m56 is one of the worst vehicles in the game. but to be fair i only play ab where you can see the names of players in your line of sight which is realy bad for a tank without armor

  30. You had me listening untill the Jumbo 76. Dislike.

  31. another “pro” for me in the scorpion would be the recoil, because if you going reverese trying to evade something, that recoil gave me that little boost to evade the enemy shell multiple times. just fire it randomly somewhere infront of you while going backwards. it’s awsome!

  32. you play the T28 in arcade, by the the time the opposing player found your weakspot you arlready put them back to the spawn menu.

  33. Really like these kinds of videos and overviews.

  34. I’m through all these tiers and I still soak all this up in one sitting!

  35. 90mm HESH is such garbage, used it on the M48 and hit a JPZ 4-5 on the front and side and it just explodes out and does nothing

  36. that argument on the jumbo,, kinda disagree with it.

  37. Damn Oxy you really had to bully me I was the AMX-30 you pushed against the wall

  38. I agree that jumbo 76 is not half as bad as people say, but I do believe that there is an upper BR bar that vehicles should never go above. And for jumbo it’s definetly 6.0

  39. Yea m4a3e276w is now a 6.3 i play warthunder and i have my m1 abrams to accompany me in battle also playing on xbox is much harder than compuiter

  40. parts?

  41. The Jumbo CAN fight the leopard, but the range, accuracy, and speed on that thing makes it a horrible chore and is literally requiring you to be lucky. Hope that it isn’t a long range map, they dont out flank you, and they have only a single brain cell. I can also kill top tier vehicles with HE slingers, doesn’t mean they belong at 11.0. Whenever I play Germany killing Jumbos is such a joke, it makes me feel bad, bad enough to not want to play Germany. USA would benefit from losing the stabilizers and getting a BR drop a this point, but considering the T25, they’d drop the stabilizers and still uptier them.

    PS: Having to be extremely good and knowledgeable about every vehicle and map is not an excuse for the jumbo to be fighting against Tiger 2’s when panthers can already negate the armor entirely. “Just play perfectly every time and this tank isn’t half bad” is such a bad argument. If I play a vehicle with superior speed perfectly every time, I’d never have to shoot at the front of a Jumbo anyways, therefore please uptier every BT-5/7 to 6.3 please. I think 6.3 would be fantastic for a BR, if uptiers didn’t exist. 6.0-6.7 ish is such an awful BR because the jumps from BR to BR are so massive. You start seeing ATGM’s at 7.3, a lot of ATGM’s and it’s totally inexcusable to be brought into that BR.

    I can’t just play one vehicle and match hop expecting to progress or have fun like YouTubers love to do. It’s so shitty to abandon teammates just because I didn’t get a perfect match, because I got uptiered. In this day and age of war thunder, vehicles are judged by what they get uptiered against, because at this point, it’s what you’ll be seeing the most of.

  42. don’t know if you read these but can you update some of the ground forces guide for britan since there have been quite a few nerfs and br changes. all it would have to include is a redo on some of the cents reviews since there front plate for Nerfed and has since changed its play style and some tanks that exceeded in its br but dew to its own br change and other nations doesnt work how you described also some updated linups. this is just a request not required. if u do make this then thanks

  43. you are too good, i have no chance :))))

  44. sounds pro Bangladesh

    what about repair cost

  45. T34 is a monster tbh

  46. in my first jumbo game, i was killed by ATGMS, my second game, was killed by ATGMS, BR an the jumbo 76 is ass

  47. I was following up until you decided to defend the 76 Jumbo being moved to 6.3. No sane US main enjoys having their tanks constantly uptiered every single patch, and getting skullfucked by point and click German/Russian APHE. The reason the 76 Jumbo is at 6.3, isn’t due to its actual on paper performance like you make it seem. It’s due to the performance and skill level of the players playing it. US/British/French players tend to be more skilled than German/Russian players, because we aren’t used to the point and click one shots that German and Russian mains are used to. We also don’t hold this godlike worship of certain tanks, and assume they’re unkillable monsters the way their players do. German and Russian mains tend to be players who rush tanks like the IS2 and Tiger E, then suck horribly while using the vehicles, lowering the overall player stats to the point that Gaijin notices and drops the BR. The opposite generally happens for the US tanks. Most players learn to do things like angle, and aim for weak spots, very early on in the tech tree, and those skills stick with them by the time they hit the 5.0-7.0 range. So US tanks get a br increase nearly every patch. The M36 actually getting a decrease was shocking to everyone, most of all the US players.

  48. ObsidianIsMetamorphic

    I like the long videos since I just listen to them at work, even though I already have everything save for the last M60 on USA lol

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