War Thunder: American Ground Forces Rank V

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Source: Oxy

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00:00 Intro
01:13 M50 Ontos
10:44 M46
17:04 M47
21:10 M48
26:10 M60
43:02 T32E1
48:40 M103
55:00 M163
59:32 T95
1:08:26 Magach 3
1:13:29 T114
1:16:39 CAS
1:20:07 Lineups

Skins used-

M47 Patton II, Republic of Korea Armed Forces
M47 ‘Elvas’
M48A1, №25 “War Eagle”
M48 Patton “Tin Can”
M103 ‘Snake’
M163, 3rd Armored division
T114 ‘Hyena’
T114, dual tex
F-89B ‘Tigerjet’


  1. Will say I’ve come to love the M47s – solid all round performance at its BR.

  2. I don’t mind the long style of videos.
    But if you think they ere getting to long. Just make then a 2 part video 🙂

  3. 8:47 if you want i can get this spider for you 🤭

  4. An interesting perspective is that because these videos expectedly take so long to produce, i almost forget that this amazing series exists and ,therefore, when a new video comes out it makes me extra happy. So don’t feel any rush in making these, their quality makes up for it.

  5. 50:25 happy wiggles :3

  6. 53:37 Ma Duece saving the day

  7. one thing i hate the most about the M48 and M60 is the bulk, they are so big that you feel like you are exposing everything at once.

  8. kitters :3

  9. 37:00 in this game reload is not the balancing factor for the weight or killing power but the armor and durability of the vehicle. Nearly all heavy tanks have long reloads so compare T32 to other heavy tanks like IS series and T-26 etc.

  10. 58:50 Poor squeezyboi… he didn’t deserve that fate

  11. Only consider the M48 but definitely get the T32??? Huh????

  12. Don’t be sorry it’s ok if its it’s good.

  13. idk, the M46 is one of my best vehicles. You can say it doesn’t fit anywhere, but to me it’s more like it fits everywhere. I am never out of position, I will always have something to leverage to kill you.

  14. Totally looking forward for the last part. I’ve been planning to grind the American tree lately, totally had fun with the T54E1 when I got my hands on a free one for 30 days.

  15. 32:34 The engine deck problem :
    Boy I sure hope to see this again when US Rank VI + VII came out.

  16. Sag ich nicht Sowieso nicht

    28:26 i hope you read this, idk if’s meant to be but the M60 get’s overpressured trough the cupola, while the M48 only gets normal damage, why that is i don’t know.

  17. I fucking love you

  18. 58:42 Boss you killed a child

  19. I think the longer videos are much better

  20. leo1 7.3 how do you justify your Br?
    i have mobility .
    T54 7.3 how do you justify your Br?
    i have armor “and hides mobility”
    M60 7.7 how do you justify your Br?
    “smiles sadly “

  21. M50 Ontos seems very OP imo. It’s small, fast, multi fire high damage and high pen ammo.

  22. With the M50,Occasionally your guns will eat shells when getting shot from the side. It’s kinda funny

  23. Where is that red white and black camo from on the T32 at 39:23

  24. The Missouri Ranger

    A thing about the M103s APBC shell, it doesnt do reliably well on angled armor because the ricochet chance for APBC is higher than APCBC, because the extra cap on APCBC allows for better performance against angled armor. So APCBC will pen what APBC will have a harder time with. Just food for thought Oxy. Great video though, i havent played my american lineup in a hot minute cause ive been too busy with germany so i need to get into it, and these videos are giving me tips on their playstyles before i jump back into 6.7 america and 7.0 america

  25. i cant thank you enough for these awesome and super helpfull vids man.

  26. I’m surprised that you didn’t mention the absolutely terrible gun depression on the M47. That was always my biggest problem with it

  27. Quick thing if you want or already use the M48 Patton, i’ve killed 2 of them with the 75mm Jumbo’s APHE at over 100m, so i would heavily recommend being hull-down. If you play a match where oyu win so hard your team can push into the enemy spawn you should still keep your distance, as that was the circumstance that let me take out those 2 Pattons with a short gun Sherman!

  28. The T32 and T32E1 suffer from Gaijin’s refusal to take US ammunition issues seriously. The T50E1 would make them more reliable at fighting vehicles in their BR range. The T43 should be significantly better at penetrating sloped armor. The T44 is still under performing significantly. Gaijin’s refusal to address these issues, while also pushing for a light/medium meta, mean both T32s are dead tanks.

  29. As for the bounce chance on the M103 APBC, its a made up mechanic. US APBC was designed specifically to defeat sloped armor. Gaijin’s bounce chance has no real world basis and needs to be removed.

  30. I love hove gaijin modeled .50 cal to tear tracks like nothing, meanwhile 20,30 or 15mm cannons on german and french tanks can’t do it or it takes like 10 seconds of continuous fire to break track 😀

  31. well since you mention brasil in your video and since i am brasilian i have to say it…… OXY POR FAVOR, VEM PRO BRASIL

  32. Man, nobody does this better …… great reviews dude!

  33. Kyle Katarn, Nerfherder


    Man, these new-fangled instant-repairing buildings sure are fancy

  34. I legit fell asleep listening to this man talk how am I so relaxed right now?

  35. The good thing in 7.7s is that they avoid the 9.0 premium dumping! One of the main reason I picked up the Magach after i had a decent experience in the Italian M60A1 and the lineup it has. 7.7 is a popular BR, many nations has a lineup on it and even on the next meta 8.3 BR most of these tanks still do fine.

  36. Another fantastic video as always! Also I was curious for a video idea for this series. Warthunder is changing all the time since it’s a live service game after all so alot of your older content has become outdated due to this. So I was curious if maybe you could do an addendum video perhaps at the end of each year to go back to tanks that have had significant changes to the point where it could perhaps affect their verdict?

  37. What’s

  38. I’ve been waiting for this but i Already got done with it 😩

  39. Yet the t32e1 was my first tank to get a nuke. I dont know why but i love the thing

  40. Boy the M60 was pain to play at 8.3, and 8.7.

    I’m a firm believer that the M60 and T54 need a down tier..

  41. We want American finale

  42. I love the T32.
    Hated it at first until i got used to positioning it properly.
    Hull down in an area where you can back out (preferrably) overlooking some area that is popular, but not the most crowded one.
    You don’t push in and in and in with it because reload will kill you.
    Be more passive in it, laid back so to speak.

  43. if the video was 9 days long id still watch it you have that soothing addictive voice thats made for this .also I use the F89B for CAS as the cannons have done me good constantly The can pen T54 rear turrets effectively..its only problem as you said is its size and handling at slow speed .At 7.7 your always bound to see a gepard or equivilent and they will eat you alive.

  44. Sadly no Rank V US ATGM carriers

  45. Krzysztof Wartix ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    Messege to every single soul… dont train T32… it’s not worth it. It’s better to research tanks like M103 with a M48 Patton II. It have a better ammo, better armor, better turret turning, better mobillity, it cost less on a repair and gain like eqaully lions and RP per kill… but per battle… the M48 gain much more… and sty least… gain something, not nothing.

  46. The cat is cute

  47. 50:20 BEAST

  48. Content is still content, Oxy. And I reckon everyone would legit pay just to hear your very calm and soothing voice. Everyone appreciates good War Thunder advice as well :3

    I can already tell that US Rank 6 is going to be fun to watch and I’m okay with it being 2 hours long or even longer than that. Being a US main that primarily plays high-top tier (not counting the few instances of me playing the lower BRs in part because of watching your videos and actually enjoying a bit of seal clubbing), I’d love to know what you think about it and Rank 7. It’s quite nice to learn about things that I could’ve missed grinding through the US tech tree from your vids.

  49. I surprisingly enjoy hunting Russian T80s with my M163, just sneak up and go for the back of the turret

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