War Thunder – AMX-50 Foch “Can Opener”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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This Destroyer ridiculous and I wanted to get a video of it before all the new content drops in the upcoming patch. I hope you enjoy Bear and I’s adventure with our armor. It is very satisfying to crack a open. Never gets old. Like cold beer.

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Artist: http://audionautix.com/

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  1. That panther 2 had Gas Gas Gas on the radio with Running in the 90’s in the que.

  2. Haha the mouse shake at 10:45 = priceless

  3. CheshireTomcat68

    These 2 player games seem a lot more organised than the squad ones

  4. 3:18 Bo just fired though the front plate. That is not how it should work…

  5. nice to know that tank can pin 305mm of armor xD

  6. 3:28 a wedge of Brie, hon hon hon

  7. Hi Bear! We were in a match together like a day ago. We were the last 2 plains left. My username is Lan144!

  8. Cooking Panda951

    Hey bo, u should and friends should play t1 premium planes or tank

  9. Something I’ve noticed on some of your videos, when diving into smoke and being completely unable to see you should right click to move the camera forward, and possibly past the smoke to where the enemy can see you flapping around.

  10. i think i might have just killed you in a cromwell
    i was in a flak 38 😀

  11. No tiger tank😬😬😬😢😢😢 unsubscribe 😬😬😬😬😬😠😠😠😠😠

  12. You never read my comments 😢😢😢😢I’ll never watch your videos again!!!😤😤😤😢😢😢

  13. I hate you now you never read me comments 😠😠😠😠😠😬😬😬😬😬you never respect a 11yr old kid to say pls use the stuh 42 g

  14. OneBiasedOpinion

    “Oh it’s a Doom Tur-!”


  15. flying panzer VII

    Dem Duke boys!

  16. French Army Commander: i wish we also have a doom turtle

    French Tank Designer: Challenge Accepted

  17. I noticed you now have a affiliate link to the Gaijin store. Congratulations on reaching enough subscribers for that part of the partner program.

  18. 10:43
    You could see the fear in that mouse movement. Boi got spook’d.

  19. In the seconds approaching 11:43 ride of the valkorires starts to play…

  20. There was a family of 20 in that Maus haus

  21. 3:28 that’s some girls und panzer shit right there

  22. 8:32 “That’s a doom turtl-“

  23. You, jingles and bajjur are the best

  24. What postfx settings does bo use?

  25. Mascerade Master

    The amx 50 looks like a diy t 28 where they used a container

  26. the frenchie’s version of the doom turtle

    how do you end up from being on top of the seawall to being on the beach XD?

  27. i hate the fact that the german puma has no spot ability and the french have tanks with it…

  28. After watching your video’s every time i have the urge to log back in and go another couple of rounds, I have over 2000 hrs and i still suck lol. but your vid’s give me the urge to play and try not to die every game 🙂 take care and keep up the great work

  29. That was fun to watch. Can you try playing a high tier light tank, like a T92 or AMX 13 next time?

  30. Next time please try and use the German tank guiding missile the big one, 800mm, of high level of explosive in that missile though mate. ☠☠☠👍👍👍👍👍

  31. Man, I hate to say it as german tanks player, but i have a strong feeling that german players are some of the most brain dead people in this game, it’s like they’ve never checked specs and just drive blind

  32. “Let’s push to cover, I like cover.”
    [immediately cuts to Bo climbing on a literal platform the entire map can see]
    Ah, Bo, never change

  33. 6:35 ‘it stabs it and then it blows it, blows it up’ – Bo
    i laughed harder than i think i have ever done for any of your other videos when you said this!!!

  34. I killed my friend’s fosch with a pz2

  35. Schrödinger's cat

    I hate to say this guys but it’s KPH not KMH. Kilometers Per Hour.

    • AGloriousPolarBear

      I hate to say it but it’s unit is KM/H. Easier to read the standard unit than interpret the unit’s symbol as it’s literal meaning as a unit of speed.

  36. Secretdragon 94

    Bear just says that’s a doom tur-boom

  37. 100% realism, 1972(amx-50 1972) tank agaisnt ww2 tanks

  38. Attempt#1 full nazi death squad Maus addition

  39. That was an awesome ending!!!!!

  40. play the t-26-4

  41. Bo has shot the maus up his ass

  42. Sebastian Halo Ahlo Eldo

    Hey. How to rotate your turret on spot in binocular mode?

  43. the chain-firing at 5:36, my word does that sound satisfying. *ba-ba boom*

  44. 7:18 the 15mm MG on the Foch can shred the T92 frontally

  45. 3:00 WOW its a maus!! Never seen one in the wild before and I thought it was just a myth ;P kaboooooooom Oh I guess that if you see a wild maus, they explode… : |

  46. I Can See You Watch Your Back


  47. Kronos Gaming/Vines

    i saw one of these and its easy as hell to penetrate from the side with a T-28

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