War Thunder – AMX-50 Foch “The Good, The Bad, and the Bo…”

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I hope your matches are going than mine! A night of bad luck, bad maps, teiring, and just… I don’t know what I did to upset our snail lord. Hopefully, you some laughs out of these fails!

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  1. Whenever I see a maus in a 6.7 vehicle, I never CAS it because I know that it’s probably his only downtier all day

  2. phly daily

  3. Why don’t you just say who played together with you in the videos as its getting frustrating to separate their voices..

  4. Great to see Rom back. Great vid as always Bo

  5. Gabriel the Sherman Grizzly

    That t95 just showed you som real speed

  6. I heard a new voice im not use to who was that?

  7. Lets get Bo to 1 mil, he deserves it.

  8. That little swedish meatball launcher at the end is a god damn CHAMPION!

  9. That first clip was actually insane

  10. do a vid on the chinese t-34 aa

  11. As soon as I open the video –
    Bear – Dogfighting in a PE-8
    Me – Yes

  12. *baguette intensifies*

    Viva la baguette

  13. 12:10

    I think that’s more bouncing, than flying.

  14. Who’s the gamer girl??

  15. It’s funny because I was watching a stream from the perspective of the guy who killed Red @ 7:00 I watched Bo back up slowly in real time 🙂

  16. Man complains about bullying….after several videos of recorded evidence of him performing war crimes on light vehicles. XD

  17. Hey Bo… what happened to Loli??

  18. Pretty good rockets if they can kill a Maus. Great work in the AML-90 as well even if you were struggling to kill a T28

  19. Who is the female playing on your crew this is first time I’m hearing her. What vehicle was she in during the recorded battles

  20. 0:06 Texas be like when someone is on you land

  21. Bo what game modes do you play on army and aviation?

  22. poor ham in his asu 57 omfg

  23. Do you guys play with fans sometimes?

  24. Loved that T-95 scene, especially after your description on stream about it! XD

  25. The air plan is just a remake of the Corsair pretty much

  26. There’s just something about a F4U-7 lugging 6 rocket pods around a battlefield that just gives me chills.

  27. Gotta love the survivability of a T95, even when surrounded…

  28. The bo–ld, your welcome for finishing your title 😊

  29. Wish i could of saw u at ur beginner times in war thunder

  30. A very long time ago I was a subscriber to this account then I unsubscribed because I stopped watching your videos and then recently I got into World of Warships and I watched one of your vids without realizing till the end

    I definitely re subbed again

  31. Hambone = worse then having enemies.

  32. its really interesting how this vehicle have german Mg151 15mm

  33. No means no!

  34. DEHAKA Primal Zerg

    1. Ham, no ding ding without the wedding ring
    2. The Swedish Meatball Launcher 😀

  35. Bo just makes vids on french tanks to fly the F4U-7

  36. you guys should do m48 or m60 as youve done the m46 a while ago

  37. Foch has good armor if it does not get Heat FS or Sabot To the Face

  38. Am I mishearing something or was lolidragon in this video?

  39. How to that yellow ping?

    • the yellow marker is a squadron marker. it’s not key-bound as a default so you need to set that up in your options. To set keybinding : Controls -> Common -> Basic -> Set target for squadron

  40. At 1:27 it was me, that Jagdtiger that shot at you. Was very inebriated at the time.

  41. Okay, dumb question but how do you do the target scouting to get points? You did it at 13:09 for example, right after you dropped that yellow location pin, but I looked it up and most sources said to set a button for the active scouting function, which I did, but it still isn’t working. I press the button for it when looking at a target through my binos, but nothing happens. Do I have to hold the button for a certain length of time or is there more to it? What am I missing?

  42. Bo I hope that you have better luck next round. It looks like you had one hell of a time in this thing….I remember when you did a video about this one and it was such a can opener. You did your best tho. 07 an d<3

  43. Hey bo time game can I join yall in war thunder I have every tank in the game

  44. Who is romishi?

  45. The Tank Commander

    So, Bo! Bringing the ladies in to show your guys how it’s done, eh? Nicely done!

  46. Neutral traverse bo neutral traverse t95 has that in spades

  47. Jack-Naomi Krueger

    Attempt 1, you should play the panzer 4/70

  48. Bernardo Maffessoni

    You killed a maus ?!?! O.o shame on you

  49. C l o u d sucks at life

    13:58 The Strv-103 0 that killed you was me !!!! 😀

  50. Why do you shoot 40 rkt per tank ? x)

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