War Thunder Antics ep: 13

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Source: Nordern


  1. If you feel sorry for my ScarFace, try playing my mobile game it will make me feel better.
    It’s Free

  2. Данил Диванный боец

    5:40 where can i get it?!?!?!?!

  3. Happy Birthday, Nordern! Dayum, Franka sounds hot

  4. No matter how much you hate a fellow man, when he shishkebabs his dick on barbed wire, you take him to the hospital.

  5. The Gentleman Gamer

    That last story sounds like the perfect discord copypasta. But still, it’s fucking awesome

  6. 1:18 war tortilla

  7. What the actual fuck is going on in Moti’s chat?!

  8. Belated Happy birthday, my favorite Norwegian!

  9. You should make the different people different subtitle colors

  10. The new it couple nordern and franka I think

  11. 11:29 i memorised the weakspots and positions of weakspots on most tanks from playing ab so its not a problem for me

  12. I need the snazzy fuckling pin up art like the phly daily one how do I get 1?

  13. Its an Israeli Anti air going against a russian low tier helli
    Its shit against shit

  14. I will be very square with ya Nordern, I too find myself saying “OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!” Frequently

  15. ¨americans are all about the Brrrrrrrrrrt” Yes very much as brrrrt is best problem solver

  16. The Meming of Life

    The Americans are all about the BIRD and the Russians are all about the BEAR

  17. 11:57 That laugh is glorious <3 😂

  18. The combo of moti check list hes 100% a vampire

  19. You seriously got them to say that!?

  20. RandomExcessMemories

    Ahhh i envy you guys! I wish I had a gang of friends to be retarded in WT with! You’re all so funny!

  21. Can I join this clan. It’s not because I’m lonely hahaha (sad-sigh)

  22. is Snazzy part of the moderation team (if there is one) for War Thunder?

  23. dubious antics

  24. I actually had the pleasure of meeting moti the other day in a match I was gonna duel his t-95 in my IS-6 then a 4005 said no.. but it was a pleasure to meet him and it was also really cool

  25. Love how the dad in the end of the story was kinda like props but ur a idiot

  26. The most perfect end of video cutoff in YouTube history

  27. Actually, there IS a chai latte in my country, a green chai latte to be precise, and yes, it’s a cold green tea mixed with milk and a maple/chocolate syrup (it’s goddamn expensive too)

  28. “Happy bald day” is now my new favorite Nordern clip

  29. Kan du hjelpe meg med og graind ussr

  30. If I got shot down by a biplane while I was in a jet I’d probably cry but then shoot you down with a T-28

  31. last story had me laughing so hard I almost passed out XD

  32. Martijn Den Braber

    Goeree-Overflakkee??? Really??? Out of all places he has to name Goeree-Overflakkee…

  33. I hope your friend is fine after the probably worst injury you could get on your dick, I wish nothing like that would ever happen to anyone..

  34. magnet Fisher Irish boy

    I will see ya in 3 to 5 working day when I get up this hill

  35. God that story at end…….once he mention the wire fence…The BARBED WIRE fence I was squirming in my chair cupping myself.

  36. Yea those US 40mm SPAAs are totally useless!

  37. well happy birthday bro


  39. I love the fact that War Thunder said that on Nordern Stream

  40. Tbf, the M19A1 is a piece of shit against planes, Ive killed plenty of tanks, but not a single plane

  41. How is Snazzy still a mod with those colors on his vehicle? Gaijin doesn’t appreciate anything even slightly anti-Russian in any way.

  42. I don’t know why these guys popped up on my feed, but I’m glad they have.

  43. Thunder snails? So they’re slow and loud?

  44. I love that snazzy drives a Bosnian propaganda machine!!!

  45. 4:31 Jesus dude, we’re you trying to mow the lawn on your way through?

  46. A squad video would be cool

  47. 62 stitches in the dick hell nah

  48. “Abort yourself” Can’t. I live in America.

  49. When you eliminated that jet Play of the decade

  50. The offical warthunder accounts are managed by a chad. Thats all i am going to say.

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