War Thunder antics ep: 14

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Source: Nordern


  1. The Sturmtiger is a beautiful addition.

  2. im gonna have to guess that norderns ghost shell might just have been a packetloss or sever error.

  3. Thanks! Will do!

  4. Gaijin Lied Ghost shell is still a thing
    if you remove a ghostshell more ghostshell reproduce

  5. 0:03 snazzy gave himself away to the enemy because of his waddling.

  6. Optimaloptimus50 50

    0:47-0:49 you moved the tank slightly while the missile was moving and shook the sight thereby making the missile follow the sight upwards.

  7. Oh; I had hobbies; before i got a fulltime job!

  8. Where was Monster throughout this?

  9. how dare you not include me calling you bald

  10. Ramen Noodles Gaming

    The other day I had A KA-50 sitting over friendly spawn that no one would do anything about so I hopped in my bradley and launched my drone into his prop, and “killed” him greatest weapon the bradley has tbh

  11. The Unlucky Leprechaun

    Can we get more of Addie please???

  12. How do you have such a fast Range adjustment on the Strummorser

  13. Ngl your videos are pretty often in my recommendations that YouTube shows and changes from time to time and i have to say or pretty funny what you and your friends are doing


  15. Dungeon deez dragons

    Please tell me that sturmtiger reload time is at least a minute

  16. 0:19 the way Addie’s distorted scream just fades out before explosion is just perfect.

  17. Vault Hunter From Terra

    *Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Juggernaut Liebe* enters chat

  18. These videos fill me with the most gut wrenching laughter

  19. Chaos Insurgent [inside agent]

    That was the most genuin *scream* i ever heared from Snazzy XD

  20. There was a bit of Franka
    monster i do not talk to anymore

  21. 2:58 Enemy Plane: come here motherfuckers

  22. 3:12 I am so sorry for that lmao, the urge to bomb a convoy of tutels was too much


  24. The Lord and Savior Norden has return yet Again

  25. WilliamTehConqueror

    9:30 air-to-air kamikaze drones

  26. i just found out how to put faces on tanks bc i thought they costed golden eagles but no i have them and im ready to go terrify the battlefield lol.

  27. Bøñdhįdöråh õńė whø ïs mäñÿ

    I really fucking love War thunder antics videos

  28. War thunder ohio sever:

  29. 4:03 every time you in a plane and see you freind close to the end

  30. norden im looking fore a amra 3 server and it looks kinda chil there howe cane i join
    bdw im from the nederlands

  31. I wonder if their discord accepts random ppl. I’m not trying to play with Nordern, just the whole server seems like a lot of fun lol

  32. Polish v1ince (again)

    Santa fat is coming!
    edit:no comments or anything?

  33. It was a long time since i last watched a war thunder antics video

  34. Those damn warning lights

  35. Merry Christmas is almost near!! also i do not have a pc for a game that can handle war thunder so sad .

  36. Foundation Agent Striker

    I realized when I first saw this at 0:57 that man turned into a pixelated game demon laughing bro.

  37. Yo I just played with u recently and moti my user was deeznuts231 love the content keep it up

  38. lol, someone mistook me for SnazzyDuckling

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