War Thunder Antics ep: 15

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Source: Nordern


  1. May be late but 2:29
    I am here to contact you about your cars extended warranty

  2. I believe we’ve gotten off on the wrong foot

  3. I would love to play with them on war thunder

  4. Goddamn it Nordern why did you get me back into war thunder?

  5. The Canadian Nematoad

    Nordern and gang are the only one who genuinely make me laugh.

  6. 1:48 Oh dear God I can see the resemblance.

  7. “Shoot at that guy, he’s disabled”

    ~ Nordern

  8. Bro this is what a war thunder party’s are like

  9. More den er more ni

  10. 7:15 Churchill

  11. M22 for life!

  12. TheManWithManyNames

    I honestly have to say the women you play with Nordern are 100% more funny than most Female comedians who are supposed to be funny. This video has actually made me happy thanks for doing what you do 🙂 .

  13. I love the Sturmtiger. One of the dumbest looking tanks but it’s made to destroy buildings.

  14. 10:46 did the 2s3m use aphebc ? What the hell,nobody use that on a 2s3m

  15. Cumming in waves? Gotta wait for high tide.

  16. I now have regained confidences to play war thunder, but, every time I go into customs, I get shot down by a F-16.

  17. TheAmericancucumber

    I shot a plane down with my small gun on the m3 lee

  18. You guys make warthunder fun, and then when I play I’m just in pain

  19. This video is just 100% funny juice and I love it

  20. George Lincoln Rockwell

    Lmao NPC level profile banner

  21. UwU fail XD
    Atleast u tried Nordern

  22. 6:36 am i the only one who specifically paused here to note the range between spawns for… future use?

  23. Wonder how it is to be dump potato ^^

  24. Ăng Seng vừa Cum

    Okay, Nordern Following Ukraine! You trying to be Zelensky? Clown boy?

  25. Dying to a t-44 is definitely a Fy Faen moment

  26. I’m here to watch so.e funny warthunder not to look at ads

  27. 1:12 yea Russian bias don’t exist

  28. Can i point out at 6:42 that 380mm Sturmtiger Rocket detonated on that M56/Scorpion Commander’s face? Alongside the whole thing itself being turned into tomato paste

  29. this is why you use radio callouts XD 8:56

  30. i wish to play with you but i think i cant cause u wouldnt like me that much or u wouldnt allow me

  31. 8:58


  32. 7:14 WRONG MISSION

    CODMW reference

  33. Loved the video @Nordern! Can’t wait for the next video man! Always nice to hear and see the Shenanigans that you, Franka, Sophie, Snazzy, Moti and Crew get into.

    I pretty much lost it the whole way through! A Maus cosplaying as a Cargo Container and Getting killed by an 2S3M Akatsiya as well as shooting a Disabled Player….. Nordern, are you sure you’re not trying to make War Thunder into “Deus Ex” and Outdo J.C. Denton by any chance?

    Also, Anyone have the Sauce for the p0tnstar on the Tail of that P-51C-10 at Timeframe 10:36? As a Panda Crusader, I ask only for Research Purposes!

  34. 7:10 he definitely saw god after that one

  35. Traitor burnin' Sherman

    norden is the european russianbadger

  36. Bence Gábor Horváth

    That’s a not a church that’s a big church like a cha… Something

  37. 3IdiotsIn3Tanks(member)

    I’m happy that i found this video i laughed 6 times already and its only been 5mins

  38. Franka is so precious, it’s like they grabbed a random civi and said hey wanna drive a tank with absolutely no consequences?

  39. We want more videos

  40. Found a new youtuber to watch.

  41. Bro can i play wae thunder with you 😁

  42. What does the russian say in the background at 3:25?

  43. I have not seen Monster in your videos for quite a while, I wonder why?

  44. Старик Апостол

    I just discovered you recently, but you genuinely make War Thunder look fun, Nordern
    And with editing on the level of Soviet Womble, it’s just a pleasure to watch
    Thank you!

  45. Is no one going to mention that war thunder added norden to the game?

  46. You need to play sea of theves!

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