War Thunder Antics ep: 7

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Source: Nordern

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  2. LMAOOOOOOO all those bombs!!!

  3. I’ve been watching your channel for years and would love to play with you sometime on war thunder, been playing since release

  4. Thats the best nord VPN ad ive seen in my life. 100/10

  5. lucas_the_lizard

    are u like norwegen or?

  6. If you are a GTA online player a VPN is pretty necessary.
    Because when you piss a modder off they will cry for your to get off your VPN so they can DDos you so yeah. VPN is amazing.

  7. Bruh that sponsor message is gonna make people think NordVPN will make them better at War Thunder😂

  8. Yooooo i was in the video poggers

  9. why is the volume so low?

  10. Sound is too low. Thanks for the vid

  11. Sean The Artificers Forge

    Ah yes the handicapped maus….. thanks for that again nordern !!!! XD

  12. 10:53

    That’s Belkan Witchcraft right there.

  13. I have found my SovietWomble replacement

  14. Nordern VPN

  15. Clip A: 1 bomb, 7 kills
    Clip B: 7 bombs, 1 Nordern


  17. I don’t know why but I want to hear Nordern say the sponsor in Norwegian

  18. Hi! Please, check your email, wrote you with sponsorship offer about War Thunder game  🙂

  19. I can confirm wings are overrated in American jets

  20. War Thunder is fun and all but the game rewards you soo poorly and the repairs make it so that you either lose SL or just barely break even.

    The game is made in such a way that it heavily incentivizes you to spend money.
    Its takes hours to just unlock 1 VEHICLE and then you have to buy it (okay) then you have to pay in order for a crew of your choosing to get “qualification” to crew it by paying SL. Why? Costs are just so stupid when you compare it to your income of SL without paying real money for SL.

    • The economy in this game is absolutely fucked indeed, though, it does not take hours to unlock a vehicle until around above 4.0, which has a lot of fun vehicles below it. Though, that doesn’t counter the repair costs on some vehicles… **see B29**

  21. That was a great ad, too bad I couldn’t hear it xD

  22. Willianson dos Passos Silva

    0:55 Seeing this without the music does not give the same feeling

  23. They never found point G

  24. yooo that maus at 7:27 is my friend!!! i was in that match too!!

  25. You guys sound like members of a Minecraft server hermitcraft

  26. 11:50 Subbed for that face!

  27. 10:53 this person shouldve been burned on a pyre for sorcery

  28. 5:05 M-M-M-M-MONSTER KILL!

  29. clearly Moti_ had a bad relationship with his papa.

  30. Love the new German tanks

  31. Mythical Chimera

    Nordern using Nord

  32. That was one smooth segue into the sponsor promo, well done.

  33. Benjamin O'Konski

    10:48 I found Solo Wing Pixy.

  34. Imagine putting a vpn on a scr-300 ( a old ww2 radio)

  35. you still play con?

  36. We still don’t know a few things about Moti’s Dad and himself.

  37. And I thought Bo was entertaining…

  38. the thousand missing activities at the end of school day be like: 5:19

  39. This is why you have two eyes.

  40. “nordern im terribly sorry” cluster bombs drop like a blanket “OH MY GOD!!!” clip of the year for me

  41. I am shocked that you’ve managed to get seven episodes worth of content out of this shite game. When are we getting a compilation of ‘war thunder moments’ where the game breaks and/or fucks you over? Because I’ll bet that’s an easy one to pull together.

    • It really wouldn’t, there’s some bullshit sometimes, but in general we enjoy our time playing a significant majority of the time

    • @Nordern Aye, and that’s not at all a bad thing – I just want to share in someone else’s pain when the game fucks them over, too. Kind of a group suffering for cathartic release-type-thing.

      Also, would be funny.

  42. You even got you’re own VPN, Jesus

  43. poor Nordern his tank got deleted at 5:20 by Snazzy with his Precision bombing , like Norderns tank looked like a dartboard full of darts before exploding

  44. Pokimane got them sneezes, while Monster got them hiccups.

  45. Random person 420

    Who started dying when monster let out the uwu at the end

  46. I thinked the same when i Saw it first the New Map 🤣🤣🤣

  47. I like her accent.

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