War Thunder ASU-57 NEW Russian SPG (War Thunder Tanks)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thanks watching!


  1. HAPPY SUNDAY! We hit 100 million views guys…that’s insane!
    I for one am in favor of more amphibious tanks, and glider born and air
    dropped tanks….but specifically for a grand style battle like “World War
    Mode” that they plan to implement. I don’t think it’d be balanced in RB
    battles. What do you guys think?

  2. russin bias!

  3. we love you baron!!

  4. whoopwhoop

  5. chitownpaintballer


  6. omg did they forgot german tanks becuese like hellooo war thunder i want
    new german tank

  7. tinatpasselepoivre

    Here since 1 year ! Keep going !

  8. Last time I was early baron was bad at war thunder

  9. Baron Congrats Man on the Views! Also why don’t you and Slick play with
    Phly very much anymore?

  10. YES! Because the russians need more bullshit prototypes. This game isn fun

  11. lets hope we see t62 in patch 1.59

  12. yay more post war tanks to fight…

  13. Congrats man! 🙂 Been following you for the past 2 to 3 years my self js ;)

  14. Another Russia crap ? I’m quit !

  15. can’t wait for that sexy Motherfucker

  16. Clang Of Tanks Gaming

    Congrats baron! Keep moving forward! 🙂 | RUSSIAN NAVY BIAS! O3O

  17. Russian OP

  18. How many more fucking Russian tanks are they gonna add?!?

  19. Baron what editing software do you use when you make your videos. Can you
    make a video about it please?

  20. we need more m60 verisons and leos

  21. Banana tits

  22. air drop tanks mmm gib me ELC AMX gib gib gib

  23. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    It took that long for him to notice?

  24. New Russian tank, new Russian tank, new Russian tank… this game is
    getting shit!

  25. I want the ASU-85 :D

  26. ASU-85
    will they add too?

  27. War Thunder has such great potential to become a great game, but… this is
    getting fucking ridiculous. The game’s a fucking mess, and all they care
    about is just topping additional bullshit on it. Don’t Russians have enough
    vehicles? Why not add more Japan aircraft? Perhaps French tanks? Maybe even
    Japanese tanks! Or, maybe even fix their maps, or nerf the fucking IS-2
    with its totally-not-ridiculously-OP D-25T cannon along with its Post-WW2
    ammunition going against Tiger 2s. :l

  28. Not pinokio, this ,,,mate, is the beetle tank

  29. Yay!!! Love the vids! Keep going Baron! The video quality keeps getting
    better! For Stalin

  30. i like this tank it seems stug 3 small and deadly :3

  31. I want artillery. will we ever get artillery

  32. Still waiting on the addition of the P-51H, P-47N, F4U-4, F3D-2

  33. They need to re-work the armor on the SuperPershing!

  34. The tetrarch and the m22 locust were both airborne glider tanks that could
    support paratroopers, I guess the asu 57 is the Russian equivalent.

  35. This is the definition of russian bias and gaijin being complete dicks

  36. #RoadTo1BillionViews

  37. i quit wt

  38. Barton, do you have any ideas for premium tanks/planes, I have 3000 GE yet
    I’m scared that I’ll buy a piece of poop of a vehicle, any good ones to

  39. So we get another Russian tank. Great. Not only do they get this little
    thing, they get a fucking guided missile. Fuck off Gaijin, I want more
    tanks for other nations than just Russia.

  40. Modern chaos maker

    Russian glass cannon

  41. Jagd Kommandant

    *Still wait that Totenkopfring*

  42. another glass cannon.. now if the glider was abled to be how you spawned in
    then I can see dozens of back up tanks in use just so you can pepper the
    sweet spots of the ground tanks.

  43. Ралица Караславова

    That is bad SPG and good AA.

  44. Sheridan and Sturer Emil confirmed!!!

  45. AAAAAWWWWWW YEA! Yo baron where ich das t 14 armata bro

  46. Pierre Boisseau

    I want tank artillery in war thunder now ! :p

  47. DrVinyl Scratch

    Here since year1.1

  48. Элиза Хоэнхаим

    *because infantry is amasing* 8:47
    thats what i love you for)))))))

  49. Baron,thanks for the wonderful comments you said about all of us and YOU
    were the one which made us look you’re videos so I say congratulations to
    youXD.Keep it up

  50. They tried parachuting T26s from TB3. They also tried flying the plane
    really low then detaching a T60 and have it roll to a stop.

  51. TheIronGiant 22

    the gun depression is gonna be horrible

  52. Harrison Rawlinson

    Yay! We kick ass! Thanks for the vids +BaronVonGamez

  53. couldntthinkofone100

    Sheridan light tank confirmed?!? They have been adding airborne tanks so I
    don’t see why :P

  54. Can I marry you overlord Baron?


  56. Been here since the good old days. Keep it up Baron and see numbers rise

  57. aries paddayuman

    if warthunder added another russian tank i’m going to uninstall warthunder
    and stop watching PhlyDaily And BaronVonGames

  58. Hope in a few years u hit the 1 mil subrscribers milestone… Keep doing
    what you’re doing and you’ll hit it in no time… I think +BaronVonGamez
    deserves a round of applause for being awsome and one of the best

  59. The Guest Of The USSR

    Keep Going Baron!

  60. The South Will Rise Again

    BRDM-2 with ATGM? that would be pretty cool, and some BMP’s

  61. War thunder should make a singleplayer missions for tanks.

  62. Baron, you should play the PO-2 with the skin you requested from me! It was
    made back in December but I’ve never had a chance to see if you’ve used it
    or bot

  63. been here for a about 2 years great work baron

  64. Baron please do a PO-2 vs Swordfish it would make my year

  65. I have an Idea that they can do:
    Fix/balance the game!

  66. You can make this in Crossout

  67. Been there since the first few months! WOO! Love ya vids, Baron.

  68. What exactly is World War mode?

  69. So if ASU-57 will appear, the ASU-85 will as well, I guess? Do you thinnk
    it’s possible?

  70. can’t wait for it

  71. luv ur vids bro keep it up

  72. This tanks stats sounds too much like a Sturmtiger: very light armor, high
    mobility, small caliber gun, fast reloading, high valocety gun, very low
    profile, low damaging rounds…

  73. Baron! you should get a rubber duckie skin for your PT-76

  74. The Puma would be a good german version of the ASU-57!

  75. The Creature666 !

    Ayyyy, I’m one of those viewers.

  76. Keegan Speelman


  77. Schattenfaenger

    Another post war tank in a WW2 scenario ……oh oh

  78. babnassingisdead

    İ here since six mounths but i feel like old blod

  79. charioteer mk VII and mosquito 57mm pls

  80. ASU-85 would be sweet.

  81. Why don’t you and phly play anymore?

  82. ASU so flo antonio

  83. What do you think about lock on missles and counter missles on high tier
    planes like the sabre

    Now you only have MG’s i think it’s cool to have like 4 tockets that can
    lock on and like 100 counter massage

  84. Dymitry the gamer

    I love war thunder it’s my daily drug……but really another russian
    veicle ? I have nothing against it…but add something to other nations…

  85. for the about 5 minutes of the pve event I didn’t on victory day I think
    survival mode for tanks would be really fun

  86. congrats baron, i used to watch your videos like 2 years ago and i just
    started watching again in the last 2 months but i have absolutely no clue
    why i stop watching for so long

  87. Stefan Grozdanov

    go watch girls und panzer

  88. Is it just me or does this look like a stug?

  89. Communism is the best ism


  90. I was here since end of 2014

  91. Alexander Vynogradov

    That Russian pronunciation! XD

  92. Yeah! Baron I have been here for 2 seconds!! Keep it up man ;)

  93. General Ushijima

    We know this will be a quality tank because of that log on the side.

  94. Maxime Carpentier

    “Why not glider delivered tanks?” Because you don’t wan’t to see a tank
    landing in your spawn or in the cap points before all the team had time to
    spawn xD

  95. Now I want to be able to drop a friendly tank from my plane onto the battle

  96. Asu-57 with cannon 85mm wtf

  97. do the STUH42G please

  98. baron a will get it on war thunder

  99. Androlito Games

    Congrats! Baron for the 100 million views! And no thank you for posting
    amazing content frequently and never ceasing to make my day better! 😀 lol
    cool GG baron

  100. Looks a bit like the archer

  101. looks like the obj. 263 lol :D


  103. Do we really need more Russian SPGs, do we really?!

  104. Zis-30? recoil king!

  105. Whats this world war mode Baron was on about? Anybody got any info/ links
    to info?

  106. I use to watch baron since he was at 20k but I hadn’t made a YouTube
    account back then sadly

  107. I want the Gvozdika

  108. Wow, Baron great moves keep it up proud of you
    Been here since 6k subs)))

  109. You sir, are getting yourself a new subscriber. Keep it up!

  110. I really want the french tanks for war thunder

  111. Until now this patch seems to be russian only.Because Russians have so few
    vehicles they really need more!

  112. Until now this patch seems to be russian only.Because Russians have so few
    vehicles they really need more!

  113. Fudge gaijyn I m starting to grind for the pt-76 and now I ll have to get
    the asu-57

  114. Brandon Peterson

    still waiting for sturmtiger or ave

  115. I live in Independence, KY. Did you enjoy the bluegrass state?

  116. Greathorn - Music, Gaming & more!

    A sherman DD would be awesome!

  117. gonna say it again, I want to see French Armor

  118. Congrats Baron been about 2 years for me. You make some pretty awesome
    content dude . ! Here’s to another 100 million

  119. Brits need more tanks :/

  120. will you ever play wows again? :c

  121. Baron Rulez!

  122. I want to touch you baron

  123. The Sturmpanzer would be an awesome addition, since it has a 300mm assault
    rocket cannon

  124. Alan M Carlino Jr

    +BaronVonGames – Will you be playing Dreadnought? Looks like an interesting
    game that would fit the channel.

  125. Congrates Herr Baron on the 1 million views

  126. I hope that they put in ASU 57p or Ob.574 variant in

  127. I think that the ASU 85 will come a few updates after the ASU 57 because it
    came out in 1969.

  128. People's Democratic Republic Of Bananas


  129. Because the russians need more op fucking tanks… thanks gaidumb

  130. im still waiting for E75, E25, E50 and the true E100 not that maus e100
    freak of nature

  131. When’s the world war coming out

  132. Where would one purchase a Banana Titty Split perchance?

  133. Matthew Cameron

    do we kick ass as good as odor and bautista?

  134. Baron I just wanna say this

    I love your voice.

  135. This looks like a good addition

  136. Need Russian Hetzer prototypes. My favorite the SU-57b-2 and the SU-80.

    Also need the ASU-76, ASU-85, and the PT-85 prototype.

  137. How about instead of adding new vehicles, they balance the goddam game

  138. we need more German tanks

  139. Josh Lacroix Lacroix

    we need the M551 Sheridan and the M48 Patton

  140. thomas velasquez

    ? Thanks for the videos

  141. Random question: Will you ever play Unturned again?

  142. Baron you should take out the Jagdtiger. The Reich needs you!

  143. baron I got war thunder on ps4


    We love you Baron

  145. its like an SU-101 met a open top Stug lll

  146. Jeremy Willoughby

    what tank is able to float?

  147. sir Wackelpudding

    aaaaawwwwww it looks so cute :3

  148. yup just what we need, more Russian armor


    Hi ! Great video ! ! !

  150. Cant we all just agree that the map Norway comes up way too much? Like 9
    times outta 10? Super annoying when im trying to kill tanks with my Me 410

  151. I thought 100.000.0000 subs

  152. Thylacenial Mags

    They need to add the Katyusha
    America has the Calliope
    Germany has the Panzwerwerfer 42

  153. So it will drop from the sky ?

  154. fun fact i own a hanomag henchel truck 307d

  155. Richard “RICHARDGAMER” Scisci

    Yesterday i San two images in which there were “Sheridan” (american tank)
    and a German tank called “sturer emil”

  156. Good “ThinkTank” Email

    drop a bomb unaside one

  157. Mihael Krajnovic

    they should make the leopard 2 xD

  158. Do you guys think that Gaijin will add the m551 Sheridan?

  159. phlydailyfan yeah

    baron im glad you are so happy with 100 million views on the channel you
    are awesome

  160. srleraja Srleraja

    Yeah your ideas are great Baron.But think about it who is going to do that
    work?Programmers maybe but already working on other stuff.Puma would be
    great as low-tier tank but stop and think.

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