War Thunder – ASU-57 “The Casemate With A Bite!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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It has been far too long since we have featured the ASU-57! I hope you enjoy the tiny tank shenanigans!

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  1. “We’re gonna be okay boys, hang on. We’re less okay boys, panic.”

  2. “Do I look like an ASU-57, jumping around all nimbly bimbly, from tree to tree?”

  3. My dad says a chihuahua is a Mexican pitbull.

  4. Nice shot on that airplane

  5. That shot in the beginneing was amazing.

  6. Pilot very mad

  7. good stuff

  8. ASUs with TBLF is always a good time

  9. This little midget tank looks like its a bit of fun to use, can’t wait to unlock it. Finally, I’d be able to see the experience of fighting one from the other side for a change

  10. Love the content, keep it up!!

  11. McMac the average Sunbro

    What’s better than one ASU-57. An entire squad of them!

  12. The ASU 57 is always a fun Vehicle to play and meme with Friends in

  13. The flying ASU, now that’s a circus act I’d pay to see.

  14. after bo crashed with the pe8, i got a popup ad for water heaters 😆 great vid TBLF, hilarious as always!

  15. The asu57 is just a small landshark that hunts prey much bigger than it

  16. ___v̶v̶øl̶f̶w̶e̶r̶b̶l̶o̶ød̶s̶ ___ XXXII

    Man that’s wut she said. 0:42

  17. Just casually killing fuckin’ planes in an ASU-57, no problem!

  18. War Thunder – ASU-57 “The Fresh Prince of Berlin!”

  19. immensely funny video. The banter was top notch today. Really made me chuckle the whole time. More pls

  20. ___v̶v̶øl̶f̶w̶e̶r̶b̶l̶o̶ød̶s̶ ___ XXXII

    Man Imagine putting a weisel 1A2 in their., 5:00

  21. “You’re falling out, I’m not ready yet” Stickboy

  22. Air Bo’s new Pe8. Tickets selling fast

  23. This was a good video yes yes very entertaining

  24. ASU-57 skydrop. That kill was majestic

  25. Is has to make up in aggressiveness due to its small size!

  26. You see ivan if you mount a cannon on your lunchbox its turns into a light tank destroyer

  27. Can you play the mig27m next please

  28. Congratulations miss kv 1 it’s a ASU 57

  29. Great video, keep them comming 🙂

  30. Video Recommendation:
    Do a video on the A-4e with the Triple Gunpods

  31. This was fun, definitely enjoyed the video.

  32. Field Marshal Dobrev

    Very cool video! Why don’t you and the boys try heart of iron 4? You may like it.

  33. Got a lil bite to it

  34. You should play L-62 ANTI II with the 66mm pen magazine. It 1 shots most things at its BR (2.7) yet its got an an auto cannon, crazy vehicle, I mean the truck does the same but its got less armor.

  35. 22:23
    How the…
    did’t he….

    Ghost shell…

  36. Nice flying

  37. Did WW2 Actually Start with This Secret Yacht on a Suicide Mission from the President? – YouTube

  38. When Bo getting slow or even stops, he turns to a bomb magnet.

  39. Who else would watch fresh prince of Berlin…
    I would xD

  40. First time seeing an ASU-57 enema.

  41. U can hide in one of the buildings and then wait for the enemy tank to pass and shoot it in the back that’s where the armor si weaker

  42. In this episode of Bo Time Gaming. Bo wants to become the new fresh prince of berlin in an asu. Stickboy is forced to become a single parent. Retro runs the risk of getting tetanus. And Jim flips over and then realises that it’s a good place to work on his tan. What sort of shenanigans will they get up to in the next exciting episode? Be sure to tune in to find out.

  43. It’s time you learn about Manual Engine Control, Bo. No more running out of runway.

  44. Day 1: play holdfast nations at war it’s 20 dollars on steam

  45. Bo actually getting some lift on that ASU

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