War Thunder – Baby Derp!

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War Thunder Gameplay – Baby Derp!

New American and Planes in Patch 1.49 Dev Server:
M2a2, 75mm M3 GMC, M18 Hellcat, M10 Wolverine, M36 Jackson, T-28 Super Tank, T-95 “Doom Turtle”, AD-2 Skyraider, P-51D-10, P-51A 20mm
New Russian and Planes in Patch 1.49 Dev Server:
4M GAZ-AAA, Su-57, Su-122-54, Т-34-85E, Т-34E STZ, IS-2 Avenger, SU-76М of 5th Guards Cossack Cavalry Corps, Yak-9M, Il-2 1943, Yak-9T and Yak-9K (new models), IL-2 (new Cockpit), IL-2M AM-38 1943
New British Planes:
FireFly F.Mk.I, FireFly F.Mk.V, Seafire Mk.XVII, Seafire FR.47, Sea Fury FB.11, Attacker FB.1, Canberra (cockpit), Sea Gladiator Mk1, Sea Hurricane Mk.Ib, Sea Hurricane Mk.Ic, Plagis’s Spitfire LF. Mk.IX, Prendergast’s Spitfire FR.MK.XIVe
New German Plans and Tanks:
Ar.234 C3, Hs.129 (cockpit), Bf-109B, StuH 42G
New Japanese Planes: J2M2, Ki-21

Thanks for watching!


  1. First !

    Way better game since IS3 are 8.0

  2. Play the Aufklärungspanzer 38(t) pls. But with normal AP rounds.

  3. “No views” baron YouTube is trying to defile your glory!!!

  4. What tank should I drive out next?

  5. the heat rounds are so underwhelming. APs are the best if you can pen with

  6. Eat some ice cream for the sore throat! Might sound like a contradiction
    but its medically true!

  7. Iyiola Kofoabayomi


  8. türk burda

  9. When you make verdun videos?

  10. The German Baby Derp’s derp is just a baby…dats why its the baby derp, ya
    heard @phlydaily @slickbee

  11. i wonder have you ever played war thunder on ps4 +BaronVonGamez ?

  12. Frederik Majewski

    Is Phly drunk?

  13. Rice for Africa 1997

    most boring video ever

  14. Death turtle

  15. Honey and coffee 

  16. Baron you should eat some marshmallows, because they were made so that kids
    with SORE THROATS would eat them, without knowing it was medicine.

  17. Pop a tablet of Airborn (or something similar) and take a shot of oregano
    oil. Followed by something tasty cuz oregano oil tastes like poop. Then
    sleep for 24 hours. Always has me feeling peachy. Your welcome.

  18. i really like this tank because of the 1 hits but the way you have to go
    around and take cover in between hits leaves it at a disadvantage when you
    have to drive around the cover and get into position to shoot

  19. More German accent PLES!

  20. Drive the m47

  21. play a Finnish StuG III with the concrete armor and logs! :P

  22. KING TIGER (P) #worstturretWW2

  23. Tea with ginger or just hot water or salt water

  24. Samuel Peter Hunt Hunt

    Fly Burp OP plz nerf! :-)) 

  25. If u want a cure than try cold throat coat tea
    It has to be air cooled
    Trust me I’ve gotten strep throat every year for the last 6 years

  26. Ps u may want to add some honey


  28. german 105mm should be faster firing than the sherman 105, in the game its
    the other way around. lol

  29. panzer 38 czech for the luls kepokepo

  30. Try removing your throat, it wont hurt anymore

  31. Tea with honey and lemon for a sore throat.

  32. What button makes you able to let teamates help you rapair

  33. TheGhostTrollek dejvu

    Green tea with honey and lemon. Very healthy 😛 Honey is the best cure for
    soar throat when it comes to me.

  34. sore throat
    – gargling warm/hot salt water
    – warm mist humidifier
    – lots of water, like a gallon/day


    Tiger H plz

  36. Damn, Slickbee is a great singer…

  37. 1 of the su plz

  38. Po-2



    PO-2 IS NOT OP!!

    IT IS -OP 2

  39. Baron!, Drink a lot of hot tea with honey in it. always works

  40. when do we get brit tanks? :(

  41. personal cure: eat a piece of dry toast followed by some honey tea

  42. The IS-4 would be awesome !

  43. +BaronVonGamez for a new series you should do like a war thunder rant
    series where you talk about the problems of war thunder or just a story
    time series. 

  44. Plz stop using any other round besides PzGr

  45. Tip for “small caliber” howitzers:
    Shoot on the ground below the tank, the shrapnell goes right up in the weak
    belly armor and usually cripples your enemy 

  46. Why do you find the Po-2 good cause after trying to use it, I get shot down
    near instant, the machine gunners ammo is really low, it is incredibly slow
    and even a swordfish is quicker…

  47. The BT 7 derp tank
    In the beginning stalin said let there be derp

  48. Tiger 2 porshe

  49. Eat ice cream or drink milk 

  50. when i watch barrons videos i have to cover up the ammo because its so

  51. Hot tea with honey in it well help with soar throat 

  52. What really helps for a sore throat is self-made ginger tea.
    All you need is:
    Boiled water
    Chopped ginger (in cubes)
    A slice of lemon or lime (whatever taste you prefer)
    Cinnamon (if you want, sweetens up the taste)
    Let it sit for a few minutes and then drink it like tea.
    Do this one or two times a day, and it should heal!

  53. Wow, we just learned how much of a dick slickbee is when he’s driving…lol

  54. SMK – The Double Derp gun of Gulag Battleship!!!!!!

  55. Baron, the velocity doesnt affect the HEAT penetration

  56. Hay BaronVonGamez can you help me with war thunder laucher because whe i
    turn it on i press play and nothing happens can you help me please ?

  57. Huntenboy_ Gaming

    Baron go and buy one of thoes $10 squirt bottles with throat medicine


  59. Honey

  60. This was great last night in Phly’s stream.

  61. Honey lemon tea works great for a sore throat instant relief.

  62. thebombdigitydog

    The 75mm GMC M3

  63. Baron! I know this might sound a lil ridiculous. Try gargling some warm
    salt water. If its not doing it for you, add some lemon juice. Then if its
    not working put some honey in there. Then finally some icecream. Theres
    plenty of salt at the fried deli ayyyy….

  64. Phly: “…..because my .50 cal doesn’t kill as fast as American ones?
    That’s stupid.”

    Well, it COULD be because the Italians didn’t use .50 cal, they used a
    locally produced 12.7×81; US ammo is 12.7×99 AND the bullets were
    constructed out of better material. The second number refers to the length
    of the cartridge containing propellant, so US ammo had over 100 meters per
    second on the Italian round.

    Yeah, I sound like an “Umm, actually…” Nerd; but Gaijin ACTUALLY MODELED
    DIFFERENCES IN BULLETS PER NATION. Do you realize how hard that is? The
    MODERN ARMY used a mainframe computer for that until 2010. So Gaijin does
    something awesome for realistic performance of ballistics to get shit on by
    someone who doesn’t know a thing about it……..we have Google in our
    lives, ignorance is not an excuse.

  65. Eggbeforechicken

    Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. C. its a usable tank

  66. Who is the inconsiderate fuck eating chips?

  67. 75MM GMC

  68. Play the panther G and the tiger 2 H! MAKE IT HAPPPEN!!!!!!

  69. Pz 2 H! The german hellcat

  70. Sore throat, gargle salt water and eat a spoonful of hunny and let it
    tricle down your throte

  71. Teach is how to play the Panzer IIH.

  72. IS-4 pls

  73. Tiger 1 plz

  74. T34 57 plsss

  75. For the throte salt, mouth wash , water , lemon 

  76. Brendan Underhill

    Tim guessing he doesn’t drink 🙂 jk

  77. 999is666upsidedown

    DRIVE ISU-122

  78. I worked so hard to get this tank, and it just kinda blows.

  79. Pringles alert at 8:12! Nice vid Baron!

  80. I JagdPanther The Silver lion one.

  81. Uluç Kadıoğlu

    Get well soon!

  82. Marder lll H!

  83. king tiger porche

  84. The gun is just to feeble for what your facing. I one shot these at will
    and don’t even consider it a creditable threat.

  85. t 50

  86. “two of those i would do”… baron are you rainbow?!?!

  87. take out the calliope


    Baron t29

  89. Baron I think you should take out the m22 locust


  91. I feel you Baron. I am feeling under the weather right now from my trip to
    Washington D.C. Hope you feel better man.

  92. Halo forward unto dawn I think it’s a good movie

  93. Иосиф Steelin

    Go SMK for Putin.

  94. Shelled in the face?….Innuendo? haha

  95. i notices how every time baron shoots his screen shakes anyone know how to
    change that option

  96. Stronk KV-1 or you will die slowly in Gulag

  97. Try drinking diet coke 

  98. Andrew Erskine (andrew1292)

    After you wake up if you still have it put some honey in cold water stir it
    up and drink it.

  99. Anyone mind telling me what’s the difference between the stug 42 and the
    stug 3g? I was already at the jp anther when the update came out.

    • +Hayden Jenzen The StuH 42 G has 10.5 cm Sturmhaubitze (Assault Howitzer)
      42-basicly a tank version of the Leichtefeldhaubitze(Light Field Howitzer)
      18 (LeFH 18) The StuG III G has the 7.5 cm Sturmkanone (Assault Cannon) 40

    • +khornne898 then why is the stug 3 at a higher tier and battle rating?

    • +Hayden Jenzen stug 42 has a 105mm howitzer where as the Stug 3G has a 75mm
      (if im not mistaken) both are alright but really easy to kill imo. I would
      rather have the Stug 3 tbh, way better pen compared to the 105 but I don’t
      like the case made tank destroyers so I could not be giving them there due
      credit but I usually don’t tank them as much as a threat.

  100. Hot coffee

  101. t-44 OR OR T-34 STZ

  102. The weird shot camera was from the shell bouncing of the first kv-1 into
    the side of the other kv-1

  103. The Gaming Fantic

    Tea and honey 

  104. Do some more unturned hunger games and you have awesome videos!

  105. Sore throat….?
    Water Lemon juice, Honey…
    Add Alcohol as extra..
    Lemon CLEANS the throat, honey Coats and protects the throat..

  106. Loudhoarder22 boo


  107. A dick dipped in salty honey, that is the best cure for your sickness !

  108. That was really shitty handling on those KVs

  109. I’ve used tea, honey, and lemon juice and its helped before for sore

  110. lol “There’s two KV-1s so im just playing ring around the tits” XD

  111. king tiger p

  112. why did u get so nice ping…
    im in australia and my ping is usually over 300

  113. Drive the BT-5 stalins race car

  114. Hot tea and honey. 

  115. I absolutely loath the asshats that think they’re entitled to cutting over
    in a dual turn lane. Especially when my kids in the back seat, if i got
    hit, i’d be out and kicking the guys ass in a heart beat.

  116. +BaronVonGamez IS-4 for Stalin or Gulag.

  117. Spawn camping guys really? I thought you had more Honour than that. :(

    • I used to play all the time but as I posted, I got sick of all the camping

    • +Bonkas mate I guess you don’t play the game. EVERY match is just a race to
      the spawn camp. Objective? nahh, get killed going there. It’s safer and get
      more rp and rewards by camping and spawn killing. It’s just the way the
      game is played.

  118. phly was almost right, it is medium hot water some whiskey some lemon and
    honey, the lemon, and whiskey helps with the raw factor of ur throat and
    the honey has a healing factor

  119. Baron, Imma suggest as a cure for a sore throat to ingest/insufflate/etc a
    bunch of painkillers. You’ll feel like a million dollars.

  120. You should have reversed when you saw that other KV, but no you derped and
    charged the first one in a casemate tank testroyer

  121. Baron all you guys need the same tank

  122. As for slick’s almost-accident story: that almost same thing happens
    occasionally to me at a particular freeway off-ramp onto another major
    road. Two lanes turning right and more often than it should happen, some
    stump dumb reject fuck in the right/inside lane merges over into the
    left/outside lane while turning (with cars in both lanes, of course).

    So many fucking people should NOT have a drivers license. And what’s funny
    is if you asked these dumbfucks how good of a driver they are: “well,
    better than average.” HA, yeah, ya clueless dipshit. I do a lot of driving
    due to work commute, and the fucking road is filled with complete shit
    drivers NOT paying attention. It’s too bad execution wasn’t the penalty for
    such driving. Shot to the back of the head and kick the worthless corpse
    into a ditch.

  123. tea and honey

  124. do the American premium M18 “black cat”

  125. darkassasin164 wins

    BARON!!!! do the sherman 105 derp american tank

  126. Gargle iodized salt dissolved in water. It has to be iodized to get the
    antiseptic properties.

  127. Tiger ll

  128. You should just rest if you feel so sick. I watch for the titty sprinkles.
    Not enough. 

  129. How do you have over 3 million Golden Eagles?

  130. You should try the M4A3 with stock ammunition!

  131. Next play Kv.2 aka king if DERP!!!

  132. DonzelSteel Watts

    Honey and hot water and use alot of honey because it might have the water
    taste and
    Mix together yo

  133. DonzelSteel Watts

    The kv2

  134. German Shepard (MrGamePlayer3)

    Tiger 2 P or H the king of the Tigers!

  135. The rossin t-34 1941

  136. Lemon tea with a shot of whiskey or brandy. Add honey to sweaten.

  137. Sore throat; Make some slippery elm tea. Works wonders to make swallowing
    If you have a Korean market nearby, citrus tea they sell in a jar is real
    good too. Just mix it up as strong as you like.
    I’d like to see a match between you and Jingles too. :)

  138. M4 SHERMAN bron!!!!

  139. Take it easy hope u feel better

  140. Whiskey, honey and lemon juice slightly warmed.

  141. Baron: “Don’t end yet!”
    That’s what she said…

  142. Nice vid, Baron! Just one thing, can someone tell Slick that it’s pretty
    anoying to chips whilst you’re recording a video? The sound’s really

  143. Are you allowed access to the dev server at all times

  144. Try drinking warm salt water

  145. Feel better soon!

  146. U lucky.Those two suckers in KV-1 didn’t know where to shoot.
    They lame.

  147. I enjoy so much to see those americans get their asses kicked
    by KV-1.Hahahaha!!!
    Meet the Russian Gulag bitch!!!
    Greetings from Mother Russia pig!!!

  148. is-4m or t54

  149. Dude I like your videos but…da fuck is up with the burping? Is it
    supposed to be funny? It sucks especially with earphones on. I get it if
    the guy has a health problem or something and he can’t help it but if it’s
    just for “laughs” then it’s not really funny. 

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