War Thunder – Bandkanon 1C “Swedish & Awkward!”

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Source: Bo Time

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The Bandkanon a 155 Auto Loading HE flinging animal! It was recently added in the new patch and I hope you enjoy these adventures from patch day!

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/​…)


  1. towball for ammo trailer

    • Nope, ammo came on heavy 4×4 volvo trucks with hydraulic cranes, as factory filled 14rnd N-block clips, one clip to a railroad standard cargo pallet, six pallets to a flat bed, two ammo trucks to a Bkan battery of 6 SPGs. Two batteries to a Division artillery section.
      Ammo trucks leap-frogged eachother to the next battery zone ahead of the guns, so once the guns were empty, they redeployed to the next zone, got refilled by the ammo truck, then dispersed and set up for the next firemission while the truck drove on to an ammo depot, topped up and headed off to the 2nd next battery zone while the 2nd truck arrived at the top next and prepared to do the same procedure when the guns arrived.
      The other battery operated the same way with a sequence spacing so that one battery was always ready to lay down the hammer on any invader.

  2. Bo, I would really love to see you guys revisiting the Sd.Kfz.140/1. I’ve been having a blast with it recently as it absolutely shreds enemy armor and still sits at br 1.3 unlike the other 20mm tanks ^^

  3. legit just now find out that I was in a game with Bo but was to busy suffering to notice gamertag AriesSpartacus

  4. “There’s so many in the trees” just like Vietnam :}

  5. Video on F105D ?

  6. i met mike yesterday in a match. great vid 😀

  7. Is Sturmling back full time or was it just another guest appearance on the Bohica ice Show. Nice shooting with the Band cannon.

  8. I have to say, that thing look menacing. Also you did get the Ontos they thought you were imagining. He did flank and received the same reward as his teammate

  9. I never thought I would hear Bo say “Masturbate”. This is why I subbed

  10. 4:44 every American soldier in Vietnam be like

  11. Bo bo bo. Hey man plz play Snowrunner again, season 6 now it’s tight.

  12. In this episode of Bo & Crew Shenanigans, Bo keeps murdering children (small tanks) with potent HE 😀

    • That’s because Bo cares about the small tanks, so he gives them a quick, merciful death by shattering them over the landscape before they even knew what hit them.

  13. Antony Theocharidis

    The angry pod reminded me of Maxfrom Sam and Max

  14. 3:00 has Gaijin brought that Map back in.

    If so, I’m going to start playing again

  15. Im thinking of going down the swedish tech tree just to get this

  16. 02:30 Mr. E.V. Lambert of Homeleigh, The Burrows, Oswestry, has presented us with a poser: we do not know which [distance] he is [at]. But we can soon find out.



    *BOOM* Whaaa!

    Yes, it was the middle one.


  18. That is one of the weirdest looking vehicals

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  20. Looks.like the WT Auf E100 from WoT

  21. The “muppet” you’re looking for is “Alf” 😀

  22. Maksimilijan Hafner

    That M56 just got bullied

  23. This thing is so good it should be “Band” from War Thunder!…………hehehehe…………great video btw!

  24. I just saw your video playing with the mobile artillery piece Bandkanon C….and then an even more recent video of you shooting long range in a Sherman with HEAT rounds. So I decided to go back and watch one of the Katuysha rocket trucks videos…..

    Does the map and “spotting” features offer enough detail and accuracy to run the numbers to hit a target out of visual range? For example, if you were to put the BandKanon C right on a captured Zone….could you simply stay there and fire a volley of shells at a target across the map that was “marked” for you? Could someone up in a plane “mark” a target or group of targets…and use an artillery piece to line up on the bearing and angle the barrel at the right angle to make a hit?

  25. Johannes Erwin Eugen Rommel

    This Thing served in the swedish Army from 1967 until 2003.

  26. You stuck a langolier to the bottom of the jet.

  27. Comment for the algorithm

  28. Bandkanon 1C. The awkward, “little one” with a huge, weirdly shaped head. 😂

  29. glad to see sturmling again.. hope to see the gang complete.. that’s gonna be one hilarious episode..

  30. It’s nice having stirmling back. What made him come back to war thunder?

  31. 3:04 this map still existe ? i remaber of map they cancel …

  32. What BR is band kanon?

  33. 16:38 Artillery player trying to throw himself into the water when the fight turns against him? What is this, World of Tanks? 😛

  34. Why does Gaijin put tanks like this against Jumbo 76’s? Bruh there’s a huge gap between WWII and whenever tf this dam tank was made. They don’t know how to make a game. I hope someone makes a game very much like war thunder, but much more better and balanced, and overall actually fun. And they also need to decompress the tech trees and definitely need better matchmaking. I’m tired of being clapped by 7 people every time i get in a match while my team cant see an enemy 2 meters in front of them.

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  36. It reloads so quick wow 👌

  37. lol when i saw this in notifications im just like: SCANDINAVIANS! ASSEMBLE!

  38. The little monsters causing that cat are called Domes they are the cutest little guys

  39. 9:42 “There’s an endangered species right there!” -Gus Johnson

  40. Ah warthunder where spgs become tds

  41. Swedish and comes in 20,000 pieces (some assembly required)

  42. its laughable how gaijin thinks self propelled artillery like m75 and this should be used as self propelled guns like the ferdinand but in reality are artillery never intended to be used like this. they really are loosing it

  43. Sturmling’s back!!!

  44. Been playing for a few months, having fun.
    but watching this is almost as fun as playing!

  45. This recon brought to you by…..Sturmdo Sports Drink!

    “It’s partially hydrogenated!”

    Wouldn’t that make it gravy?

  46. Bo’s plane doin’ cartwheels at the end had me laughin’

  47. 12:00 Danger sense? Good thing I have Sgt sense to warn me about these things.

  48. Oh hey! I’m Zettai_Ryouki! My friend spotted you for me

  49. I wonder how to turn on a safety indicator, can anyone help?

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