War Thunder – Baron Goes Rambo! Surprise Tank Sex!

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Patch 1.51
New aircraft
USA: А-36, SB2C-1C, F2A-3 new model, F2A-1 new model. USSR: Hurricane Mk. IIB prem, Yak-3 (VK-107) prem , IL-2M Type 3 new model. Germany: IL-2 ╬ new model, Do-17E1, Bf-109E1 new model, Bf-109E3 new model, Britain: Hurricane Mk.IV , Firebrand TF.MK.IV new model, Firebrand TF.MK.IV. Japan: J2M5, J2M5 premium, Ki-44.
New ground vehicles
USA: М60, М18 Hellcat Germany: Pz-35(t), Nb.Fz. VI, Leopard I USSR: Т-26-4 , SU-100Y , Т-34-100 , Т-10М

Thanks for watching!


  1. Woooo first comment

  2. first

  3. Baron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 4he coment woop woop

  5. Drive the premium Porsche tiger next.

  6. Mario Aleksandrov

    No one in mother russia volunteer? Wtf are you smoking.

    • Of course not :). Germany couldnt advance due the wrong equipment and
      russia retrieted. Germans got stuck and died by frostbite and hunger.
      Hitler made wrong choices of tanks (small tracks) and there was little
      fuel. Meanwhile russia killed 5 million+ of their own.

    • Aleksander Haugen

      +Wouter Hoogers Yeah, Russia won the war by shooting everyone in the army.

    • +Mario Aleksandrov There were volunteers who did not get shot by Stalin if
      they were lucky, and there were those who did get shot by Stalin. Or
      starved to death.

    • +Matthew Grafton nothing forced in russia…. you simply were volunteered

  7. under 100 views club

  8. “Suprise buttsex” is Jingles’ line! :P

  9. King tiger one o’ five and da me 262 with rockets do it

  10. 5:13, it was way back then, like when Baron STREAMED

  11. woah i changed my nick on War thunder to John Rambo yesterday :O

    • +Алексей Киселёв yes

    • +BaronVonGamez Leapord 1;) tank

    • Алексей Киселёв

      Привет ) ставлю тебе лайк 🙂 ну все же будь умнее ) играй в реалистичные
      бои ) аркадау оставь для детей 🙂 и больше истории , это очень интересно) и
      это нушка зис30 которая была установлена на тягач комсомолец а не дизайн
      танка ) в то время у нашего народе небыло времени для выдумки дизайна тогда
      гибли миллионы наших граждан … иди учи историю

    • +FlipdoFilms what timing 😉

  12. panzerbefehlswagen vi (p) the Porsche tiger!!!!

  13. M41 walker bulldog with some sexy sabot rounds…

  14. Day 7: tiger h1 and panther d

  15. CreepersPlayGames

    Holy SHIT! The View counter went over 301!

  16. mate do top 10 plays or some thing i want to do that kind of playlist but
    not enought views

  17. ThePienaarProject

    When you are shooting is the red going to be a bad shot and the green a
    good shot?

  18. 23 my luck number yay

  19. Tiger ll (P)

  20. Premium Porsche Tiger!!!!

  21. +BaronVonGamez Plez drive the Jagdtiger next. 

  22. Baron play the premium Tiger 1 plz 

  23. Ze porsche tiger 

  24. 40mm duster pleeeeeeeeez

  25. Drive the Panther F or Panther A please!

  26. tiger (p) panzer VOR

  27. cornellius cornwall

    T-34`s hate him!!! learn how baron went rambo today and sign up now!!!

  28. Anyone can find the vid where Phly sniped the plane with the zis-30?

  29. Kv2 The king of Derp

  30. t 54

  31. cornellius cornwall

    Pz IV with the spaced armor variant(I forgot which one it is) und ze Bf109
    which ever one you like best!!!

  32. ” SURPRIISEE BUTTSECKSS !! “- Baron, 2015

  33. Baron did you pay for all those GE’s or did you earn them in tournaments?

  34. Baron, you know that when your tank is tilted to the side, your bullet goes
    a little to the left/right and misses the green marker, because gravity and
    stuff? c’mon man you should know better, like at 1:51

  35. Desert_Fox46 awesomeness

    m3 stuart

  36. Berlin is a tough map if you are spawning in the south.

  37. can you drive pz 38 t please

  38. Hey baron i come from liechtenstein (the 6th littlest countrey on earth. We
    speak German and i enjoy your videos allot. Ich rasiere dich amk ;))

  39. Alexander Fleming

    I swash a zis 30 

  40. Alexander Fleming

    With a t28

  41. Panther D plez

  42. how awesome would war thunder ships be! like world of warships but with
    torpedobombers and other aircraft you can control as a kind of killstreak
    like when playing tanks

  43. Should do the m4 or m4a1 and showcase the APCBC death rounds. Also baron,
    seriously read brazen chariots, you will want to play an M3 Stuart after
    that. Story written by a British tank commander in Africa.

  44. Potato and vodka diner with Stalin!?
    Sign me right up

  45. Leopard 1

  46. +BaronVonGamez M46 Patton

  47. Drive ze Porsche tiga plez

  48. +BaronVonGamez the Tiger Porsche the Premium thing

  49. Do the T-35 or the PzIVF2

  50. T80 T70 and T60

  51. +BaronVonGamez jagdtiger

  52. Baron nobody saw when you said “everybody charge A now” because you put it
    in squad chat

  53. Yo how about u Phlydaily & slickbee all drive the maus 

  54. Zsu-57 

  55. Gg Rambo Dady 

  56. German kv-1

  57. Drive the SU-100Y plz

  58. Do the maus!

  59. Tiger!

  60. chickenlittle1941

    Baron you could knockout that T34 turret !

  61. Hoo-dini

  62. confirmed JETS IN WOWS!!! f2h banshee and j8n1!!! lets hype that shit!

  63. ze germun captured premium KV-1 douglemorph

  64. lol

  65. Panzer IV F2!!!!

  66. lol

  67. Pedrocas Rodrigues

    play with the t 26

  68. SMK, T-35, or T-28 for the Motherland

  69. Play with Panze VI (Tiger I)

  70. Nate Dennison (AthosN8)

    Heroes and Generals Chafee

  71. What do i put here?


  72. What do i put here?

    Y’all have to play with Speirs again! 


    • +EpicSmileyMan64 You should ask Phlydaily that question too. Im prity sure
      he used to be a pilot. A TBF wud b legit tho slockbee wud prob say go 4 it

      I have the same dream but I want an SBD or a havoc.

    • +Slick Bee your not the person i would normally ask but i’m trying to get a
      500,000 dollar TBF, here’s the link:
      http://www.platinumfighters.com/#!tbm-/ca9x should i keep dreaming or give
      up? like i need to get a pilots license before hand but it would be cool to
      have a warbird as well.

    • Hey slick I’m thinking of doing a new nation for planes which one? UK,
      Japan, or Russia

  74. Leopard!!!!

  75. That flying entry was freaking amazing!

  76. Leopard 1 if possible

  77. Pz. II DAK

  78. T-38 Can you play the crappy reserve Russian tank in Heroes and Generals
    (the one with the little propeller on the back).

  79. Plz do the m4 with the 105

  80. Huntenboy_ Gaming

    My friend killed a maus with the tractor tank xD from the side

  81. Hi next tank play the tiger 2 h or p

  82. Huntenboy_ Gaming

    Use the 72k Gaz!!

  83. I’m voting for PzKpfw IV C

  84. #83279 random guy

    porsche tiger! the fuhrer commands it!

  85. Either the Walker Bulldog or the panzer 2 C

  86. Could you drive the m4a1 sherman

  87. maybe back to basics?,Stuart Tanks?

  88. Could you drive the m4a1 Sherman and if you take ship requests could you do
    the USS Tennessee

  89. imagine if that really happened to you in WW2, a t50 flying into your

  90. Not Kendrick Lamar

    great video!

  91. i love how the M3 lee just blow up by friendly artillery shell right on his
    face XD dat luck you had tho XD

  92. Russia didn’t have much resources do to U-boats

  93. christie mattingly

    kv-2 stronk tank

  94. Pls ! M6A1 or diffrent US tank for murica !

  95. 10:40 that is some hollywood shit right there

  96. The movie is my cousin vinny

  97. I love your videos baron I want try to play with you :)

  98. As you mentioned before in a video that people always want to see the same
    Tanks over and over. Why don’t you choose the tanks for a week to play and
    play the ones that don’t get coverage or request.

  99. Junior Thug Life Crazy Life


  100. 3:38 thats russian stalinium helmet thats why it bounced you have to be
    careful :D

  101. I’m down for a little T34 57 action

  102. Baron, did I really just see you take less of the upgraded aphe shell for
    more of the *unupgraded* aphe shell? The fuck? On is literally objectively
    better than the other.

    • +Austin Sparrow It’s really not. The BR-271 has less pen bellow 1 km (which
      pretty much all combat on that map happens inside of 1 km) and a worse
      damage spread due to the 15mm fuse instead of the 20mm fuse that the 271K

    • Wrong the Aphebc is better and he took more of it

  103. Pz. Kpfw. VI Ausf. E!!! Za Tiger E! So we can stop ALL Russian Volunteers! 

  104. Use the PBJ-1H with the M18 GMC

  105. is-7 the lower glaisias is now angald

  106. I watched the part from 10:40 to 10:45 over and over … it was pretty cool
    and hilarious.

  107. Do Russian heavy mortar shit like KV 2s

  108. Geoffrey Tappenden

    Please the flat majestic doom turtle t-95

  109. Super ñPanther G 

  110. IS-2!!!!

  111. what’s the difference between the two shells, apart from the penetration?
    why use the less penetrating one? is there a reason? :)

    • +Moist Potato thanks! so i guess it’s just baron’s bad habit of taking some
      of those and some of those, “just in case” ^^ like when he plays a gun that
      has low pen AP and high pen APHE but he still takes AP :p
      well now i know! 😀

    • Ah, I completely missed that, sorry mate. I couldn’t remember the exact
      shell types off the top of my head lol. There might’ve been no reason at
      all, or the one with less penetration could’ve possibly been a capped round
      or a ballistic capped round to make it better for certain engagements. I
      don’t feel like rewatching the vid to double check xD

    • +Moist Potato i know, i know, i’m not THAT ignorant but… both those
      shells have explosive filler. So i repeat my question, what’s the
      difference apart from the penetration with those two apHE shells :/

    • Penetration isn’t always everything. Stock soviet rounds have explosive
      filler so they explode and cause a lot more damage inside the tank when
      they do penetrate instead of just punching straight through with a little
      bit of shrapnel in the case of the higher penetration shells.

  112. the Zis-30 was a improvised tank destroyer meant to fill in gapes in the

  113. Aufklärungspanzer 38(t) pls.

  114. Exerior Pendragon

    Wow that jump on A is a highlight for sure

  115. Salomon Shekelstein

    BT-5 RACING TIME!!!!1

  116. roland moellenberndt

    Take the jagdtiger or Ferdinand out

  117. SU-112 and give me some GE :P

  118. panther F

  119. #BaronADD doesnt even pay attention to Slick XD

  120. I want a b29 havvy loaded whit bombs in arcade mode

  121. Plz m4a1

  122. Mousab Hassan (mussy)

    Im waiting for tank porn 

  123. constant mic noise… annoying.

  124. click at 10:41 over and over again its hilarious

  125. A pigeon with a knife strapped to it.

  126. Capitan Hizenburg

    BARRON YOU FUCIN TITTY FISH!!!!! You must play the T-32 for murica!!! OR

  127. why did you change your shells at the begining o.o? Arent K shots better?
    You know, penetration and stuf? By the way awesome like allways, greeting
    from spain Mr.Baron x)

  128. not a tank you want play in a mode where you have a name above your head at
    all times

  129. sHaD0w the kingerino

    Is anyone else geting problem launching war Thunder becouse i cant pls

  130. The Gaming Brothers

    try the T-26

  131. Epsilon Lazerface

    I kept thinking that baron is the guy aiming the gun while slick was the
    soldier whose just chilling around

  132. M42 duster for real aaa’ers or retards. Plz especially for you good price
    plz try

  133. #BaronVonGamez Tiger E for ze German Fatherland :D

  134. +BaronVonGamez m4a3 105 pls murrican derp

  135. Oskari Tuomainen

    +BaronVonGamez Take the American M6A1 tier 3 heavy tank!

  136. The Doge Channel

    Plez,for ze fazerland,play ze Panzer IV C.

  137. Hey Baron! I really hope you see this. I just wanted to say that I’ve
    watching your channel for about three months and every day I watch at least
    two vids! So just maybe to make your day, you now have a fan from Israel

  138. M42 Duster!
    ░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃
    Get Dusted.

  139. plz can you get the m4a3e8

  140. +BaronVonGamez All i know is that you need to have a fast tank in reserve
    for all battles, in case your on a map that has teh hillz. Bring on the
    Rambo Sex Montage!!!

  141. Porsche tiger!

  142. Su-100y

  143. Something fast, Ricky Bobby!


    If you’ve ever seen *STORMTROOPER* on warthunder thats me!!!!!! LOL sorry
    bout the pwnage


  146. T54 1947

  147. KV-2 comrade, make our glorious leader Stalin proud!

  148. Dude Baron, BR-271K are better than default BR-271 :/

  149. Play the Murica! M2!!

  150. Lol your first dead show us how ridiculous the physics are. Did you realize
    that that shell only killed one of your crewmembers? You had 3 more
    crewmembers, no ammo hit, no parts hit, and you died.. That should be

  151. TIGER H1!!! For ZE father land!!!!

  152. shelbymustang123

    When you compare the zis30 to a tank it sounds like a stupid idea but if
    you think of it as a more mobile anti tank gun, which were very effective
    in WWII, this thing makes a lot of sense.

  153. 3:05 Magic bullet effect D:


  155. Dooooooom!!!! TURTLE!!!!!!!(T95 American turtle shell)

  156. take out uncle billys easy 8 or the t26 pershing fer amurica

  157. Drvader. SkullTrooper

    Panzer 4 H?

  158. Actually u would hve to submit your epic plays to squire now.

  159. please do the t-34 (1st Gv.t Br)

  160. They should ad the dornier do 335

  161. Really still playing noob arcade shit

  162. Phillip Von Strechenback

    Baron play ze Tiger 2 porsche for Germany!!

  163. You should be an american halftrack AA

  164. LOL @ 10:43 “SURPRISE BUTTSECHS!…” Boom!

    Fuckin Baron.

  165. M10

  166. People play the objective in War Thunder? Isn’t like… every game mode
    just code for ‘Team Deathmatch’?

  167. 2 more patches and we shall drive out our amazing British tanks!!!!!

  168. TheMagicalPonyBrony

    Tells everyone to charge A… Puts it in squad chat…

  169. Panther G next

  170. Playing this at .5 speed make me laugh till I pee’d a little. Also.. Pz III
    with teensey 50mm success or a shower at summer kampf! Seriously, that
    thing is harmless I want to see some winning:p You, are the only man that
    can do it..

  171. Is-1 pls 

  172. pls play DE Ferdinand srry if spelled wrong

  173. Polish_Paratrooper

    Bt-5 or to siberian gulag

  174. A lot of us want to see the USS Midway 

  175. M4A3 105mm pls

  176. OMG! The magic bullet is real! JFK wasn’t killed by our government 3:03

  177. That was an epic charge! Imagine it from that guy’s perspective, being
    jumped by this tank. Hilarious.

  178. Play StuH 42! You have maybe made a video about that tank but I don’t

  179. Sarodore The Dragon

    Ok guys I’m scared I Found pics of an m 60 with reactant armor?!

  180. “vodka inspired”

  181. Solid Shepard (ScareCrow9)

    You wrote Charge in Squad chat. lol

  182. warthunder coolllllllllllllll

  183. Random Vidoes Inc

    Play the panther . Specifically A or F model

  184. Cameron Anderson

    Hey Barron did you know that the Maus has the 128mm KwK44 cannon but the
    Jagdtiger has the 128mm PaK44 cannon they may sound the same but they are
    two different types of cannons

  185. TheGamingOstrich

    When i was playing with my tiger tank i also had that kindoff pingpong
    shell and it killed all my crewmembers because of that :(

  186. Jumbo ’76!

  187. maus!

  188. 0:46,made my day

  189. isu 122 for stalin!!!

  190. want to see the mighty KV-2 derp for motha russa and stalin !!!!

  191. my mom has the same mole as you baron :3

  192. 1.51 IS UP WOOOT

  193. Man you put 56mm cannon on tractor…..
    What is point?
    Also please take out the leapord or m60 patton coz i know they just got
    added like right now.

  194. 3:36 insult to injury if it wasnt bad enough it happens twice

  195. Play the M42

  196. Patrick Grænge Hansen 1f

    The advertise that poped up before the vid began was about how you place a
    tampon up in you know. There where to many pics about it, i am traumatized

  197. Stalins new mobile gulag the SU-100y !!! Koz itl b funy lol

  198. The ZIS30 was produced in Leningrad siege. The people in Leningrad need a
    SPA, and they don’t have much resources. This is what they come up with.

  199. Baron, Drive the tiger e for stalin.

    Cause I said so.

  200. Pretty strong and mobile I want this convertible sports tank

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