War Thunder – Battlefield Engineer Diagnostic and Assembling

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Source: TheEuropeanCanadian

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This is a video with recordings and commentary from the game War Thunder which is a free to play online cross-platform combat game.

This is a video from

How to diagnose and assemble your machine.

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System Specs : Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, Intel Core i5 4690K @ 3.50GHz, 16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 799MHz, 3072MB ATI AMD Radeon R9 200 Series

Hope you enjoy the video and have an amazing day 🙂


  1. What happens if the part that you need disappears

  2. Thx for the video i was having hard time doing this event

  3. I dont have the diagnostic prompt!!!!

  4. What if you get it wrong

  5. Also is there any other way to get the tool kits than disassembling because I only have four kits
    Plz help me out

  6. oh shit, I just dissasembled the plane outright and have been pulling it apart, what do I do now?

    nevermind looks like it just means I have to do extra grinding


    fucking assholes

    should I just give up?

  7. magnetish to games

    what if you did it wrong? could you diagnose it again? cause i didnt understand what to do at first

    • If you do it wrong, you can’t do it again.
      You have to diagnose the issue, then correctly state which parts are broken.
      If you don’t, you’re given a reward for however many issues you were correct on.
      Which in this case, was 5/5. He guessed all 5 correctly.
      If you answer poorly, and don’t actually know, and just fucking GUESSED… you get one toolkit.
      Or 0. I don’t know if you can actually get all the answers wrong, but…
      TL;DR, no you can’t.

  8. Yea, this didn’t clear anything up at all. I think I’ll just not bother with this event. I didn’t bother with the Is7 or T30. So I couldn’t really care less about these rigged grind fests.

  9. Yeah so are your parts supposed to disappear from your workshop when youre done examining them? I cant seem to get the gear contol any more since…. it just disappeared. Now i cant reassemble my gear system because im missing the gear controller…. ffs gayjoob really fucked up on this one. Whats the fucking point when you cant even get the part back? What, do i have to play another game? Get 6 kills and hope to get it in that shitty lute box you get? Fuck this man. Fuck anything gayjoob does.

  10. I just randomly selected one because I had no idea what I was doing, realise now I was very lucky and guessed right

  11. What do I do if I diagnosed the wrong thing….

  12. Damjan Železinger

    again another buy to have quest…too complicated and time consuming…we have lifes beside warthunder

  13. i took the wrong one fuck

  14. I just clicked whichever because i have not the faintest clue what this event wants from me and it was so badly explained that 90% of the text is effectively beyond useless to me. Ill play the game, if i get it, no idea how ill do that, if i dont, who cares.

  15. I picked the wrong failure what will happen now?

  16. How do I get the aircraft?

  17. Joseph Satri Cleofe Villanueva

    I wish War Thunder would add the new maps and game modes instead of this event. It’s very biased in favor of serious gamers instead of casual players.

  18. I forgot to test fly it can I rebuild and look again?


  20. Stainer2251 Lilman

    If anyone needs parts for this aircraft , hit me up, I’ll give you my parts. Not really interested in this, just love battling in tank rb. SaveUrDad101

  21. Diagnostic test for some reson

  22. It’s not worth the grind tbh, if it were a top prop or jet, I’d do jt

  23. No subs with no vids

    It won’t let me run diagnostics help

  24. I just make my first I 180 on the ps4 and now I cant do a second one I’ve played a few battles and i dont chucking understand how to start again

  25. Man Gaijin made this ridiculously more difficult to understand … The easy way is to diagnose correctly … grind to get about 30 workshops consumed … then sold them all … was able to then buy a full plane with all the parts … etc. Disassemble the broken plane, say yes to coupon … wala … all is fixed … you have an I 180s as part of your collection. Side note … it’s not worth the effort!!! The only thing that does make it worth the effort is 30 free repairs. Aint nothing much special about it.

  26. worst event ever.

  27. I go to the work shop but nothing’s there all it says is switch to shops someone please help me

  28. Someone please help I go to the workshop and all it says is switch to shop

  29. Are you able to restart the process?

  30. So is it possible to get more parts for the plane after the 3rd one I’ve been grinding for 12 hours straight and still no parts

  31. I do not get it. I just got to the part with the busted machinegun……….how do I get the repaired machinegun????? I already dissasaembed it for 4 toolkits… how do i get the new machinegun

  32. Ive just got it correct I worked it out just from the first 2 mins of this vid

  33. So basically test flight is useless cause you need to go through every part anyway….

  34. This isnt even worth it :C WHY GAJIN!?!?!?

  35. What’s the difference? If you still have to examine every part when you guess correctly why does it matter if you diagnose correctly or not?

  36. Now i know i did it wrong 😛

  37. Louis Attenborough

    Has anyone found out how many aircraft maintenance toolkits you actually need per I-180s?

  38. Oh well…i just sold all my kits to market and convert it to golden eagles to buy some good premium vehicles…

  39. played half a day, didnt cared about those boxes then started to open them up. had like 40+ tools or something, pressed something on diagnostic n stuff, cause nearly impossible to understand what to do there. dissambled tons of items , assambled them again just to disamble again cause all of them are broken and thats how i spent all my 40+ tools…. air games in WT are pathetic af, and this suppose to do what? make something better?

  40. So the entire event is troubleshooting the vehicle in question: *Then* fucking grinding to get parts, that you’re not even guaranteed to get, just in the fucking hope that you’ll get it by the end of the event?
    This event ENDS in 10 fucking days. 10. *Days.*
    Literally, this event is just a fucking advert for their bullshit marketplace, so people can cheese the system by paying actual cash to divert away from the grind.
    Fuck, and here I thought warthunder was atleast TRYING to hide their P2W bollocks.

  41. Oh cool i flooping hit the thing and it says 15 seconds i miss click and now i lost the chance to check if i was even right
    i test flew it again and everything looked like i was right

  42. If it was as fast or just a little slower than regular research it would be worthwhile but ive researched probably 5 or 6 different vehicles in the time that I’ve just got the plane disassembled. It’s bullshit that when a part is damaged you just have to scrap it then you have to buy the part on the gaijin marketplace

  43. How do you have the i180s to preview what is wrong with your plane? I don’t have that to look at. Just stupid parts.

  44. I’ve played four battles, and still havent gotten the faulty plane, help. I have tried to restart WT, am playing on PC

  45. Ʈ৸ε Ƥ৸illყsiƈκ0

    I hope I’m not miss leading anyone but I think everyone has the same set of defects on the first red plane, I don’t really play planes that much (I’m an arcade player) and the only time I play them is when I get the chance in arcade battles when I get the highlighted option. I picked exactly everything TEC picked in his video and I got the 10 tool kits. This is really confusing…I still don’t know what I’m doing even after watching this video. Thanks EuropeanCanadian for the effort.

  46. I play ps4… I am having serious issues so far. I purchased an aircraft technician toolkit played only 4 games. In my inbox is says “0 items added” okay… a half an hour later the inbox now shows the rewards I got. Nothing in my work shop though. So we’re are now more that half way into the event and I still have not received any toolkit’s or components… this is a disaster I hope no one else is dealing with this BS.

  47. Wait so how do I get toolkits ? I’m stupid

  48. wtf that not what it looks like for me when in trying to repair my plane!!! :S

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