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Source: MidGame

Welcome to our comprehensive War Thunder Beginner's Guide! 📖 As your very own Wiki War Thunder 🌐, we're here to elevate your gaming experience 🚀. This guide provides crucial for beginners and veterans alike on how to play War Thunder more effectively and dominate the 🏆.

Discover how to start the game with top-tier premium vehicles from various nations 🌍. Get insights into game mechanics, like using fallen comrades as cover 🛡️, mastering terrain visibility with the ‘Disable grass in crosshairs' setting 🌱, and understanding the intricate mechanic of sloping armour – everything you need to know on how to get better at War Thunder! 📈
Looking to gain an aerial advantage? We reveal the secret of using binoculars effectively for fast surveying and minimal exposure 🦅. For the tankers, we explain why you should always be a bit sideways to your enemies, increasing your chance for a ricochet and your survival rate in combat 🎯.
From the War Thunder Wikipedia, learn about the importance of leveling up with experience boosters and the benefits of a premium account 💰. We'll guide you on how to invest in vehicles early in the game, as well as how to level up your crew efficiently for maximum rewards 🎁.
Our War Thunder tips for beginners are your fast track to getting good at War Thunder, but they don't stop at beginners! Even experienced players can find new strategies and techniques to refine their gameplay 💪.
Follow the link in the description to claim your 3 premium vehicles 🚁🛩️🚢, 100,000 , a premium account, and boosters for 7 days. It's the ultimate War Thunder for beginners and pros alike! Your victory awaits! 🏆🎮🚀
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    and get a NEW gift 🎁
    100 000 silver lions +440 gold and 10k silver after tutorial, M2A4 Tank (1ST ARM.DIV.), Aircraft Galer`s F3F-2, Torpedo Boat 58 FT PT-3, Boosters for 50% more experience and silver, 7 Days premium account, Rent for 7 days 3 ground vehicles, 10 backups for each ground vehicle, 14 day discount 50% for the premium Pz III N

  2. Awesome guide! Big help.

  3. Needed this as a beginner. Thanks!

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  5. Cool language trick for bonuses!

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    Great content, keep it up.

  7. Didnt know this about the game. Excellent video!

  8. Nature Soul News / NSN Maikli

    Wow, so Ive been playing wrong. Brilliant!

  9. Вука Вука

    Video is long and confusing.

  10. Love your explanation of the vehicles.

  11. Time to change my game language.

  12. Missed some important points.

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    Appreciate this tutorial.

  14. Your video crushed my confidence. Great!

  15. Didnt learn anything new.

  16. Always a pleasure watching your videos.

  17. A video that treats me like a beginner. Revolutionary!

  18. Саша Arizonatut

    Facts are mixed up. Misleading!

  19. Perfect guide for beginners!

  20. Another video telling me Im a noob.

  21. Video is not helpful. Disappointed.

  22. Informative and interesting!


    If I cant play well, I might as well be a critic!

  24. More effort in videos than actual gameplay, huh?

  25. Олег Золотухин

    Look at you, the messiah of beginners!

  26. Time to rewrite my game plan. Thanks, I suppose!

  27. Wow, more stuff I didnt know. Isnt it wonderful?

  28. Your videos are a big help.

  29. Love your hidden tips!

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    Your video has revived my interest.

  31. Great understanding of the game. Subscribed!

  32. You make complex stuff simple. Kudos!

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    Needed this guide. Thanks a ton!

  34. A goldmine for beginners. Amazing work!

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    Fan of your work, you never disappoint!

  36. Cant wait for the next video.

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    Hello 🤗

  38. Мемный скай

    Just subscribed! Love your content

  39. bro you just stole my ip

  40. good guide, but I’m no longer a beginner, so I knew most of the information

  41. I couldn’t imagine turning off grass eewwww. Let sdumb down the game so it’s easier. How lame. I leave it on at all times! Max graphics otherwise why did you buy a PC…? Lol yeah go by a 2000 dollar pc and dumb the graphics down to the level of a 300 dollar console 🤮 never. Ever.

  42. daqauris Jamal the 3rd

    Ai voicer ass video😂

  43. War Thunder sucks ass

  44. I wonder if you could have three monitors and use the two monitors one each side as wing mirrors

  45. could have mention in the name that its tanks only guide :/

  46. I did al turtorials and only got 140 golden eagles

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