War Thunder Best Ammo Rounds! M60 Top Tier US Tank – War Thunder 1.51 Gameplay

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Patch 1
New aircraft
USA: А-36, SB2C-1C, F2A-3 new model, F2A-1 new model. USSR: Hurricane Mk. IIB prem, Yak-3 (VK-107) prem , IL-2M Type 3 new model. Germany: IL-2 ╬ new model, Do-17E1, Bf-109E1 new model, Bf-109E3 new model, Britain: Hurricane Mk.IV , Firebrand TF.MK.IV new model, Firebrand TF.MK.IV. Japan: J2M5, J2M5 premium, Ki-44.
New ground vehicles
USA: М60, М18 Super Hellcat Germany: Pz-35(t), Nb.Fz. VI, Leopard I USSR: Т-26-4 , SU-100Y , Т-34-100 , Т-10М

Thanks for watching!


  1. ISU-152!

  2. First one

  3. Go Baron Kill those Tanks!

  4. These might be the best ammo rounds in War Thunder now! What tank should I
    play next?

    • +BaronVonGamez T-10

    • +BaronVonGamez SU-122-54 with HEATFS

    • +BaronVonGamez you should make begginers guide in war thunder

    • +BaronVonGamez Jagdpanzer lV L/70 or Panther A I know there old but sense
      they both have the same gun 75mm L/70 I’d like to see you “not” play so
      aggressive (plus there armour ain’t that great), and take advantage of that
      great gun (well in real life) and see how good you can be at sniping ! USMC
      24th MEU / Semper Fi “As real as it gets ” !!!

    • d'mikol harris-pinto

      Like I said in the comments M2A2 or T-26

  5. 1st comment but jimmy nguyen no one give a fuck.

  6. Baron your the best! 

  7. Wirraway time, can you handle it?

  8. louis tout simplement

    Fucking faggots stop playing that tank it’s ruining war thunder

  9. Brian Verhoeven

    Got World of Warships thnx to you Baron :D.

  10. So did the M103 lose a round I thought it had HEAT but now it only has AP
    and the new HEATFS?

  11. you show your side to the enemy way too often.

  12. The new tank with the retarded name thats like br 1.7.

  13. raven5641 raven


  14. raven5641 raven

    derp tank

  15. u r still gay baron

  16. 오오

  17. I really wanna join the NATO airforce, but I can’t cause of my health
    condition :/
    I’am really into planes and flying.

  18. America land of the free home of the whopper

  19. m68th paton like

  20. Solomon Calloway

    Us a T-10m

  21. T28

  22. Nicolas Letourneur

    how are the hesh round ?

  23. Quintin Baumeister

    The reason HEAT “shrapnels” like that is because the jet of molten metal
    usually is more of a spray, rather than the solid stream of metal from the
    older HEAT rounds

    • I think that HEAT rounds (not fin stabilized ones) have somewhat improved
      after 1.51. HEATFS is doing what it’s supposed to do in post-war tanks.

    • +ChaoticDigger​ HEAT was originally implemented by Gaijin to counterbalance
      the high LOS of post war Russian tanks but what ended up happening was that
      this change made half the tech tree obsolete. These shells just don’t
      belong in a game with a second world war setting. No matter how much Gaijin
      tries to sell it.

      If they just stopped at 1945 for tanks there would be no issue.

    • +Josh Friedman
      IRL, early post WW2 HEAT round have a problem with fuse and many other
      issues. It also perform bad on slope armor. But that not be modeled in game.

      I agree some HEAT round should be removed or nerf a bit.

    • +Alex Kr It uses an explosive nonetheless that deforms the metal, shatters
      it & releases lethal shrapnel into the cabin.

      This in mind, it should injure and maim the crew more than it does ingame.
      Imo, HEAT should be removed because it’s gamebreaking

    • +Quintin Baumeister Since i keep reading this common misconception rather
      often lately: The HEAT doesn’t actually melt the copper. It’s just the high
      Pressure that does the Job.

  24. Stefan “Hunny” N

    Mause, mouse, mouse, mouse

  25. T10M Stalins final tank or you drink potato vodka for rest of life.

  26. 9:00 read the chat, LOL

  27. “Wish there was infantry” “Why wouldn’t they do that?”


  28. ISU 152

  29. This vs the Leopard?which is better

  30. Su76m

  31. T-10m

  32. SU 100


  34. Zachary Clutchey



  36. Kv 85 plz

  37. Christian Spencer

    Can you do more planes plz?

  38. I don’t get what you meant by “learn to appreciate the realities of war”
    Just to tell you war is living hell….

  39. Gabriel Johansson


  40. compared to leopard 1, this tank sux balls

  41. Hey guys i see a lot of rank 5 game play and not many people who watch
    these videos have rank 5. I want to create some hype for some lower rank
    action since a lot of players who watch these videos are looking for some
    sweet game play so hey can learn these tactics and I think it would be
    better if these guys were using the same lower rank vehicles so these new
    players can have confidence in their game play with their >5 rank vehicles.
    Please post you suggestions for these lower ranked game play

  42. with ultra low graphics quality (no i’m not an abusing cunt, my pc just
    doesn’t handle anything else, it’s old) on finland EVERYTHING is plain
    white, you can’t see anything on the ground, it’s blinding and you don’t
    see bumps, hills, track marks, paths or rocks…. it’s a white hell!

  43. to unlock a end tier 4/tier 5 vehicle, in ground forces, without premium
    account, you need between 60 and 100 very good and won battles, so between
    10 and 20 hours non stop playing
    even after they “adjusted” experience gains in ground forces

    • i don’t know how many hours i am, but i am tier 3 and 4 (no 5 yet, close to
      it in the US planes, for my calculations regarding tier 5 tanks i asked a
      friend’s stats) in every nation, ground and planes, not a penny used on the
      game, been playing since the release of ground forces, i’m something around
      level 64 pilot, and i’m, i’d say, pretty good, and very often 1st of my team
      but still needing 50 games to unlock my is 2 44

    • And here I am, with 463 hours played, and only tier 3 to show of it.
      Remember kids, pick a tech tree and stick to it.

  44. The heat rounds are great for turrets fired them on the M60A3 and M1 Abrams
    in Germany they are made to flake steel inside the turret shrapnel killing
    the crew. When playing in a lower teir tanks I usually follow the big tanks
    and give them support by taking out the tracks or hitting the turret ring
    sometime it doe not work out when you get hit and the other tank is too
    hard to take out.

  45. But but but but what does Hesh do?

  46. T-10m pls pls

  47. M6A1 or any tank you haven’t play

  48. I would like to see you using hesh rounds.


  50. sturm tiger tiger 2 tiger … more plz

  51. TheSlayerofevil3

    panzerbefehlswagen vi (p)!!!!

  52. +BaronVonGamez Play the SU-100Y aka the derpmaster

  53. Yeah put a hot stream of metal through a fuel tank or ammo rack does
    nothing… GG Gajiin u still suck at doing damage models

  54. Pz2 dak 

  55. T34-100 for the Motherland 

  56. Go SU-100Y Stalin’s Battleship!

  57. Best ammo round? What? That’s like saying “best murder kill”

  58. t 54

  59. Its my birthday today play the Tiger I

  60. That guy was right, you were being an idiot.

  61. Drive the T26-4!!!

  62. German kv-1 please!

  63. Baron use the worst tank in the game for trolling other players

  64. Infantry would increase the rating from 12 years… HOW IS THAT NOT OBIOUS
    (Ps. love the video… just annoys me that people keep overlooking that

  65. Like you said baron HEAT rounds are explosives and AP is design to pen the
    armor and the fragments are the pieces of the armor that the shell is
    penetrating, that is why with AP it is wise to use a shell that is able to
    pen but not overpen or otherwise the shell will just travel straight
    through the tank doing very little in terms of damage unless it hit someone
    in the face or hits something like the engine or fuel.

  66. I find that if my cannon breech is damaged the gun will missfire allot but
    I have broke a enemies cannon breach but 9 out of 10 times their’s will
    fire that seem pretty unfair, unless its something like a KV-2 then the
    next shot will destroy the tank.

  67. A lot of people say the T28 GMC (Both varients) are impossible to pen,
    several times when on the Normandy map I used APCR with my Tiger II H and
    just kept taking out the crew members one at a time, So I guess the T28
    isn’t has OP as you would think

    P.S. I WAS shooting the front of the T28

  68. Tracks do NOT work good on ice, I know that for a fact my father operates
    excavators and bulldozers for a living and he has had a few instances were
    he made a bulldozer skate on ice or a excavator slide on ice.

    • +02091992able oh as a note to my reply when the tracks slide sideways to
      only does that increase the chance of tipover but can also make the guide
      theeth jump up and then the track can fall of or break.

    • +treyemine-KerbalField Oh contrary there are some dozers that weigh that
      much and its not the weight that makes them not work on ice its the fact
      that the tracts can’t dig in like they are designed to do, they work best
      on soft ground dirt mostly, sand they will work but they might sink into it
      too much if the tracks are not wide enough and wide tracks do not perform
      well in mud as they succumb to the vacuum that mud creates when it sinks in
      a thin track would do fine in mud. Some bulldozers that construction firms
      use can be around 55 tons for the big ones D8 the biggest cat dozers D11s
      weigh 115 tons these are the ones used in quarries and strip mines like the
      dump trucks they need to be disassembled to be moved and then re assembled
      on site and cranes are required to lift the parts, and people thought IKEA
      stuff was bad for assembly try a 115 ton dozer. The ones my father operates
      are anywhere from 9 to near 20 tons. It much simular to a shoed horse
      walking on pavement or concrete this is dangerous for horses as they can
      slip and fall and get hurt, they have rubber shoes instead of steel the big
      city cops horses and such. Another fact is that snow gets built up on the
      grousers/ the metal plates that make up the tracks and the weight of the
      machine will pack it turning it to Ice and the tracks loose all abilty to
      grip and thus begin to slide.

    • treyemine-KerbalField

      +02091992able but do those bulldozers weigh 60 tons

  69. ilikemachieneguns

    HEAT rounds have absolutely destroyed this game. Every single game in my
    tier five RUSSIANS tanks lasts about five minutes because every single
    American tank and now the leopard are just spamming it to hell. At least
    war gaming got something right with their premium ammo and making it
    extremely expensive to shoot, because right now in WT, HEAT is really cheap
    to shoot. I’m just tired of my perfectly angled is-4 being penetrated at 2
    kilometers by a m103 firing straight HEAT. Let’s face it guys, at the
    current rate of things, don’t bother with any tank line but America because
    they have the best light, medium, and heavy tanks that can all fire the
    magical God round. Gaijoob pls, take HEAT out of the game.

    • +ilikemachieneguns lol heat round has been around for ages and now it
      actually works people are complaining about it. High Explosive Anti
      Tank…. ANTI TANK!. It’s meant to kill tanks!
      Stop complaining about it and learn to play now that uber russian tanks
      have competition and can’t rely on sloped stalininium armor to win the day.
      How dare the game be a challenge for you and you can’t seal club.
      Everyone does not have to cater to your whim you entitled little fuck.

    • I remember the old days how if you didn’t at the Russians, you were at a
      disadvantage….. oh how the tides have changed. xD

  70. T10M Revenge Stalins death!!!

  71. Those poor 7.0 tanks driven by 12 year old kids got rekt.

  72. do noeabarfarzoig or what the fuck is it

  73. play with t-10m please!!!

  74. Pz. Kpfw. VI Ausf. E! Für Deutschland!!! Der Tiger E!!!

  75. T10 m

  76. T-10!!! PLZ!!

  77. I’m thinking about the box tank next pls!


  79. Jerko Josipović

    BT-7 and you are not allowed to go below 30 KM/H

  80. M4A1

  81. Infantry would be a major mistake, Its hard enough worrying about a tier 6
    tank in front of you… its even harder if you have to worry about someone
    hiding in the grass behind you with a Panzerfaust or RPG. and also it would
    turn War Thunder into a vehicle focused Battlefield tm.

  82. The reason why the HEAT rounds were working better is because gaijin
    modeled the molten copper more realistically

  83. I’m suprised war thunder didn’t add the m48 first

  84. Every time they mention heat rounds, it reminds me the time I was buying
    drinks for everyone in a strip bar.

  85. darkassasin164 wins

    This is what i would do if i saw baron in a warthunder game “MUM GET THE

  86. phly so tryhard

  87. At 24:40 a kiwi tank saves baronvongamez yay

  88. Hugo Roy-Bouchard (Battledude3)

    For the fun, M2 Medium.

  89. Иосиф Steelin

    T10M for myself.

  90. 12:20 Yeah, to be honest that *was* a retarded dick move.
    Pushing that tank into the rock at that speed probably fucked his vehicle
    Phly has a shitty influence on your behavior.

  91. Shootin’ 105mm of freedom downrange…

  92. 6:25 RIP Phly

  93. Alysson Almeida

    Which do you prefer and why? LEOPARD OR M60

  94. Hey baron, I actually joined to army to be a tanker because of war thunder!
    So just wanted to throw that out there!! 

  95. #83279 random guy

    play da t10 derp-machine, i wanna see it in action

  96. Tiger P

  97. Maus

  98. T-26-4, the cutie baby tank <3

  99. Dimaria Dimaria

    Box tank

  100. All I get is yellow lately, hitting racks with ammo and still just fucking
    yellow. Damn this game is going to make me break some shit.

  101. Tiger (P) ?

  102. is it me or does armour mean fuck all in this game nowadays? :P

  103. T-10m for reasonZzzz

  104. Shame on you baron, grunt life is best life

  105. Its my birthday today play the Tiger I

  106. Brandon Wheeler

    I don’t remember where i read this,but the reasoning Gaijin won’t add
    infantry into the game was it would effect the rating of the game by
    raising it to a more mature level.

  107. Anyone remember the old German Sherman premium they had in the game for a
    while? Can you even use it anymore?

  108. crazycakemanflies

    I like how top tier tanks (except for russia of coarse) can get penned by
    tiger 2, but still have the OP gun to make it top tier. Just seems perfect
    to me.

  109. T20 America 

  110. Remember when the Maus was the scariest tank on the battlefield, Now they
    are adding tanks that just shreck it, I think they need to add a new tier

  111. De Russian Box Tank….for Stalin!!!!!

  112. Baron did u play t34 100? If no then I want u play that on realistic
    Battles pls that’s all I want :)

  113. Very good game play baron! Shows the effect of heatfs.
    T-54 next please??

  114. You have carried me. I started @ mech warrior 2 PC . Now I shoot for
    Drunking fool. 

  115. Play the m48 Patton and squash the commies with 90mm of freedom!!!

  116. Heath is gone , death is blessing. Find sweet spot. 12 g hurts in chest.
    You will not make history nor Phil .

  117. Solid Shepard (ScareCrow9)

    T-10M! Please Baron for Mother Stalin.

  118. AngryKolabear50 dove

    BaronVonGamez Play in the Tiger II

  119. Trollizy12gaming

    Any teir 1

  120. Tiger 1 plz


  121. i heard they were getting infantry. cant confirm but i thought gaijinn was
    getting help from tripwire interactive.

  122. d'mikol harris-pinto

    Do M2A2 I would like to see tier 1 or T-26

  123. Tiger 2

  124. 10.5cm Tiger II. next pls!

  125. M3

  126. Do the hurricane MK 4

  127. Tiger 1 H1, for furher, for fatherland,

  128. Soon we will need era (explosive reactive armour) guys!!!

  129. awesome rounds in that m60.

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