War Thunder Best moments 12

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Source: War Thunder – Best of Twitch

A compilation of the best War Thunder Twitch from the first half of January 2021.

A special thanks to my patrons: RedRonie, TinyBismarck, Eternal, DrDrunkAKA, WafflestompOz, Daniel_Rusev, BoggzyTime, ShepherdOfMemories, Humphrey10 and Martijn.

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Streamer names and Timestamps:

0:00 Theshiznos
0: Bennyvee
0:29 Intro
0:3 Copsi
0:46 JeanClodVanShot
1:54 TheEuropeanCanadian
2:17 Flambass
2:43 Bennyvee
2:56 JeanClodVanShot
3:26 Theshiznos
3:35 Dinklebean
3:47 Botimegaming
3:57 TheEuropeanCanadian
4:16 WingalingDragon
4:51 theScottishKoala
5:15 DriftyWingss
5:29 Copsi
5:51 Bennyvee
6:05 Flambass
6:1 JeanClodVanShot
6:31 TheEuropeanCanadian
6:56 DriftyWingss
7:10 JeanClodVanShot
7:27 JustinPlaysTV
7:45 iBUYpremiums
7:53 WingalingDragon
:26 TheEuropeanCanadian
:47 CeezPulse
:57 LustVanGoth
9:14 Copsi
9:47 WingalingDragon
10:05 VALIDUZz
10:27 Flambass
10:42 JeanClodVanShot
10:5 iBUYpremiums
11:15 Fanatical_Freeman
11:54 TheEuropeanCanadian
:22 DriftyWingss
:36 JustinPlaysTV
12:51 Copsi
12:57 Fanatical_Freeman
13:13 dita2233
13:34 Theshiznos
13:51 Botimegaming
14:06 Outro


  1. Braziliam here!

  2. Imma need to step up my game when it comes to funny clips man 馃榾 This Video was great man! I love the idea and i hope you grow a lot more!

  3. Oh no, I’ve become a meme..

    Muh Ar-15 FTW 馃榾

  4. Always amazing clips

  5. LET’S GOOO!!!! NEW EPISODE!! These are so nice to watch when taking a break :))

  6. SixtyShark5560 Gomez


  7. jeez look at all those time stamps…

  8. I can’t get enough of War Thunder clips XD

  9. Yeah we collected some really good clips too.


  11. I love watching these random clips 馃榾 hopefully i will soon start streaming too…here,take my sub!

  12. Anthony VanBruggeman

    This was pure gold lol keep it up

  13. Glad to see bo time gaming!

  14. 1:20 – thats why i hate rb’s

  15. I really appreciate the classical music in these videos. way nicer than some lifeless techno

  16. Copsi… 馃槀

  17. I know what country bo is going to use next lol

  18. yeah i made it

  19. Loved seeing Bo&Co in here! Addicted to these mashups!


  21. Wanna know whats beautiful? Watching an ASU getting launched across map by a 1800kg bomb (surviving) and going on to get back shots on over 8 tanks.

  22. WingalingDragon is the Bob Ross of warthunder lol.

    • Awww heck. Thank you!

      It’s always so neat to see myself make it into things like this alongside our WT greats.

      I’m glad that there are people who enjoy the show!

      o7 friend.

  23. Skittles but with chocolate inside

    the european canadian is so unfunny

  24. Woohoo BoTime clips

  25. I want more 馃檪

  26. how does one submit clips lol

    • War Thunder - Best of Twitch

      We look for them ourselves, but you could submit a clip through discord and it might be considered. 馃檪

  27. 3:09 Lol, one time I glitched under the map in that area

  28. nice hoi4 music XD

  29. Hey, can you get it from the DaitanSenpai Brazilian Channel please?

  30. S眉leyman kunt plz

  31. 9:03
    When ur enemy is finally at the right spot at the right hour:

  32. 小谢邪胁邪 小小小袪

    Priver , comrads

  33. 11:15 when you have no skill

  34. 69th comment

  35. 69 comments UNTIL I SHOWED UP LOL

  36. Don’t have the context but Fanatical_Freeman going for a revenge kill is everything I hate about this community

  37. Yay! Bo was here!

    • Used without Bo’s permission of course

    • War Thunder - Best of Twitch

      Hey, hey, so, we actually have explicit permission from most streamers, but we don’t have permission from Bou. Just figured that it’s a sign of respect to include him. Could you help us reach out to him? I have sent you a discord friend request.

  38. Been at this for 8 months now and one thing that seems to be hard to find is actual good advice for new players. Here’s is what I’ve learned so far.
    1. all this stuff on youtube you see is very advanced players with years of experience who have invested hundreds if not thousands of dollars and thousands of hours. Pretty sure a lot of them are using using programs or exploits we the average player don’t have access to. Take everything you see with a very large grain of salt.
    2. Patience. When beginning a map always use your vehicle that costs the least to repair. Go immediately to the back of the map and watch for several minutes. If you judge your so called team to be adequate then jump in. If not J out. You’re gonna end up paying a repair bill anyway and you don’t won’t to ever reward someone if you can avoid it. Res sickness is no big deal. Just play a different species till time is up.
    3. Never ever under any circumstances help someone or count on help. There are no teammates in this game there are only tanks and planes you can’t kill but that will kill you at every opportunity.
    4. Don’t expect much from this. You’ll never get good and you’ll most likely never see top tier unless you’re willing to fork out hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours.
    5. there are cheaters regardless what they say. Reporting does nothing. If you are able to find a usable cheat get it and use it wisely. You’ll have a way better experience.
    6. Pick what you want to play and concentrate on that only. If tanks then play only tanks till you get a handle of them. Trying to play everything just really adds to the learning curve which is already massive.
    I’m sure there is more but can’t think of it off top of my head. Try to enjoy if you can. I guess that’s the big thing.

    • War Thunder - Best of Twitch

      I agree on only 2 points. Getting good at the game takes a lot of time and advanced players use advanced tactics and exploits such as reduced graphics and capping quickly in cheap vehicles so they can spawn in planes for example.

      Every other point here was defeatist and the kind of mentality that ruins the game further. The best way to win, learn and have fun is to squad up with 3 other people.

      War Thunder does a terrible job of teaching its players and that’s a shame. But there are ways to advance.

    • @War Thunder – Best of Twitch Defeatist? No, realistic. A new player will think this is actually a team based game when it isn’t. Squad play doesn’t exist for new players. If it did then that would change a lot of things. Joe Blo Noob will be cast into the big pond with no clue what to do. He’ll charge forward not understanding that no one is going to help him and get killed. He’ll try to help others and get killed. He’ll play the way you play virtually every other team based game and get killed. He’ll get fed up and quit and that is what will ruin this.

    • War Thunder - Best of Twitch

      @Carl Helms Teamplay is sadly extremely limited in War Thunder I agree. And in general Gaijin are terrible at marketing and tutorials. Hoping for better days. 馃檪

  39. Martin Reynoso Baltore

    Vore Thunder

  40. How do you stream war thunder on Twitch?

  41. me at 0:30 : THATS IT?

  42. First guy aimbot

  43. Yay drifty

  44. 9:14
    “Do you have a learning disorder?”
    “Do you have an ugly disorder?”

    Critical Hit

  45. Per Pan LustVanGoth

    Im at 8:57 thx man 馃榾

  46. 10:05 clip
    “I don’t know what to tell you, Robert! I came out the other day and half the field was already plowed!”

  47. Ok when it comes to editing this chanel is not missing anything.

  48. 9:09 bon voyage

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