War Thunder Best Moments 24

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Source: War Thunder – Best of Twitch

War thunder memes and funny moments. A funny compilation of the best War Thunder Highlights and Twitch clips from the end of April.

You are welcome to submit clips on our discord server: https://discord.gg/Pqs8HFX


0:00 Star Trek Warthunder
0:31 iBUYpremiums
0:40 Best of Twitch
0:56 SheepZF
1:12 Fnatical_Freeman
1:27 Copsi
1:57 Bennyvee
2:52 ToteTorres
3:03 JustinPlaysTV
3:15 WingalingDragon
3:39 TheEuropeanCanadian
3:52 Futcher_
4:19 NeverKnownGregory
4:25 Hammy416
4:41 Nexooos
5:04 iBUYpremiums
5:15 DriftyWingss
5:30 GIB_o7
5:47 JeanClodVanShot
6:11 TheEuropeanCanadian
6:26 Copsi
7:30 OddBawZ
7:55 Fanatical_Freeman
8:18 theScottishKoala
8:57 GIB_o7
9:21 Nexooos
10:08 SheepZF
10:21 JeanClodVanShot
10:38 ToteTorres
10:53 WingalingDragon


  1. first jk pls kill me i am in eternal pain and suffering

  2. Yep, that’s Nicev:)

  3. War Thunder - Best of Twitch

    You can find our Enlisted channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN56LwWhFH1lMUhrtzDZwUg <3

  4. Can someone tell me why the Spitfire F is 6.7? xd

  5. I finally made it! Let’s go!

  6. That hamster edit caught me off guard LMAO

  7. phly got phat

  8. hey best of twitch can you make one vid without music or rly silent one?

  9. I tried laughing like Benny and I hurt myself

  10. Mikhail Ishitskiy

    1:27 Whats the tank called he used and in which nation?

  11. the star trek reference at the intro fits perfectly lmao

  12. F4U-7 iS bAlAnCeD !

  13. Who else thinks War Thunder is the most underrated War Game.



  15. How to find music on 5:48 ? Or music like this

  16. Alexander Dorsett

    Thanks Brain and Team!!!!!! always appreciated 😀

  17. The episode in which the tank had the word nigg** written on it was the best lmao

  18. germany suffer, please Tigor II H at 5.7

  19. I jumped at 2:59

  20. Very good. Very good.

  21. Why is nexoooos playing in front of the flag of the German Reich?

  22. I do, in fact, enjoy a nice… big… formation.

    • War Thunder - Best of Twitch

      You’re the best man. 😀 o7

    • @War Thunder – Best of Twitch I’m just happy to be included with all these superstars.

      But we are seriously planning a massive Doolittle raid and have some awesome concepts developed for getting B25s off the CVs. I hope to see some spectacular participation from everyone so we can make it as epic as it can be. The CV needs to be FULL!

    • that was a nice formation…I’m glad that I can participate these SIM events with these guys..they’re awesome!!..=D

  23. 4:20 highly recommend Neverknowngreg. He’s incredibly relaxing to listen to

  24. 3:11 ffs

  25. pov: first dislike

    • War Thunder - Best of Twitch

      What do you mean by pov? 🙂

    • @War Thunder – Best of Twitch POV stands for point of view and i said it as a joke cuase no one had disliked yet

    • War Thunder - Best of Twitch

      @AEERツ That’s what I thought, but when I saw your comment first there was exactly 1 dislike, haha. Was that you? 😛 And naturally, what can we do better next time if it was you?

  26. So I see the shenanigans of the ZF clan has made it into this compilation… Ngl, I didn’t expect that. Sheep and Cyanide :3

  27. No phlyday today 😧😪

  28. How does copsi have that view for the atgms?

  29. Star Trek thunder

  30. 8:00 i letterly crashed yesterday in one of thos lol

  31. 8:38 as*hole literally spawncamps- best moments.

    • War Thunder - Best of Twitch

      Well, not exactly a spawncamp. He’s crossfiring the B-point and he kills them around a third into the map. He’s in a pretty good elevated position and he’s not in their half of the map.

    • @War Thunder – Best of Twitch He is literally 100 meters from their spawn, killing 3 guys thats spawned ~10 seconds ago. Would’ve been killed instantly if spawned on bottom spawn. “Elevated” position on this map is mostly the issue, you can spawn to spawn kill here.

    • War Thunder - Best of Twitch

      Yeah, I get your point. Agreed.


  33. comment for the youtube math’s

  34. 5:20 that looks like an action movie scene lmao nice shot 👌😂

  35. darf der kevin spielen kommen

    Wop wop, here we go again🤟😋🥰

  36. darf der kevin spielen kommen

  37. Tahsin {Arikito} Ahmed Quraishi

    Does Freebrain play WT👀

  38. Can confirm, there are floating trees on that map.

  39. Luiz Vinícius Vieira Alexandre

    “Im the best Racist” best moment ever

  40. 1:20 say that again please?

  41. AlanShearerRocketShot

    2:00 song name please anyone? thanks

  42. Should i grind Ussr or France

  43. Charyll Gabriel C. Aclao

    i haven’t had fun playing warthunder until i tried tanks

  44. 1:55 What tank is that?

  45. How did that UDES use the ATGM control? is that available to all ATGM carriers?

  46. Nice clips!!

  47. GIB and his “OH THAT SNIPE THO”s

  48. I noticed that almost every streamer was playing piano music, is it actually that calming when playing WT?

    • War Thunder - Best of Twitch

      The piano music thing would be us. 😀 We add classical music to the videos as an homage to War Thunder’s original soundtrack. 🙂

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